Giack Bazz is a musical artist who isn't afraid to challenge how things normally are done. His latest song "Only Fans" gets people talking about big issues in the music world today. The song's title "Only Fans" is a bold move that gets your attention. It's about how some artists feel like they have to act a certain way on social media just to get more fans. They feel like they have to "sell themselves" online to get popular.

Giack uses social media to shine a light on the tricky parts of the music business. He compares how some artists promote themselves online to how adult entertainers promote their content. This gets people thinking about the tough choices artists face. In the song, Giack sings about feeling let down by fickle fans who only care about having fun, not truly caring about art.

Giack has always done things his way, without a big label. He raises money from fans directly to make and share his music. Giack has long been a champion of the DIY artist model. Across his number of albums released since 2015, he has leveraged crowdfunding, vinyl and CD sales, and grassroots marketing to fund and distribute his music independently. This has given him full control over his art and allowed him to experiment with unique album concepts that larger labels may not take a risk on. His 2019 album "Haikufy" was so popular it led to 2020's mammoth "Impression A.I." - a huge project he made all alone in a year!

Now, Giack is making his boldest statement yet. He even debuted the "Only Fans" music video on his own OnlyFans page. This surprise move is meant to spark discussion. As he states, fans "would have never watched the music video if it wasn’t for the sexual aspect." Giack hopes people think about how music and sexuality have blended online. And how artists have become products chasing numbers.

The song was crafted with Giack's talented regular collaborators. The instruments on "Only Fans" all come together nicely. The drums drive the song with a tense, winding energy. You can feel every hit pushing the song forward. The bass and keyboards are over the top. Their playing provides a sturdy foundation for Giack's vocals to soar above and tell a memorable song.

In today's social media-obsessed world, Giack's message in "Only Fans" is super important. We must reflect on how always wanting more likes and plays affects artists' well-being and their art. By bravely tackling these topics head-on, Giack is starting a necessary discussion.

If any of this resonates with your brand-building struggles online or worries about metrics mattering more than your vision, give "Only Fans" a listen across all platforms. Then help spread Giack's message far and wide!

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