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Options (Original Single) By Proklaim

Are you a real Trap/Hiphop fan if you haven’t checked out “options” by Proklaim yet? That’s right Alexander Kiremire aka Proklaim is back with a new single “Options”. The three minutes long song is a chilled-back, relaxed track with heavy reggae beats that are perfect for a lazy day.

The song has a Bob Marley vibe to it, with amazing vocals, and carefree melodies. The song begins with Afrobeats-tinged beats, “The love is never going nowhere, they’re saying this genre is going to an end, but so long the love remains in the hearts you still create” stating that the reggae and hip-hop genres are here to stay as long as the artist has a love for his music and his heart in the genre. The words go so beautifully with the beats and the bright colors all around.

While the song begins slowly with reggae sounds, it gradually progresses to fast-paced beats and rapping, talking about how music is here to stay and how it has the power to survive its artists’ lifespans. The euphoric melodies are flawlessly formed, they are filled with new flows, and the superb singer carries these flows with great force. The way he can rap over such wonderful music and compose such lovely lyrics is just divine. Your body will be able to dance to the rhythm of this song immediately.


This track should go on one of your favorite playlists as it has on mine!!

Proklaim is a musician that genuinely loves music and is committed to seeing message-driven material ingrained in urban youth culture throughout the world. He is a dynamic and talented musician looking to advance the genre and create new urban sounds. Being flexible and talented both vocally and lyrically are prerequisites for crafting a record of this caliber. Proklaim is a stellar artist, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for him. Don’t forget to listen to his one of a kind song, “Options,” and follow him on all of his social media platforms to remain up to date with all of Proklaim’s latest news and releases.

Baby Me (Original Single) by Fifi C

The talented and remarkable Fifi C has finally released her first ever single to date, her debut release “Baby Me” (Original Single). I am in awe with the talent Fifi C possesses as her vocals and presentation are simply like no other, her music transports you into another dimension with the beautiful tone and magnitude it has.

“Baby Me” (Original Single) by Fifi C is a blend of soul, contemporary pop and jazz that’ll captivate you as the combination makes for a single like no other, unique and different in the best way possible. Fifi C has truly out done herself as this is one perfect single you will fall in love with the first second you give it a listen.

Meaningful and heartfelt, “Baby Me” (Original Single) is the story about Fifi C’s childhood and how she wishes she can turn back time to fix things and make them better, something I’m sure many people will be able to resonate with as everyone has a moment in their past they wish they can turn to and fix.

Fifi C is one extraordinary artist who’s achievements already speak for themselves as she has performed in multiple events such as at the South Facing Festival, Croydon Pride, and even for Apple at their Regent Street store. The 20 year old singer and song writer from South East London is certainly an artist that deserves all the love and recognition.

So be sure to check out Fifi C’s latest release “Baby Me” , and don’t forget to like and follow all of her social media platforms to always remain up to date on all of her latest news and releases.

A Letter To My Next (Original album) by Melkior

Call the police because its criminal how good and catchy this EP is, “A Letter To My Next” (Original EP) is the latest EP by legend Melkior released on and blessing the world since the 7th of October  2022. This is one r&b EP that will grab you in a chokehold, because when you start listening you simply won’t be able to stop, that’s how addictive this EP is.

“A Letter To My Next” (Original EP) is one seductive and luscious r&b Ep, that you won’t be able to get enough of. The first track on this Ep “Need you” has a Halsey vibe, while the third single “Time to Time” has a The Weeknd vibe especially the seductive and mesmerizing chorus, perfect for any one on one private time to get to know your partner better 😉

Melkior wrote this album about his up-and-down relationship, full with sensual and sentimental lyrics that showcase Melkior at his rawest. This is one Ep you will certainly resonate and relate with as its something we’ve all passed through at some point in our lives with our partners.

This is one 26 minute Ep that you must give a listen to, as you’ll find your next favorite upcoming and rising r&b star Melkior. You must check him out, and share his music for the world to hear, support him and give him all the love he deserves to keep on blessing the world with his amazing music. And don’t forget to like and follow all his social media platforms to always remain up to date with all his latest news and releases.

Beware Wolves (Original Album) by Beware Wolves

Get ready for a wonderous journey that will fill you with a wonderful and awesome appreciation of the music itself, because we’re gonna be covering the Beware Wolves albums, Beware Wolves is an acoustic country artist that has made a 9 volume album series that’ll capture your heart and fill it with hope and nostalgia.

Beware Wolves (Original Album) by Beware Wolves is the primary release of the Beware Wolves saga, a marvelous introduction into the world of the one of a kind Beware Wolves. And we’ll start with the thoughtful art covers for each album, as each and every album cover is similar to give us the feel of a volume series but unique as all of the volumes have a different type of symbol to characterize the volume number, with a hidden easter egg that’s the changing moon phases on the top of each cover to show the passing of time between each and every release, as each release has a different moon phase on the top of the cover art so don’t forget to look for it when listening to this stunning album.

This 11 full length tracks album will catch you off guard, I’m personally not really into the country scene, but Beware Wolves music is different, its catchy, meaningful and simply breathtaking in the best way possible. So even if you’re not a country fan be sure to check it out because you’ll be surprised with Beware Wolves revolutionary music.

The singles on Beware Wolves albums are alphabetized to make for a seamless listen. Beware wolves vocals are truly soothing to the mind and soul with guitar strumming that will remind you of the good times in life. So be sure to check out Beware Wolves because you’ll find great music to add to your playlist.

Don’t forget to tune back in, as we’re coming back with more of Beware Wolves soon!

Cinema Sounds (Original EP) by Blueprint Tokyo

This is one original Ep that’ll make you feel a range of emotions and memories, the 3 single nostalgic Ep is heavenly. Cinema Sounds (Original EP) the latest release by Blueprint Tokyo is a melodic indie pop rock Ep that is surely to become one of your favorite listens.

The Oklahoma based band Blueprint Tokyo is composed of the talented duo of Kevin Dawson and Andrew Hale, the two make a magnetic combination, producing music that will blow you away.

Cinema Sounds (Original EP) is an 8 minute listen that will transport you into a different dimension with its magical breathtaking vibe. The Ep is brilliant in all ways showcasing Blueprint Tokyo’s genius in every aspect of their music. Each single has its own nature and personality that’ll have you yearning for more.

Blueprint Tokyo’s vocals are truly momentous as the thick and luscious vocals add dimension and layers to the masterful and skillful instrument playing, with a melody that’s upbeat positive, and rhythmic it’s a matter of time before it becomes your new fixation.

If you’re a rock lover I guarantee that Blueprint Tokyo will become your new craving with their magical music that’ll add a pinch of extra dopamine into your daily life.

When a band makes music this good it’s just a matter of time before they get discovered reaching global stardom. You must give Blueprint Tokyo’s music a listen, as everything they do is revolutionary. Don’t miss out and check them out!

Coin Toss (Original Single) by Blonde George

Blonde George has quickly become one of my favorite artists, I can’t believe it took me so long to discover such a chill and relaxed artist his vibe reminds me of the cool surfer guys in movies as he’s down to earth and laid back.

