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JUST ROCKMy Revolution (feat. Taras Kuznetzov – Original Video) By Red Bird Rising

April 2, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Red Bird Rising's "My Revolution" is a cinematic call to arms disguised as a striking song, reflecting the experiences of the feature, Taras Kuznetsov, living through the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Over ravishing synths, piano melodies, and a hypnotic beat, Red Bird Rising and Kuznetsov craft a timeless anthem of perseverance in the face of oppression.

"My Revolution" was recorded and co-directed in Odessa, Ukraine, filming in public places during the day and at night to capture the chilling reality of its situation. The music video opens from Kuznetsov's own apartment, where you can hear, see and feel ricocheting sirens in the otherwise silent night. This is music with visions of revolution that transcend any particular struggle. The cinematography of "My Revolution" is a stunning display of power and purpose. The music video is undoubtedly a masterclass in creative expression. Surreal aerial shots of ruins and wreckage are interspersed with a fluid, freewheeling dance performance, symbolizing the indomitable human spirit set against the worst desolation. New life emerges from the ashes through these gritty yet poetic images—a grave reminder of destruction met by unrestrained dreams of freedom.


Lyrically, "My Revolution" insists that true liberation begins within. "There are days I dream of leaving for good / Passport be damned, take all I can / Get out now like I should," but the revolution that will change everything starts from "my world within." No force can crush a spirit that refuses to surrender hope. The repetition of "My revolution, my revolution begins / My revolution, my revolution begins in my world within" hammers this message into an anthem.

Though the song was inspired by Taras Kuznetsov's own experiences surviving Russian aggression, its message transcends any particular conflict. It gives voice to visions of a better world emerging from darkness. "My Revolution" is a moving reminder that courage and love cannot be crushed. This is a story of transcendence, of turning anguish into strength through a revolutionary spirit.

This pressing and immortal single deserves to be heard by every person with a sense of shared humanity. Red Bird Rising and Taras Kuznetsov have created something magical, authentically expressing a struggle that resonates around the globe. Though separated by immense distances, "My Revolution" forges connections between us. The powerful music video gives profound visual shape to its message, transporting you to feel the depths of passion and purpose from which this song arose. Listen to the song and watch the music video on Youtube, and follow Red Bird Rising for more.

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April 2, 2023 by saiidzeidan

STARTHROWERS the newest album by Shannon Hawley is a sensational elegy to the untold stories and invisible labor of women. Across these tracks, she pays homage to the nurturers who have made the world turn, connecting communities and honoring the earth itself. Hawley’s songs are a thread through memory, binding together the dead and the living.

"Our History" is a big stand-out, with a vintage throwback sound, and Shannon’s almighty vocals. She sings about an unseen woman inside us "tucked down deep inside your bones" - Hawley sings of bodies that break down and rebuild themselves, climbing ladders of knowledge passed down. Sirens call from the deep and ambulances line the streets, a "ball of fire underneath" and the dead always with us.

The jazzy "Riverine" finds Shannon mulling over her clay-formed roots, the "muck by the riverbed." A childhood witness to lifespans, she wonders what she’s made of and what was taught without words. Hawley sings of becoming a "killer" and dredging up the child inside, water rising endlessly. There’s a woman she never met, who moves inside her bones; Shannon prays they’re not defined by missteps, that lodged water will carve a new course. The river changes course, but memories remain.

"Starthrowers" opens like a dilapidated door "always open and always broken." Welcoming strangers with an offer of shelter, Shannon sings of worlds crumbling in an instant and surviving alone. When cosmos-spanning beings depart, "it’s gonna be such a long dark night."

"Bones, Blood, Saltwater, and Song" gives an earthy voice to girlhood spent "walking in the woods." Sisters, salamanders, pain responded to with song; she called it "paradise." Falling in love to ocean drums meant hair-combing and care, losing a heart to keep a body.

Shannon concludes with "Walk Each Other Home," hopes turning earth and yearning into song. The lyrics sing "all the songs and stories / lived but untold / with all the love been given / spinning poison to gold." This suggests honoring and upholding the unrecorded histories, care, and hardship that have shaped experiences for good or ill. There is "poison to gold" in even the darkest of stories or moments of struggle.

STARTHROWERS is a call to reckon with the unseen forces that have built and sustained us. Over dusky production and vulnerable vocals, Shannon Hawley crafts a space for voices too often marginalized. Her songs are ladders: climb them, and you emerge with knowledge of the depth and labor it took to build the world around you.

Though I have highlighted a few tracks here, the full experience of this album is glorious and profound. Follow Shannon Hawley on her socials, and you will discover more of the deep knowledge and care that bring light even to the hardest times. STARTHROWERS is a call home to itself, and one we would do well to answer. This is just the beginning.

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JUST ROCKRadio (Original Single) By Ubiquity Machine

April 2, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Ubiquity Machine's 'Radio' is a sardonic send-up of modern life's information overload. Over relaxed yet propulsive instrumentation, the band skewers the idea of a monoculture dictated by the media we consume – "better do what the radio told you," goes the caustic chorus. But while the lyrics take a cynical view of the "ubiquifiucation" of culture, the track itself is an accessible slice of guitar-driven rock with a creeping intensity that grabs you and enchants you .

Opening with a leisurely drumbeat and meandering bassline, the song pulls the listener in with an easygoing yet enticing groove. Guitars interlace in a loose, laid-back feel that belies the mounting momentum to come. As the song progresses, the instrumentation takes on a more driving quality. The drumbeat gains purpose, locking in with the bass to provide an increasingly momentous foundation for the guitars gathering overhead. What begins as an open-ended jam coalesces into a focused rock stomp, providing a sense of release from the simmering unease stoked earlier on.

This excursion from a drifting initial atmosphere to a full rock-out makes 'Radio' a multifaceted listen that holds attention through evolution and payoff. Ubiquity Machine displays a deft hand in navigating between moods, crafting a journey that avoids predictability. Like a radio moving between stations, the song travels through phases – but the band is fully in control of the dial.

As someone who's already tuned in to Ubiquity Machine's output, 'Radio' is a reminder of what makes this band's music worth revisiting. It's the second single I've heard from them, and like the first, it pulls off the tricky task of a grower – the kind of track that stakes its hooks in you on the first listen, then reveals new depths with each new play.

'Radio' is a great introduction for anyone new to Ubiquity Machine's worldview. Whether coming to the band for the first time or as a returning listener, this single is a reminder that the most tantalizing art provides something worth thinking about and keeping on repeat. If you're looking for guitar-driven rock with dimensionality, stream 'Radio' on Spotify – and follow Ubiquity Machine on their socials to keep up with what this irresistible band does next.

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TOP BEST HITSThe Remote Past Tense (Original Single) By Occurrence

April 2, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Occurrence's latest single "The Remote Past Tense" is an atmospheric juggernaut of loss, longing, and messy emotions. The trio wields a dynamic blend of shoegaze guitars, surreal synths, and ethereal strings.

The minute the vocals enter, Occurrence establishes their own singular approach. Rather than the breathy coos of many a dream pop act, the main singer sings in a plainspoken alto, delivering line after line of brutal clarity: "The last thing I want to say / Is that I never loved you / But it just isn't true." As she chronicles love found in "storefront reflections" and "passing cars," the instrumentation builds density and dissonance. Synths buzz, strings keen, drums pound, and the guitars snarl with distortion.

This isn't the spacey drift of a stereotypical hazy melody; it's a controlled cacophony welding ecstatic noise to pure emotion. The lyrical scenes come in rapid succession, impressionistic flashes of intimacy both tender and resentful: "I loved you on sand / On hot black asphalt", "I loved you too much / And it wasn't perfect / But all the same, it was". As the music grows more chaotic, Cat repeats, "The last thing I want to say / Is that we fucked it all up / And I'll never know why". The frenzied climax suggests the jarring, contradictory feelings of a breakup, the dull pain of fatal flaws and failings coming into sharp focus. Lines like this show how relatable and close to the listener the song is, as we've all passed through a similar experience at one point.

"The Remote Past Tense" is a startling evolution for Occurrence. Their previous releases mined a darker, heavier vein, but this single sees them embracing fragility and haziness while sacrificing none of their intensity. Based on this single, Occurrence's upcoming album appears poised to expand the sonic palette of indie rock and feature compelling, moving songs with widespread listener appeal.

Occurrence is a band seizing their moment to twist familiar sounds into something new. Close your eyes, hit play on any streaming site you like, and let the sound of "The Remote Past Tense" carry you away. Then follow Occurrence on social media to hear more from their ambitious upcoming album. If the rest of the album is as arresting as this single, it's sure to be a standout release of 2023.

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TOP BEST HITSI am the Elephant in the Room (Original Single) By Lump200

April 2, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Lump200's new single "I am the Elephant in the Room" is a groundbreaking and unconventional track that provocatively explores surreal and risk-taking sounds. The lyrics paint vivid images with simple but striking phrases like "Tiger in the morning / Eat raw meat / Because he can't cook" and repeat the refrain "Because, because / Because, because" to hammer the point home. This matter-of-fact observation of a tiger's savage nature segues into "Contemplation kill causes", suggesting that overthinking leads to inaction.

The "elephant in the room" metaphor is an apt and compelling analogy for the core message and themes of the song. The heavy, pounding beat that anchors the track, reinforced by the pulsing industrial samples and synthetic drum machine rhythms, is likened to the ominous footsteps of an elephant lumbering through a room. This creates a sense of the imposing presence of some unavoidable yet unacknowledged truth or reality, whether personal, social, or cultural.

The repetitive refrain "I am the elephant in the room" serves as a stark call to confront these difficult yet overlooked truths that loom large in the background. The song suggests we must face up to and acknowledge these 'elephants in the room', however inconvenient or uncomfortable that may be.

Midway through, a melodic synth solo provides momentary tonal relief from the song's intensity. The peculiar yet lighter interlude featuring an odd synth melody, tuba accompaniment, and electronic bass offers a brief escape from the elephant's imposing tread. The inclusion of processed historic field recordings moreover adds an intriguing sense of history and texture to the soundscape. However, this reprieve is temporary, as the elephant's steps soon return, reminding us of the inescapable realities we must grapple with, however unpleasant

The final verse presents a more optimistic perspective, suggesting it "is ok / To stay or to leave / To give and to receive". The effect is a tension between avoidance and acknowledgment, darkness and light.

Simply put "I am the Elephant in the Room" is a whole new universe of sounds, Lump200 uses tones and beats that create a whole new reality in the listeners mind!! It is rare that an artist can do this with just the power of his music, but Lump200 does so perfectly, showing us that he is one artist that deserves all the love and admiration.

"I am the Elephant in the Room" is a layered listening experience that uses an arresting metaphor, contrasts in tone and sound, and repetition to explore the themes of facing truths, however difficult. Lump200 brings industrial, historical and electronic elements together to create a musical space reflecting the song's conceptual depth. Follow Lump200 for more and stream the song on youtube.

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JUST ROCKLife Is A Dirty War (Original Single) By The Lunar Keys

April 1, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The Lunar Keys' latest single 'Life Is A Dirty War' is an intense rock anthem that displays the band's fiery sound and talents. The track opens with a stripped-back vocal and piano intro, lead singer JC's voice airy yet emotive above gentle key tones. This moment of tranquility is quickly shattered, however, as a driving electric guitar riff erupts to set an energetic tone for the song. A heavy drumbeat and throbbing bassline kick in, instrumental forces combining to create a hard-driving melodic expedition.

Above this pulsating instrumental foundation, JC's vocals soar with a passionate depth. The emotional vocals draw the listener into emotionally-charged lyrics, spirited imagery-laden reflections on life's struggles. The contrast between the gentle opening and pounding core of the track mirrors these lyrical tensions, the music amplifying the emotional journey as soft and hard, dark and light, quiet and loud crash together.

Keyboardist and backing vocalist Lexi provides additional textures and harmonies alongside guitarist and backing vocalist The Steve's riffs and solos, not to mention Dom's hard hitting and powerful drumming. The track shows off the band’s harmonious chemistry as well as range, moving between the delicate and confrontational. This dynamism and blend of contrasting elements gives 'Life Is A Dirty War' an exhilarating energy and depth that holds attention through repeated listens.

While the song alone is a powerful hard rock statement, The Lunar Keys note it is part of an ongoing tradition of expressing gratitude to those who have supported them. To celebrate the release of 'Life Is A Dirty War,' the band pledges to perform a free show as a thank-you to devoted local fans. Demonstrating The Lunar Keys' appreciation for fans and desire to forge deeper connections.

'Life Is A Dirty War' is a strong release that showcases The Lunar Keys' musical talents and establishes them as a hard rock band with a dynamic sound and thoughtful approach. The single is an ideal entry point for new listeners to explore the band, and anticipation is high to see how the intimate passions and bold intensity of the song might translate to their future music and appearances. Stream 'Life Is A Dirty War' on Spotify and follow The Lunar Keys to stay tuned for more thunderous rock releases from this compelling rock band.

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TOP BEST HITSPrana (Original Single) By Olla

April 1, 2023 by saiidzeidan

When a song like Olla's "Prana" comes along, it slips under all your defenses and delivers the element of wonder that keeps you tuned in. The track opens with a meditative grace: synths and shuffling beats craft an intro of disarming comfort, preparing you for an intimate audio escape .

Then Olla's vocals enter, enveloping the song's luxuriant soundscape like a welcome rush of warmth. Her melodies are fluid yet faultlessly catchy, while her delivery has an intimacy that feels like she's singing only to you. The overall effect is as if her golden vocals are soaking into your skin. It's clear this is no typical pop confection, but a track with artistic intent and stirring purpose. As Olla herself puts it, "There is an obvious romance in this song, which is meant to be so as this track is my anniversary present to my main supporter and the source of my inspiration." This deep sense of personal meaning translates across the song, which feels like being privy to a loving private exchange.

There's a special dreamy ambiance to "Prana", its melody as floaty and shimmering as moonlight on water. It's a sound that makes you forget your surroundings, lost as you are in the track's intimate mood. In today's hyperactive music landscape, a song like "Prana" feels like a luxury—something to get lost in rather than a background soundtrack to your life's routines.

Olla crafts a track that's lush but transparent, swaddling without suffocating. "Prana" is a weightless bliss-out with emotional depths, a potent reminder of music's power to move and envelop us. I'll be returning to "Prana"s calming comforts whenever the present moment's demands threaten to obscure what's truly important.

Give "Prana" the listen it deserves, then keep an eye on Olla going forward—artists capable of a track as rich as "Prana" are ones to follow devotedly. Stream this standout single now and follow Olla on social media, so you don't miss the next dreamy wonder in her growing discography.

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TOP BEST HITSEmpty Spaces (Original Album) By Parjam Parsi

March 30, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Parjam Parsi's fourth studio album "Empty Spaces" is a haunting piano odyssey through the shadowy terrain of loss and mourning. Rather than shying away from the darker sides of grief, Parsi embraces them, crafting a meditative work that reflects the depth and intricacy of complex emotions.

The album's twelve tracks are all piano-driven, showcasing Parsi's skill as a composer and pianist. He has a knack for crafting melodies that are stark yet achingly beautiful, simple yet deeply moving. Throughout "Empty Spaces", Parsi's piano parts establish moods that range from bittersweet remembrance to deep sadness. The emotional complexity of mourning is not simplified or glossed over but felt in full.

Several tracks in particular showcase Parsi's skill in composing emotionally intricate piano compositions. "The Pulse of the City" strikes to the core, its melody flowing between hope and sorrow. The way Parsi builds and releases tension evokes the tumult of grappling with loss, leaving the listener moved by how much can be felt through piano alone. "June Elegy" begins with a melancholic piano melody that slowly gains more momentum, reflecting memories flickering faster. The effect is cinematic and visceral, sweeping the listener into recollections tinged with loss.

"Fractured" features a delicate violin line that threatens to shatter the heart. As piano and strings intertwine, the track swells dramatically with a deep melancholy. The effect is stunning, displaying Parsi's gift for complimentary yet impactful instrumentation. "The Dreams We Chase" provides a still reprieve amid the album's heavier atmosphere. The melody here aches with a gentle longing, Parsi's piano wrapping the listener in a moment of solace. In its understated way, the track showcases Parsi's skills in shaping melodies and tones that resonate and stir. "Stream Of Life" also incorporates violin to soul-stirring results. The track begins softly yet darkly, piano and violin lines echoing a heaviness that seems to bear the sorrow of the world. Yet as the composition unfolds, hope peeks through a growing lightness—until piano and violin meet in a climax that vibrates with humanity in all its depth and grace.

Ultimately, "Empty Spaces" is a work that pays unflinching tribute to difficult emotions—and leaves you clapping in recognition of Parjam Parsi's formidable talent. "Empty Spaces" is an influential work from a pianist and composer utterly committed to emotional honesty. While the landscape Parsi explores here is dark, his mastery for melody and tone makes the journey a moving and memorable one. His piano compositions paint loss and mourning with a vividness that hits hard but holds insight and grace too.

While I highlighted a few standout tracks, "Empty Spaces"' is best experienced in full. Only by listening to the album in its entirety can Parjam Parsi's gift for musical storytelling be truly understood. Stream "Empty Spaces"' on Spotify, and follow Parjam Parsi to explore more of his powerful, compelling work.

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March 30, 2023 by saiidzeidan

On his latest album 'Theosis', folk-rock poet and genre-bending musician Reverend James Elmore Jenkins delves deep into colourful and avant-garde sonic territories, while still keeping his poetic, soul-stirring lyrics and vocals at the forefront.

The album opens with the fantastic 'Diapsalmata Blues', where a mischievous, funky guitar groove keeps things going as Jenkins delivers crisp, soaring vocals. The guitar work is the clear standout here, but Jenkins' pitch-perfect delivery makes the track a knockout punch right out of the gate. 'Of Other Worlds' features a more tamed guitar, crafting an easy, tranquil melody that makes you relax into the soundscape. After the fireworks of the opener, this comedown is a welcome respite that lets you focus on Jenkins' vocals.

With a high, eager riff, 'Gotta Be Lost (Before You Can Be Found)' instantly signifies it's going to be a banger. The track delivers, full of jazz- and rock-infused fire as elements crash and combine in controlled chaos. Jenkins rides the waves with rhythmic, soul-stirring vocals. 'Tree of Knowledge' scales things back to a relaxed, acoustic arrangement and delicate vocals that feel like a fairytale. The gentle, minimal track is a foil to the previous song's churning intensity.

'I Might Be The One For You' spotlights Jenkins' raspy, soulful vocals over emotive electric guitar strings and piano. The sparse backing lets his vocals take center stage, the musical elements working in service of the lyrics' aching romanticism. 'They Shall See His Face' returns to classical guitar, a warm breeze that's as tasteful as it is flavorful. Jenkins' vocals again work wonders on ‘Visions of Fire’, the track unleashes a blazing yet beautifully melodic guitar work that set the song's emotions aflame and the track ends the album on a fervent note.

Across its runtime, 'Theosis' showcases Reverend James Elmore Jenkins as an adept musical alchemist. He blends and bends styles with ease, creating a cohesive experience from disparate parts. Whether tender or tempestuous, his engaging lyrics and vocals tie it all together. 'Theosis' is a journey that sticks with you, proving yet again why Jenkins is a genre unto himself.

Whether you're already a devoted follower or just discovering Jenkins' work, 'Theosis' is an ideal entry point—and reason enough to follow this one-of-a-kind artist closely and stream the album to tap into his distinctive visions.

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Discover POPLife of 3 (Original Single) By Mark Winters

March 30, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Mark Winters is a rare musical talent who found his calling later in life. While composing an anniversary song for his wife, Winters discovered a gift for synthesizing intimate details from his own life into emotionally resonant lyrics and music. With unfiltered passion in his marvelous vocal pitch and lyrics drawn from personal moments, Winters' songs achieve a visceral authenticity and raw sincerity that is hard to find in today's music industry. This distinctive combination of talent, emotion, and lyrical genius speaks to listeners craving music with genuine heart and soul. By sharing unvarnished slices of his life, Winters' music resonates profoundly and stands out from the crowd.

On one hand, Mark has a degree in aerospace engineering, reflecting his analytical mind. On the other hand, he has a creative soul that seeks to express complex feelings and ideas in a relatable, understandable way through moving lyrics and melodies. It is this blend of technical ability and artistic expression that produces Mark's signature style and the moving songs he is becoming renowned for.

Mark Winters' song 'Life of 3' showcases his unique songwriting process and talent for heartfelt acoustic music. While driving on the freeway from Los Angeles to San Diego, Mark Winters noticed common yet relatable sights - families enjoying road trips together. He noticed a minivan driving behind him. Inside, was a couple, cheerfully talking with their baby. Inspired by these every day, but heartwarming scenes of family life; lyrics, and melodies began flowing through Winters' mind. Witnessing this intimate family moment made Mark reflect on the many wonderful blessings and relationships in his own life, creating a single that is truly breathtaking showing you what truly matters in life.

This anecdote reveals how Mark is able to find inspiration in the small details and instants of everyday life and transform them into poetic lyrics and music. Speaking directly to the listener brings a personal touch and deeper insight into the meaning behind the lyrics. With just his acoustic guitar, Mark is able to breathe profound emotion and life into his music. 'Life of 3' is a testament to Mark's gift for making moving music out of ordinary moments. I highly recommend listening to this song on Spotify and following Mark for more of his brilliant work.


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TOP BEST HITSTake It Back (Original Album) By DaeMarcus

March 30, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Singer-songwriter DaeMarcus has released his newest album 'Take It Back'. The 10-track album showcases DaeMarcus' skills as a vocalist and creator, with a chilled-out, atmospheric sound and soulful melodies. From the opening track's subtle synths to the closing number's layered harmonies, 'Take It Back' draws the listener in with its moody yet approachable style. This emotionally resonant album is the right choice for late nights or relaxed weekends.

As I listened through the album, a few songs immediately stood out to me as favourites. The title track, 'Take It Back', is a rich and versatile song oozing with drama. It takes you on a journey through shifting sides and turns, culminating in an exciting guitar solo over piano keys that nearly bring you to tears with its beauty. 'Bleed' is the alt-rock song of my dreams, with its heavenly vocals, dreamy guitar-playing and smooth progression. The track twinkles with glistening elements—the guitar work is sheer bliss and gives the song a multi-faceted quality that keeps you hooked. 'Live or Die' highlights DaeMarcus' vocals and features very orchestral textures that lend the song a special taste. 'Just to Say' has a grungier feel with hard-driving drums and quick, gritty guitar-playing. The guitars make you feel swept along in the music. DaeMarcus' sensual vocals lead the melody forward and keep your ears fixed on the song. I especially enjoyed the soaring guitar solo—it adds more flavour to an already standout track. 'Inside of You' begins with loud synths, drums, and keys that make you feel as if you're in another world. The instrumental work on this song blew me away and kept me so enchanted that I replayed the intro multiple times just to listen again.

