Illumination By AARON TORONTO


Aaron Toronto, or AT, just put out a new hit album called “Illumination.” On this album, he shines a light on the feelings we have in relationships; the good times and the bad.

Across six songs, AT takes us on a journey through love. We feel joy at the start of relationships. We feel sadness when they end. With his brilliant singing and heartfelt lyrics, AT is a master storyteller. He helps us understand our emotions in a way only music can.

The album kicks off with “Let’s Start Again.” As soon as the bright guitar starts playing, you can’t help but smile. Next is “Falling For You,” where AT shows his tender side. The gentle piano and quiet vocals help convey lyrics that honestly lay his heart on the line.

My favorite track is “Oh, the Joy.” Just like the title says, this song is pure bliss. Sparkling instruments and AT’s ebullient singing transport you straight to a state of carefree happiness. You can practically feel the twinkling radiating from this effervescent song. Its spirit is sure to leave you feeling good.

Things take a more deep and thoughtful turn with the song “Rug.” The moody pop sound might surprise you after the happy songs before. In “We Need To Talk,” AT is more emotionally raw than ever before. Through his vulnerable voice, he honestly shares all of his thoughts. He lays himself out there for all to see. It’s an intensely personal song that shows off his wide singing range. The deep feelings he conveys really move you.

The album ends on a grand note with “Reaping What I Sow.” Beautiful backup singing enhances AT’s powerful delivery. The amazing guitar work gives you chills.

Beyond his musical talents, AT is also an accomplished actor and writer. Based in Brookings, South Dakota, he co-founded Toronto Brothers Entertainment, a production company responsible for several independent films. Notable acting roles include an amusing part in Jeff Daniels’ comedy Super Sucker. Ever creative, AT also wrote and starred in the comedy script The Pact, which streamed on Tubi TV.

Across six illuminating songs, AT invites us into his musical and emotional journey. He wears his heart on his sleeves, from joy to uncertainty to deep vulnerability. With thoughtful lyrics, rich vocals and intelligent performances, AT succeeds in using music to truly connect with others. “Illumination” demands to be experienced from beginning to end. Go listen on Spotify now!

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