Coin Toss (Original Single) is Blonde George latest single, a soft and groovy alternative indie rnb track, that’s a perfect listen in any situation, whether a chill car ride, hanging out with your friends, or simply in your daily playlist. You will most defintely fall in love with this single the second you give it a listen.

Blonde George finished everything on this track, from singing, songwriting, and playing everything. George’s vocals are to die for, soft and luscious adding life to the lyrics and melody of the single, the lyrics of  Coin Toss are genius, hinting at the uncertainty of life through a coin toss because you can’t be certain upon which side it’ll land on, whether the positive or the negative, the good or the bad, you can never be certain until the event occurs.

Brilliant and creative, that’s what Blonde George is, creating stunning music for the world to enjoy and relate to, its simply a matter of time till he becomes a global sensation, because the world should be able to be blessed and enjoy his marvelous music. Give Coin Toss (Original Single) a listen you won’t regret it, and don’t forget to check out Blonde George’s previous releases as all of George’s music is magnificent.

New York State Of Mind (Original Single) by Daisy Gill

Born and raised in Liverpool, UK, Daisy Gill is set to hit the world by storm with her latest quirky and original release “New York State Of Mind” (Original Single) one hell of a single that has you tapping and clapping with how catchy and upbeat it is, a perfect song for any occasion.

Daisy Gill is one talented artist and musician who has many achievements under her belt, this revered artist has one revolutionary mind, making her most recent single about a topic so relatable and catchy that no person will be able to hold off on getting high and addicted from it.

As Daisy tells us “New York State Of Mind” expresses the struggles of modern-day life when you feel like you’re working your ass off to get nowhere, something all of us feels in our daily lives, Daisy also puts an emphasis on the single being about working women who feel unheard or let down by the day to day “grind”.

The single is dangerously relatable, as it’s something everyone has gone through and experienced at some point in their lives, the old and the young, the rich and the poor, women and men alike have had these feelings at some point in their lifetime.

Daisy is one masterful artist, with vocals like no other, perfectly tuneful, feminine yet husky and seductive; her melodic creation for this single is upbeat, joyous and will most definitely get caught in your head, the mix of vocals, lyrics, and melody make for a single that’s like no other.

You must check out New York State Of Mind (Original Single) by Daisy Gill, a magical single. And don’t6 forget to like and follow all her social media platforms so you always remain up to date on all her latest news and releases.

2F (Original Single) by Ario

Canadian 24-year-old Ario, is breaking into the music industry and shattering all previous standards, creating higher and better ones, with his mysterious luscious, and mesmerizing music.

Ario has been on a mission of blessing us and releasing music on a monthly basis, with 2F (Original Single) being his latest release and the third installment of the his monthly releases, the alternative indie rnb single interlaced with hip hop is one of a kind. Ario is one brilliant genius making smart and catchy music that’ll have you addicted.

Ario has been making music since he was 15 years old, the skill in which he makes his music with truly shows as it takes a gifted mastermind to make music like this. This song provides a vibe that is equally amounts eerie as it is boastful, reflecting on the duality of life. Ario is one artist that lays down his truth and is transparent with his audience, he tells us that he wrote this single as a statement to all the people who have dreams and passions they wish to achieve, yet have settled on a more ‘realistic’ lifestyle. He has refused to let up on his dreams and  this is portrayed through his track as there is a progression from feeling hopeless to feeling confident and powerful.

Ario is a talented artist from vocals, songwriting, and composition, his sheer genius and brilliance shows with each single he releases. On the road to becoming a global sensation, you must give 2F (Original Single) by Ario a listen, share and support his music so that he keeps blessing us with mind-blowing singles,. And don’t forget to like and follow all his social media platforms so that you remain up to date on all his latest news and releases.

cognitive dissonance (Original Single) By e!ena

I might have just stumbled upon an undiscovered gem from Burlington, VT, United States called e!ena that has dropped a tuneful memorable original single “Cognitive Dissonance”. The single is an amazing performance by e!ena and conveys a beautiful message of awareness about the struggles of mental health and how society fails to understand it.

e!ena is a talented producer, clever lyricist, and powerful guitarist that has been producing music since 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown. If there is one thing I’m thankful for amidst the pandemic then it’s the inspiration e!ena had to start producing music. Influenced by accomplished artists that have recently dominated the space like Billie Eilish, Adele, Clairo, and Amy Winehouse, she’s determined on making music that fits her role models.

“Cognitive Dissonance” is e!ena’s first single that has been produced and mastered all through her hard work and dedication. It is through struggle that great art is created and e!ena is proof. Inspired by her serious mental health crisis, e!ena took one of the hardest experiences of her life and gave birth to an incredibly rich imaginative single featuring a deep heart-warming lyrical performance and engaging smooth instrumental harmony. The song portrays the feeling of being lost inside your mind and consequently being neglected by those around you. “Cognitive Dissonance” is a great message to the world about awareness of the difficulties mental health patients go through in terms of their social acceptance and understanding.

e!ena tells us “If it weren’t for some of the terrible experiences I’ve been through, I would have never discovered my passion for creating music that connects with individuals that struggle with their mental health. On top of that, I’ve discovered more about who I am as an individual, as well as the person that I strive to become.”

An inspiring artist that aims to change and heal the world through her music she deserves all the support she can get so discover her music through her social media channels and share it among your friends !


Pearls (Original Single) By Roxercat

One of the greatest hidden gems of progressive rock is bringing you the greatest of melodies. All the way from Nashville, Tennessee, Roxercat is one band that’s worthy of keeping an eye out for, as they’ve stood out from the crowd through their unique delivery and music. Blowing the roof with their latest sneak peak of their upcoming EP, “Pearls” is already amassing huge success among their fans and expanding their reach throughout the industry, so tag along as we tell you everything about it!

The band has made enough noise throughout their music career that’s left them with quite an impressive list of achievements. The talented trio, Price Jones (Singer), Stan Lassiter (Guitarist), and Bill Francis (Bassist), have been collaborating with big names for as long as they could remember with this latest release, featuring the incredible Grammy Award winner, Clarke Schleicher, as producer. “Pearls” is a masterpiece of a release that was recorded at the Sound Emporium Studious with overdubs at the Cat Tracks Studio. We can only imagine what the full six-track EP will bring to the table as their biggest release to date.

Quite an unforgettable sensation has been perfected by this release, and it is undeniable that it has taken countless hours of tweaking and mastering to hit that perfect note that makes the EP flawless. “Pearls” is the lead single of the 6 track EP that simply feels like you are floating on clouds, featuring a flawless harmony between different instruments and the vocals throughout the EP that have been perfected beautifully. Lose yourself in between the thought-provocative lyrics and immortalize the experience forever.

With over 40 years in music, these legends are here to stay until their last day, and we’ll be with them till the end. Icons of progressive rock, Roxercat are worth your love and admiration. So, spread their music and show your support as they build their empire. Join their social media platforms to get notified of their latest releases and projects.

Flow With the Go (Original Single) by Spirit Ritual

Spirit Ritual have blessed us yet again with another breathtaking release, their latest track is a positive and chill dream pop single that will have you addicted to its unique vibe. Flow With the Go (Original Single)  is a truly one of a kind single, with its comforting and soft vibe, you must check it out to understand its greatness.