'Take It Back' is an album that you need to experience for yourself. From the very first track, DaeMarcus' distinctive blend of melodies and sounds will draw you into a lush sonic world you won't want to leave. The album's tracks flow together into a listening melodic expedition that is rewarding to revisit. Once you've played through the album the first time, DaeMarcus' reflective words and layered sounds may reveal new depths and details, inviting repeat listens to fully appreciate his craft.

If stunning vocals, creative beats, and timeless songs are your jam, then 'Take It Back' by DaeMarcus should be your newest musical obsession. Do yourself a favour and check it out on Spotify, then hit follow to keep up with this powerful new voice.

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TOP BEST HITSLany (Original Single) By Romain Gutsy

March 30, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Romain Gutsy is an artist with a devoted following eager to hear his latest work. His fans know that whenever he releases new music, it will be worth listening to. Thankfully, he has delivered again with the intimate new song 'Lany.' 'Lany' finds Romain Gutsy reflecting on falling in love. The track captures that pivotal moment of awareness when you recognize deep feelings for another person. Romain Gutsy's powerful yet understated vocals and subtle harmonies give a poignant expression to this theme of awakening love. There is a wisp of nostalgia for the simplicity of the time before these feelings surfaced and life became beautifully complicated.

One of Romain Gutsy's strengths as an artist is his skill with lyrics. In 'Lany,' he demonstrates his ability to craft poetic, impactful lines, using metaphor and repetition to great effect. As the song opens, Romain Gutsy sings, 'In my prophecy / Was not written I would meet you / Nor that you'd fall on me.' This establishes the theme of being surprised by love, of a destined meeting and deep connection that was not foreseen. The next lines, 'In my destiny / Was not meant that an angel / Come down to put a spell on me,' extend the metaphor of supernatural love. Romain Gutsy portrays himself as a helpless recipient of this magic, emphasizing the feeling of being enchanted.

Through his poetic metaphorical language and strategic repetition, Romain Gutsy crafts a humorous yet moving portrayal of the intensity and inevitability of falling deeply in love. 'Lany' is a testament to both his songwriting skills and the timeless experience of letting one's heart be unmade and then remade by another.

The production on 'Lany' is understated yet adds emotional texture. A jazzy composition of acoustic guitar, bass, and gentle percussion provides a backdrop that lets Romain Gutsy's vocals take center stage. The instrumentation is spare but impactful, keeping the focus on Romain Gutsy's richly expressive voice and heartfelt lyrics.

Fans of emotive yet accessibly stylish music should stream 'Lany' and discover why Romain Gutsy has earned such a loyal fanbase. As he continues to release music, he is sure to reach the top. Stream 'Lany' now on Spotify, and follow Romain Gutsy to hear more from this compelling artist.

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TOP BEST HITSPoison Apple (Original Single) By Josh Tepper

March 30, 2023 by saiidzeidan

For every artist churning out repetitive 'club bangers', there are genuine innovators crafting something that demands attention from the very first beat. Josh Tepper is swiftly positioning himself as one of the latter with his new single 'Poison Apple'

Josh Tepper has melded the contemporary sounds of synth-pop and electronic music with a potent hit of 80s-inspired retro nostalgia that delivers a rush of emotions. "Poison Apple" fuses a relentless synth bassline that bubbles and grooves under punchy beats to create an instantly irresistible dancefloor momentum. Synthesizers swim in and out of the mix, one moment glistening atop the beats, the next swirling beneath Josh Tepper's honey-soaked vocals like a seductive siren call.

Throughout it all, is a bittersweet undercurrent of melancholy, as lyrical references to fractured toxic relationships and reclaiming your freedom swim beneath the deceptively jubilant soundscapes. In Josh Tepper's hands, this contrast creates an end result that feels both instantly timeless yet relentlessly futuristic. If I were doling out scores, 'Poison Apple' sails into 'best of the year' territory. Josh Tepper's production is surgically precise yet endlessly intricate, revealing new layers and details with each successive listen.

When giving on repeat listens, synths that once softly supported the vocals emerge with twisting patterns and intricacies. Background beats rise to the forefront, revealing hidden depths. 'Poison Apple' is a track that rewards active listening, like a 'choose your own adventure' story that reveals new layers on each playthrough.

Josh Tepper is a musical genius!! He masterfully wields texture, melody, and rhythm. The song is so utterly infectious and addictive is merely the cherry on top of his mesmerizing musical creation. If deeper treasures remain to be uncovered, you can count on me to keep spinning this tune until I've unearthed them all.

If the striking brilliance of 'Poison Apple' is any indication, Josh Tepper is an artist worthy of attention and acclaim. I highly recommend streaming the song on Spotify and following Tepper to catch what is sure to be a fascinating career unfold.

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JUST ROCKOut Of Love (Original Single) By VOTCHI

March 29, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The legendary rock group VOTCHI has released their highly anticipated new single, "Out of Love." True to VOTCHI's signature style, the track fuses heavy, distorted guitars with melodic vocals for a magnificent hard rock sound. However, "Out of Love" sees VOTCHI exploring more optimistic themes of unity and strength in the face of adversity. The muscular yet nuanced composition underscores these forward-looking lyrics, with the band combining their hallmark grunge and metal influences into an uplifting song that affirms the power of the human spirit to outshine the darkness. For devoted fans, "Out of Love" delivers exactly what they've come to expect from VOTCHI: a perfect blend of sound and message.


The song's lyrics convey the message that temporal wealth is not required to make a meaningful impact. Rather, the singer believes they can "save your soul" through intangible means, represented by a metaphorical "magic wand." This moving message suggests that everyone, regardless of means, has the power to influence others' lives.

In the chorus, the song adopts a cathartic tone by encouraging the destruction of whatever is causing pain or holding one back. Images of fire and ruin depict letting go of harmful influences, implicitly to make way for a fresh start. The emotive vocals and intense instrumentation reflect this necessary yet purifying annihilation. The song reminds us that spiritual and emotional journeys, not material excess, determine purpose and meaning.


The song stresses that love is the key to overcoming division and adversity. As the singer sings, love can transcend the barriers that separate us and enable progress. Since humanity was "born of love," we can choose to overcome hate and create change through love. The closing lines reinforce this theme by reflecting on past triumphs over difficulty, suggesting we can prevail again if we embrace love.


"Out of Love" delivers an inspiring message of hope and resilience through its powerful music and lyrics. The track's catchy hard rock sound, skillfully delivered vocals, and anthemic chorus make it appealing for fans of the genre. With "Out of Love," the group upholds their reputation for songs that are both enjoyable and influential.

Be sure to stream "Out of Love" on Spotify or your preferred music service, and follow VOTCHI on social media to stay informed on the group's latest music and news.

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JUST ROCKTas Phania (The Bootleg Series, Vol. 1 – Original EP) By Max Goedecke

March 29, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Max Goedecke is a German musician and Instagram sensation who has built a massive global audience through his street performances and videos. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Goedecke took to the streets of Europe to play impromptu shows in cities across the continent, from London to Paris to Rome and Lisbon. His Instagram account @tas_phania became a popular destination for music fans in lockdown, gaining over 30,000 subscribers looking for a dose of virtuosic guitar skills and clips of European city life. Now, Max Goedecke is back with new EP "Tas Phania (The Bootleg Series, Vol. 1)".

The 6-track EP starts with the song ‘NY Star’. The first thing that struck me about this track is the artist’s vocals. His pitch range is impressively wide, and his voice carries nice vibrations that evoke emotions in the listener. The guitars are loud and strong, complementing the vocals nicely. The next song, ‘Jojo’s Kingdom’, has a pleasant drumbeat and beautiful acoustic guitars. What I loved the most about this track is how alive the vocals sound, as if the artist is performing live in your presence. The vocals feel incredibly real, authentic, and intimate, allowing the listener to deeply connect with the music.

My absolute favorite on the EP is ‘Two Worlds’. The production on this track is very spacious, with guitar strings that hit all the right emotional notes. Again, the vocals are a highlight, sounding crazy authentic and deeply felt. The artist's voice and the instrumentation work together seamlessly to create a moving experience. In the song ‘Roll Down’, an excellent guitar opener sets the mood, which is then maintained throughout the track. The guitar playing is colorful and emotive, making this another standout track on the EP. ‘Wonderwall’ starts in a more emotional and haunting way. The song is centered on piano keys and vocals, which collaborate to stir the listener's heartstrings. The EP closes with ‘Back Home’, which begins with a harmonica. You can immediately sense that this track will be a highlight of soulful, deep music that touches the heart. The production is emotive and intense, enveloping the listener in the artistic expression.

If you're looking for music that moves you, that makes you feel less alone, dive into "Tas Phania (The Bootleg Series, Vol. 1)". Then follow Max Goedecke on his socials and beyond, so you can join him on his journey, growing and learning as his sound develops. His boundless talent is sure to yield more must-listen music, and you'll want to be among the first to hear the latest from this powerful new voice.

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TOP BEST HITSLove is Blind (Original Single) By Ruiz!

March 29, 2023 by saiidzeidan


RUIZ! is back with a new hit titled "Love is Blind", and as expected, the song delivers his signature style - atmospheric synths, layered harmonies, and introspective reflections on relationships. With "Love is Blind", RUIZ! once again taps into emotions and experiences that we know all too well.

When the guitars kick in, the feeling of nostalgic time travel to the 80s is complete. The distinctive guitar tone and playing style are straight out of the era, replete with driving rock riffs that wouldn't sound out of place on a classic retro soundtrack. Yet there's a modern polished element to the production that keeps the guitars from feeling like a pure throwback. The interweaving of the relentless guitars and futuristic synths creates an intriguing sonic contrast, merging the musical past and present.

The synths in 'Love is Blind' lift the soundscape to futuristic heights. While steeped in nostalgia for the 80s synthesizer, the synths utilize contemporary production and layering techniques. Sounds bubble, pop, and shimmer, lifting the track up and giving it a feeling of forward propulsion into the retro-futuristic unknown. Everything is tied together by the solid beat, which maintains an upbeat energy and prevents the momentum from lagging.

As the synths and guitars weave and dance around each other, the vocals enter the mix. The vocal effects are perfectly tailored to the track, blending the vocals in with the instrumentation to create a seamless wall of sound. In the catchy chorus, the vocals and instruments come together in an irresistible melodic fusion. The steady, marching-forward feel of the chorus suggests that there are further synthwave pleasures to unfold as the song progresses.

'Love is Blind' is a journey into the past and the future, showcasing RUIZ!'s gift for crafting fresh yet nostalgic music. From the opening melody to the marvelous chorus and futuristic synths, the track delivers a consummate listening experience for retro-music fans. RUIZ! has a keen ability to tap into the sound of the 80s while using modern techniques to create forward-looking music. Whether for the instrumentation, vocals, or sheer listenability, 'Love is Blind' is a triumph of retro-futuristic sound. Listen to the new single on Spotify and follow RUIZ! to see what this compelling artist does next

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TOP BEST HITSSuddenly the Rain (Original Single) By Mac Summer

March 29, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Mac Summer’s latest track "Suddenly The Rain" shows off yet again why he is considered one of New Zealand’s premier producers of liquid drum and bass music. The song is a masterclass in building detailed rhythms, layering ethereal vocals, and crafting a futuristic yet highly danceable electronic soundscape.

The track opens with a vague piano melody that is dark and brooding. Just as the listener starts to settle into the vibe of the intro, the beat kicks in with a vengeance at around 40 seconds. The drums are fast-paced, hard-hitting, and laced with robotic, sci-fi sounding effects. However, instead of harsh synths, the song layers in gorgeous, airy female vocals and shimmering synth pads. The combination of the aggressiveness of the drums with the lightness of the vocals and synths creates an intoxicating energy.

Around the bridge, the track showcases Mac Summer’s talent for intricate breaks and build-ups. The drums cut out for a few seconds, leaving only the vocals and piano. The vocals become chopped up and stuttered before the drums dramatically roll back in, with a syncopated, rolling rhythm. This build-up and break breathes new life into the track and elevates the energy to an even higher level.

The song continues to unfold more hooks and instruments, including male vocals, cymbal swells, additional synth leads, and even more complex drum fills and variations. At its core though, it always returns to that central contrast between the hard-edged drum beats and the lighter, mystical synths and vocals. The way Mac Summer is able to weave all these elements together into a cohesive journey makes "Suddenly The Rain" a mesmerizing listen from start to finish.

Mac Summer's "Suddenly The Rain" is a tour de force of liquid drum and bass. From its understated intro to its massive drops, the track delivers a rollercoaster ride of energies and hooks. Given his past successes and the infectious, futuristic sound of "Suddenly The Rain," Mac Summer is poised to bring the liquid DnB sound to an even wider audience. Be sure to follow Mac Summer on social media and stream "Suddenly The Rain" on Spotify or your preferred streaming platform, you'll certainly be hooked the moment you give him a listen!!


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TOP BEST HITSBreak The Matrix (Original Album) By Moon and Aries

March 29, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Moon and Aries' newest album "Break the Matrix" is an accomplishment—the future of music as seen through the forward-thinking lens of electronica and dream pop. From the pounding yet polished beats invading the listener's ears on the opening track "Illumination Society" to the surreal soundscapes of "From Another Dimension" and twinkling textures of "The Butterfly Effect," the duo whisks listeners off to a dazzling landscape.

"Illumination Society" makes a striking first impression, the packed futuristic production establishing Moon and Aries as virtuosos, musicians, producers, and mixers par excellence. Stunning keys, synths, harmonized vocals, and rhythms astonish and invade the senses. A languid vibe permeates the sway-inducing rhythms of "Never For Me"; bliss seems bottled within the sound of Moon and Aries' blended vocals and harmonies. Building to sky-high production heights, the track lifts listeners among the clouds.

Particular standouts include the shimmering textures and harmonies forming the soundscape of "The Butterfly Effect" and the elegant atmospheres woven of harmonized vocals and melodies on "Codes and Circles." However, distilling the album down to select favorites does it and the duo a disservice; each track flows into the next with effortless grace and inventiveness. Everything about "Break the Matrix," from the colorful cover art to the very last fading notes, invites the listener into a nova of sound that both startles and astonishes.

Break the Matrix beams with undeniable heart and soul. The lyrics conjure poignant glimpses of life and love lost amid the pulsing beats, the vocals channeling passion and fervor in turn. Moon and Aries have built a futuristic vision on the timeless foundations of the human experience. In crafting such an innovative collection and esteemed body of work with this record, Moon and Aries deliver a promise of more mastery yet to come. Their talent and artistic ambition herald the emergence of powerful new voices to shape the future of music itself. By streaming "Break the Matrix" today and following Moon and Aries' journey hereafter, we each have the opportunity to bear witness to the peak visionary wonders yet to unfold.

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JUST ROCKProphecy (Original Album) By Gideon Foster

March 26, 2023 by saiidzeidan

After tireless dedication to his craft, singer-songwriter Gideon Foster is overjoyed and deeply emotional in announcing the release of his debut album, Prophecy. For Foster, this album is a prophecy fulfilled, as he releases this musical dream into the world, he's living proof that it's never too late to pursue your passions and creative visions.

The album launches with the soaring opening track "Affirmation". Layered with an infectious guitar hook, propelling drum beat, and Foster's soulful vocals woven into an intricate harmony, the song instantly pulls you in. "Affirmation" is the perfect introduction to Foster's signature style and gift for crafting catchy yet deeply personal songs you won't soon forget.

With the hauntingly beautiful "All Things", Foster shows a different side of his artistry. The song opens with the gentle strum of an acoustic guitar, each note ringing with a tender melancholy that pulls at the heartstrings. When his vocals enter, raw and breathy, it feels like witnessing a private moment of anguish or reflection.

The title track, "Prophecy", treats listeners to ethereal and echoing vocals that gradually build into a lush and soothing production, complete with a calming piano melody. The track is a ravishing display of Foster's ability to create atmospheric and emotional music that transports the listener to another world.

"Fatal Kiss" takes a retro turn, featuring a deep bassline, enchanting guitar melody and romantic vocals blending seamlessly with the jazzy production. It shows off Foster's skill in crafting nostalgic yet fresh music. The dynamic "Days of Gold" layers keys, drums, guitar and synths, drive forward with a mesmerizing bassline. While "Picture You" incorporates electronic elements evoking nostalgia, like the sound of an old cassette tape. And "Cross The Stream" brings cheerful beats and Foster's smiling delivery, an irresistible crowd-pleaser. "Love Is Anarchy" closes the album in dramatic style with powerful strings and Foster's exceptional vocals on full display.

Prophecy is an impressive debut album that serves as a powerful introduction to Foster's artistry. Both lyrically and musically, it leaves a lasting, haunting impression, highlighting the talent of an artist undoubtedly poised to make his mark. You can stream the Prophecy album on Spotify, and follow the talented artist on his social media pages for more.

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TOP BEST HITSAngles (Original Single) By Wild Horse

March 26, 2023 by saiidzeidan

As soon as the opening notes of Wild Horse's new single 'Angles' hit the airwaves, you know this beloved trio is back and ready to win over listeners everywhere. One song is all you need to hear to fall in love with Wild Horse. 'Angles' proves this band's got the talent and drive to win listeners over left and right.

'Angles' tackles that age-old dilemma of risking it all to share how you truly feel about someone, Wild Horse captures all the conflicting emotions that come with that choice. The lyrics feel deeply personal, but also deeply relatable, and the band conveys them through music that pulls you in and stays with you.

The guitar playing contributes to the song's unforgettable quality. The riff that opens the track and the catchy melodies woven through grab your attention, but with a precision and skill that never steals focus from the vocals or message. The band's musical talent shines in a way that strengthens everything about the song.
But the real show-stealer is the singer's vocal performance. His tone has a warmth and gentleness that embraces you from the first line and refuses to let go. The vocals pace the song and fully immerse you in the story, so by the end, you feel like you've lived and learned along with the composer.

The chorus is impossible to not smile along with. Its upbeat, cheery energy shows yet another side of the band's range—the ability to craft a hook that's as catchy as it is authentic and affecting. And just when you think the song has shown all its cards, the bridge arrives with a stunning high note and dramatic composition. The bridge reminds you that Wild Horse knows how to keep us guessing.

'Angles' grabbed me from the first listen—it's certainly one of my favorite songs of this year, hands down. If you're already a Wild Horse fan or just love amazing music, do yourself a favor and stream this song now. And follow the band, so you'll be first to hear about what they come up with next because artists this talented and versatile never stop surprising us.

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JUST ROCKMellow Drama (Original Single) By Gary Dranow

March 26, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Gary Dranow's latest blues-rock single, "Mellow Drama," is a masterclass in instrumental prowess and vocal intensity. From the fierce melody that opens the track to the guitar solos that close it out, the song is a relentless assault on the senses that refuses to let up for even a moment.

The track wastes no time in getting to business. Within seconds, the pounding of drums and the low rumble of bass drag the listener in, and Dranow's gravely vocals surge to the forefront. His voice carries a weathered quality that lends authenticity to the emotional lyrics, which detail the intense highs and lows of living with bipolar disorder.

From there, the track only escalates. Dranow unleashes a salvo of riffs as dueling guitars emerge for an extended solo that shows off the skill of Dranow and his band. The guitars trade blistering riffs and sweet, melodic passages back and forth, pushing each other to greater heights of vitality. When the track ends those few seconds later, it feels like waking from a fever dream—disorienting, yet desperately wanting to return to the vehemence of all that came before. "Mellow Drama" leaves us with racing pulses and a hunger for more of Gary Dranow's one-of-a-kind vision of blues-rock.

"Mellow Drama" is a masterwork from a blues-rock artist at the top of his game. With instrumentation that grabs hold of you and never lets go, vocals that ache with authentic feeling and a timeless vibe that nods to the greats of the genre's past while still sounding fresh, the song is a journey worth taking again and again.

The intricate guitar work, from the solos to the riffs; the way the bass and drums lock into a churning groove; the expressive organ melodies; and most of all, Dranow's gravely, emotionally intense vocals—all parts come together to form a mighty, compelling whole.

Whether listening at a party or during a long drive on the open road, Gary Dranow's "Mellow Drama" makes for ideal listening. The song stays true to the blues-rock roots Dranow draws upon for inspiration but incorporates contemporary vibes and hooks, resulting in a track with wide appeal and deep substance. With "Mellow Drama," Gary Dranow proves why he has earned his place as one of the genre's must-listen artists. Do give the song a listen on Spotify or your preferred streaming service, and follow Dranow for more examples of his moving take on blues rock.

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JUST ROCKThis is Awkward (Original Single) By Callisto

March 23, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The alternative rock scene is about to be hit with a sonic boom. On February 10th, 2023, Callisto—the blistering band fronted by drummer/songwriter James DiNanno—released their debut single, "This is Awkward." One listen is all it takes to realize Callisto isn't your standard alt-rock act. With a sound as immense as their ambition and a rabid fanbase hungry for a new rock icon, Callisto seems destined to dominate the scene.


From the first pounding beat of "This is Awkward," you're awash in a tidal wave of sound. Guitars slash and burn. The drums beat out a rhythm shocking your pulse into overdrive. And the vocals—raw, intense, and oozing feeling—hammer the hook deep into your consciousness. Before you know it, you're jumping, screaming every word, and headbanging like the future of rock depends on it. It's a track with energy and passion to spare, delivered with a level of talent and confidence that's downright scary.

But "This is Awkward" barely scratches the surface of what Callisto can do. They're a band of diverse personalities fused into a force far greater than the sum of its parts. Each member brings their own distinctive style and intensity, together creating a sound with range, texture, and the power to permanently reshape your understanding of alternative rock. The guitarist shreds solos that rip your heart out. The bassist drops riffs that burrow into your brain. The drummer pounds out rhythms to electrify your pulse. And the singer—man, that voice is full with raw, visceral emotion. United as Callisto, they craft an experience that's thrilling, exhilarating, and impossible to ignore.

Callisto is about to smash their way into the alt-rock scene and trust me, you'll wanna be there when it happens. Callisto has the sound, the drive, and the skills to conquer the alt-rock world—and their debut album( set to release in April) is the fuse that's gonna ignite the explosion. Listen to their first single 'This is Awkward' today, and follow them online so you can stay one step ahead of the crowd. Callisto is gonna be massive—so don't miss your chance to say you were ahead of the curve.

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TOP BEST HITSArt Therapy, Pt. 2 (Original EP) By Vidpoet

March 23, 2023 by saiidzeidan

vidpoet's latest EP, "Art Therapy Pt. 2," has arrived and once again, I find myself eagerly anticipating what this talented artist has in store for us. As I pressed play, I was immediately captivated by the opening track, "That Weird Rapper", the song is a perfect blend of quirky, buzzing beats and heavy keys that build up slowly, adding more melodies and arrangements that make me jump with excitement. The rap flow is out of this world, clean, and insanely fresh, making it impossible not to bob your head along to the rhythm.

