It feels nice to listen to someone who's trying to teach and inspire with their lyrics about what's going on in the hip-hop world. That's what Proklaim is doing, he's keeping it real about the important things in life. Proklaim is based in Namibia and has been down with hip-hop there for years. He's known for telling stories through lyrics and speaking about significant issues facing society through a hip-hop lens. Rappers like Tupac, Biggie, and Lauryn Hill inspire Proklaim's style. Notable past appearances include his feature on the MTV Base single "Kings" alongside female Namibian rapper Romi.

He shows off his art mainly with his voice and his flow. Right from the start, he dives into talking about serious things in the hip-hop news lately. He doesn't shy away from touching subjects, he addresses them straight up. It means so much to him, and you can sense it. When the artist lives what they say, it hits differently.

He puts rhyming sounds together in clever ways on each line without making it too confusing. It's not easy to flow so elegantly and have such a big vocabulary. Proklaim keeps things interesting by always changing up his rhythms and rhymes. This keeps your ears listening close!

He takes influence from great rappers from back in the day but makes it his own too. Proklaim mixes nostalgia with new stuff impact full-time. Even though it's just him spitting lyrics, the deep feelings and ideas he shares through his voice alone show how skilled an MC he is. When you listen to his new track "PRICE OF LOVE aka 4 THE GAME", it's clear why people are already buzzing about Proklaim and his music.

As more just-okay songs take over the radio, "PRICE OF LOVE aka 4 THE GAME" feels refreshing for people wanting hip-hop to get its groove back as the voice of the people. In "Price of Love", Proklaim reflects on where the hip-hop industry is at now and the problems with people abusing their power.

"PRICE OF LOVE aka 4 THE GAME" is available now to stream all over, so give it a listen! Proklaim's music is a good reminder of where hip-hop came from and how it can encourage change. Fans should stay tuned because there's more new music from this thoughtful MC coming soon. His lyrics make you think. In today's world, we need artists like Proklaim to keep it real through music.

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