When it comes to Spirit Ritual they never disappoint with their music and “Flow With the Go” is no different. With its magnificent melodies and energy, it is sure to have you playing it on a loop. Not to mention this singles features the kalimba! Spirit Ritual even uses the lyrics of the single in a smart yet delicate way having the lyrical concept use 40 common phrases that were skewed up in silly and clever ways. Creative in more ways than one the band even made the single’s cover art, it is a handmade collage of real flowers arranged in their backyard.

“Flow With the Go” is made with the full bands hard work and dedication with Jef Bjarnson on vocals & bass, Ian McInroe playing the Keyboards, Hunter Stevenson on the Guitar, and James Conner Dacus playing the Drums. The full band sound is magnetic, making  a single truly like no other, their synergy and combination gives off an energy that is is set to blow you away.

you must give Flow With the Go (Original Single) by Spirit Ritual a listen, you will not regret it. And dont forget to like and follow all their social media platforms to always be up to date on all their latest news and releases.

REGRETS (Original Single) By Tired All the Time

Music like you’ve never experienced before, brought to you by the mind-numbingly talented band, Tired All The Time. Geniuses at work; they’ve been destroying one record after another ever since their debut in 2017 and are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon! So, join the ride with their latest mind blowing single, “Regrets” that bravely brings havoc on this insane consumerist cycle that we’re stuck in.

Formed in 2017, the band has become an overnight global sensation as they’ve instantly branded themselves with music that beautifully tackles social construct problems. Backed by their unmatched skills to bend the fabric of genres to their own desires, their music is incredibly catchy and melodic as it resonates between the walls of your mind in an endless loop of musical entertainment. Set to build their own music kingdom, the band’s already amassed a worthy fan base among different social media platforms that enjoy their library of over 20 unique songs featuring 20 unique stories!

“Tired All The Time” is a daring masterpiece that I feel compelled to share with the world as it connects flawlessly with that inner conversation about everything that’s gone wrong in the world. Bringing down the firestorm upon this broken consumerist society and self-reflecting on how on earth did we end up in this abyss that we keep sinking deeper into. Backed by an incredible synergy between instruments that flow in perfect harmony and the undeniable songwriting skills that the band has accumulated over the years, this single is bound to be their greatest production to date as it is flawless in every way possible!

It’s always been incredible to watch out for these guys as they’ve never disappointed, and we’re on our toes as we can’t wait to witness how the future will unfold! So, join the fun and discover Alt-Rock music in its best suit yet and be sure to share it around for the world to realize the power of music, especially with a song as captivating as “Regrets.” You can discover more about the band by following them on their social media platforms and by subscribing to their streaming services!

Pakman (Original Single) By Ranski Gleechie


This is the second time I’ve covered this iconic rapper, and he’s surely quite an interesting character. Ranski Gleechie is a talented artist that’s become an overnight sensation with his undeniable songwriting skills and an arsenal of topics he carries around in his mind. Out now with his second single about the hunt for the neighborhood pot dealer, featuring his first take on providing a more uplifting and entertaining mood for his style of music. “PakMan” is out on all platforms already and it’s dominating the charts quite impressively, to say the least!

Forged out of chaos, Ranksi’s life has never been easy, and that’s probably why he’s become a mind-blowing rapper. With five years of his life in federal prison, Ranski is determined to turn his life around by drawing inspiration from those pits of hell that he’s been through. Revered for his music and stories, his songs hit that soft spot that just connects him with his audience like nothing I’ve seen before, and it is truly worthy of admiration. Talented beyond measure and backed with that unique thick voice that just demands attention.

Ranski’s career has been nothing short of impressive as he’s amassed over 150,000 streams for his music on Spotify and over 28,000 monthly listeners, with “PakMan” contributing to almost 20% of those! Set to mark his greatest release to date, the single is flawlessly written and perfected to hit that perfect note that his listeners love and search for. Genius at work, the song is a chaotic yet harmonized mix of beats and melodies that captures the essence of the song while highlighting his beautifully written lyrics that make the song iconic.

Join the journey and keep track of this incredible artist. Start streaming his music and discover his ever-growing library that keeps on giving. Share the songs around for the world to enjoy and expand his reach by joining him on all his streaming platforms! You can join his social media platforms to get notified of his upcoming releases and projects.

YSL (Original Single) By Proklaim

I’ve always been convinced that if the heart wants something, there’s no power on earth that’s capable of keeping the mind from pursuing it, and this artist is living proof of this. Proklaim is a talented African rapper that’s recently taken the world by storm as he’s been releasing one hit song after another throughout this year. “YSL” is one of those incredible releases, and it’s one song you need to have in your playlist or you’d be missing out on a lot more than just music and entertainment!

Proklaim’s music is proof that you can never keep the heart away from its desires. Starting out through life, Alexander Kiremire, AKA Proklaim, was just like every other child in Zambia, and as he’s grown, his passion for music has slowly ignited throughout his pursuit of his higher education. It wasn’t until his last year at university that he decided to take on his love for music as a full-time job and Proklaim came to exist. Backed by an unimaginable determination and dedication to becoming a global sensation, he’s invested countless hours into branding himself through his unique music and studying the art of legendary artists like Wutang Clan, Lauryn Hill, Nas, Tupac, Eminem, Big Pun, and Jay-Z that influenced his style, delivery, and character.

“YSL” is one stunning production that stood out from his countless releases as it is an undeniable statement of Proklaim’s talents and skills. Featuring an incredibly catchy beat that beautifully synergizes with the song’s incredible lyrics in flawless harmony, it is evident that this song has taken Proklaim an insane amount of time and effort to perfect all of its details. Complex, stunning and captivating, you need to be ready to experience this song as I’m certain you’ll be vibing to its tunes on repeat for a long time!

Support the rising talent that’s bound to take over the industry as hard work will pay off! Support Proklaim by streaming his music on SoundCloud and Spotify and sharing it around for the world to enjoy. Join his social media platforms to be the first to get notified of his upcoming releases and projects!

Big Bagz (Original Single) by Just M & Daffi

Forget all about motivational speakers, this single will have you empowered motivated, and ready for all what life has to offer.  Just M & Daffi has released his debut single “Big Bagz” and I am honored to be sharing it with the world, “Big Bagz” is truly a single like never before, it’s addictive. I don’t know what the single was laced with but it was definitely laced with something because the confidence and sheer power it gives is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, you must listen to it to believe it.

Big Bagz (Original Single) is a collaboration between African-Australian artist Just M and London born but Sydney based artist Daffi. Big Bagz is both of their debut single and all I can say is I can’t wait for more, If this is what they debuted with then the road to stardom will definitely be a fast one for these two inspirational talents.

Just M & Daffi have definitely created the hip-hop drill track of the ages. Both under the same record label Kvng Music, Just M, and his Label Kvng Music are aspiring to change the Australian music scene with international sound and collaborations with international artists to bridge the gap between Australia and the rest of the world.