Moving on to "Giwufi," you will be transported to an instrumental and loud reality that speaks to you through its powerful production. The arrangements have a character and life of their own, never missing a beat , you will be completely entranced by the way the music flows and evokes your emotions. "Unfinished Sculpture, Pt. 2" is a hip-hop and rap gem. The fantastic loud synths and on-point rap delivery work wonders with the production, creating a sound that is so mesmerizing and unforgettable. With "No Edits," vidpoet takes us to a bouncy, spacey place that feels like it came straight from the future, but the flow is as if it came from the past. The rapper's delivery is so fast, so pristine, and glides perfectly over the beat, showcasing the incredible power he has in delivering rhymes like that.

Listening to this EP, you will be elated to a universe of creativity, passion, and art. vidpoet's songs are truly astonishing - each one is a work of art, and they all fit together so correctly that you can't help but keep listening. It's clear that he has immense talent, and it seems certain that he will become one of the greatest rappers of all time. He doesn't write dull tunes with straightforward arrangements. His music is seriously impressive, the production is full and really complements his vocals.

You need to give "Art Therapy Pt. 2" a listen right away on Spotify, follow vidpoet for more marvelous music, and get ready to be taken on a journey of sound and emotion that you'll never forget.

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TOP BEST HITSInner Child (Tepilunia Soundscapes Version – Original Single) By Lethia’s Natorium

March 23, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Lethia's Natorium's 'Inner Child (Tepilunia Soundscapes Version)' is a magnificent musical gem from the 'Remixes - and then some' series. This rendition of the song showcases Tepilunia Soundscapes' unique style. Several years ago, Pena launched this side project featuring instrumental and semi-instrumental pieces with a touch of classical elegance. This rendition of "Inner Child" is a great illustration of how music can be reinterpreted and given life in novel, thrilling ways.

As the song begins, Lethia's distinctive soulful voice enters with the lyrics, 'Living a life / When we are bound by invisible chains / When we all conditioned to behave exactly the same.' These words capture how society often pressures us to follow a prescribed path in life. We're expected to conform to standards, work hard, pay taxes, and join the system. Unfortunately, this can lead to a loss of imagination and wonder as we abandon our dreams to accept reality. The chorus, 'Somewhere along the line / We've lost our Inner Child / The one full of wonder / Who at times would go so wild,' highlights how we lose our childhood curiosity and creativity growing up. The song encourages us to break free and reconnect with our inner child, embracing individuality and creativity again.

Lethia's Natorium's vocals are the highlight of the track. Her soulful voice perfectly conveys the raw emotion and passion woven throughout the song. Her pitch is flawless, ranging from sensual lows to heart-wrenching highs that give you chills. Her rich, velvety voice envelops you in a warm embrace, allowing you to feel the depth of her soul.

The production is a triumphant fusion, seamlessly blending elements into a harmonious whole. A pulsing beat anchors the melody, driving the music forward with irresistible energy. The vocals weave through the instrumentation, soaring to dizzying heights before returning to earth with graceful gentleness.

'Inner Child (Tepilunia Soundscapes Version)' is a marvelous piece that reminds us of the wonders we've left behind and inspires us to reconnect with our creativity. I highly recommend checking it out on Spotify and following Lethia's Natorium for more musical gems like this. Why not indulge yourself in this musical jewel and let your inner child come out to play?

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Discover POPI Like it On You (Original Single) By Luch Stefano

March 22, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Get ready to be swept away by Luch Stefano's latest release, 'I Like It On You.' This proficient acoustic guitar piece showcases the instrument's gentle, skillful sound. Coupled with Stefano's equally enchanting vocals, it delivers a charming, clever message sure to captivate listeners and leave them smitten.

Peel back the layers of 'I Like It On You,' and you'll find a heartwarming love song at its core. Stefano's lyrics are refreshingly honest, brimming with sweet, direct expressions of deep affection for his beloved. Yet it's his superior delivery elevating this track from ordinary to extraordinary. His vocals are a true work of art - bright, warm, and inviting. Stefano weaves a tapestry of emotions, keeping listeners hooked from the first note to the last. With each line, his voice carries the weight of every sentiment, painting a vivid love story impossible to resist.

Luch Stefano knows how to make listeners feel every emotion he conveys, effortlessly pulling at heartstrings and leaving them completely enamored with the song's message. Whether singing soft, gentle notes or reaching lofty, soaring heights, his vocals never miss a beat. He evokes the emotion and depth of his lyrics as naturally as breathing. The acoustic guitar work here is equally skillful, taking center stage and showcasing Stefano's evident virtuosic fingerpicking skills. For Luch Stefano, the guitar is a tool for expressing the love and devotion woven throughout the song's lyrics. He wields it with an expert touch, using it to create a sonic landscape of pure magic.

[caption id="attachment_7609" align="alignnone" width="640"] Processed with VSCO with m5 preset[/caption]

'I Like It On You' serves as a stunning showcase of Luch Stefano's artistic talents in their entirety. His vocals are the epitome of brightness and warmth, irresistibly drawing listeners in from the first line, and his guitar playing creates an atmosphere of its own, filled with beauty and wonder.

Do yourself a favor - head to Spotify and immerse yourself in the marvel of Luch Stefano's music by streaming 'I Like It On You.' Get lost in the captivating love story and showstopping instrumentals of this acoustic gem. Also show your support by hitting that follow button on his profile to keep up with his latest releases and musical endeavors.

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JUST ROCKThe Scapegoat’s Agony (Original Album) By Coma Beach

March 22, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Stop what you're doing and listen up, because you need to hear about Coma Beach's legendary 1995 album, 'The Scapegoat's Agony.' This record is a punk rock powerhouse boasting a primal intensity and rawness that's hard to find in today's music. Now that 'The Scapegoat's Agony' is on Spotify, a whole generation of music fans who were not even born yet back in '95 finally get to experience Coma Beach in all their gritty glory.

When the opening track 'The Past Of The Future' blares through your speakers, you'd best buckle up for a wild ride. Guitar riffs rage with burning energy, embodying the raw essence of punk rock. The drums are a relentless blur of frenetic force, propelling the music forward with a furious urgency. And the vocalist embraces a range of tones—from snarling shouts to hauntingly melodic moans—each executed with a passion that brooks no compromise.

A clear standout among the album's many highlights is 'Astray (Fallen Angel),' a track blending ferocity and brooding menace. Razor-sharp guitar riffs slice and dice their way through the mix while thunderous drums build towards a crushing crescendo, the vocals ooze rage, yet an undercurrent of something dark and dangerous lurks within, keeping you on the edge.

'A Madman's Dream' is similarly ambitious, its addictive, hammering beat and towering guitar riffs joined by vocals delivering violence without shame. 'Bliss' unveils the tremendous range at the band's disposal, with a thumping rhythm section and vocals soaring to dizzying heights. And then there's the slow-burning 'Passion,' a track that gradually builds to a peak of raw yet breathtaking emotion.

This album is punk rock at its unfiltered peak. Each tune is hard hitting, propelled by searing guitars, pounding drums, and vocals that scratch and claw with simmering fury at a world in disarray. Yet amid the sonic assault are fleeting moments of solidarity and empowerment, uniting the aggrieved. This is music that compels you to live and battle.

In short, drop everything and listen to Coma Beach's 'The Scapegoat's Agony' on Spotify right now. Once its unbridled vehemence leaves you craving more, do yourself a favor and follow the band on social media to experience the rest of their jaw-dropping catalog.

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TOP BEST HITSA Way (Original Single) By Skar de Line

March 20, 2023 by saiidzeidan

In the vast ocean of music, it's rare to come across a track that truly stands out from the rest. Yet, every once in a while, a song comes along that captivates you from the very first note and transports you to another world. Such is the case with "A Way," the latest single from Skar de Line's autobiographical suite of music.

The track opens with an entrancing intro that hooks you right from the start. The interplay between the unforgettable hooks and synths creates an exquisite soundscape that thrills you to another dimension. The way the delayed echoes create a sense of otherworldliness is simply awe-inspiring. It feels as though the music is taking you on a venture through time and space, and you're powerless to resist. As the music takes hold, it becomes apparent that the vocals are more than just an added layer, they are essential to the very fabric of the track. The vocal rhythm is intricately woven into the tapestry of sound, moving with the fast-paced beats of the synths in a seamless dance of sound and emotion.

"A Way" evokes a sense of nostalgia while still feeling fresh and new. It's as if the music is simultaneously looking back on the past while embracing the present. There's a dreamlike quality to the song that leaves you feeling haunted and enamored, showcasing the power of electronic music to convey deep emotion and meaning. Skar de Line's skill and creativity as a musician are on full display here, as he seamlessly blends together different elements to compose a truly mesmerizing piece of music.

The music possesses an energy that makes you want to throw caution to the wind, let your hair down and move your body to the rhythm. I highly encourage you to feel "A Way" for yourself by streaming the song on Spotify, and to join me in eagerly anticipating what this talented artist has in store for us next. To stay updated on Skar de Line be sure to follow his social media platforms, I'm sure you don't want to miss a moment of this rising artist's journey.

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TOP BEST HITSWrap Me Up (Original Single) By Clare Easdown

March 20, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The music industry has seen an incredible number of artists emerge over the years, each with their own unique sound and style. However, there are some artists that stand out from the rest due to their ability to connect with their audience on a deep, emotional level. Clare Easdown is one such artist, and her latest release, "Wrap Me Up," is a prime example of the genuine, soulful music that she is capable of creating.

One of the most striking elements of "Wrap Me Up" is the emotion that Clare puts into her vocals. Her voice is soothing, exquisite, and full of raw emotion that is palpable throughout the entire track. It's as if every word is a secret message meant only for the listener, like she’s singing directly to us, and no one is watching. What's equally impressive about "Wrap Me Up" is the driving beat, which is masterfully created by the incredibly talented Jburnsmusic. The beat and the vocal are perfectly paired, with each part tailored for the other, making the final result absolutely spectacular. The overall production quality of "Wrap Me Up" is top-notch. The track is mixed and mastered to perfection, with each element seamlessly blending with the others. There's nothing that was off or out of place, which speaks volumes about the attention to detail that went into creating this track.

This song will have you hooked from the first note, lost in its mesmerizing melody until the very end. Clare Easdow's talent is undeniable, and her way to weave emotion into every lyric is a true gift. I am eagerly anticipating what she has in store for us next, as I am sure it will be just as bewitching and charming as "Wrap Me Up."

Give "Wrap Me Up" a listen on Spotify right away, and be sure to follow Clare Easdown on her social media pages to keep up with her latest releases, as she is undoubtedly a rising star in the business. Trust me, you won't be disappointed, and you may just discover your new favorite artist along the way.

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TOP BEST HITSTouch the sky (Original Single) By IV Collin

March 20, 2023 by saiidzeidan

With his latest single "Touch The Sky," Iv_collin has opened the doors to his world of serene and chilled-out melodies, urging us to dive in and let ourselves be swept away. As I first listened to this song, I found myself immediately mesmerized by Iv_collin's silky-smooth vocals that effortlessly guide the track forward. The beat, a ravishing and groovy rhythm, beckons listeners, luring them to bop their heads and sway to the music's infectious energy.

"Touch The Sky" exudes a sense of magic and wonder. The vocals are polished and soulful, infusing the song with an infectious energy that is impossible to resist. As the song progresses, listeners are treated to a range of melodic elements that come together to create a genuinely innovative and captivating track. One of the standout features of "Touch The Sky" is Iv_collin’s rap flow, which is fun and lighthearted, adding an extra layer of playfulness to the song. It never feels too overbearing or in-your-face, but rather blends seamlessly with the other musical elements to create a cohesive and enjoyable listening experience. "Touch The Sky" is a song that is perfect for those moments when you just want to kick back and relax. Its chill and laid-back vibes make it an ideal addition to any playlist, and it's easy to imagine oneself basking in the sun or taking a long drive while listening to it.

"Touch The Sky" is a great example of Iv_collin’s talent and versatility as an artist. It showcases his ability to blend different musical genres and create something that is truly unique and memorable. Whether you are a hip-hop, R&B, or pop music fan, there is something in this song for everyone to enjoy.

Without a doubt, Collin is an artist whose destined to be a rising star, leaving a mark on the music industry that is sure to be remembered for years to come. I highly recommend listening to "Touch The Sky" on Spotify. And if you like what you hear, be sure to follow Iv_collin on his social media pages for more chill groovy tracks that are sure to delight and inspire.

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TOP BEST HITSOUT4BLOOD (ft. Icarus Moth – Original Single) By Aurelia

March 20, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Aurelia's OUT4BLOOD featuring Icarus Moth is a melodic stroke of genius that is bound to captivate and take over the world. The origin of this story began with Aurelia expressing her fandom for Icarus Moth, whom she discovered on SoundCloud during her high school years. From there, the creative collaboration was born.

The song begins with an alluring sound and clear, crisp vocals delivering the opening lyrics. The chorus urges listeners to focus on the light side and resist the temptation of liars, who are likened to the Devil made of dimes. The warning about the dangers of addiction and the pursuit of pleasure at any cost is evident in the lyrics "You burn up the world just to get a little high."

The interlude is a beautifully poetic description of the allure of temptation. The metaphor of "red in the eyes" and "two jewels in disguise" refers to the seductive nature of addiction. The imagery of a moth to a flame highlights the idea that we can be drawn in by something that ultimately destroys us.

Throughout the entire song, there is a haunting vibe and shifting tones that evoke intense emotions. The instrumental is potent, with every facet of the track poured with raw emotion, it is a sensational production of an awesome songwriter.

The contrast between the light and dark sides of human nature explored in the song is a recurring theme in literature and art. From the Bible to Shakespeare's works, the human struggle between good and evil has been examined and analyzed. The duality of human nature is a complex issue that has fascinated and intrigued people for centuries.

OUT4BLOOD is a ravishing single that deserves attention and praise. The collaboration between two talented artists has resulted in a musical accomplishment that explores the complex themes of the human struggle between good and evil, the dangers of addiction, and the importance of emotional connection and love. It is a song that is sure to be remembered for years to come, and it is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates the art of music. I wholeheartedly recommend following Aurelia for more and listening to OUT4BLOOD on Spotify.

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JUST ROCKGo kart (Original Single) By Kahnin

March 20, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Kahnin's latest musical offering, "Go Kart," is a true masterpiece that beckons the audience to embark on a fanciful adventure, cherishing the little delights of existence and upholding a fresh, spirited outlook. The track commences with a spellbinding tune and enchanting guitar riffs, laying the foundation for the lyrics to unravel. Once the raspy, exuberant vocals enter, the listener is greeted with an eclectic mix of expressions and visuals, culminating in a surreal and ethereal ambiance.

The opening lines of the song, "Rapstar mechanic doing all sorts of damage. Speed freak guru a prophet and a florist," immediately set the tone for the song's lighthearted and carefree vibe. The lyrics blend together references to mechanics, speed racing, music, and food, all while using metaphors about hula hoops, cowboys, and mannequins.

"Go Kart" is a celebration of the small joys in life. The repeated refrain of "we just wanna celebrate" and "we just wanna have fun" captures the desire for joy and excitement that is so fundamental to the human experience. The line "bring in the morning sun" hints at the idea of living in the moment and savoring life's pleasures, reminding us that every moment is an opportunity for celebration. The song is very special in its ability to connect with the listener on an emotional level without being overly sentimental. The whole production is joyous and will make you smile, but it never feels contrived or forced. It is the kind of song that can brighten up even the gloomiest of days, telling us that there is always something to celebrate.

One of the most remarkable aspects of "Go Kart" is its ability to be interpreted in a variety of ways. The lyrics are intentionally vague and open-ended, allowing the listener to bring their own experiences and perspectives to the song. For some, it may be a reminder to cherish the little moments in life. For others, it may be a call to embrace their inner child and maintain a youthful perspective. And for others still, it may simply be a fun and playful tune that brings a smile to their face. Do yourself a favor and give this song a listen on Spotify, and don't forget to follow Kahnin for more amazing music in the future.

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JUST ROCKPandora (Original Single) By Inanna

March 20, 2023 by saiidzeidan

In "Pandora," Inanna showcases her exceptional artistry, merging storytelling, environmental consciousness, and seductive darkness, to create a distinctive and individualized rendition of the ancient myth of Pandora. This latest single is a testament to Inanna's talent and creativity, demonstrating her ability to captivate listeners with her fascinating and creative style.

The lyrics of the song are extremely impressive, suggesting that the truth can be dangerous but is still necessary to face rather than hide from. They also touch on the idea of time passing, urging listeners to honor it even as it runs out. The allusions to Pandora's box, which contained all the evils of the world, further emphasize the message that humans have a role to play in creating and facing the outcomes of their actions. Inanna's vocals are truly stunning, drawing the listener in with their sensual quality and engaging tone. The way she delivers the lyrics is particularly captivating, adding depth and meaning to the already powerful message of the song. The chorus is striking, with the repetition of the questions "Is this the name you take Pandora? / Is this the box you break Pandora? Was this the man who made Pandora?" composing an eerie and hypnotic effect.

Inanna's talent for storytelling shines through in "Pandora", as she takes the listener on a journey through her interpretation of the myth. The song's themes of truth, time, and consequences are relevant and relatable, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking for a deeper message in their music. "Pandora" is an astonishing achievement for Inanna, showcasing her incredible vocal and songwriting skills. It is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates a good message wrapped in an alluring package. With this track, Inanna has once again proven why she is one of the most exciting and innovative artists in the industry today.


If you haven't already, be sure to check out "Pandora" on your favorite streaming platform and follow Inanna on social media for more updates on her upcoming projects. With her talent and dedication to her craft, there is no doubt that she will continue to amaze and inspire audiences around the world.

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TOP BEST HITSExceeded Expectations (Original EP) By Nëk

March 20, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Looking for an album that will take you on a melodic expedition? Look no further than Nëk's "Exceeded Expectations"! With its 10 tracks that exceed all expectations, this album is a must-listen. It's a fun, retro, and groovy record that features lyrics that are easy to rap along to, with a flow pattern that will leave you hooked.

One of the things that stood out to me about this album is the way that each track has its own distinct style and personality. While some albums can feel repetitive or formulaic, that is not the case with "Exceeded Expectations." From the jazzy and honest "Past Recollections" to the delightful "Wavy," there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

"Past Recollections" is an incredibly jazzy track with honest and robust lyrics that are full of attitude. The artist speaks his truth and calls out those who have let him down while emphasizing the importance of being true to oneself. One of my personal favorite songs on the album is "Lady And the Sax," which reflects on life and relationships, and comments on the value of staying focused on one's own goals and avoiding drama and negativity. The lyrics are heartfelt and relatable, and the saxophone adds a really nice touch to the overall sound.

"Aspirations of A Black Man," encourages listeners to never give up on their dreams and to keep pushing forward in the face of adversity. It's a powerful message, delivered with passion and conviction by Nëk. "Wavy" is a fun and groovy one that oozes confidence and swagger, with ear-catching hooks that will stay stuck in your head for days. And let's not forget about the album's outro, "Didn't We?" the perfect way to end the album. The lyrics are uplifting and inspiring, and the celestial references add a cosmic element to the singer's journey.

"Exceeded Expectations" is an album that is full of surprises and delights. It's clear that Nëk put a lot of time and effort into crafting each track, and the result is a record that is both cohesive and diverse. You need to give the album a listen right away on Spotify, and follow the rapper for more.

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UncategorizedFly Away (Original Single) By Atomic Bronco

March 20, 2023 by saiidzeidan

When listening to Atomic Bronco's latest single, "Fly Away," one can't help but feel a sense of calm and relaxation wash over them. The song is a musical oasis, providing a much-needed break from the chaos of the world. It's as if the artist is whispering directly to you, his voice the perfect salve for a weary soul.

The opening notes of the song are like a friendly embrace, slowly drawing the listener in until they're completely immersed in the music. The slow, steady beat of the drums is the backbone of the song, supplying a solid foundation for the electric strings and guitar riffs to soar over. The bass is deep and powerful, making the listener feel as if they're standing in the middle of a concert hall with the music vibrating through their body. As the song progresses, the electric strings become more prominent, building to a crescendo that leads to an outlandish guitar solo in the middle. The solo is a thing of beauty, with the notes ringing out clear and pure, showcasing Atomic Bronco's incredible talent as a musician.

The way Atomic Bronco sings is almost as if he's telling you a secret, a message just for you that no one else can hear. What's truly impressive about "Fly Away" is how everything comes together so seamlessly. The instrumentation, the vocals, and the lyrics all work in harmony to create a song that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Atomic Bronco has once again proven that he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. "Fly Away" is just the first taste of what's to come this year, and if this song is any indication, we're in for a treat. So sit back, relax, and let Atomic Bronco take you on a sonic journey that you won't forget. Go show him the love he deserves by following him on his social media pages, and by streaming "Fly Away" and his other releases on Spotify.

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TOP BEST HITSSuper Highway (Original Single) By Birds are better

March 20, 2023 by saiidzeidan

As the world of music continues to evolve and expand, it takes a true artist to create something truly unique and groundbreaking. Enter Norwegian singer-songwriter Stian Fjelldal and his project Birds Are Better, which brings a fresh and innovative approach to traditional folk music. Blending elements of pop and synth elements, Birds Are Better has created a sound that is all his own, full of joy and vitality. With the release of his third single, "Super Highway," Birds Are Better is proving himself to be a force to be reckoned with, offering a captivating and unforgettable listening experience that will leave you wanting more. So sit back, relax, and let Birds Are Better to take you on a melodic expedition that you won't soon forget.


The song kicks off with the soft and ethereal vocals of Stian Fjelldal, which leads the listeners on a journey through the night. His voice is the star of the show, soothing and warm, drawing the listener in with its silky smoothness. As the song progresses, Stian Fjelldal’s vocals become raspier, adding depth and emotion to the track. As the melody builds, the song becomes more cheerful, infusing twinkling melodies and bright tunes that lift the listener's spirit. The guitar strings elevate the song even further, incorporating layers of musical complexity that create an atmosphere of delight and happiness. The drums are not overpowering but add a satisfying beat that complements the melody, bringing everything together in a gorgeous symphony of sound.

What sets "Super Highway" apart is its ability to continually build on itself, merging new elements and layers of sound that contribute to the song's overall power and energy. Birds Are Better's pitch evolves to a happier sound as the song progresses, adding a burst of color and energy that infuses the track with life and vibrancy. As the song reaches its climax, it becomes even more powerful, reaching its crescendo with a simple electro-keys melody that provides a beautiful ending to a charming track.

