Solar Sail (Original EP) By Dirty D

New Solar Sail (Original EP) By Dirty D
  Dirty D Solar Sail (Original EP)
Dirty D Solar Sail (Original EP)
  • Imagine a place where the sun is always shining, where the sand is warm, and the breeze is gentle. There are no worries, no worries at all. Imagine no... dirty thoughts! Gaze into the beauty of life and you will find Dirty D's Solar Sail EP. This music is specifically designed to help with your daily stresses and provide an atmosphere of calming beats and melodies. Listening to deeply relaxing music has always been one of the best things in life, which is why this EP is a must hear to start your day or to relax on a relaxed afternoon sunset
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  • Solar Sail is the title track on this new EP. An inner space themed musical project it brings the best of Jazz, Hip Hop, and classic bass work. This Genre bending original work is designed to take the listener on a journey away from the stress of life and into inner space where we can relax and let go of the weight of life. Powered by the energy from the sun and releasing all the negative vibes, Solar Sail launches us into our journey of tranquility.

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