When it comes to Just M and Daffi their music is definitely inspirational and addictive. They have put time, effort and skill into improving themselves and their craft, with Daffi even having moved away from London to Sydney to give himself an opportunity for a better life, as he was prior s mixed up in the dangerous street life. It takes a strong and willful man to be able to put his past away and prioritize himself and his goals.

You must give Big Bagz (Original Single) by Just M & Daffi a listen, a truly unforgettable song. And dont forget to like and follow all their social media platforms to always remain up to date on Just M and Daffi so you don’t miss a minute of their latest news and releases.

We’ll Meet Again (Original EP) by Virgø

One of the best Gangsta Rap Ep’s Ive ever listened to, and I guarantee you will love it too. Virgø from Honolulu, Hawaii, has released his first ever EP and its nothing short of revolutionary. We’ll Meet Again. (Original EP) is a 6 track Ep that will captivate you and have you in a choke hold.

We’ll Meet Again. (Original EP) by Virgø is a gangsta rap album with hints of hip hop intertwined to create for a unique experience that will have you addicted. Virgø is truly an up and coming artist that deserves all your support and recognition, he has impressively made this whopping six track EP in 2 months.


All the singles in this EP are powerful yet unique, having a connecting vibe that makes them perfect for a continuous streaming session to understand and feel what Virgø had in mind while creating this marvelous EP. Personally, my favorite single of this Ep is “West Coast Park” with its energetic vibe that just gets you pumped up and energized.

Virgø is one talented and skilled artist that will surely get slingshot into stardom quickly with the way his music is going. You must give We’ll Meet Again. (Original EP) by Virgø a listen, it is one revolutionary Ep that you must experience. And don’t forget to like and follow all of Virgø’s social media to always be up to date on his latest news and releases.

Walking Towards Eternity (Original Single) By Filip Dahl

There’s a great saying that goes, “If you want a thing done right, do it yourself” and Filip Dahl must have had this quote echoing through his mind on repeat as he’s built his music empire. The talented icon is revered for his ability to go over and beyond with instrumental perfection as he pushes his music to the limit! Discover his latest EP as I take you on a ride with seven unique songs perfected by his simple acoustic guitar skills and incredibly clever songwriting skills. Enjoy a memorable experience that’ll live on forever with “Walking Towards Eternity”.

The solo artist has dedicated countless hours to perfecting his art by ensuring all aspects of his music are performed by him. Stealing the scenes again after withdrawing from the music industry in the early 2000s, Filip was never a new face to fame, and he’s back to take what has always been his. Beyond music, Filip is the founder of one of the world’s greatest music studios throughout the 80s and 90s called “Brygga”. I believe that with his music experience spanning over 20 years and his unmatched instrumental skills that flawlessly resonate energy and emotions back to his audience, Filip Dahl will become a global sensation within a record-breaking time.

The latest EP, featuring seven unique tracks, is an incredibly well produced piece by Filip that pushes his skills to the limit. With each song telling a unique story that’s influenced by the life of Filip, it’s set to connect with your minds through nothing more than a simple guitar and his angelic voice. To be fair, it doesn’t come as a surprise to see Filip so iconic with his music as he’s been influenced by titans of the industry like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Kansas, Marillion, and Dream Theater and he’s surely done them proud.

So! Join the fun and discover the resurrection of one of the world’s most iconic artists and multi-instrumentalists. Enjoy music like never before and engulf yourselves with an unforgettable experience that’ll resonate throughout a lifetime! Be sure to show him all the love and support by sharing his music around, and discover more about this living legend by checking out his social media platforms on Facebook. Instagram and YouTube.


Soul Steady Rock (Original Single) by Neepz

Reggae music has always had a special place in my heart, and ever since I’ve learned of this latest release, I’ve been thrilled to tell the world about it. “Soul Steady Rock” is a reggae collaboration by the talented Neepz and the revered Kabasi that’s worthy of all the recognition and admiration as it has beautifully captured the essence of this genre and created a memorable tune out of it. The flawless synergy of talents and music combined with the heartfelt back story of this song will surely blow your mind away so stay tuned!

Get ready to discover the story behind this collaboration as it feels like a movie. With their relationship sparking out of mutual love for each other’s art, the two got in contact and dedicated their time to working on a song that beautifully merges their skills and talents to create a reggae masterpiece. Neepz instantly booked the first flight to Kabasi, where they began working on “Soul Steady Rock”. Backed by Kabasi’s godly career in Trinidad and Tobago and the reach Neepz has built over his time, the future surely does look bright for this incredible single!

The single is flawlessly written to capture two ambiances and synergize them into an experience that’ll resonate in your minds forever. Geniuses at work, the two managed to write the single to capture the sorrowful emotions of battling a horrible disease like cancer while lifting the moods by incorporating the Caribbean nature and vibes of Trinidad and Tobago. With the two racing against time, the song was produced in France by Erbe Riddim Productions, written in Tobago and LA, recorded and mixed in Tobago at the Stone Tower Studios, and finally released in LA through 1440 Entertainment, LLC.

The fact that these two managed to pull this off is alone worthy of your respect and support. So tune in and discover the beauty of reggae, enjoy the tunes as emotions explode throughout the song, and make the song reach out to the world so that everyone can experience it! Immortalize their music by sharing it around and discover everything there is about them by checking out their social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram!

No Consequences (Original EP) by Milo Venus

Seattle based singer and songwriter Milo Venus has blessed us with her debut EP “No Consequences” (Original EP) an indie bedroom/dream pop Ep that will have you addicted to its chill and relaxing vibe that’ll makes you feel safe and secure. Listening to this EP feels like the warmest and safest hug, it’s hard to explain but you need to listen to this marvelous Ep to understand and experience these unique emotions.

When it comes to Milo Venus her voice is truly angelic and engulfs your very being and essence with its soft tone, the Ep as a whole from melodies, composition, vocals, and the vibe is something that is magical and needs to be experienced to understand. Milo tells us that the influences of “No Consequences ” is the album metronomy forever, English riviera (by metronomy), as well as the ep minor (by Gracie Abrams).

Milo has truly outdone herself with her debut EP, and I can’t wait for more of her magnificent art to be released as she’s currently working on new singles that will be coming out soon. Milo is a skilled artist who puts hard work and effort into herself as she has just completed a month-long music internship through the museum of pop culture this summer and even played a sold-out show, the sky is the limit when it comes to Milo Venus.

You must check out Milo Venus, and give her latest and debut EP “No Consequences” a listen. And don’t forget to like and follow all her social media platforms to always be up to date on her latest news and releases, I’m sure you won’t want to miss a second of the upcoming rising star Milo Venus

Hopeless Romantic (Original Single) by ALEJ

When it comes to Alej, his music just never stops surprising me. Alej is plain and simple a marvelous talent with insane vocals and a catchy addictive music style. His latest release that aired on September 30th is one hell of a single, Hopeless Romantic (Original Single) is an electronic dance pop single with a positive vibe that’s out of this world.

Alej is set to release a new album that I just can’t seem patient enough for, and “Hopeless Romantic” is going to be the second single in that upcoming album following the first single which is going to be “Infectious” that we have also fallen in love with and reviewed in august, you must definitely check it out as well if you haven’t already.