If you haven't yet discovered the magic of Birds Are Better, "Super Highway" is the perfect introduction to this clever and exciting project. Follow Birds Are Better for more fascinating tracks like this one, and stream "Super Highway" on Spotify today!!

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TOP BEST HITSRespiro Tu Aire (Original Single) By juracán

March 20, 2023 by saiidzeidan

"Respiro Tu Aire" is a tantalizing reggaeton duet that tells a compelling story of love, passion, and intimacy. The musical pairing of Julimar and Juracán is an exceptional collaboration that brings out the best of both artists. With a seductive blend of rapping and singing, this song creates an atmosphere that oozes with sensuality, making it impossible not to move to the beat.

Juracán, the musical mastermind behind this masterpiece, is the work of Pierre Carbuccia Abbott. Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and currently residing in Portland, OR, Pierre is a self-taught creator who has been in multiple bands, including Vohké, Sól, and Flood Peak. He has honed his craft over the years, experimenting with different genres, and developing a unique style that is both innovative and captivating.

Juracán has curated the perfect blend of melodic elements to create the right vibe on "Respiro Tu Aire", and the result is nothing short of remarkable. Although the song is in Spanish, its impact transcends language barriers. The music speaks for itself, and you will feel the heat and start grooving to the melody in no time. The duet between Julimar and Juracán is an excellent example of how two voices can complement each other beautifully, even if you don't understand the lyrics.

"Respiro Tu Aire" is an enchanting and spellbinding reggaeton duet that promises to etch itself into your memory for a long time to come. Its irresistible melody, hypnotic rhythm, and unforgettable hook are sure to captivate your senses, making it a song that's hard to ignore. Juracán's extraordinary talent and unwavering commitment to his art are palpable in every note. This is a must-listen that is guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

Be sure to follow Juracán and Julimar for a tuneful journey that's filled with excitement and anticipation, as they continue to amaze us with their creative genius. Head over to your favorite streaming site, and give "Respiro Tu Aire" a listen. I promise you won't regret it. This is one of those songs that you will want to share with everyone, telling them to listen to it because it's just that good.

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TOP BEST HITSAlways Everywhere (Original Single) By Josh Tepper

March 20, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Josh Tepper is a gifted musician whose soulful performances leave an everlasting effect on his listeners. His song "Always Everywhere" is a poignant tribute to the complicated and enduring nature of love and heartbreak. This timeless breakup song explores the profound influence of a former partner in one's life and the struggle of letting go of a love that has ended. Through his words and performance, Tepper expresses the hurt, anguish, and yearning of a broken heart.

The song is beautifully arranged, with a simple piano arrangement that acts as the track's foundation, this places spotlight on his vocals. His lyrics are delivered with a raw honesty that is both enthralling and affecting, and his voice is clear, strong, and full of passion. Each note he sings is imbued with emotion, and his delivery is nothing short of spellbinding.

Josh Tepper's vocal range is awe-inspiring, and he effortlessly moves between soaring highs and melancholic lows. His voice is a force of nature, a hurricane of feeling that leaves a trail of devastation in its wake. Josh Tepper sings with a depth of feeling that resonates deep within, as if every word he sings is a window into his soul, he's pouring his heart out on stage, laying bare his every emotion for all to see.

As the song progresses, Josh Tepper's performance becomes increasingly powerful, building to a crescendo that leaves the listener breathless. He evokes a sense of longing and regret that is universal, touching on the deep-seated emotions that come with heartbreak. Josh's way to talk about such tough feelings through his music is a testament to his skill as an artist and his innate ability to connect with his audience.

"Always Everywhere" is a moving and impactful musical composition that will leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of its listeners. With this song, Josh Tepper demonstrates his exceptional proficiency to articulate intricate emotions through his artistic expression. If you haven't already, you must listen to this track on Spotify to experience its enchanting allure firsthand. Additionally, make sure to follow Josh on his social media platforms to keep up with his latest releases.

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TOP BEST HITSLate Start (Original Album) By CH/ZZY

March 19, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Corey M Chiz, also known as CH/ZZY, has arrived with his latest album titled "Late Start." This musical masterpiece serves as an introduction to his life's journey and showcases his profound passion for music and art. "Late Start" is more than just a conversation starter; it's a personal narrative that allows his fans to connect with him on a deeper level. As CH/ZZY stated, "I want my fans to know the real me."

The album's opening track, "Start Some Shit," makes an entrance that's both familiar and groundbreaking. The classic hip-hop vibes are there, but with a fresh and improved flow that keeps you on the edge of your . "Squints" pays homage to the golden age of hip-hop, while simultaneously creating a sound that's entirely new and modern. The arrangements are an old-school throwback, but with a contemporary twist that will have you dancing along.

"Diamond Summer" takes it down a notch with its laid-back, chilled-out vibe. CH/ZZY's pitch is on full display, and the production is so mellow, with smooth hip-hop beats and keys that leave you feeling like you're soaking up the sun on a lazy summer day. "New Levels" is a standout track that takes you on a musical venture with its diverse sounds. The bluesy guitar strings blend with the low drums, and the beat shifts into a powerful rhythm that highlights the rapper's impressive delivery.

"Press Play" hits hard with its impactful beats, the fiery intro grabs your attention, and the rapper's genuine and spontaneous delivery makes it feel like they're speaking directly to you. "So I Just Say" takes you down a groovy, jazzy, and romantic road with Corey's vocal flip. The lyrics about love are endearing, making it an unexpected but welcome addition to the album.

The creatively crafted "Whodunnit" brings out Corey's musical prowess with its intricate melody and unique approach. The bass is a standout feature, giving the track an extra dose of energy that will have you hitting the repeat button. Overall, this album is a testament to the artist's skill and creativity, seamlessly blending classic hip-hop with new sounds and delivering an unforgettable listening experience.

Without a doubt, this rap album has made a lasting impression on me and is among the best I've heard this year. It took me by surprise, kept me entertained, and left me head over heels in love with its exceptional artistry. I highly recommend that you stream "Late Start" on Spotify and spread the word. Be sure to follow CH/ZZY for more incredible music in the future.

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TOP BEST HITSThe Dearly Departed and the Recently Returned (Original Album) By Gregory Rhodes

March 19, 2023 by saiidzeidan

"The Dearly Departed and the Recently Returned" by Gregory Rhodes is a masterpiece that has captured my heart and soul. From the moment I heard the first note, I was hooked, and it was like a refreshing breeze on a warm summer's day. On the auspicious date of March 3rd, 2023, Rhodes unveiled his inaugural solo album, a sensational nine-track project that encapsulates decades of his music-making prowess.

The record opens with a bang, with "The Dearly Departed" - a fast-paced track that instantly injects energy and happiness into your soul. The guitar strings dance with lightning speed, while the drums thunder with wild abandon. Rhodes' vocals soar through the production like a bird in flight, faultlessly echoing the joyous melody. Next up, "Synesthesia" takes center stage - a true beauty that showcases Rhodes' incredible talent as a one-man band. The striking melody weaves a spellbinding tapestry of sound that feels otherworldly, transporting you to a place of pure sonic bliss. It's hard to believe that this work of genius was crafted by one man alone. But the standout track for me is "Love Song For Catherine". It begins with a soft twinkle, gradually building in intensity and anticipation. The production alone is romantic, and when the lyrics and vocals kick in, it's pure magic.

"I Wanna Be An Original" is a throwback to a bygone era, with many twists and turns that tug on your heartstrings, despite the loud production. "Good Medicine", on the other hand, is like a balm for the soul. Fragile and gentle, it washes over you like waves, bringing a sense of calm to your being.

As we move into "Religion", the production takes on a happy, upbeat feel. The guitar strings are cheerful and lively, harmonizing perfectly with the other melodies. It's a light-on-its-feet track that will have you smiling and tapping your feet. "Imposter Syndrome" follows, with its feel-good melody and cheery vibe. It's the perfect track for a movie soundtrack, and it will leave you feeling uplifted and positive. Finally, we end our journey with "The Recently Returned" - a beautiful and hopeful track that screams of new beginnings. The production is infectious, making you want to dance and smile along with the music. It's the perfect ending to a stunning album, leaving you with a sense of hope and joy that will stay with you long after the final notes have faded away.

Words simply cannot do justice to the sheer brilliance of this album, you'll most certainly get blown away by every single track, making it quickly soar to becoming one of your favourite albums.

I implore you to head over to Spotify and give "The Dearly Departed and the Recently Returned" album a listen. And make sure to follow Gregory Rhodes, because I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of an excellent musical journey for this rising artist.

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TOP BEST HITSCome And Feel My Music (Original Single) By ProntaCorde

March 19, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Embark on a delightful journey to the 70s with ProntaCorde's latest release, "Come And Feel My Music." This disco-infused stroke of genius is a rare gem that will undoubtedly thrill music aficionados to a past era, with their seamlessly blended vintage sounds with modern dancefloor quality.

Right from the opening beat, listeners are transported to a lively and vibrant atmosphere that exudes the funky and groovy vibe of the disco era. The steady bassline, funky guitar riffs, and upbeat drum patterns work in perfect harmony, creating a compelling and infectious rhythm that's impossible not to move to. It's easy to envision yourself surrounded by colorful disco balls and neon lights as you dance the night away to this tantalizing track.

One of the most remarkable aspects of "Come And Feel My Music" is the horn section, it adds a sense of excitement and anticipation to the song's already captivating composition. The vocals are equally impressive, with the lead singer delivering the lyrics with soulful emotion and passion that draws you into the song's irresistible charm. The harmonies are tight and well-arranged, creating an intricate and complex soundscape that's exhilarating and engaging.

In addition to the music, the song's production is a masterful. The entire setting, replete with people giggling and taking in the moment, adds to the song's undeniable appeal and fosters a feeling of connection and friendliness that is sometimes lacking in contemporary music. It's a tribute to the band's inventiveness and ability to write music that not only makes listeners happy but also makes them sentimental and yearn for a timeless classic.

I thoroughly enjoyed every passing second of this song. It kept me immensely entertained and happy, which is something I haven't experienced in a while from a single. "Come And Feel My Music" is a disco achievement that not only offers an enjoyable listening experience but also skillfully evokes nostalgic feelings from a bygone era. This track made me realize how much we've been missing this type of music in our lives. I highly recommend adding this song to your playlist if you're looking to infuse some groove and funk. You can find it on streaming platforms, and I suggest following ProntaCorde for more throwback music.

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TOP BEST HITSGirl On The Shore (Original Album) By Torre di Fine

March 19, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The highly anticipated full-length album "Girl On The Shore" by Torre di Fine has just been released and it is nothing short of a masterpiece. The sheer beauty and artistry of this album are sure to leave you in awe, and it wouldn't be surprising if it becomes a contender for some of the biggest awards in the future.

The album opener "Vanta" begins with an intense and eerie soundscape that will send shivers down your spine, as electronic machines and effects tickle your ears with their haunting presence. But just as the tension reaches its peak, a beautiful and delicate melody begins to emerge, like rays of sunshine breaking through the clouds. The stunning violin adds a dramatic element to the composition, creating a sense of raw emotion that will leave you breathless.

"PerfectBlue" boasts powerful guitar riffs that pack a punch and a mysterious ambiance that will leave you wanting more. The lead vocalist's raspy and low tones create an intimate atmosphere as if they're whispering a secret directly into your ear. The intensity of the guitar paired with the expert mixing creates a unique experience that you won't be able to defy.

"Ammonia" expertly blends an unforgettable viola performance with understated yet influential vocals. As you listen, the enchanting viola melodies lead you forward, surrounding you with a sense of hope and wonder. You'll feel as though you're being swept away on a journey through love and passion, unable to resist the pull of the music. While "Ammonia" does feature other arrangements, the viola truly shines as the main character, taking center stage and showcasing its astonishing range and emotion.

"N02A" stands out as a true gem on the album to me, with its airy vocals and powerful chord progressions that strike at the very core of your being. The melody hits hard, leaving a potent impact that will stay with you long after the song ends. With each passing moment, "N02A" never takes a break, constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of what you thought was possible.

Clocking in at 11 minutes, "Sorrow" is divided into three distinct parts, each one more impactful than the last. The first part sets the stage for the storm to come, with a calm and contemplative tone that belies the chaos that's about to unfold. In the second part, the storm hits with full force, with the instrumentals becoming louder, harder, and more grunge than ever before. This is where the true power of the song is unleashed, leaving a monumental influence on you. Finally, in the last part of the track, we're left with a sense of silence, as a woman speaks softly, bringing the song to a close. This is a masterful piece of music, showcasing Torre di Fine's incredible talent and creativity in a way that is sure to leave you speechless.

I felt ecstatic after listening to the brilliantly crafted album. It is very new and offers a melodic expedition that I have never encountered before. It's like a refreshing palate cleanser, but for the ears, leaving you feeling revitalized and energized. I highly recommend checking out the album on Spotify and following Torre di Fine on their social media channels for more of their exceptional work.

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JUST ROCKPipedreams (Original EP) By Aldís Fjóla

March 19, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Aldís Fjóla, a rising musician hailing from a quaint town in Iceland, has recently graced the music world with her second album, Pipedreams. Drawing inspiration from the iconic 90s Grungerock era, the album consists of six tracks that showcase the artist's musical vigor and vocal range.

The album opens with "Wasted", a hard rock masterpiece that immediately captures the listener's attention with its powerful guitar riff and Aldís Fjóla's commanding vocals. The track is a sonic explosion that hits right in the gut, with a special effect that adds an extra layer of depth to the song, making it an unforgettable experience. Moving on to "Burn", the album takes a darker turn, with haunting chords and the artist's low, melodic vocals that slowly build up and take over the senses. The protection on this track is different and dynamic, with the melody shifting and morphing in unpredictable ways, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

"Rearview Mirror" brings a change of pace, with a fast-paced, energetic beat that never gets boring. The track features beautifully crafted synths and intricate guitar work, with a touch of vocal effects that add an ethereal quality to the song. The title track "Pipedreams" takes on a more alternative rock feel, with the artist's vocals taking center stage. Aldís Fjóla's voice is smooth as butter, gliding over the beat and soothing the soul. The song is a beautiful display of the artist's pitch and emotive prowess.

The album picks up the pace once again with "Crossfire", a stunning track with loud guitars and an infectious chorus that will have listeners headbanging and clapping along. The production on this track is top-notch, delivering a serotonin boost that will leave us wanting more. Finally, the album concludes with "Brenndu brýr", the icelandic version of "Burn". What sets this track apart is the artist's delivery of the lyrics in her mother tongue, adding a layer of depth and color to the song that is truly mesmerizing.

It's impossible not to be impressed by Aldís Fjóla's vocal tone and range, which sets her apart from other musicians in the industry. Her voice is out of this world, with a crazy amount of soul and emotion that is unparalleled. Pipedreams is an exceptional album that is unlike anything else out there. Aldís Fjóla's talent and passion for music shine through in every track; this album is sure to leave a lasting impression and will undoubtedly be a favorite among music lovers. Give the album a listen right away on Spotify, and follow the enchanting Aldís on her socials for news and updates on future releases.

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TOP BEST HITSDon’t Break My Heart/The One (Sped Up Remix Single) By Savoy Ellis

March 19, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Savoy Ellis is an incredibly talented artist whose latest single, "Don't Break My Heart/The One (Sped Up)," is a masterclass in songwriting, composition, and production. The track is a soulful ode to love that showcases Savoy Ellis's mastery to create a fantastic blend of sound that captures the essence of the genre.

One of the most special aspects of "Don't Break My Heart/The One (Sped Up)" is its classic sound. The song starts with a strong bass that sets the tone for the entire track. The sultry, smooth synth melody that follows is the perfect accompaniment, providing a foundation for the rest of the song. As the beat kicks in, the listener is treated to a steady drum pattern and an even deeper bassline that creates a rich, warm texture. This is the kind of music that you can't help but groove to.

As the song progresses, Savoy Ellis adds layers of instrumentation that only serve to enhance its stirring impact. Soaring strings and upbeat keys build it to an explosive climax, creating a sense of tension and release that is truly remarkable. The production is flawlessly executed, with each element carefully balanced to create a seamless blend of sound. This is the kind of music that you can listen to over and over again, and still discover new things to love about it.

"Don't Break My Heart/The One (Sped Up)" manages to sound both classic and contemporary at the same time. The production is undeniably early 2000s, but there are subtle touches that make it feel fresh and modern. For example, the occasional use of a subtle harmonization adds a touch of nostalgia that makes it feel like a timeless classic. This is the kind of music that could have been released twenty years ago or today, and it would still sound amazing.

Listening to "Don't Break My Heart/The One (Sped Up)" was a truly transformative experience for me. As someone who loves soulful and r&b music, I was immediately drawn in by the production and the melody. But what really impressed me was Savoy Ellis's ability to convey so much emotion through his music, this track tends to tell a story and make you feel something, really showcasing his songwriting skills.

Head over to Spotify and give "Don't Break My Heart/The One (Sped Up)" a listen. And while you're at it, make sure to follow Savoy Ellis on his socials for more incredible music in the future.

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JUST ROCKBeat Confabulator (All Night on the Floor) (Original Single) By Alec Berlin

March 19, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Alec Berlin is a sensational musician with an undeniable ability to create jam-packed tracks that make you want to dance all night. His latest release, "Beat Confabulator (All Night on the Floor)," is a groovy track that oozes a festive vibe, transporting listeners to a colossal nightclub where they cannot resist dancing.


One of the most impressive things about Alec Berlin's music is his power to create a story through his guitar. This is evident in "Beat Confabulator," which commences with an outstanding intro featuring an awesome riff before Alec starts rocking out. The retro opening sets the stage for something unique and incredible, and the listener is immediately hooked. As the song progresses, it becomes apparent that Alec Berlin is a master of his craft, using his guitar to establish the mood and convey a story without the need for lyrics.


Beyond his technical prowess, Alec Berlin's music is also highly clever. In "Beat Confabulator," there are several moments where the listener might think they know where the song is going, only to be pleasantly surprised by a sudden change in direction. Alec Berlin is a virtuoso in skillfully creating a dynamic and exciting listening exploration that leaves the audience captivated till the very end.

Undoubtedly, Alec is a musician who embodies his craft with fervent passion. He possesses an extraordinary gift for creating music that not only amuses but also resonates with his listeners on a deeper level. Berlin's capacity to convey a narrative through instrumental music is a true testament to his exceptional talent and unwavering commitment to his art. By capturing the essence of the human experience in his compositions, he transcends mere entertainment and creates a profound emotional connection with his audience, elevating his music to a level that is both breathtaking and transcendent.

As a big fan of Berlin's music, I am eagerly anticipating his next release. It's hard to say what he has in store for us, but one thing is for sure: it's going to be amazing. In the meantime, I encourage everyone to check out "Beat Confabulator (All Night on the Floor)" on their preferred streaming platform and to follow Alec Berlin for more updates on his music.

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JUST ROCKBrunch at the end of the world (Original Single) By The Qwarks

March 19, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The Qwarks, the talented band known for their unique blend of psychedelia and humor, have done it again with their latest hit single, "Brunch at the End of the World." This song is an auditory journey that will take you on a wild ride and leave you wanting more. The sheer amount of creativity and originality that The Qwarks have poured into this track is astounding.

"Brunch at the End of the World" is experimental rock at its finest. The band's quirky and lighthearted approach to music is on full display, and it's impossible not to feel your spirits lift as you listen to the song. The guitar solo in the middle of the track is a highlight, with its infectious melody and catchy riffs. It's the type of solo that makes you want to pick up an air guitar and play along. The vocals, with their throwback sweetness, add an extra layer of charm to the song. At points, the vocals are layered on top of each other, creating a rich and textured sound that is a hallmark of The Qwarks' style.

The production of the song is crisp and clear, but there's a sense of rawness and urgency to the performance that gives the song a punk rock edge. It's clear that The Qwarks are playing at the edge of their abilities, pushing themselves to the limit to create something that feels alive and vital. The song is a true assault on the senses, with every instrument and every vocal line vying for your attention. It's a testament to the band's skill that they can create such a complex and layered sound without it ever feeling overwhelming.

If you're a fan of music that takes risks and defies conventions, then "Brunch at the End of the World" is the perfect song for you. It's a track that rewards repeated listens, with new layers and depths to explore each time you hear it. The Qwarks are a band that are unafraid to experiment and take chances, and this latest single really highlights that.

From the fun beats to the ear-catching guitar solo, this track is a true masterpiece of experimental rock. Give "Brunch at the End of the World" a listen on your preferred streaming service and follow the band for more incredible music.

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TOP BEST HITSMe Myself and I (Original Single) By DJ Platinum Vibes

March 19, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The musical landscape is constantly evolving, with new artists emerging and pushing the boundaries of what we consider music. DJ Platinum Vibes is one such artist, and his newest track "Me Myself and I" is a testament to his skill and vision as a musician. Blending elements of electropop and future house, the track is an exhilarating journey through the EDM and pop spaces, with each beat and melody carefully crafted to make you fall for its charm.

The pulsing beats and soaring melodies are the perfect backdrop for the rich, soulful vocals that lend a sense of emotional depth to the song. And when Sugar Bear's show-stopping vocal delivery and flow kick in, the track is catapulted into another stratosphere of sound. DJ Platinum Vibes is a master at weaving together different sounds and elements, creating a unique and unforgettable sound that is sure to leave listeners wanting more. The track moves effortlessly between the energetic, high-tempo beats of EDM and the catchy hooks and melodies of pop music, completing a dynamic and thrilling listening experience. What is it that sets this track apart from others? One of the noteworthy aspects is how DJ Platinum Vibes skillfully balances the various components of the piece. The beats and captivating hooks harmoniously complement each other, resulting in a unified and cohesive final product.

Another thing that sets "Me Myself and I" apart is the way that it tends to capture the emotions and feelings of the listener. The rich, soulful vocals of the female singer are especially effective at conveying a sense of emotional depth, Sugar Bear's flow and delivery are pure energy and excitement. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the track, from the way that the vocals are layered to the way that the different sounds are balanced and mixed.

"Me Myself and I" is a track that deserves to be heard. It shows how music can transcend limits and bring people together, and it will leave you feeling energized and inspired. So give it a listen on Spotify, and be sure to follow DJ Platinum Vibes for more electrifying tracks that will take over your senses.

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TOP BEST HITSHow in Heaven (Original Single) By Arliston

March 19, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Arliston, a dynamic duo hailing from South London, is rapidly gaining attention in the music industry for their unique sound. Comprising of Jack Ratcliffe, a skilled vocalist and musician, and George Hasbury, a talented instrumentalist and producer, Arliston's latest release, "How In Heaven," is a symphonic passage that will captivate your thoughts with its distinctive style.