I cant get enough of Alej and neither will you, with his creative and catchy melodies and stellar vocal performance, he also writes lyrics that will capture your heart. “Hopeless Romantic” is about wanting to have a relationship with someone despite knowing that it’s all just a fantasy, something we’ve all passed through at a certain point in our lives, and this single just brings back the nostalgia of these feelings in an extremely relatable way.

Hopeless Romantic (Original Single) is definitely a banger that will blow you away, it all just blends beautifully together making for an unforgettable experience. Destined for the top charts, you must give Hopeless Romantic (Original Single) by ALEJ a listen. And don’t forget to follow and like all his social media platforms to always be up to date on his latest news and releases.


Street Fighter (Original Single) by KidVitals Ft. Dreamworld Tony

Outgoing and motivational music that will raise your vibe, that is what KidVitals “Street Fighter” (Original Single) is all about. The impeccable single is one of a kind with an uplifting vibe like no other. KidVitals has truly out done himself on this magnificent and addicting track.

Street Fighter (Original Single) is a electronic pop single with autotuned rap that just ties the single together in a way that has you in a choke hold. The single was made featuring the talented Dreamworld Tony, who is the main head in KidVitals and Dreamworld Tony’s collective called “Dreamworld”.

Talented, creative, and skilled, KidVitals wrote this single to motivate us all with the positive and relatable lyrics all about empowerment, adapting, & perseverance of the listener. KidVitals even tells us : ” I felt it was my duty as an artist to uplift my fellow creatives, hustlers, & audience as I accept I am a role model for the youth & anyone else who looks up to me or my work”. And he really is one great role model to look up to because spreading positivity and empowerment in our tough world is something to be praised and looked up for in our hard world, that tries to crush everyone in its grasp.

Words cannot describe “Street Fighter” as its one catchy unique track that is sure to grab your attention, not to mention all the elements that perfectly synergize and make for one mesmerizing sound and melody. KidVitals Vocalized this track and I can only applause him with the great performance he has given us.

I am in love with this single and Im sure you will too, you must give Street Fighter (Original Single) by KidVitals Ft. Dreamworld Tony a listen. And dont forget to follow KidVitals and Dreamworld Tony’s on their journey as they are remarkable artists that deserve attention and recognition.

Money & Nicotine (Original Single) By Sleeping Together

Fairytale material, that’s what this band has achieved since they launched their music career. Unequivocal success, incredible vocals, breathtaking instrumentals, and all the perfected tweaks and fixes that have made this band a global sensation in less than 3 months of launching their career. Sleeping Together is the band in question, and you need to know about them as they’re simply performing at a completely different level of quality and creativity than any other artist today.

The band came together in late 2022 after meeting up during the lockdown periods of the COVID-19 pandemic. The four musketeers of the band are Alexander Lloyd-Jones, the angelic vocalist; Jason Javier Dominguez, the mad drummer; Ryan Williams, bass guitar; and Mike Corry, the incredible lead guitarist. The four came from different parts of Britain and are now performing as independent artists through a single band. Through their short careers, they’ve managed to achieve what would have taken other artists years to accomplish. With their first release gaining over 4k streams in less than a month, they received a spot on Spotify’s official ‘UK & IE Fresh Finds Playlist and they’ve instantly gained recognition and were dubbed one of John Kennedy’s three “Hot Ones” on the Radio X show. With their music receiving massive local and global appeal, we’re thrilled to discover how far they’re able to push their career in the near future!

Mark your calendars as “Money & Nicotine” is going live on October 14th and it’s everything you’ll need to make your music playlist perfect. The single features a simple but interesting alt-rock melody that goes nuts on that one friend that keeps taking his work everywhere he goes and just never has fun, even when he’s out with friends. The fun creative melody was written to reflect upon this issue, and it beautifully captured the essence of how this habit makes life less enjoyable for the person and everyone around them. The catchy tunes and flawless melodies backed by a beautiful instrumental harmony that focuses on the lyrics of the single is set to mark their greatest release to date, so be sure to stream it the second it goes live!

One of the fastest growing bands of 2022 is looking for your support to become a global sensation, so join the fun and stream their music, share it with your friends, and as always, join their streaming and social media platforms to get updates on their latest music projects and releases!


War’s the Noise (Original Single) By Intercontinen7al

If you are ever faced with that silly statement, “How can music change the world? It’s just music!”, then all you’ve got to do is tell them about the story of Intercontinen7al’s latest release, “War’s The Noise”. The classic rock release is part of an upcoming project that’s set out to change the world by having all its proceeds funneled into a Ukrainian refugee relief fund. That said, “War’s The Noise” is a masterpiece of rock music that’s explosive with energy and just electrifies the room it’s blasting in!


Intercontinen7al is one band you’ll never experience anywhere else, as their story is fairytale material. Banded through BandLab during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the band features 22 musicians from all over the globe. In fact, Intercontinen7al is the only band in the world to have its music recorded and produced on all 7 continents! Since their debut, they’ve recorded and released 12 original songs targeted toward funding charities and helping others during these hard times. Worthy of all the support and recognition, be sure to check out “War’s The Noise” to hit two birds with one stone, fund the cause and enjoy good music!


“War’s The Noise” is the result of geniuses at work who’ve dedicated countless hours to perfecting every minor detail of the song’s instrumentals and lyrics. Insisting on capturing the essence of war and peace in the song, they’ve created an incredible build-up of instrumental melodies that explodes towards the finale of the single. Combined with the thought-provocative lyrics of the single, the rock classic is set to become the song to go to when speaking about the Ukrainian-Russian war. Discover music as you’ve never seen before and enjoy the mixture of cultures that worked and contributed to perfecting it.

Intercontinental’s presence on social media and other platforms has been recently gaining traction since they announced their upcoming album. So be sure to follow them on their platforms to get notified as soon as the album goes public.

You can discover everything about the bank through their website at

Proud Of It (Original Single) by Ranski Gleechie

Ranski Gleechie the Canadian, Toronto based rapper returns to us louder and better than ever, after his unfortunate 5 year hiatus, he has released one of the greatest rapping singles I’ve heard in a while, Proud Of It (Original Single) is his first debut single after the hiatus and its an amazing rap single with hints of hip-hop embedded inside.

The high profile rapper Ranski Gleechie has finally returned to the scene after years of absence due to serving his 5 year federal sentence. Before he left us he was heating up the Toronto music scene with the “FDF” and Northside jane movement.  Formally known for his single “Ballin No Gym” that racked up unimaginable views and streams during his incarceration.

I am in love, astonished, and astounded by this mesmerizing single. “Proud Of It” is just a straight up banger that hits the spot, perfect for a late night car ride, to enjoy with friends, and sing it at the top of your lungs. The cool lyrics of this single along with the addictive beats just make for the combination of a lifetime. He also tells us that he’s “Still @ BandCamp”.

Ranski Gleechie is set to release a project before the end of the summer called “Free Pistol” dedicated to his co defendant who is still serving federal time. I cant wait for its release, because if Ranski Gleechie has taught me anything its to always expect the greatness when it comes to his music.