As the track begins, a soft synth sound immediately sets the tone for the wistful and serene vibes that permeate the entire song. The whimsical electronic sounds that follow blend perfectly with the percussive textures, creating a cohesive and well-balanced sound that's both relaxing and captivating. The ambiance that the music creates is nothing short of awe-inspiring, with each element of the track working together seamlessly to create an immersive and deep soundscape.

The production quality of "How In Heaven" is special. The drums and electronic sounds blend together to the point that you can almost feel the music pulsing through your body. The subtle use of effects gives the track a sense of space and atmosphere that's so breathtaking. It's clear that every aspect of the song was carefully thought out and crafted, with the final product being a sonic masterpiece that is very intriguing.

Jack Ratcliffe's vocals on "How In Heaven" are equally impressive. His dreamy and hazy voice effortlessly floats atop the instrumentals, adding an additional layer of depth to the song. The intimate and emotional core of his voice adds to the introspective and thought-provoking nature of the track, leaving listeners with a deep sense of connection to the music.

The work done on "How In Heaven" is genuinely top-notch, representing Arliston's talent and ability to blend electronic and acoustic elements flawlessly. The outstanding sound that the duo creates is incredible, as they have developed a perfect balance between various sounds and instruments that complement each other brilliantly. The track stands out as a piece of art that defies genre classification, an original creation that's both innovative and daring.

Arliston's musical talent and vision are evident in every note of "How In Heaven". You can stream the song on any streaming site you like, and follow the pair on their socials for more updates on future releases.

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JUST ROCKSundown (Original Single) By Ye Angst

March 19, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Ye Angst’s latest single "Sundown" is an experimental indie rock masterpiece that takes the listener on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. From start to finish, the instrumental track showcases the artist's exceptional talent and evokes a sense of place and atmosphere that is both powerful and beautiful.

"Sundown" is not your typical rock song. It’s a detailed and intricate piece of music that rewards repeated listens. Each time you listen to it, you discover new pieces and nuances that add to the overall experience. The guitar is the main attraction, with each part conveying a different emotion and mood. The different guitar parts build to a climax that feels like a release, with the frenzied guitar riff that opens the song serving as a call to action, urging the listener to join in the adventure.

As the guitars weave in and out of each other, a sense of tension and excitement builds, leading to a moment of pure liberation as the guitars reach their peak. The drums provide a solid basis for the guitars, creating a full and enveloping sound that draws the listener in. The use of effects adds depth and dimension to the music, composing a rich and complex sound domain that is captivating.

One of the things that make "Sundown" so unique is the raw and distorted tone that permeates throughout the song. This creates a sense of urgency and immediacy that is hard to replicate in other genres. The bass is also particularly noteworthy, with its strong and loud presence adding an extra level of depth and complexity to the piece. At times, the bass can be felt more than heard, adding to the rhythmic exploration.

If you truly want to enjoy the beauty of "Sundown," it’s best to listen to it with headphones. This allows you to fully feel the different layers of sound and appreciate the details that make the song so special. Each guitar riff, each drum beat, and each bass note comes to life, creating a sonic landscape that is both thrilling and mesmerizing.

"Sundown" is a song that will make you feel like you just ran a marathon. It’s clean and crisp, with every second delighting and energizing you. If you haven’t already listened to "Sundown," do yourself a favor and give it a listen right now on Spotify and follow Ye Angst on his social platforms to stay updated on his latest music releases.

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TOP BEST HITSAll The Love (Original EP) By City Island

March 19, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Picture yourself walking along a deserted beach, a warm summer breeze blowing through your hair, and you hear the distant sounds of a jazzy pop tune, and as you approach, you discover the soulful sounds of City Island. This indie band, made up of Nick Pretel and Josh Anthony, has just released their latest album, "All The Love", a culmination of two years' worth of musical experimentation and creativity.

The tracks on "All The Love" are a beautiful blend of different genres and styles, all infused with the pair's unique soulful sound. The album starts off with "Christopher St", a jazzy and soulful tone that immediately draws the listener in. The vocals on this one are reminiscent of sweet summer nights, evoking a kind and cozy feeling that sets the mood for the rest of the album.

"Shining Light" features a more upbeat tempo and funky rhythms that are sure to get your head nodding and your feet tapping. The vocals and harmonies on this one are particularly impressive, creating a sense of retro nostalgia that is both fun and infectious. Another standout track on the album is "Call Your Name". This song features the electric guitar, which adds a gentle and lovely touch to the song. The pop-infused melody is an instant earworm that screams happiness and love, and it's easy to see why this track is a fan favorite.

"Nobody Knows" is a more stripped-down track that gives us a taste of the pair's emotional range. The production is soft and subtle, creating a twinkling and influential atmosphere that fits the mood of the album like a glove. "Coming Home" is a doozy track on the album, with its soulful sound and sweet melody that is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

The album also includes "Prison Walls", a song that takes a mellower road with the piano keys and strong vocals. The production is beautifully performed, with the vocals shining through and carrying the listener on a powerful journey. "I'm Not Lost" concludes the experience with its rich melodies.

"All The Love" is a piece of art that deserves to be played on repeat. It's a gracefully executed album that really shows the duo's talent, power, and versatility. "All The Love" is an album you won't want to miss, City Island's unique sound and creative flair shine through on each track, making this album a must-listen for anyone who loves good music. You can stream the album on any streaming site, and be sure to follow City Island for more awesomeness.

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TOP BEST HITSCrybaby (Original Single) By Mia Mormino

March 18, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Mia Mormino is a rising star in the world of pop music, but her impact is greater than just her catchy hits and impressive streaming numbers. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mia is a singer-songwriter who possesses something that many artists strive for but few achieve - authenticity. Her latest single, "CryBaby," is a prime example of this quality that sets her apart from the crowd.

From the opening lines of the song, it's clear that Mia is a deeply committed artist who takes her craft seriously. She sings about writing songs in the shower, a sign that she's constantly thinking about her music and working on new material. This level of dedication is evident throughout the song, as Mia's delivery is raw and real, and her emotions shine through with every word.

The chorus of "CryBaby" is especially powerful, as Mia asks the question that many artists, and people in general, ask themselves: "why can't I get what I want when I want it?" This frustration is something that many can relate to, as it's a common experience to work hard and not see the desired results. Mia's use of the phrase "crybaby" throughout the chorus is also significant, as it shows that she's ready to embrace her emotions and not be told to toughen up.

What sets Mia apart from other artists in the pop world is her commitment to being genuine and authentic. She's not afraid to express her emotions and share her vulnerabilities with her audience, and this is what makes her music so impactful. The production on "CryBaby" is simple and effective, allowing Mia's vocals and lyrics to take center stage and connect with listeners on a deeper level.

It's rare to find an artist who is so dedicated to their craftwork while also remaining true to themselves, but Mia Mormino is one such artist. With her talent and passion, she's sure to continue making waves in the music world for years to come. Mia is an artist who deserves all the love and recognition in the world. By following her on social media and streaming her music, fans can show their appreciation for her hard work and faithfulness to being real.

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TOP BEST HITSMirror (Original Single) By Sharl

March 18, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Sharl, the incredibly talented and charismatic pop artist, has finally made her long-awaited return to the music scene with her first 2023 release "Mirror". This pop sensation is no stranger to the limelight, and for good reason. Sharl has continuously proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, and with each new release, she manages to exceed expectations and deliver hits that are nothing short of iconic.

From the moment "Mirror" starts playing, listeners are instantly drawn into Sharl's world of funk and retro vibes. The song boasts a catchy melody and a series of hooks that are sure to get stuck in your head for days on end. Sharl's creative ingenuity shines through in the intricacy of the song's production, and her cleverness is evident in the way that she blends various elements to create a sound that is distinctive and unforgettable.

As a fan of Sharl's work, I am always eager to hear what she has in store for her listeners. She has consistently pushed boundaries and explored different approaches to music, and with "Mirror", she has managed to deliver yet another impressive work of pop artistry. The song is rich, full of life, and so favorable that it's an essential addition to any playlist.

In addition to its catchy melody and inventive construction, "Mirror" showcases Sharl's captivating vocals and charming personality. Her performance is nothing short of mesmerizing, and it's clear that she poured her heart and soul into the song's creation. As a listener, it's impossible not to be swept up in the energy and emotion that she infuses into every note.

If you haven't yet had the pleasure of experiencing Sharl's music, then "Mirror" is the perfect introduction. This song is a testament to her talent and creativity, and it's an indication of the amazing things that are yet to come from this rising star. Sharl is an artist that I am genuinely curious about, and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next. Give the song a listen on Spotify, and while you're at it, be sure to follow Sharl on her socials for more awesome songs and updates on her latest projects.

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TOP BEST HITSCan You See the World (Original Single) By Filip Dahl

March 18, 2023 by saiidzeidan

As I closed my eyes and pressed play on Filip Dahl's latest single "Can You See the World," I felt like I was strapping myself into a musical rollercoaster. The song began with a gentle hum of a clean chorused guitar and keys, creating an atmospheric soundscape that transported me to a different dimension.

As the seconds passed, the song's dynamics shifted, and the peace turned into a powerful energy that sends shivers down your spine. The intensity and power of the music begins to rise, and it feels like you're being lifted off the ground, soaring through the sky on wings of sound. The guitar solo was a particular highlight for me, it was as if Dahl was taking the listener on a venture through the various emotions that the music evokes. The guitar wailed and screamed, building up to a moment of pure release before calming down again, creating a sense of tension and release that keeps you hooked until the very end.

The song's tempo shift midway through was unexpected but welcomed. Its like a sudden burst of energy that raises you out of your seat and has you grooving along to the beat. Its an instant of sheer joy, and you can't help but smile as you listen to the music. The way Dahl manages to play with time and tempo is impressive, and it keeps the listener on their toes.

As the song comes to an end, you're left with a feeling of pure exhilaration. The music will take you on a journey that you never want to end, and I personally felt like I had experienced something truly special listening to "Can You See the World".

Dahl's latest release is a testament to his talent as a composer and multi-instrumentalist. He has managed to create a track that is both dynamic and emotive, leaving the listener wanting more.

"Can You See the World" is a fantastic single that showcases Filip Dahl's musical prowess. If you're a fan of classic rock or just appreciate great music, then this is a single that you won't want to miss. I can't wait to see where Dahl's melodic expedition takes him next, you can follow him on his socials to stay updated on future releases and stream the song on any streaming platform you like.

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March 18, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Lily Welch is a budding independent artist with an innate talent for music. Her passion and dedication to create and share music that connects with people is what drives her to constantly strive for perfection in her art. As a result of her commitment, she has delivered a debut EP titled "MEDICINE," which is already making waves in the industry.

When Lily was just twelve years old, her father taught her how to play the guitar. This was a turning point for her as it opened up a whole new world of possibilities. She began to experiment with writing her own songs and found that she had a natural talent for storytelling through music.

This EP was written during a particularly difficult time in Lily's life when her anxiety was at its peak. The world around her seemed to be falling apart, and this is indicated in "Unsettling." "Love Language" is a more subdued track that showcases Lily's softer side. The work done on this track is stripped down, with minimum arrangements that allows her voice to take center stage. "Thought You Were The One" is a heartfelt track that deals with the pain of heartbreak. The production is minimal, with the acoustics and drums providing the only accompaniment to Lily's vocals. "The Weight Of It" is a deeply personal piece that deals with the struggles of anxiety and the burden of familial relationships. It has an ethereal quality that gives the song an almost otherworldly feel.

One of the most spectacular aspects of this album is the way Lily has crafted the sound design. While each track is minimal and simple, the musical accompaniment creates a lush and full sound that perfectly balances the wholehearted lyrics. The beats and rhythms are passionate, and the electronic pop textures are just the right touch.

Lily Welch has created an EP that is both relatable and deeply personal, making it easy for listeners to connect with the emotion behind the songs. MEDICINE is an EP that deserves all the love and admiration could that it could get. You can stream it on any streaming site you prefer, and follow Lily Welch for more inspiring music.

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SAIID ZEIDANCelebrating 1000 Posts on My Blog Website: A Milestone Worth Celebrating

March 18, 2023 by saiidzeidan

I'm thrilled to announce that my blog website has reached a major milestone: 1000 published posts! This is a momentous achievement that I'm incredibly proud of. Since I started this blog, I've worked tirelessly to create and curate quality content that informs, inspires, and entertains readers from all over the world.

One of the things that set my blog apart is my dedication to supporting independent and professional musicians. Through my regular song reviews, I've created a platform for artists to gain exposure, social proof, and valuable backlinks to their music.

This has helped many artists to gain traction and expand their reach, which is something I'm passionate about.

As a music blogger and industry professional, I have established myself as a trusted voice in the industry, with a keen ear for emerging talent and a deep appreciation for the power of music. If you're an artist looking to get your music heard, submitting your release for review can be a valuable way to tap into my expertise and receive feedback on your work.

Here are just a few of the benefits of getting your release reviewed by me:

Honest feedback:  My reviews are always honest and constructive, providing valuable insights into your music and highlighting areas for improvement. By taking my feedback on board, you can refine your craft and create music that truly resonates with listeners.

Exposure: As a  music blogger, I have a wide audience of music lovers and industry professionals with 1000 visits per day. By having your release reviewed on my blog, you can reach new listeners and potentially open up exciting new opportunities in the industry.

Social proof: Having your release reviewed by me provides social proof of the quality of your music as I also make a copy of the post on Medium.com. This can be invaluable when seeking out new opportunities, as it demonstrates that your music has been recognized and appreciated by a respected authority in the industry.

Networking: My reviews often feature links to artists' social media profiles and websites, providing an opportunity for networking and collaboration with other musicians and industry professionals.

Inspiration: Finally, getting your release reviewed by me can be a great source of inspiration and motivation. By connecting with other artists and industry professionals, and receiving constructive feedback on your music, you can gain new insights and ideas for your creative process.

check out my blog for examples of the many high-quality posts that are published on my blog/website over the years.

Each one has contributed to the growth and success of the site and has supported the music community by providing exposure and awareness for independent and professional artists.Cheers  #saiidz

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TOP BEST HITSEveryday (Original Single) By lukx

March 18, 2023 by saiidzeidan

From the moment I hit play on "Everyday" by lukx, I was transported to a world of musical charm and intrigue. It's rare to come across a duo that can captivate an audience with their unique style and remarkable talent, but lukx has managed to do just that. With every new release, they continue to push the boundaries of what's possible, creating music that's both fresh and original.

The R&B textures and elements that permeate throughout the song create a jazzy vibe that's hard to resist. The simple style beat only serves to enhance the laid-back feel of the track. Although the lyrics are predominantly in French, this only adds to the allure of the song. The singer's use of a fast rap style during the French parts adds an exciting dynamic to the music, while the groovy delivery during the English parts makes it a delight to listen to. The production on "Everyday" is silky smooth, the blending of exquisite elements and harmonies creates a rich and inviting track that is both simple and complex at the same time. It's a track that you can listen to on repeat without ever getting tired of it; I found myself becoming lost in the music, appreciating the attention to detail that has been put into every aspect of the production.

lukx has an undeniable originality that sets them apart from the rest, it's no wonder that they have had a great run with each release, never lacking or dropping a bad single. As someone who is becoming a big lukx fan, I cannot wait to hear more from this talented duo. Their dedication to their craft and their ability to consistently deliver exceptional music deserves all the recognition they can get, they have a true talent for creating songs that are not only catchy but also deeply engaging.

For those who want to experience the magic of lukx for themselves, "Everyday" can be found on Spotify, along with their other fantastic tracks. I highly recommend following the duo on social media to stay up to date on their latest releases, as I have no doubt that they will continue to bless us with more stunning tracks like this one.

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TOP BEST HITSwheel (Original Single) By Wotts

March 18, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Wotts, a Canadian musical duo, have recently launched their latest single titled "wheel", which deviates from their typical 80s-inspired sound. Nevertheless, the track demonstrates their dedication to blending retro and modern styles to produce music that resonates with their audience. The exceptional production quality of "wheel" is apparent, with each element fitting together to create a sonically refreshing and satisfying harmonious odyssey.

Right from the opening notes, the gentle and raw timbre of the acoustic strings imbues the track with an inviting sonic ambiance. It sets the tone for the entire song and highlights the duo's meticulous attention to detail in achieving a smooth and polished sound. As the track unfolds, an intricate tapestry of sound is woven, each layer building upon the last to create an immersive atmosphere that captivates and soothes the listener.

Wotts has raised the bar with the inclusion of real horns and strings, adding a new layer of complexity to their sound, which is remarkable and invigorating. The vocals are just as impressive, as the singer delivers a performance that is commanding and vulnerable. The introspective and reflective lyrics foster a sense of intimacy between the listener and the artist, while the singer's voice is the perfect conduit for conveying the depth of emotion in the track without ever becoming overbearing.

"wheel" is a flowing masterpiece that seamlessly blends together each element to form an enchanting and unforgettable track. The song boasts a captivating hook that lingers in the mind long after the music has ceased, growing only more alluring with each subsequent listen. It's the sort of melody that you'll find yourself humming unconsciously for hours on end, as its harmonious aura leaves a lasting imprint on the soul. "wheel" is a testament to Wotts' mastery of harmonizing vintage and modern sonic elements. The track exudes a timeless quality, evocative of 80s nostalgia, while still carrying an unmistakable contemporary flair.

Make sure to keep an eye on Wotts, as they are a band that promises to deliver more exciting musical offerings in the future. Stay tuned for updates by following them on their social media accounts. And while you're at it, be sure to add "wheel" to your Spotify playlist for a phenomenal listening experience.

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TOP BEST HITSDie Every Night (Original Single) By Gary Mictian

March 18, 2023 by saiidzeidan

London-based artist and producer Gary Mictian is back with his latest release, "I Die Every Night". This highly anticipated track serves as the lead single for his upcoming debut EP, Vertigo, which is set to be released in May.

"I Die Every Night" is a dynamic and multifaceted track that showcases Mictian's talent for incorporating genres and experimenting with sound. The song begins with a mesmerizing blend of crystal clear vocals and twinkling funky keys, creating a sense of nostalgia for classic 80s pop. The retro synthesizers are very apparent and broad, giving the song a unique blend of old and new. The beats are upbeat, making it impossible not to dance along. And just when you think you know where the song is headed, it completely switches to a club banger, with a retro style and happy feet. The beats are very strong and fast, maintaining the melody happy and forward. This song holds the listener on their toes thoroughly engaged in its magic and beats.

Mictian's innovative and experimental style shines through in this track. The mixture of various elements, the blending of different genres, and the passionate shifts in the song's tempo and melody make it a standout piece of music. Mictian has a deep understanding of music and a creative vision that sets him apart from other artists in the industry. Those who enjoy hyperpop and electro-pop music should definitely check out this track on their preferred streaming platform. The song's production is top-notch, with every element carefully crafted to create a unique and memorable sound. The combination of Mictian's vocals and the electronic beats makes a perfect balance, making the song both catchy and emotive.

Not only is "I Die Every Night" amazing melodically but the songs lyrics and meaning is something everyone can almost everyone relate to, Gary speaks out about toxic relationships in a way that is truly eye opening, you simply must listen to this single to understand the brilliance behind the lyrics!!

As Mictian continues to build momentum with the release of his debut EP, it's clear that he is an artist to watch in the coming years. His ability to blend different genres and experiment with sound is truly remarkable, and it's only a matter of time before he becomes a household name in the business. Stream "I Die Every Night" on Spotify, and follow him on social media.

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TOP BEST HITSNeck Verse, Vol.2 (Remix Single) By Xeven

March 18, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Xeven and Amii Dawes have come together to create a new and mesmerizing sensation for music lovers with the release of their highly anticipated sequel, Neck Verse, Vol. 2. Building on the success of Amii Dawes’ original Neck Verse, the artists have crafted a sonic journey that immerses the listener in a world of deep beats, synths, and vocals.

The dramatic and stunning introduction sets the stage for a musical venture that is powerful and evocative. The deep beats and beautiful synths weave together to create a tapestry of sound that draws the listener in, and the addition of perfectly tuned vocals only adds to the experience.

As the song progresses, it becomes clear that the production is top-notch. The electro beat that forms the foundation of the song is both surprising and clean, and the percussion is expertly composed to carry the rhythm without overwhelming the other elements. The chorus is a standout moment, with deep synths that pulse with energy and make it impossible not to move along with the beat. As the synths begin to fade out and the experience seems to be coming to a close, the song suddenly explodes with a burst of vibrant, colorful sounds that cut through the silence like a lightning bolt. The high-pitched beats dance around the listener's ears like fireworks, illuminating the darkness with a kaleidoscope of colors. The intensity builds with every passing second, creating an electrifying sensation that is hard to resist. It's almost as if the artists are taking the listener on a rollercoaster ride, twisting and turning in unexpected ways.

As the beats reach their climax, the listener is left breathless, their heart racing with excitement. This part of the song is truly a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of the artists, who have managed to take a familiar sound and transform it into something entirely new and exhilarating. For me, this section of the song was the biggest highlight.

For those who want to feel Neck Verse, Vol. 2 for themselves, it's easy to do so. The song is available to stream on Spotify, and listeners can also follow Xeven and Amii Dawes on their socials to stay up-to-date on their latest releases.

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Top chill VibesI’m a Fool for Lovin’ You (Original Single) By Rich Chambers

March 18, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Get ready to kick up your boots and dance with Rich Chambers’ latest single, "I’m a Fool for Lovin’ You." This infectious tune will have you tapping your toes and singing along to the attention-grabbing lyrics in no time. But don't let the upbeat tempo fool you - there's a deeper story behind this song that has been percolating within Chambers for many years.

When asked about the creation of "I'm a Fool for Lovin' You," the artist explained that it was a song that had been bouncing around his brain for years. At first, he didn't give it much thought, but over time, he realized that this song had something special. With that realization, he decided to record it, and the end result is a "little ear nugget" that he's quite proud of.

One of the most notable aspects of this track is the country-like textures that are present throughout. Chambers' voice has an incredibly raspy tone that adds a thick and effective layer to the song. He drives the track forward with his vocal prowess, adding plenty of color and emotion to the lyrics. The production is equally impressive, with a guitar that's rosy and happy, delivering a jumpy feel that's hard to resist. The drums provide a steady rhythm that keeps the track moving along, never boring or lacking in anything.

As the song progresses, listeners will find themselves caught up in the contagious energy of the track. The bridge is particularly fun, encouraging listeners to clap along to the beat and adding to the overall happy feel of the song. It's the kind of tune that will brighten up your day and leave you feeling uplifted.

In the end, "I'm a Fool for Lovin' You" is a track that's sure to become a fan favorite. Whether you're already a fan of Rich Chambers or are just discovering his music for the first time, be sure to give "I'm a Fool for Lovin' You" a listen on your preferred platform. And if you're looking for more great music, be sure to follow Rich Chambers for updates on future releases.

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TOP BEST HITS2020 (Original Video) By Roxercat

March 18, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Roxercat has come up with a unique way to help us remember the year 2020 - through their visually dazzling and musically engaging music video titled "2020". The music video, which features the band's newest release, was created by the band and a talented AI animator named iastitraia, who worked tirelessly for a month to bring the band's vision to life.

Price Jones, the band's lead vocalist and guitarist, sets the tone for the song with her potent and powerful voice, followed by the expert guitar skills of Stan Lassiter. Bill Francis expertly plays the bass guitar, while Andy Peake's skillful drumming rounds out the group's talented sound

The music video begins with slow guitar strings and shots of the beach and a beautiful moonlit sky, setting a coolheaded and calming tone. As the guitar riff takes on higher power degrees, we suddenly find ourselves inside someone's room, with mellow and carefree music accompanying the scene, like a refreshing breeze. The melody then switches to a more assertive and rock-oriented sound as we find ourselves in a forest, where we see shapeshifting creatures.

As the song moves forward and becomes more influential, more creatures are added to the animation, including a dragon-like caste. The music then slows down once again, and we see people standing in front of their houses and inside their rooms, going about their daily lives as time passes by. At the point where the vocalist sings "I think I'm losing my mind thinking about you," the animation once again splits into two scenes, and we start seeing more and more people. The guitar reaches new heights, becoming more intense and robust as the visuals become tighter and more dynamic. The song then slows down once more, leading to a more hopeful melody, which flawlessly matches the animation's peaceful and inspiring shots of people walking around the city and gorgeous sceneries of the world.

The music video complements the song totally, with the pace of the guitar matching the animation perfectly. It's a wonder to behold and adds an extra dimension to Roxercat's song. Check out the music video for "2020" on YouTube and be sure to follow Roxercat for more amazing releases.

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TOP BEST HITSPeachy Keen (Original Single) By Detention

March 18, 2023 by saiidzeidan

As someone who loves exploring new music, I'm always on the lookout for artists that bring a fresh and unique sound to the table. That's why I was thrilled to stumble upon Detention, a pop-punk band that not only delivers on the musical front, but also manages to capture the angst and nostalgia of the 2000s pop-punk sound. Their latest release "Peachy Keen" is a perfect example of their ability to combine potent instrumentals with deeply introspective lyrics, resulting in a track that is both relatable and exhilarating. I'm excited to dive deeper into this song and share my thoughts on what makes it so special.

One of the things that immediately struck me about "Peachy Keen" was how clean the guitar playing is. The acoustic guitar starts off as a gentle friend, strumming out a simple melody before it suddenly switches to a more electric-style rock tune that fits the style of the band. The transition is seamless and adds a sense of urgency to the track that matches the lyrics perfectly. Speaking of the lyrics, they are what really makes "Peachy Keen" stand out from other pop-punk tracks. The song captures the struggle of feeling lost and alone in a world that appears flawless and unchanging. The opening lines paint a picture of a world that seems errorless, yet is still suffocating and frustrating. It's a feeling that many of us can relate to, especially in these times of curated social media feeds and Instagram-worthy lives.

The repetition of the phrase "when all is well I go insane" is particularly poignant, as it highlights the struggle of feeling trapped in a cycle of anxiety and despair, even when everything appears to be going smoothly. The singer longs for someone to understand her, to truly know her, and to offer comfort, but she feels alone and isolated. The rawness of the lyrics is complemented by the loud guitar riffs and driving drums that faultlessly catch the mood of the piece. The vocals are emotive and raw, conveying the depth of emotion behind the lyrics. The lead singer's voice is sweet yet powerful, and it adds an extra layer of vulnerability to the song.

I highly recommend checking out Detention's "Peachy Keen" on Spotify. And if you like what you hear, be sure to follow the band for more hard-hitting tracks and nostalgic vibes.

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TOP BEST HITSDivine (Original Single) By Benjamin David

March 17, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Benjamin David is an emerging artist whose latest release, "Divine," has been making waves among music enthusiasts. The track, much like the artist himself, is all about being divine and embracing one's inner strength. With this stunning piece of music, David hopes to act as a guide, a beacon of light, for anyone going through a tough time.

The melody is a blend of soulful piano keys, catchy guitar riffs, and a driving beat, with prominent drums and bass that create a moving sound. The production is impeccable, with layered vocal harmonies that add depth and richness to the overall sound. The way the music builds in intensity, layer by layer, creating a feeling of euphoria, is truly magical.

The song is a great reminder that, no matter how alone we feel, there is always someone who understands what we are going through. The lyrics speak of the rude awakening that comes with traumatic events, and how they can often make us feel lost and alone. But it is in these moments that we can find our true strength and resilience, and David urges us to hold on to that inner light and not give up.

David's vocals are nothing short of spectacular in this song. His voice is dynamic and potent, delivering the lyrics with a great deal of emotion and sincerity. The song showcases his impressive vocal range, with high notes and melodic runs that leave a lasting impression. His delivery is raw and authentic, making the song all the more relatable and compelling.

I was thoroughly impressed with "Divine," and I am excited to see what else Benjamin David has in store for us. This is an artist who is not afraid to tackle big themes and emotions in his music, and it is clear that he has a deep passion for what he does. If you are a fan of soulful, powerful music that speaks to the heart, then "Divine" is definitely worth a listen. Turn up the volume, let the music take over, and let yourself be swept away by the magic of Benjamin David. Go over to Spotify and stream "Divine" and follow David for more.

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TOP BEST HITSSplashed (Original Album) By Mad Painter

March 17, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Mad Painter, has recently launched their latest album, "Splashed", which contains 17 tracks that guarantee to captivate the audience with its thrilling musical voyage full of hits and jams. The album is packed with an array of songs that offer such variety that it's difficult to pick just one favorite.

The previously released single, "Illusion" sets the tone for the album's momentum. As we know, the piece was warmly received, with "Illusion" being an instant crowd-pleaser. The addictive melody and catchy lyrics are sure to have listeners hitting the replay button repeatedly.

"Parting Line" is a rhythmic track that instantly uplifts your mood. The lively keys and vocals keep the melody going, and it's a fun, happy tune that'll have you dancing along. "Stealin'" is a heartwarming, romantic song that features a lovely piano intro, followed by twinkling vocals that lead you on a musical odyssey. "Lie To Me," is a mellower instrumental track that showcases Mad Painter's versatility giving us a break from the loud energy that we know of Mad Painter's music. The track is awesome with a stunning electric guitar solo that ends the song beautifully.

"A Friend in France" is a personal favorite that is sure to have you grooving. The bright, dynamic vocals and upbeat melody make this song a perfect dance tune. "I Don't Know" takes you back to the 80s with its production reminiscent of ABBA. It's a fun tune that's sure to get your toes tapping. "The Moon" is a jazzy tune that features a melodic style that's unique and different from anything being released these days. It's sure to get you to the dancefloor with its infectious rhythm. "You Nearly Stole My Heart" is a nostalgic 70s-style piece that has jazzy keys and gorgeous rhythms. The vocals echo in your ears and add flavour to the song. With "I Live For Love" being a romantic track that features happy and faithful piano keys. The dramatic melodies will make you smile, and it's a splendid track that's rich and satisfying.

What's remarkable about this album is its versatility. It's not just for one specific type of audience, and everyone is certain to find something to love. The album has rock, jazz, theatrics, and everything in between, making it a harmonious buffet that will keep you delighted.

Mad Painter's "Splashed" album is a must-listen, and you need to give it a spin on Spotify. The album will keep you entranced, and you'll find yourself humming along to the attention-grabbing melodies and hooks long after it's over. Follow Mad Painter for more musical treats, and be prepared to be entertained.

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TOP BEST HITSQuincy (Original Album) By Kimaya Diggs

March 17, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Kimaya Diggs has created a new album entitled "Quincy" that is sure to be a popular addition to your music library. The album was written and recorded during a tumultuous period in Kimaya's life, as she dealt with a serious vocal injury and a two-year recovery, the illness and passing of her mother, the death of a close friend in an accident, and the loss of her beloved dog, Quincy. The songs on the album reflect the emotions and experiences Kimaya went through during this difficult time, and serve as a source of comfort and support for anyone who may be going through similar situations.

This record has numerous songs that resonated with me, particularly "Letting Go," a poignant tribute to the artist's mother that was composed while she was alive and recorded after her passing. The song is deeply emotional, and the artist's vocal delivery evokes emotive feelings. Another song that struck me was "Rainbow," which expresses a longing for a loved one who has passed away while also embodying a determination to move forward. The repeated lines "I’ll go, you’ll go / Take a minute, I’ll be waiting" convey the singer's ongoing devotion to the person who has passed and her commitment to keeping their memory alive.

The track "No Way No How" immediately captured my attention with its soulful, jazzy vibe. The singer's voice is bewitching, rich, and full of a resonance that fills every inch of the room. Her real and authentic delivery is impossible to ignore, leaving you feeling as though you've been transported to a different realm of experience. The song exudes a youthful charm, playful and full of life, with a certain energy that draws you in. "I Hafta Try" is another beauty on the albuim that will have you swaying along to its irresistible beats and jazzy melodies. The light keys create a vibe that allows you to forget your surroundings, while the lyrics inspire you to sing along and let the music take you to a place of pure bliss.

In the midst of the album, there is "I thought you'd choose me", showcasing the artist's range and. The production is intentionally stripped-down, with only the acoustic guitar providing a foundation for the song's heart-wrenching lyrics. But just when you think you've heard it all, a haunting violin enters the mix, adding an unexpected layer of richness and depth. The combination of the singer's raw and emotive vocals with the magnetizing violin creates a synergy that will keep you grounded.

"Quincy" is more than just an album - it's a spellbinding musical feeling that will leave you hypnotized. Each track is a delightful fusion of jazz and soul, layered with stunningly intricate melodies and heartrending lyrics that are both personal and relatable. From start to finish, "Quincy" is an album that will enamor your senses and leave you yearning for more. It's a rare gem that deserves to be experienced in all its glory, so make sure to stream it on your favorite platform and follow the incomparable Kimaya Diggs on social pages for more musical magic.

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Discover POPStop What You’re Doing (Original EP) By Rob Lea

March 11, 2023 by saiidzeidan

In today's ever-evolving music industry, it's not uncommon to come across a plethora of rising artists who are carving their niche in the industry. However, amidst this sea of new talents, one artist stands out - Rob Lea. The indie artist has just released his latest masterpiece, "Stop What You're Doing," and it's a genre-bending experience that showcases his diverse musical abilities.

The album consists of five distinct tracks, each taking listeners on a unique venture through various styles and emotions. From the funky bass groove of "Freak" to the poignant ballad of "Reflection," "Stop What You're Doing" is a tour de force that is guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

The album kicks off with "Freak," an upbeat piece that immediately captures the listener's attention with its infectious beat and smooth vocals. The deep bass groove perfectly complements Lea's vocals, creating an irresistible sound that is hard not to move along to. "Freak" is the unflawed introduction to the album, setting the tone for the melodic journey that lies ahead. The album's second track, "Summer in the Morning," shifts gears with a laidback pop sound that evokes feelings of lazy summer days. The smooth melody and catchy chorus are complemented by Rob Lea's understated but powerful vocals, making it an ideal addition to any chill playlist. "Summer in the Morning" is the type of song that transports you to a different place and time, and its relaxed vibe is sure to put you in a good mood.

"Time of My Life" takes a different turn, embodying an indie anthem that blends guitar sleaziness with pop lyricism. The track's slow build-up leads to an explosive chorus that is sure to get heads nodding. Lea's emotive and raw vocals convey a sense of nostalgia and longing that is palpable, making the track both relatable and powerful. "High," is a hard rock tune that highlights Lea's versatility as an artist. The heavy guitar riffs and driving beat create a sound that is both influential and invigorating. "High" is the type of track that will make you want to turn up the volume and let loose. The album's closing track, "Reflection," takes the vibe down a notch with an alluring ballad, Lea's stripped-down vocals allow his raw talent to shine through greatly.

"Stop What You're Doing" is an album that will undoubtedly stand the test of time, showcasing Rob Lea's incredible talent and artistic vision. With each track offering an unparalleled perspective and sound, there's something for everyone on this album. So, stop what you're doing and give it a listen today, follow Rob for more awesome releases.

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HYPEGeschmacksarbeit (Original Album) By Joachim Zoepf

March 10, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Joachim Zoepf, a musician with over 30 years of experience in the world of improvised music, has recently released his latest album, "Geschmacksarbeit". This album showcases Zoepf's unique approach to music, which incorporates many different ideas while staying true to his core musical style.

Zoepf began his musical journey in 1979 when he started studying the saxophone in Vienna and later in Cologne. Since then, he has worked as a freelance musician and music teacher, developing his skills and expanding his horizons. In 1988, Zoepf discovered freely improvised music and began exploring this genre, drawing on his experience with mainstream jazz and free jazz to create his own unique style.

Over the years, Zoepf has collaborated with a variety of artists, including dancers, actors, sound artists, and visual artists, as well as working on artistic videos. He is also involved in many productions as a sound engineer and plays an active role in cultural policy through organizations such as the Cologne initiative Jazzhaus and the Initiativkreis Freie Musik.

"Geschmacksarbeit" is a stunning album that features 14 dramatic tracks. Six of these tracks are titled kurzwellen No.2, 3, and so on, while the other eight tracks are titled langwellen No.1, 2, and so on. The production on the langwellen tracks is more bass clarinet-focused, while the kurzwellen tracks are more saxophone-focused. For example, kurzwellen No.3 features a loud and clear saxophone, while langwellen No.3 has a more prominent bass clarinet.

The album "Geschmacksarbeit" really distinguishes itself by virtue of its groundbreaking sonority. Zoepf exhibits a remarkable capacity to seamlessly modify disparate sonic concepts, yielding a singular and original sound that defies comparison to any other within the jazz domain. This work serves as an exquisite exemplar of how music can metamorphose and transcend conventional boundaries, while retaining a firm allegiance to its origins.

This record is a must-listen for anyone who is a fan of jazz or anyone looking for something new and exciting. Zoepf's Bandcamp page is an excellent place to start exploring his work, and fans should definitely follow him to stay up to date on his latest projects.

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JUST ROCKDog In Yard (Original EP) By Asaf Ashkenazy

March 10, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Asaf Ashkenazy's debut EP, "Dog in Yard," is a treasure trove of musical gems. With its five tracks spanning a total of 16 minutes, the album manages to cater to a wide range of musical tastes, providing something for everyone.

The album's opening track, "Don't Cry," sets the tone for the rest of the EP, delivering an emotionally-charged, melancholic performance that leaves you feeling inspired. The simple yet powerful combination of Asaf's vocals and acoustic guitar in "Don't Cry" evokes a deep sense of longing and introspection. Despite the song's simplicity, it has an almost ethereal quality that can make listeners forget their daily struggles and allow themselves to become lost in the music.

On "Spread the Light," Asaf switches things up with a bluesy, groovy sound that showcases his versatility as an artist. The addition of electric guitar strings injects a sense of joy and energy into the song that contrasts beautifully with the vigorous intensity of the EP's opening track. "Take Me" follows with a country-bluesy twang that highlights Asaf's playful side. The song's production is fresh and fun, and his deep, resonant vocals carry the tune effortlessly.

Asaf's collaboration with Shai Sol on "Thinking of You" takes things to another level entirely. The track is soothing and calm, with crisp chord progressions that blend perfectly with the haunting harmonies of Asaf and Shai's voices. It's a romantic and breathtaking performance that sends shivers down the spine, showcasing the depth and range of Asaf's vocal abilities.

"C'est La Victor" is the final track on the EP, and while it's not in English, Asaf's performance will make you feel as though they understand every word he's singing. The song is smooth and emotive, with a sense of sentimentality that's hard to ignore. Despite the sentimental weight of the song, there's a palpable sense of joy and happiness that seems to permeate the performance, leaving us feeling both comforted and uplifted.

"Dog in Yard" is an impressive debut that promises great things to come from this talented artist. It's an EP that's sure to leave listeners eager for more, and one that cements Asaf Ashkenazy's place as a rising star in the music industry. If you haven't already, be sure to check out "Dog in Yard" on Spotify and follow Asaf for more amazing music.

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JUST ROCKSpeed Limit (Original Single) By Carson Ferris

March 10, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Carson Ferris is an emerging pop sensation who has captured the hearts of music lovers worldwide with his memorable tunes and exuberant energy. He is an artist who never fails to deliver a clear balance of high energy, upbeat melodies, and buoyant vibes that resonate with his listeners. With each new release, Carson continues to set new standards for himself and his music, keeping us engaged and entertained. His latest release, "Speed Limit," exudes satisfaction and happiness from start to finish.

Carson's vocal pitch in this track is just as optimistic as his past releases. His voice has a light and twinkling quality that's youthful and energetic. It's a pitch that's perfect for the joyous and fast-paced rhythm of the song, and it keeps you enthralled and energized from start to finish. The production is filled with dynamic textures that keep you on your feet, from the spirited guitar riff to the loud synths and driving drums, it's a production that perfectly complements Carson's vocals, creating a musical masterpiece that's incredibly catchy and very energetic.

Listening to "Speed Limit" is pure bliss. It's the kind of song that makes you want to move, whether you're working out, dancing, or doing chores. The upbeat melody and positive lyrics are the right antidote to a bad day, and they remind you that life is worth living to the fullest. It's a song that inspires you to keep pushing forward, no matter what obstacles you face. Carson Ferris is a talented artist who has a gift for creating music that's very meaningful. He's an artist who should not be overlooked, as he has the potential to become one of the most significant pop sensations of our time. His music is a testament to his creative genius and his passion for bringing joy and happiness to the world.

"Speed Limit" is a stunning representation of Carson Ferris's talent and creativity. It's a song that's sure to become a hit. I totally recommend the song if you're looking for a musical pick-me-up, be sure to check out "Speed Limit" and give Carson Ferris a follow for more amazing music.

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HYPEPeace in wonderland (Original Single) By TINKR

March 10, 2023 by saiidzeidan

"peace in wonderland" is a captivating song about the difficulties of modern relationships in the digital age. The song's brilliant vocalist, TINKR, catches the core of a hopeless romantic who spends hours thinking about someone they've just met online. She poses an essential question through her music: "Are you trying to find peace in wonderland too?"

The sounds of birds chirping and tweeting begin the track, till they go mute, and we hear TINKR's gorgeous vocal line take center stage, capturing the essence of the song's theme with ease. Unmistakably pop in nature, the song has electro synthesizers and keys that give it extra enthusiasm and vigor. The guitar line enhances the overall sound while the drums contribute a powerful pounding that is difficult not to dance to. It has a very distinctive and original tone and is the ideal fusion of electronic indie music and pop. As TINKR's voice produces a cool vibrating effect in the song, it stands out as one of the song's most exciting and surprising parts. In a world when so much of our communication is digital, TINKR effectively conveys the hardship of modern dating and emphasizes the difficulties of finding love. The lyrics are genuine and frank, and they relate to the feelings of a great number of individuals who are looking for their special someone in the contemporary age.

TINKR is a newcomer to the music industry, but her skill is apparent. She has a beautiful, strong voice and a special talent for expressing tough real topics in her compositions. She has a bright career ahead of her, and "peace in wonderland" is proof of her brilliance and inventiveness.

The song "peace in wonderland" talks to the heart and soul. A sense of magic and wonder is created by TINKR's strong voice and accessible lyrics, taking listeners to a realm away from their screens. Unquestionably talented, she has a promising future in front of her. Give "peace in wonderland" a listen and experience the wonder for yourself right now on Spotify, and follow her for more music and releases.

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Discover POPBurned Into My Past (Original Single) By Clare Easdown

March 10, 2023 by saiidzeidan

As an avid fan of good songwriting, I can confidently say that Clare Easdown’s "Burned Into My Past" is a gem of a track that truly shows the power of exquisite pen game. From the very first note, the song captivates the listener with its vocals and twinkling melodies. And as soon as Clare begins singing the opening line, "You're burned into my past / You and I were never going to last," you know you’re in for a treat.

The lyrics of "Burned Into My Past" are a poignant reflection on a past relationship that ended abruptly. Clare sings about the intensity of the relationship, which was both insane and short-lived, leaving a lasting impression on her life. The repeated phrase "you’re burned into my past" speaks to the nature of memories and how they can continue to impact us long after a relationship has ended. Despite acknowledging that the relationship was never meant to last, Clare also admits to struggling with the unsolved mystery of why she and her partner fell for each other in the first place. This sentiment is relatable to anyone who has experienced a break-up and found themselves questioning why they were ever drawn to their ex-partner.

One of the most striking aspects of Clare's music is the deep sense of authenticity and emotional honesty that permeates her work. She has an incredible talent for conveying her feelings through her songs, and it is this sincerity that gives her music such tremendous power. With "Burned Into My Past," she has touched the hearts of countless listeners and left an indelible mark on the world of music. The production of the track is excellent, with its dramatic and soothing sound perfectly complementing the lyrics. It is very obvious that a lot of time and effort went into the production of this song, and the result is a polished and professional sound that is a joy to listen to.

"Burned Into My Past" is a testament to the power of good songwriting and the emotional depth that can be conveyed through music. Clare Easdown has truly outdone herself with this track, and I look forward to hearing more from her in the future. So go ahead and give the song a listen now available on any streaming site you prefer, and be sure to follow Clare on social media for more updates on her music.

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JUST ROCKO’DREAM (Original Single) By Clay Joule

March 9, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Clay Joule, a prolific musician known for his poetic lyrics and soaring guitar melodies, has made a triumphant return with his latest release, "O'Dream". This rock piece is an elite anthem in melodic storytelling, composing a powerful message about the struggle for freedom and the strength of the human spirit.

The song's opening guitar riff is a thing of beauty, a melodic, and haunting sound that sets the stage for what is to come. As the song builds in intensity, the emotional vocals pierce through the guitar, delivering a poignant statement about the fight for one's liberty. Joule's lyrics are a reflection of the current political climate in Ukraine, where conflict has been ongoing for over a year. The song speaks to the resilience of the Ukrainian people and their resolution to fight for their rights and their free will.

The chorus of the song is a powerful rallying cry, with Joule declaring his unwavering commitment to the cause of freedom. The raw passion in his vocals is palpable, and it's impossible not to feel a surge of emotion as he sings. The guitars, meanwhile, continue to soar and build, evoking the chaotic and unpredictable nature of the struggle for independence.

As the song draws to a close, the guitars reach new heights, a fitting tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of those who have fought for their liberty. The guitar solo is a masterclass in the musical narrative, with Joule using his instrument to convey the sense of hope and determination that characterizes the Ukrainian people. It's an exquisite display of skill and emotion, and it's clear that Clay Joule poured his heart and soul into this song.