You must give Proud Of It (Original Single) by Ranski Gleechie a listen, a truly one of a kind single. And don’t forget to like and follow all his social media to always be up to date on his latest news and releases.

Tønder (Original Single) by Chip Pirrs

Chip Pirrs releases his second monthly single, Tønder (Original Single) a calm and soothing indie pop track with hints of 80s rock that will drive you insane with joy and compassion. the merging of genres Chip Pirrs exhibits in his singles just makes for a magical experience that anyone would enjoy.

Tønder (Original Single) will be the 2nd single to be in his Ep along with his earlier release this year titled “A.S.M.R” both singles will be included in his Ep “Places I’ve Left myself” that is set to release later this year, he will also be releasing a new single the last day of the month so stay tuned to find out more when its released, because I can’t get enough of Chip Pirrs music and neither will you.

Tønder (Original Single) is titled after a small town in Denmark called Tønder And as Chip Pirrs explains it is where the two people in the song go to get married. They decide marrying is the best way to save their relationship that has been suffering from time and distance. They hope the excitement and the adventure is something that will tie them together, but it ultimately ends in disaster at least they tried…

The single is meaningful hopeful and encompasses a lot of emotions. The legendary Chip Pirrs stays true to himself as you can still hear a lot of his unique elements from when he started making music in 2010. Chip pirrs is an inspiring artist with outstanding talent.


You must give Tønder (Original Single) by Chip Pirrs a listen, and don’t forget to follow and like his social media, always to be updated on his latest news and releases. I can assure you, you don’t want to miss his next release which will definitely blow you away.

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Sparky’s Bargain Warehouse (Original Album) by Saucy Posse

Saucy Posse has released a new album, Sparky’s Bargain Warehouse (Original Album) the magnificent 12-track indie rock album will for sure be your go to album for jamming and having fun, this album is definitely a fun and carefree album with unique and creative singles that will get caught in your head with their effortless simplicity and catchy melodies.

Saucy Posse was formed when two coworkers were having a beer after work one night and discovered their similar musical interests and thus decided to have a jamming session together and soon after Saucy Posse was born, the current band is formed by Dallin Nelson, playing the Guitar/Vocals. Ty Bonaventura, playing the Bass/Vocals. and last but not least Kritika Malhotra, playing the Drums. Their talents join together beautifully to have been creating the masterpieces in  “Sparky’s Bargain Warehouse”.

All of the tracks on Sparky’s Bargain Warehouse (Original Album) are amazing and magnetizing but my favorite is “Stay at Home Mom” with its catchy lyrics and melody that will definitely get stuck in your head as it has been living rent free in mine, not to mention the breathtaking melody and instrument playing in it. In general Saucy Posse really doesn’t disappoint with their music, they are the true embodiment of talent, rhythm, and creativity.

If you’re a fan of led Zeppelin you will surely like Saucy Posse as they have a similar vibe. You must give Sparky’s Bargain Warehouse (Original Album) by Saucy Posse a magnificent album by a magnetizing band. dont forget to follow and like their social media to always be up to date

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Cantrips (Original EP) by Natural Twenty

It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to such great work of art, Natural Twenty the band have released a new Ep that will catch you off-guard with its majestic melodies, lyrics, and vibe. Cantrips (Original EP) by Natural Twenty is a 4 track Ep that’s a mix of funk, soul, jazz, and RnB a combination that will put your mind in trance.

To tell you more about Natural twenty the members are : Fred, Jason, and Robin, Canadian born Filipinos living in Calgary, Alberta. And Rauth, Dylan, and Seyoung, they have decades of songwriting and performing experience. The members of Natural twenty just have perfect chemistry and synergy that gives the vibe that they have been performing together for decades.

Each of the singles on the Ep are amazing with “Date Your Devil” being my favorite with its unique thick and guttural vocals that are matched with a melody that supports it with a magnificent guitar solo. The tracks on Cantrips are all different and unique yet with a similarly addictive and catchy vibe that makes you want to listen to it on repeat. The vocals on “digging our own” remind me of Damiano David the lead singer of Maneskin.

To state the truth, Natural Twenty has outdone themselves with Cantrips (Original EP)  it is a revolutionary Ep that will relax you and go perfectly well on a soothing night, Natural Twenty is definitely shifting the funk scene like never before with their mesmerizing tracks.

You must give Cantrips (Original EP)  by Natural Twenty a listen, an amazing Ep by talented artists that deserves a listen. Give them a follow on their social media to get to know their most recent news, and be notified whenever they have a future release, so you never miss a moment of Natural Twenty’s journey.

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Best Thing That I Ever Did (Original Single) By Allie Jason

The young and talented artist from Cape Cod, United States, is already taking on the world at the young age of 27. Talented, pretty, unique, and catchy, Allie Jason is one artist you need to watch out for or you’d be missing out. A stunning new release by the brilliant rising star “Best Thing That I Ever Did” is out on all platforms and I’m here to tell you all about it.

Allie is a one-woman show, managing everything in her music. As a vocalist, writer, producer, and engineer, she is willing to go all the way to attain the quality of work that she deems worthy, and that makes sense to me as she’s been influenced by great artists like Jim Morrison, Lorde, Lana Del Ray, and Billie Eilish. Her music stems from real experiences and authentic emotions that are beautifully portrayed in this latest single. In her own words, “Emotions are the root of all, so heal what has been tampered with, so that you can lead a life worth falling in love with. Take comfort in knowing that you’re all you’ve got, so make your body, mind, and soul a beautiful place to live.”


You know a song will be great when it stems from personal experiences and is an expression of explosive emotions. “Best Thing I Ever Did” is exactly that. Sparked by a bad breakup and molded by Allie’s interesting character, the song is more about her gratitude to herself for allowing her to let go of this toxic love. The song is a thank you by the artist to herself for taking one of the hardest decisions of her life. Experiencing the song really captures the essence of Allie’s angelic voice and shows how much she’s dedicated to perfecting the melodies of this piece. It is evident that Allie’s talent will be going places, and it’s all a matter of her getting her big shot.

Enjoy this rising artist’s music as she paves the way for her success. Support her and relate to her music as it’s a little bit of each of us. Share it and stream it on Spotify and Soundcloud and don’t forget to follow her on all her social media platforms.

check her website at

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Wandering Aengus (Cover Single) By HERALD K

“Wandering Aengus” by Herald K offers a simple, relaxing tune with an authentic instrumental vibe and calming lyrics that’ll be your perfect companion after a long day.

Herald K is a three-man band featuring Herald K as lead vocalist and skilled guitarist, Markus Mayerhofer dominating the pedal steel guitar, and Navid Djawada on double bass. Bonded after a series of musical events, Navid and Markus were contacted by Herald for assistance on some tracks and they’ve been working together since then. Each with their own influences and background, the trio synergized their skills to create interesting music unmatched by anyone else in the genre. Their music is a true remedy for the soul, so be sure to stream it on a calm evening to get the full experience.

All three band members have had their own set of notable achievements, with Herald K playing a double concert with Canadian songwriter Freeman Dre in the club “Music Star”, and both Navid and Markus appearing on several radio stations, TV programs, and festival performances.