"O'Dream" is a stunning piece of music, one that has the power to move even the most stoic listener to tears. The song is a call to action, urging listeners to stand up for what they believe in and fight for their freedoms, no matter what the cost.

Whether you're a fan of rock music or not, this is a song that deserves to be heard, and it's one that will stay with you long after it's over. So, take a moment to listen to it on Youtube and stream more of his songs on Spotify, let its message inspire you to stand up for what you believe in.

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JUST ROCKShortline (Original Single) By Canning

March 9, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Looking for a rock tune that will take your breath away? Look no further than Canning's "Shortline," a jam-packed song that will leave you wanting more. With a lineup that includes Ricky Canning on Guitar and Vocals, Fritz Armstrong on Bass and Vocals, and Tom Miller on Drums, this band knows how to rock.


From the opening notes, "Shortline" grabs you and doesn't let go. The guitars are bluesy and clean, with a crisp feel that is both fantastic and raw. The deep, powerful bassline and drums add an extra layer of intensity, creating an unforgettable sound. The lyrics are equally compelling, touching on themes of self-reflection and honesty. The chorus, in particular, stands out, with the line "I tell myself deep inside, that your ways you cannot hide, when your world turns inside out, you're on that shortline, shortline." It's a message that resonates with anyone who has ever tried to run away from their problems, only to find that they can't escape them forever. In fact, "Shortline" seems to be all about the futility of running away. The lyrics are somewhat ambiguous, but they suggest that there is no escape from the consequences of our actions. Instead, the only way to move forward is to face our difficulties head-on.

One of the things that makes "Shortline" so effective is the raw, personal feel of the lyrics. They are open to interpretation, but they are also deeply relatable. Whether you are struggling with a difficult decision or trying to come to terms with the past, the lyrics of "Shortline" will speak to you.

Of course, it's not just the lyrics and the music that make "Shortline" such a great song. It's also the talent of the musicians behind it. Ricky Canning's guitar work is truly exceptional, with bluesy riffs that are both soulful and almighty. Fritz Armstrong's bass playing is equally impressive, providing a solid foundation for the rest of the band. And Tom Miller's drumming is nothing short of explosive, driving the song forward with incredible energy.

Canning is an awesome band that truly deserves worldwide recognition. So, why not turn up the volume, lose yourself in their enchanting music, and stream their latest single "Shortline" on Spotify? Don't forget to follow Canning for more amazing music and updates

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JUST ROCKDon’t tell me (Original Single) By Blair Djuna

March 9, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Blair Djuna's "Don't Tell Me" is a vibrant and vigorous pop track that is sure to get you moving from the very first note. From the outset, the pulsating synth melody sets the tone for the energetic and uplifting song that follows. The production is polished and excellently formulated, really delivering a variety of electronic effects and textures that give the track a layered and dynamic sound.

One of the most striking features of "Don't Tell Me" is the irresistible melody that runs through it. The song is crafted with such precision and care that every element, from the driving drum beat to the funky bassline, blends together seamlessly to create a tantalizing sound that will have you entranced in no time. The blend of modern pop and 80s-inspired synth-pop is expertly executed, with just the right amount of electronic and auditory elements. The production is shiny and passionate, with a wide range of effects and textures that give the song a multidimensional sound. Blair Djuna's vocals are the perfect complement to the upbeat and positive nature of the song. His confident delivery and skilled use of harmonies and backing vocals add an extra layer of depth and emotion to the already catchy chorus and infectious hooks. The track is a true testament to the power of good music, and its ability to uplift and inspire listeners.

Blair Djuna has a "sincere passion for storytelling and a drive to push boundaries as an artist, my goal is to deliver one-of-a-kind songs that truly stand out." His funky and lively creation, "Don't Tell Me," had me without a care in the world, fully immersed in the joyous experience of listening to good music.

To enjoy the same feeling, I highly recommend streaming this song on Spotify and following Blair on his social media pages for future updates. Don't deprive yourself of the opportunity to get lost in the fiery and compelling soundscapes that Blair has skillfully composed with this exceptional pop gem.

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JUST ROCKSome Angels Never Learn To Fly (Original Single) By Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends

March 9, 2023 by saiidzeidan

With his latest single, "Some Angels Never Learn to Fly," Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends has created a captivating musical experience that will take listeners on a journey through the golden era of blues rock. The track begins with a magnetizing, bluesy intro that sets the tone for the rest of the song. The drums lead the music ahead, while the classic-sounding deep guitar and even deeper vocal pitch combine to create a rich and immersive sound.

One of the standout features of the song is the guitar riff that carries the rhythm forward. It's an awesome riff with a fantastic chord progression that never feels tired or dull. While the production style of the track feels old-school, reminiscent of the extraordinary era of 70s rock, it still manages to feel fresh and timeless.

The vocals are equally impressive, carrying the song forward with remarkable harmonization and a pitch that absolutely complements the theme of the song, the singer's special twang adds a unique touch to the mix, further enhancing the song's overall appeal.

Listening to "Some Angels Never Learn to Fly" is a venture like no other. The song manages to capture the essence of a time long gone, taking us on a nostalgic journey back to a different era. Despite being steeped in tradition, the track never feels boring or out of place.

It's no surprise that fans of Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends are eagerly anticipating the release of his upcoming album. The promise of more of his signature sound is enough to get anyone excited, especially after hearing his latest single. With such a unique style and an unparalleled ability to transport us to another time and place, it's clear that Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends is poised for big things in the music industry.

So, whether you're a fan of classic rock, blues, or just great music in general, "Some Angels Never Learn to Fly" is a track that you simply cannot miss. Be sure to follow Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends on social media to stay updated on his upcoming album release and future projects. And, of course, don't forget to stream the song on your preferred platform and feel the magic of this talented musical act for yourself.

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HYPEPlatys Yialos EP (Original EP) By Ali George

March 7, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Ali George's "Platys Yialos EP" is a masterpiece, showcasing the raw emotion and talent of the artist and his supporting musical team. This collection of acoustic ballads features the heartrending cello of Beth Porter, the skillful piano, organ, and accordion playing of Jools Scott, the rich double bass of Tom Allen, and the masterful production and percussion of Josh Clark. The EP comprises three unique tracks, each with its own identity and personality.

The title track, "Platys Yialos," is a tranquil and calming piece, transporting listeners to a peaceful beachfront paradise where all cares melt away. The song's delicate vocals are almost tangible, stimulating an ethereal sensation that could shatter at any moment. With dramatic strings adding depth and texture, this song is a sensational auditory experience, one that demands your full attention and unwavering focus to appreciate every intricate detail, whether big or small.

"Meagre Heights" has my favorite vocal delivery, when he sings, it's as if the air around him transforms into a fragile web of glass, ready to shatter at the slightest touch. His voice slices through it effortlessly, with a precision that could make even the most mundane words sound like a work of art. And yet, despite the sharpness of his pitch, there's a gentleness to it that's almost otherworldly. In terms of production, the track is intentionally minimalistic, with a stripped-down arrangement that places the spotlight firmly on the vocal performance. It's a clever and hard-hitting choice, as the vocals are the undisputed star of the show, holding the listener in a tender and tantalizing embrace. The song's simplicity creates a sense of intimacy and vulnerability, drawing the listener in and allowing them to fully connect with the emotions and story being conveyed through the vocals. It's a reminder that sometimes less is more when it comes to music production.

"Another Girl" features bright and upbeat piano keys and splendid acoustic strings that complement the exuberant vocal performance. Each note is delivered with an infectious sense of happiness and delight, evoking the cheerful sound of a babbling brook on a warm and sunny day. The song's instrumentation and vocal delivery work together seamlessly to create a lively and optimistic atmosphere, one that uplifts the listener and fills them with a sense of hope.

Listening to "Platys Yialos EP" by Ali is like taking a deep breath of fresh air after being underwater for too long. Each track is an accomplishment, carefully crafted with soulful lyrics and trancing melodies that takes you to another world. Despite the EP's short length, it leaves a prodigious impact that lingers in your heart long after the final notes have faded away. With each listen, I find myself discovering new nuances and layers to the music, uncovering hidden meanings and emotions that I never noticed before. It's a truly fulfilling experience, one that leaves me feeling refreshed and inspired every time. If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and stream this album right away. Trust me, it's worth it. And while you're at it, make sure to follow Ali on his socials for more impressive music to come.

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HYPEPrivate Army (Original Single) By The Vanities

March 6, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The much-awaited release of The Vanities' latest single "Private Army" has music enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. Known for their signature sound, the latest offering from the band showcases a remarkable shift towards a grandiose orchestral production. As soon as the first notes of the song strike, the listener is elated to a world where they're lost in the brilliance of the composition.

"Private Army" opens with gentle piano notes that gradually build in intensity, setting the tone for what is to come. Lead singer Rhys Bradley's captivating voice gently flows in, his vocals blending beautifully with the instrumental arrangement. The melody seamlessly builds with the addition of more orchestral elements, creating a soundscape that is both grand and hauntingly beautiful.

It's the chorus that really grabs the listener's attention, with driving drums and stunning guitar riffs that build towards an epic crescendo. The melody of the song flows effortlessly throughout, carrying the listener on a journey that is both relaxing and powerful. It's almost as if one is being transported to the gates of heaven, surrounded by the angelic sounds of the orchestra.


"Private Army" is a ballad that is sure to resonate with audiences across the board. Its orchestral composition is an ode to the complexities of human nature, especially in the era of war that we find ourselves in. The haunting melody and mesmerizing vocals are a testament to the band's skillful songwriting and artistry.

Asylum Records is the label behind The Vanities, with the song set for release on March 31st. The band's distributor will be Bandcamp and Tunecore, making it easily accessible to all music lovers. The Vanities can be found on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. So be sure to follow them to remain updated on all their latest news and updates!

As a music devotee, it's easy to see why The Vanities are making waves in the industry. With "Private Army," they've taken a significant step towards exploring new sounds and expanding their creative boundaries. The song is an immersive experience that transports the listener to a world of grandeur and awe, and it's one that is not to be missed.

Don't pass up the chance to witness the Vanities' magnificent epic masterwork. Stream "Private Army" when it comes out on March 31st, and as previously said, be sure to follow the band on any of their social media platforms.

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HYPEPorchlight (Original Single) By Chris Caulfield

March 6, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Chris Caulfield is a rising star in the music industry, hailing from the outskirts of Toronto, Canada. His latest release, "Porchlight," is a hauntingly beautiful track that showcases his talent for crafting reflective lyrics and melodies that linger long after the final note fades away.

Unlike many up-and-coming artists, Chris brings a unique blend of genres to the table, seamlessly weaving together elements of alt, indie, rock music, and more to create a piece that is very fresh and timeless. This is evident from the moment you hit play on "Porchlight." The track opens with a nice hit on the chords that sets the mood, instantly transporting you to a hazy summer evening on a porch. Chris's voice enters, low and raspy, but brimming with emotion; it's a voice that feels lived-in, like he's been through some things and has the scars to prove it. As the song progresses, the guitar riff evolves, adding layers of texture and complexity. The beat kicks in, electronic hits and snares that are precise and unrelenting. It's a perfect complement to the guitar, providing a forward momentum that propels the song forward. Chris's vocals soar higher and higher as the chorus approaches, hitting notes that send shivers down your spine. The lyrics are poetic and introspective, exploring themes of love.

The production of "Porchlight" is top-notch, with every element carefully balanced and polished to a shine. The guitars sound crisp and clear, each note ringing out with a purity that is rare in today's music landscape. The electronic beats hit hard, adding a dynamic energy that makes you want to dance, even as the lyrics tug at your heartstrings.

"Porchlight" is a stunning achievement, a song that is equal parts melancholic and uplifting. It's a reminder that even in our darkest moments, there is still beauty to be found. Chris Caulfield is an artist to watch, and "Porchlight" is just the beginning of what is sure to be an illustrious career. If you haven't listened to this track yet, do yourself a favor and give it a spin now on Spotify, and follow Chris on his social media pages for more news on future releases.

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TOP BEST HITSmt.hood (Original Album) By Hero Dog

March 6, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Hero Dog, also known as Aaron Mercado, is an emerging artist from San Jose, California, who has recently released his latest album, "mt.hood." This album is a masterpiece inspired by nature and trees, with each track representing a unique part of the natural world. As a music lover, I was blown away by the creativity and artistry of this album.

The first track, "guts," immediately grabbed my attention with its tantalizing lo-fi beats and rhythms. The intricate melodies and keys will have you feeling the music throughout your entire body getting lost in the music. "chlorophyll," the sister track to "guts," has a faster pace and higher key, but it still manages to soothe the soul with its calming beats.

As the album progresses, we are treated to a variety of tracks that each have their own unique vibe and feel. "colorblind" is a vibrant and colorful track with a fast-paced drumbeat, while "echo" combines synth and R&B elements to create a mesmerizing sound. "boy.auto" sounds like it could be a theme song for a video game, with its twinkling beats and shining rhythms.

One of my personal favorites on the album is "blinding," which has a chill vibe that's perfect for relaxing or focusing on work. "eyemssu" is another standout track, with colorful keys that switch between high and low, and light giggles that add life to the song. "eyemssu v2" is a remix of the previous track, but with added R&B elements and futuristic production.

"switchblades" is a unique track that combines hip-hop and lo-fi synth rhythms flawlessly, showcasing Hero Dog's ability to mix genres with ease. The album's title track, "mt.hood," features strings in the intro and then transitions back to the electro beats and lo-fi synths that we've come to love in the album. Finally, "ok, nice" brings us back to the same melody from "chlorophyll," but this time with added R&B beats.

What sets "mt.hood" apart from other albums in the lo-fi genre is Hero Dog's willingness to sample himself throughout the album. We hear tracks with the same progression or beat, but with a unique twist each time, keeping the album fresh and exciting from start to finish.

"mt.hood" is a remarkable album that showcases Hero Dog's talent as a producer. It's the ideal record to listen to when you want to relax or focus on work, and I highly recommend giving it a listen. You can find the album on the artist's Bandcamp page, and be sure to follow Hero Dog on social media to stay up to date on his future releases.

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JUST ROCKHey You (Original Single) By Ubiquity Machine

March 6, 2023 by saiidzeidan

With over 20 years of experience performing and composing more than 150 songs, Ubiquity Machine is a band that knows how to make music that resonates with fans. And they're back with a brand new track that's sure to capture your attention.

Titled "Hey You," this alt-rock song is a deviation from the norm, with its hard-hitting strings and sick drums that will leave you entranced from start to finish. From the moment you press play, you're greeted with reverberating vocals that match the driving beat of the drums, building anticipation for what's to come.

As the track progresses, we're introduced to vibey guitars and strings that add depth and texture to the sound. The guitar work is especially attractive, demanding your attention and keeping your mind on it throughout the entire song. The chorus is a departure from the usual, in-your-face style of mainstream rock. It's not explosive, but rather tamed, yet still powerful and vigorous. The vocals are a standout, with the lead singer delivering his lines with an alluring passion that adds even more flavor to the song.

The story behind the song is a tale of growing up alone at home and the search for a place in the world that feels like home. It's a universal theme that many of us can relate to, and the song captures it perfectly. But who are the talented musicians behind Ubiquity Machine? The band is made up of seasoned veterans of the DC music scene, with decades of experience playing in various shows and performing in countless venues. Their dedication to their craft is evident in every note of "Hey You," and it's clear that they're a force to be reckoned with in the alt-rock genre.

I can't express enough just how much you need to check out Ubiquity Machine and their new track "Hey You." It's a standout song that showcases the band's talent and versatility, and it's sure to leave you wanting more. So what are you waiting for? Follow Ubiquity Machine on their social media pages and give "Hey You" a listen today on Spotify. Trust me when I say you won't be disappointed.

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HYPEPhantom (Original Single) By Leif Riggs

March 2, 2023 by saiidzeidan

In a world where hip-hop is constantly evolving and changing, it's important to recognize and appreciate the classics. Leif Riggs' "Phantom" (Produced by InsaneBeatz) is an excellent example of what makes classic hip-hop so great. It's a song that will take you back to the glory days of the genre, while still sounding fresh and new.

Leif Riggs is a musician that genuinely knows how to create quality hip-hop music. His creativity and technique are clearly displayed in "Phantom," as each bar and note is expertly tuned to produce an addictive sound. The production abilities of InsaneBeatz, are equally amazing, elevate this song to a higher level. Together, they have produced a sound that is absolutely distinctive and energizing, so it's understandable why people have been so moved by it.

The art of rap is very much showcased in this track, with Leif Riggs delivering a masterclass in old-school hip-hop. The flow is so smooth and effortless that it feels like it has been honed over decades, with every syllable hitting with the force of a drumbeat. The delivery is crisp and precise, leaving you in awe of the skill and talent on display.

The production quality is truly top-notch, with InsaneBeatz bringing their A-game to create a layered and complex percussion that is simply mesmerizing. Each element adds its own unique flavor to the mix, with the bassline providing a solid foundation for the rest of the track to build on.

The overall effect of "Phantom" is captivating; drawing you in with its infectious groove and never letting go, leaving you nodding your head and tapping your feet in rhythm. This is a track that demands to be heard, with a rhythm that will have you hooked from the very first note. It's a perfect example of the power of classic hip-hop, and a must-listen for any fan of the genre.

I cannot recommend this song enough. It's a true masterpiece that left me in flames, and I'm sure it will do the same for you. It's a song that I would shout out from the rooftops, telling everyone to listen to it because of how hard and great it is. Stream "Phantom" (Produced by InsaneBeatz) now available, and follow Leif Riggs on his socials to learn more about any future releases.

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HYPESong Cry (Original Single) ByMarc Rangel

March 2, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Marc Rangel is a musical artist who never shies away from pouring his heart out through his music. With his latest release, "Song Cry", he has once again returned with a heart-wrenching and relatable R&B track that speaks to the core of our human emotions.

In this song, Marc opens up about a painful situationship that left him shattered. He shares his experience of discovering that his lover was in a secret long-term relationship. The raw emotion and vulnerability that Marc brings to this track make it an incredibly poignant and touching listen.

As soon as the track starts, the listener is hit with a captivating intro that sets the tone for the rest of the song. The dreamy and hard soundscape is a perfect backdrop for the infectious melodies that follow. The pounding drums and driving bassline create a solid foundation for the smooth, sultry vocals to glide over. The synth pads add a touch of atmospheric depth, taking the listener on a sonic journey that is moody and ethereal.

The production of "Song Cry" is masterful. Each instrument occupies its own space in the mix, yet blends seamlessly to create a cohesive sound that perfectly complements Marc's vocals. The track builds and evolves, taking the listener on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It's a song that leaves a lasting impact, one that makes you reflect on the highs and lows of love and relationships.

One of the most striking aspects of the track is the sentimentality in Marc's vocals. He truly delivers his emotions with clarity and precision, making it almost impossible not to feel his pain and heartache, the lyrics will surely resonate with anyone who has experienced the heartbreak of a failed relationship.

"Song Cry" is just the latest in a long line of impressive releases from this talented artist. It's a moody R&B track that hits all the right notes. From the stunning intro to the catchy melodies and heartfelt vocals, it's a piece that will stay with you long after you've listened to it. Follow Marc Rangel for more great music and make sure to listen to "Song Cry" on Spotify.

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HYPESet Me Free (Original Single) By Kejcz

March 2, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Kejcz, a talented Polish artist driven by his passion for music, has returned with his first 2023 release "Set Me Free", featuring Sequelachi & Basia Kolasa.

From the moment the track begins, you are immediately transported to a world of pure sound and rhythm. The beats are relentless and unyielding, pushing the track forward with a sense of urgency that is both exhilarating and empowering. The female vocals of the feature add an extra layer of sentiments to the mix, her powerful voice going above the driving beats to create a truly epic soundscape.

The rhythms of "Set Me Free" are nothing short of masterful, each beat perfectly placed to create an intricate pattern that is both hypnotic and mesmerizing. The use of complex synth textures and sweeping pads heightens the sense of drama and intensity, building towards an explosive chorus that is sure to have you dancing along.

One of the sparkling elements of "Set Me Free" is the incredible production value on display. Kejcz has masterfully crafted every aspect of this track, from the pounding beats to the high vocals, to create a sound that is super modern and fresh. This is a piece that showcases the very best of what EDM has to offer, and it is certain to become a staple in the genre for years to come.

But it's not just the sound that makes "Set Me Free" such a standout track, the energy and emotion that the feature added to the tune, her voice a beacon of light and hope amidst the pulsing beats and soaring synths. Her potent and emotive performance elevates the track.

"Set Me Free" is a true masterpiece in EDM production, displaying the unparalleled talent and mastery of Kejcz and the exceptional collaboration with Sequelachi & Basia Kolasa. With its captivating sound and impeccable production quality, this track is guaranteed to leave a lasting impact on all who listen. To fully immerse yourself in this musical journey, be sure to stream the song on any music platform and keep up with Kejcz's latest releases by following him on his social media pages.

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JUST ROCKRadgie Gadgie (Radio Edit – Original Single) By Crux

March 2, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Crux, a musical ensemble originating from the vibrant urban center of Newcastle, has ingeniously combined aspects of progressive rock and punk into an innovative sound that is unmistakably unique, continually captivating, and fascinating their audience. The band has solidified their position as a dominant force in the local music landscape, regularly taking center stage at esteemed venues like The Engine Room, The Globe and more. Their most recent offering, "Radgie Gadgie (Radio Edit)", is a thrilling, high-velocity track that is certain to leave you feeling invigorated and breathless.

From the very onset, "Radgie Gadgie (Radio Edit)" asserts its dominance with its lightning-fast tempo and formidable sound. The percussion reverberates with the force of a barrage of bullets, while the ascending guitar riff ignites the senses with the explosive intensity of a cannon blast, establishing the atmosphere for an electrifying and dynamic sonic encounter. It is a resounding triumph that instantly captures the attention and commands recognition

What makes "Radgie Gadgie (Radio Edit)" even more superior are the lyrics that are imbued with a rare blend of punk energy and poeticism. The song possesses a definitive punk motif, characterized by all the vigor the genre is known for. Yet, it also boasts a lyrical quality that is unexpected from the rapid-fire drums and driving guitars.

I fell deeply in love with this song the first time I heard it. Even after listening to it countless times, I still find myself drawn to its raw, unbridled power. "Radgie Gadgie (Radio Edit)" is the kind of track that grips you by the throat and doesn't let go. It's hard and fast, with a visceral vehemence that is hard to come by in contemporary music.

Crux has established a reputation for delivering top-notch music, and this latest release is no exception. The band is gradually emerging as one of my personal favorites, and it is not difficult to discern why. Their music is consistently fresh, exhilarating, and replete with liveliness.