“Wandering Aengus” is regarded by Herald as his greatest piece yet, and he was enthralled when Navid and Markus agreed to work with him on it. Recorded during the lockdown period of the pandemic, the trio never actually met in person but still managed to make it work. Each section of the single was recorded individually, then mixed and mastered by Herald with the assistance of professionals, Robin Gillard for mixing and Walter Frotzler for mastering. A true masterpiece inspired by the 19th-century poem “The Song of Wandering Aengus” by William Butler Yeats, Herald dedicated hours to perfecting the single without removing its essence. Through dominant steel pedal guitar beats and astonishing double bass work, Harold flawlessly delivered his lyrical perfection while playing his guitar.

The single is Herald’s take on William Butler Yeats’s poem, and I hope you love it as much as I did. Show the band support if you do by sharing their music and subscribing to their channel.

You can find everything about the band at

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Dark Knight (Original Single) By Yelgo7

One of the bravest pieces I come across recently by the talented Yelgo7, a truly emotional song that lifts the spirits and clicks with you like nothing else. Titled “Dark Knight”, the original piece is a struggle rap song that features Latin funk and alternative rock that’ll surely engulf you with its captivating lyrics and stunning delivery.

Yousuf El Gohary, AKA Yelgo7, is a talented up-and-coming artist that’s been working with the music engineer legend, Greg Recchia. Meeting through Instagram, the two have been making music together since the start, with Yelgo7 as songwriter and vocalist and Greg providing his engineering magic to perfect the tunes, sounds, and everything else in between. Triggered by their love for hip-hop, pop, and alternative rock, the duo has been influenced by the likes of Logic, NF, MGK, and The Weeknd.

That said, “Dark Knight” is their musical masterpiece that was recorded in Trenton, New Jersey at Greg’s home studio. The rap song was molded around Logic’s beats and inspired by “Breath Control”, it truly shows how these two push their music. “Dark Knight” is a song that bravely tackles the issue of mental health and loneliness, a topic that not many artists dare to dive into. A great piece with a genuine emotional depiction that will surely connect with fans and listeners globally and to add it, Greg mastered the track in a flawlessly creative way that highlights the vocal emotions Yelgo7 is expressing. It’s a song that demands your attention. The last hook of the song even caught Greg off-guard as Yelgo7 goes into beast mode freestyling the last verses.

Stunning performance by the incredible Yelgo7. Stream “Dark Knight” share your experiences of the song, and subscribe to his social media channels.

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Dead Man’s Tale (Original Single) By Jefferson Parish

You know how sometimes you just want to experience all-around fun music, with no hidden messages, no sad stories, nor romantic ones for that matter, just a good song after a long day that offers good entertainment, well this one is exactly that. I’ve recently come across “Dead Man’s Tale” by the talented Jefferson Parish, and it’s been my go-to song after a hard day’s work since then. Stick around as I tell you the story of this single and everything will make sense.

“Dead Man’s Tale” is a simple song, entertaining, light-hearted, and just a good-vibes single that makes you happy. A song about two friends in an endless desert, drinking some booze and messing around until they stumble upon a town in the middle of nowhere that just hosts never-ending parties. Simple, creative, and entertaining, basically all the fun you want to experience in life. The song was recorded at the Lexus Nexus Studio in Youngstown, Ohio by engineer Alex Thomas, featuring Jefferson’s outstanding creative delivery, energetic tunes, and flawless mixtures of instruments and electronics that are just uplifting for the spirit.

Jefferson Parish is a recently rising artist that’s been receiving some outstanding recognition for his unique musical style. His music has already been featured in Amazon Prime’s Christmas movie “Worst Christmas Ever” and he’s recently become part of “The Needle Drop Collection” powered by Score A Score. He was influenced by titans of the industry like Prince, Madonna, Jay Z, and Mick Jagger; he knows how to aim big and is launching his own clothing line called “Muaegabi.”

Great music, energetic vibes, a talented artist, and a private clothing line; he’s got it all. So join him on his social media platforms and subscribe to his channels, stream his music on Spotify and SoundCloud. It’s going to be really interesting to see how the future unfolds for Jefferson, so be sure to keep up to date with all his creativity.

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City Lights (Original Album) By Sharl

Sharl’s latest album “City Light” is a flawless expressive piece of emotional perfection. An album forged during the misery of the global pandemic’s lockdown. It was during that self-reflection period that Sharl tuned and perfected the album that beautifully breaks down her life’s journey.

Sharl’s been a long way since her semi-finals debut during the International Songwriting Competition. Since then, her talents have received both local and global recognition receiving features on blogs, and radio stations with even the likes of PunkHead and covering her work! “City Light” has to be regarded as a career-changing production; a masterpiece of pop culture that beautifully highlights Sharl’s angelic voice and the talents backing her productions from behind the scenes.

Sharl is by no means new to fame and glory, but it was her ambition to build herself alone that made her start fresh. Previously signed by a popular UK indie record label, she’s been regarded as a skilled and experienced singer and songwriter. A quick flash to today: Sharl’s already released “City Lights” and boy has she done well. From the dark and lonely days of those Melbourne lockdowns, her self-reflection has been the pillar on which her emotional depiction shines. A breathtaking performance that captivates listeners that flawlessly synergizes with all the rhythmic explosions that just make everything so perfect. Blast out this latest album and experience the limits of raw talent, dedication, and hours of endless hard work. Have your breath taken away by the incredible “City Lights”.

Following the success of “I Fell In Love” from “City Lights”, a music video directed in Canberra by the talented George Tsotsos has already gone public and the fans have already gone nuts over it, so be sure to check it out as you blast out songs from the album. “I Fell In Love” is one song that beautifully stands out from “City Lights” due to how stunning Sharl’s performance was during that song.

Join us as we cover Sharl through her music career and be sure to follow her on all her channels to be the first to know about all her upcoming releases, projects, and tours.

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The Decline of the Flies and the Rise of Spiders (Original Album) By Tim Mechling

If I’m ever asked who the most talented rising instrumentalist of 2022 is, the answer would have to be Tim Mechling every single time. “The Decline of the Flies and the Rise of Spiders” is Tim’s latest masterpiece and it is truly an out-of-body experience best blasted out loud to provide an unforgettable immersive experience.

Tim Mechling’s instrumental talent is enough to give him the title “One Man Orchestra”. He flawlessly plays guitar, piano, organ, bass, and drums all while being the lead vocalist for the band. With him is Hannah Wyatt the talented violinist and John Swanke the beast of electric guitars. Tad Kroening and Hannah Wyatt both contribute “Spoken Word”.

Through desperation and sorrow, great things are born; the band came to exist as each of its members wanted to escape their reality and follow their passion for music. They met through Snohomish-based coffee shop open mics, horrible jobs, and social media which explains why they’re so dedicated to making it big in this industry as they’re nowhere else to go. It’s either this or nothing.