I highly recommend streaming "Radgie Gadgie (Radio Edit)" on your preferred platform if you have not already done so. Trust me, it will not disappoint. Additionally, make sure to follow Crux on their socials to stay updated on their latest releases. The band's unwavering passion for music and exceptional talent make it clear that they are here to stay.

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HYPEOff My Mind (Original Single) By Gabriel Bishop

March 2, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Gabriel Bishop, the intriguing solo project of Australian singer, songwriter, and producer Harry Wells, has just released his second single "Off My Mind," and it's an absolute masterpiece. If you're looking to spice up your playlists with some fresh, groovy beats, then this track is exactly what you need.

The deep, loud bassline instantly grabs your attention and sets the tone for the rest of the track. The drums are perfectly balanced, adding just the right amount of energy to keep you moving. And the funky keys bring a whole new level of texture and flavor to the mix.

The distinguishing characteristic of this particular musical composition lies in its masterful integration of R&B aesthetics and tones with innovative elements that induce a sense of anticipation. The serene vocals, a delightful embellishment, bestow a silky and seductive aura that harmoniously unites all components. While experiencing this auditory chef-d'oeuvre, one is imbued with a sensation of weightlessness, as if suspended in a heavenly state of unadulterated musical gratification.

And let's not forget about the vocals. The addition of more vocal layers halfway through the track is a stroke of genius, adding an extra dimension of richness and complexity to an already stunning piece of music. It's the kind of track that you can listen to over and over again, each time discovering something new and exciting.

What is particularly remarkable about Gabriel Bishop is that his potential seems boundless. Considering the caliber of his second release, one can only speculate on the awe-inspiring creations he will unveil in the months to come. Every facet of "Off My Mind" is meticulously crafted, from the expertly executed mixing to the guitar work and the laid-back production. It all adds up to something that feels effortless and natural, yet polished and professional.

In my opinion, "Off My Mind" is truly a luxurious, mesmerizing, and gorgeous single. It's the kind of track that reminds you why you fell in love with music in the first place. You have to give it a listen, and follow Gabriel Bishop for more news on his future drops. This is just the beginning of what promises to be a long and successful journey for this talented artist.

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JUST ROCKSacrificing Dreams (Original Single) By Cody James

March 1, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Imagine a warm summer night, the stars are out and the air is filled with a gentle breeze. As you sit back and relax, you turn on Cody James’ new single, "Sacrificing Dreams." From the very first notes, you feel as though you are being transported to another world, a reality where jazz and soulful melodies reign supreme.

The guitar entrance sets the tone for the entire song, capturing your attention right away with its jazzy rhythms and lively chords. The song is certainly satisfying, having a mesmerizing aspect that makes you feel like you're floating in the sky. You can't help but sway to the beat of the music, letting the melodies wash over you like a wave. When the singing begins, you are instantly impressed by their sweet and jazzy tone. Cody James' voice is soft and silky, perfectly fitting the reflecting nature of the music.

The song's production is also highly excellent, with each instrument lending the song its own distinct tone. Particularly noticeable and imparting the song a colorful and fun feel is the xylophone. The harmonies are powerful, giving the entire sound more depth and richness. The delicate overtones that become more apparent as you listen to this song are among its most lovely features. Every time you hear it, you uncover a fresh texture or layer of the song that heightens its intricacy and dimension.

The potential of "Sacrificing Dreams" to take you to another realm is what makes it so exceptional. You may de-stress and get immersed in the ethereal tunes, escaping the pressures of regular life.

Cody James' "Sacrificing Dreams" is a true masterpiece of jazz and soulful music. This song is a vital need to listen to if you're seeking ways to unwind and get away from the strains of daily life. Stream "Sacrificing Dreams," and be sure to follow Cody James on his social media platforms for future news. Who knows what other magical creations he has in store for us?

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HYPEAngel In The House (Original Single) By XRick SaenzX

February 28, 2023 by saiidzeidan

In an era where it seems like everyone is trying to copy each other, XRick SaenzX stands out as a breath of fresh air. With his latest release, "Angel in the House," this talented rapper has shown us why he is a formidable artist. From the moment you press play, you'll be entranced by the smooth yet powerful beat, which is the perfect backdrop to XRick SaenzX's flowing, rhythmic style.

What sets XRick SaenzX apart from so many other rappers out there is his ability to craft a unique sound that is entirely his own. Rather than relying on the same old flow or tempo that we've all heard a million times before, he takes risks and pushes boundaries with every song he releases. "Angel in the House" is a prime example of this, as it showcases his ability to blend different styles and genres in a way that feels fresh and exciting.

XRick SaenzX knows how to manage a sound so polished and professional despite only having started making music two years ago. It's a testament to his natural talent and dedication to his craft that he has come so far in such a short amount of time. When you listen to "Angel in the House," you'll hear an artist who is confident in his abilities and unafraid to take risks.

The vocals on the song are absolutely stunning, with a versatility that keeps you on your toes and never misses a beat. He effortlessly switches between different cadences, making it seem like he's gliding across the beat with ease. There's a certain power to his voice that is hard to describe, but it's impossible not to be moved by it.

As you listen to "Angel in the House," you'll find yourself nodding your head along to the beat and getting lost in the lyrics. XRick SaenzX has a way of drawing you into his world and making you feel like you're right there with him, experiencing everything he's going through.

If you're a fan of hip hop, then you owe it to yourself to check out XRick SaenzX's latest release on Spotify. Trust me when I say that you won't be disappointed. This is an artist who is on the rise and is sure to make a name for himself in the industry in the years to come. Follow him now, and you can stream the song "Angel in the House" on Spotify.

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UncategorizedWhat Can I Say (Original Single) By The Official 4PM

February 28, 2023 by saiidzeidan

As music enthusiasts eagerly awaited The Official 4PM's latest release, the band surprised their fans with the much-anticipated single "What Can I Say" on February 17th. After a long and tumultuous journey, the group continues to prove their talent with each comeback, leaving listeners captivated and awestruck.

The song starts with an ethereal sound, as if stars are twinkling in the night sky. Then, it gradually transitions into a reggae beat, before ultimately morphing into a hip-hop-infused reggae jam that will have you tapping your feet and nodding your head in time with the beat. The vocals are captivating, drawing listeners in as if they are being serenaded by the band. The track is incredibly groovy, with light drums and a reggae beat that will have you swaying and fully immersing yourself in the music. The vocals on "What Can I Say" are especially noteworthy, as they convey a sense of raw emotion and passion that will stay with you long after the song has ended.

"What Can I Say" is a perfect example of what The Official 4PM does best - creating music that is unmistakably their own, while still managing to bring something new and exhilarating to the table. The song possesses that signature The Official 4PM taste that fans have come to know and love, and it's a refreshing reminder of why the band continues to stand out in the crowded music scene. The Official 4PM has always been known for their innovative approach to music, and "What Can I Say" is no exception. The song is a fusion of different elements and details, seamlessly blending reggae and hip-hop components to create a unique and unforgettable sound, it's the ideal track to get you up and moving, whether you're at home or out on the town.

"What Can I Say" is an outstanding single from The Official 4PM, showcasing their huge talent and creativity. With its infectious rhythm and soulful vocals, the song is sure to be a hit among fans and newcomers alike. Be sure to give "What Can I Say" a listen on Spotify, and follow the group on social media for more exciting news and updates.

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EDM / DanceDon’t Wanna See You Leave (Original Single) By Nekter Gun

February 28, 2023 by saiidzeidan

What makes a great song? Is it the beat that makes you groove, or the lyrics that speak to your soul? Perhaps it's the exemplary combination of both. If you're on the hunt for a song that hits all the right notes, look no further than Nekter Gun's most recent single, "Don't Wanna See You Leave." This song is a must-have addition to any party playlist or late-night dance session, with its strong beat, electronic sounds, and irresistible focus on rhythm and melody.

Nekter has been steadily gaining popularity in recent years, and it's not hard to see why. With his skillful blend of classic and electronic instruments, his music has a sound that is both exciting and dynamic, immaculate for those who want to get lost in the music and let go of everything else. The best part about "Don't Wanna See You Leave" is its versatility. The song starts off slow, with just vocals, keys, and synths, but gradually builds up to an explosive, powerful rhythm that will have you jumping all night long. It's the impeccable song to get the party started or to wind down after a long day. One of the standout features of this song is the astounding vocals from the feature Pat Ross. Ross has a range like no other, hitting notes that even the biggest vocalists in the industry can't match.

"Don't Wanna See You Leave" is loaded with synths and drums, making it a driving force that's impossible to ignore. Nekter combines electronic instruments to create a sound that's fresh and timeless, and the blend of different sounds and instruments constructs an unparalleled song that you won't find anywhere else.

No matter what kind of music you're into, Nekter Gun has something for you, he's a rising star in the music world, and one you won't want to miss. So why not give this song a try and feel the power of the music for yourself? Stream the song now and be sure to follow Nekter for more amazing releases in the future.

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HYPEThe Oracle (Original Single) By Kurst

February 28, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Kurst is an artist that refuses to be put in a box. His unique sound and indisputable talent have made him a standout in the bustling hip-hop scene, and his latest release, "The Oracle", is further proof of his innovative prowess.

What makes this track so special is the way that Kurst seamlessly blends dreamy beats with hard-hitting rap. It's a delicate balancing act that few artists can pull off, but Kurst makes it look easy. The result is a track that is both ethereal and grounded, full of power and passion. Kurst's flow is razor-sharp, each bar slicing through the air with a precision that is awe-inspiring. It's clear that Kurst is not content to simply make music - he wants to use his platform to inspire and uplift his listeners. The production on this track is breathtaking, each sound is carefully placed to create a rich tapestry of sound that perfectly complements Kurst's rap. The beautiful samples float in and out of the mix, adding an otherworldly quality to the track that is very captivating and hypnotic.

Kurst has unapologetic authenticity, he refuses to conform to the norms of the industry, instead staying true to his own vision and creative instincts. This is evident in every aspect of "The Oracle", from the lyrics to the production to Kurst's delivery. It's clear that this is an artist who knows exactly who he is and what he wants to say. Despite its raw intensity, "The Oracle" is also a very accessible track that can be enjoyed by anyone. Whether you're a die-hard hip-hop fan or someone who's just dipping their toes into the genre, you'll find something to love in this song. Kurst's remarkable musical sound and undeniable skill are bound to endear him to music enthusiasts of all types.

"The Oracle" is a stunning achievement for Kurst, showcasing his talent and potential as an artist. It's a reminder that hip-hop is a genre that is constantly evolving, and that there is always room for new voices and fresh perspectives. If you haven't already, be sure to check out this track on Spotify and follow Kurst on social media for more incredible music.

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HYPEHello (Original Single) By lukx

February 28, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The vibrant beats of Lukx's latest release, "Hello," have got the world dancing to its melodious tune. The dynamic duo of father and son have once again given us a masterpiece that is sure to be the next big thing. With a simple yet powerful message of perseverance and positivity, this song is a beacon of hope in these troubled times.

As soon as the song starts, you cannot help but groove along to the funky beats that make your feet tap involuntarily. The opening line, "Hello, say Hey!" is so cheerful and upbeat that it instantly lifts your spirits. The lyrics are simple yet profound, painting a relatable picture of the struggles we all face in our daily lives.

Lukx's musical genius is on full display with the song's groovy melody and funky bass lines. The chorus is so catchy that you find yourself singing along to it after just one listen. The use of brass instruments adds an extra layer of depth to the song, giving it a unique and infectious sound that is hard to resist. The lyrics of "Hello" are a reminder that no matter how tough life gets, we should always keep moving forward with a smile on our faces. The joyful tempo and catchy melody make it the perfect song to kick start your day and motivate you to take on whatever life throws at you. The chorus, "You gotta go hard, And believe in yourself that’s all," is a simple yet effective message that resonates with listeners of all ages.

The song's production quality is exceptional. The vocals are clear and crisp, and the instrumentation is well-balanced, giving the song a polished and professional sound.

"Hello" is an extremely appealing tune, with upbeat lyrics that will leave you feeling energized and motivated. Follow Lukx on social media for more amazing music, and of course, check out "Hello" on Spotify right away.

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HYPEDaisy and Dandelions (Original Single) By Blue Painted Flag

February 28, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The music industry is full of talented artists, but only a few have the ability to captivate their audience and touch their hearts. Blue Painted Flag is one such artist, known for his delicate indie sound that has the power to transport you to a different realm. And now, the artist is back with yet another heartwarming track titled "Daisy and Dandelions".

This song is a masterpiece that tries to capture the essence of nature's dance and love between the daisy and the dandelion. It beautifully illustrates how these two flowers intertwine with each other in the sunshine and under the starlight, creating a mesmerizing sight. When you first listen to "Daisy and Dandelions", you will be instantly transported to a place of tranquility and peace. It feels like you're spending the night alone at the beach, with nothing but the sound of waves and the gentle breeze for company. The song's wave of gentleness and warmth is enough to make you forget all your worries and bask in its glory. The piano keys are inviting, perfectly complementing the deep and homely vocals. The guitar is melodic and sweet, enlaced with the light hit of drums that adds a rhythmic feel to the song. Blue Painted Flag's vocals are simply amazing, oozing with greatness and vigor yet still simple and warm.

"Daisy and Dandelions" is stunning composition and production that made me feel at ease, like a cozy hug that only a close friend or family member can give. It's a feeling that is hard to come by, but with this song, it's just a button play away. I highly recommend this song to anyone who wants to feel light and loved. Its soft peaceful melody and kind lyrics will make you feel like you're floating on a cloud, away from all the hustle and bustle of the world.

If you're a fan of Blue Painted Flag's work, make sure to follow his social media accounts and stream his music, especially "Daisy and Dandelions" on Spotify. Blue Painted Flag is an artist who deserves all the love and recognition for his unique and touching sound.

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HYPERavi.e.s (Original Album) By Jagas

February 27, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Get ready to be swept away by an electrifying experience that will tantalize your senses and leave you yearning for more. Jagas' album, "Ravi.e.s," not only shows off their deep passion for music, but also highlights their immense creativity and versatility as a group.

The album kicks off with "Cerf-Volant," a beautiful and melodious tune that showcases Jagas' skillful use of harmonies and flashing keys. The song captures the essence of a summer day, with the sounds of the guitar and piano dancing together to compose a dreamlike atmosphere.

"Viens chez moi" is another standout track on the album, with its upbeat tempo and happy vibe. It's a song that will make you want to dance and let go of all your worries. "Super zéro" is a lively and dynamic track that shows off Jagas' ability to create complex and intricate vocal arrangements. The song is driven by upbeat guitars and fast drums, which perfectly complement the twinkling vocals.

"Ma compagne" is a slower and more melodic tune that begins with electric strings and builds up to an unrestrained climax showcasing the depth of Jagas' vocal line. The song has a dramatic feel to it and is full of raw emotions that will tug at your heartstrings. In contrast, "Rien à perdre" is a high-energy track with vocals that sound like they're rapping. The vocals are emotional and full of vigor, with the high guitar soaring loud and clear. It's a song that will make you feel alive and ready to take on the world.

"Militant" has a very modern rock feel to it, with a bassline that is so infectious that it will have you headbanging along. "Ton enterrement" is a hauntingly well-flavored ballad that is proof of the diversity of Jagas' music. The song is slow and melancholic, like a lullaby that touches your heart and makes you feel at peace.

One of the biggest beauties on the album is "FPG," a groovy tune that caught my attention with its versatile guitar and vocals. The harmonies and the overall composition of the song are truly impressive, and it's a track that will make you want to move and groove along. "Ravi.e.s" is the perfect French song, with an accordion that starts the song and makes you feel like you're walking the streets of Paris. The album concludes with "Jagas fort Rêveur," a song that is very different and eclectic from anything else on the album. The autotuned vocals and the loud keys and guitar make it a unique sound.

"Ravi.e.s" is an esthetical and diverse album that you need to give a listen to, we urge you to check it out on Spotify. And while you're at it, make sure to follow them on their socials to keep up with their latest releases and updates. Trust me; you won't want to miss a beat.

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HIP HOP / RAP / R&BPlease Don’t Bother Me (Original Single) By Bloodlin3

February 26, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Music is a universal language that speaks to us in different ways, and one such way is through the vibe that we feel. It's a vibe that Bloodlin3 captures perfectly in his track, "Please Don't Bother Me," also known as P.D.B.M. This remarkable song features an extraordinary feat. LaRoyce "Rausko" Flemons, and is a testament to the incredible talent of these two artists.

The beat is on fire with high keys and electronic trap beats that come together to compose a piece that is ignitable and hypnotic. The hip-hop influence is evident from the fast rap flow, and dark emotive feel that permeates throughout the track. The deep and profound notes of the piano contrast with the high keys making a symphony of sound that adds so many layers and dimensions to the track. It's a beautiful fusion of different elements that come together to create something truly special. The first verse of the song sets the tone for what's to come. It's laid-back and groovy, with a melody that makes you want to bob your head along. But as the song progresses, the vibe becomes more intense, with the second verse building on the energy of the first. And then, just when you think the track couldn't get any more explosive, the third verse hits you like a ton of bricks.

Despite the fast rap flow and high-energy production, "Please Don't Bother Me" is not an aggressive rap song. Instead, it's a track that makes you want to groove and chill without a care in the world. It's the kind of song that you can listen to on repeat for hours, with each play revealing a new layer of depth and complexity.

Bloodlin3 is an incredibly talented artist, and his platform is a treasure trove of impressive releases like this one. If you're a fan of hip-hop and looking for something fresh and exciting, then you need to add "Please Don't Bother Me" to your playlist. It's a complete banger, with each vibe bringing a different feel that will keep you coming back for more. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to your favorite music platform and give this amazing track a listen. And make sure to follow Bloodlin3 for more fierce releases like this one.

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HYPEWild Cage (Original Single) By Yify Zhang

February 26, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Yify Zhang is an exceptionally gifted musician whose soundscapes not only serve as a balm for her own soul, but also have the power to deeply connect with her audience. Despite being a prodigious violinist from an early age, Yify's aspirations were cut short by a spinal injury that altered the course of her life. It was at this juncture that she turned to the piano, and it was here that she found her true calling.

The piano allowed Yify to unleash a flood of creativity that had been lying dormant within her, enabling her to weave intricate melodies that were deeply reflective of her innermost thoughts and emotions. As a singer-songwriter and composer, Yify is a multi-talented artist whose sole purpose is to craft compositions that soothe the soul and forge connections with her listeners. This is precisely what she has achieved with her latest release, "Wild Cage".

Wild Cage is an ethereal masterpiece that is both dreamy and passionate. From the first note to the last, it takes you on a journey of the senses, filling your mind with rich textures and evocative melodies. The synths and harmonies are layered with precision, creating a lush sound that perfectly complements Yify's vocals. Speaking of vocals, Yify's voice is a thing of wonder. It is clear and pure, soaring above the music with ease. The autotune is used sparingly, adding just the right amount of polish to the production. The result is a song that is both sonically pleasing and emotionally resonant.

I can honestly say that not a single second of this song was wasted. From start to finish, it held my attention and stirred something deep within me. It was like a refreshing drink on a hot summer day, a burst of energy that lifted my spirits and left me feeling invigorated.

If you haven't listened to Yify's music yet, then you're missing out. Her talent is undeniable, and her music is a gift to anyone who loves to lose themselves in the beauty of sound. So, go ahead and stream Wild Cage wherever you like, and be sure to follow her on social media to keep up with her latest projects.

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UncategorizedHigh and Low (Original Single) By Prima Apollinaare

February 26, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Introducing the mesmerizing and exquisite Prima Apollinaare, who has gifted us with a brand new pop jam that has been stuck in my head all day. The moment I first heard "High and Low," I was immediately drawn in by the moving vocals. With every listen, falling deeper in love with the song, as if I was experiencing it for the first time each time. The slow, melancholic tempo of the track, combined with its dreamy, ethereal sound, creates a soundscape that is alluring.

The track features a harmonious ensemble of synths, drums, and guitars that coalesce into a sublime soundscape that is a testament to the artist's musical abilities. The authentic quality of the song stands out in stark contrast to the polished and manufactured sound that pervades the contemporary music industry. "High and Low" presents itself as a unique and exceptional piece of art that transcends the conventional trappings of pop music.


Prima's vocals are the beating heart of the song, her distinctive and sultry voice shifts effortlessly between soft and breathy to powerful and emotive, evoking a whirlwind of emotions that leave the listener breathless. Her decision to sing primarily in a high to mid-register imbues the song with a sense of melancholy that is both haunting and evocative, further emphasizing the emotion behind the lyrics. As the song progresses, Prima's vocals take on a life of their own, propelling the song forward with their soaring and impactful quality. Her artistry is on full display as she infuses the song with an intensity that is unmatched, leaving the listener spellbound and entranced.


"High and Low" is a work of art that defies categorization, transcending the boundaries of pop music to create a sonic landscape that is all-encompassing. With this song, Prima Apollinaare has firmly established herself as a musical force to be reckoned with, and one that is sure to leave a mark on the music industry for years to come.

If you are not already following Prima Apollinaare, then now is the time to do so,  Her music is a true reflection of the artist herself, with a raw quality that is refreshing and inspiring. Go ahead and listen to "High and Low" on Spotify, and prepare to be transported to a world of pure musical magic. Let the hauntingly beautiful vocals and intriguing instrumentation of this pop jam take you on a journey that you will never forget.

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HYPETen White Eyes (Original Single) By Dylan Keith

February 26, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Dylan Keith's "Ten White Eyes" is a song that is much more than just a catchy pop tune. It's a testament to the power of music to lift us up and bring us together. From the moment you press play, you're swept up in a whirlwind of energy and excitement that's hard to resist.

What distinguishes this song is the impressive quality of Dylan's vocal delivery. His voice is imbued with a softness and warmth that is becoming increasingly scarce in modern music. The sincerity that exudes from his singing is palpable, his passion and emotion are conveyed in every word he utters. It's as if his performance is personalized for each individual listener, an experience that is undoubtedly moving.

The instrumental arrangement is equally remarkable. The guitars and drums are executed with rapidity and intensity, yet they are also marvelously controlled. The precision and finesse with which the various instruments intertwine and interplay are premium, resulting in a sonic tapestry that is coherent and well-formed. The addition of the warm vocal strings provides an added layer of texture and depth, rendering the soundscape both dynamic and immersive.

There's a sense of joy and celebration that permeates every aspect of "Ten White Eyes". It's the kind of song that makes you want to jump up and dance, to let loose and forget about all your troubles for a few minutes. There's a certain homeliness and charm to the song, a feeling of togetherness and community that's hard to put into words.

The mix is well-controlled, with each element given the space it needs to shine. The guitars and drums are powerful, but never overwhelming. The vocal delivery is on-point, with every inflection and nuance given the attention it deserves. It's a maste