Influenced by great artists like Cormac McCarthy, Tom Waits, Godspeed You!, Black Emperor, Pink Floyd, Swans, Robert Crumb, and Steven Jesse Bernstein, they’ve dedicated their art to fit their idols and this dedication has not gone unnoticed. They’ve already received local recognition through gigs they’ve been performing at Subdued Stringband Jamboree, The Wild Buffalo, and The Shakedown. It’s only a matter of time before we see them performing globally and their talents recognized.

“The Decline of Flies and the Rise of Spiders” offers a uniquely immersive experience projected through the instrumental talents of Tim and supported by his vocal performance. The album features amazing solos by his support members and is a true statement of their talents. With 44 minutes of playtime and 9 unique tracks each with a unique identity, the album will surely get you lost in melodies.


An unmatched talent without the deserved recognition is always a heart-breaking sight to see. So be sure to stream their music and share it with your friends to show them all the support to keep blessing the world with incredible music and memorable experiences.



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Living (Original Single) By Near Death Experience (NDX)

A brilliant catchy original that has successfully summed up what summer is all about. This is exactly what Near Death Experience has created with “Living”; perfectly timed for the last few weeks of the season, the single features a perfection of tunes that will keep the party alive until your feet give up, so test the limits of your speakers and party like it’s the end of days.

Setting out to dominate the UK music scene since launching their music career in 2016, the four musketeers of Near Death Experience from Ealing, London, will stop at nothing before achieving their dreams. Recognized for their talents and unique delivery, they have been featured on stages of the likes of Dublin Castle, Fiddler’s Elbow, Underbelly, and Hope & Anchor with their music blasted out on the BBC Radio London for their 2017 EP “The Last Summer”.

 Their ability to expertly blend Rock and Soul to offer an experience that is unmatched by anything else has helped them develop their distinct character. This is eloquently illustrated by their newest hit.

This latest single is a powerful declaration by the band to the world that it is about time they recognize their talents. “Living” provides a musical experience unlike any in the industry, presenting a flawless mix of highs and lows that leave the listener wondering what will follow, along with a distinct 60s atmosphere and music that perfectly blends percussion, guitars, bass, and drums into a perfect musical performance. Are your parties even alive if you are not blasting out the “living”?

Near Death, Experience has already established their loyal fan base with over 4000 followers on Instagram and 2500 monthly Spotify listeners. They’ve succeeded at capturing the attention of the public through their distinct music and talents. Stream their music to experience the power of talent, skills, and dedication, and stream “Living” to unlock the next level of parties.

You can discover everything about the band and remain up to date with their latest projects and releases through their website at

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She’s Dancing (Original Single) by Zachary

15 year old singer-songwriter and guitarist Zachary has released a new song “She’s Dancing” an exuberant and lively acoustic pop single that will get you addicted to listening to it.

She’s Dancing by Zachary is as catchy as a track and comes with simple easy yet meaningful lyrics that you need to sing along to on car rides. Zachary has amazing guitar skills and is a masterful payer but it doesn’t compare to his lush and caring vocals.

She’s Dancing is about a girl who appears as if her life is perfect, though inside, she feels insecure and lost. something many people can relate to as we all put composed and great fronts where in reality were 2 mins away from a mental breakdown. I am in love with She’s Dancing by Zachary you must give it a listen.

I am still amazed by the way this single makes me feel, and gives a heart felt and vulnerable state that will hit your emotional strings. This single is truly magnetizing and will definitely have you playing it on repeat with its simple yet breathtaking vibe.

Zachary is a true talent who must reach the top with his incredible skills and insights.

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Existential Dread (Original Single) By 9 o’clock Nasty

I’m not always impressed by goofy chaotic acts but damn this band has mastered chaos with their own incredible twist. 9 O’Clock Nasty is one band I’m happy to be covering as their energy is through the roof. Their latest release, “Existential Dread” is an incredible new release by the band that falls in the garage punk rock genre. Combined with flawless vocal work coupled with astonishing guitar and drum skills, I can feel the rock gods looking down at 9 O’Clock Nasty and giving them the thumbs up.

“Existential Dread” is played by the band and is part of their I Am Unicorn Head project that has been at work for months. Drums and guitars are combined with amazing vocals to make the song even more powerful. “Existential Dread” dives deep into the existential crisis everyone goes through, and I’ve been able to relate to the song on different levels; I believe you will too.

Under all their chaotic madness, the band has always conveyed profound messages with their songs. I believe that is their secret to connecting with their fans as, despite their crazy, energetic, uncommon delivery style, they still manage to provide star-quality music. Their recent releases have been massive successes, as can be seen by the massive traction they’ve been picking up.


The band has recently enjoyed some success; its distinct fusion of rock and pop, together with its euphoric personalities and performances, has found enormous appeal on a global scale. As a result of their talent, they already have a large fan base supporting them in their musical career. Their social media presence is constantly expanding and gaining more traction due to the success they’ve found with their previous single, “Team Player” that successfully connected to fans. So stop what you’re doing, log on to your preferred music streaming service, and start listening. Don’t forget to follow the band on social media, subscribe to their channel, and listen to their most recent music releases at their personal website,

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Wuss (Original Single) By Snakedoctors feat. Ada Nike

We’re glad to announce that SnakeDoctors are back with an amazing new single that is breaking all records. The amazing band has released their 4th single promoting their upcoming album “Four and a Half” titled “Wuss” and trust us this song is hilarious, catchy, and tells one hell of a relatable story that every listener will connect to.

“Wuss” is a story about a guy who keeps having opportunities thrown at him left and right but is too blind to notice them until it is too damn late or just insists on focusing on all the wrong stuff instead of grasping these chances as one would grasp for dear life. Sounds familiar no? Well, it should be as we’re certain each and every single one of both you and us have had a similar situation occur to them before.

The single has been released in two versions; a radio version mixed by Matt’a Gerhard’a at his studio in Austin, TX known for his work with Spoon and mastered by Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin at Metropolis Studios in London, and another version released differently.

SnakeDoctors are four friends who started the band in Gdansk, Poland in May 2020 and have released 19 singles and 4 albums since then. The band has been having incredible success locally and globally with their previous releases and is hoping to destroy their previously set records with “Wuss”. With their songs breaking records locally, “Close That Door” was number one for over 30 weeks in Poland at Radio Olsztyn Top 40; “Too Many” number one at Radio Olszyn; “Crime Story” at Top 40 at no. 1 at Radio Ostrowiec Top 20. We sure will be keeping a close eye on SnakeDoctors in the future and so should you as the band is undoubtedly going places as they have proven they’ve got the talent and skills to back it up.

The band has already packed up some serious traction in terms of a global fan base with over 6000 monthly Spotify listeners. So be sure to check them out and show them all the support and appreciation for the awesome art they have been creating lately and be sure to check out their personal website to remain up to date with their latest music productions, releases, and projects at

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Are You Thinking of Me (Original Single) By The Starkillers

The Starkillers have officially released their own original song and we can wait to tell you all about it. This summer, listen to the new rock band back in business and their new single, “Are You Thinking Of Me”.mer.

Following a long relationship together and a few gigs here and there, the band formed in 2020 with Jon Omen – as lead vocal, Chris Panic – as bass, Doc Taylor – as the drummer, and Mike Fiedel – as guitarist. Their past relationship has helped pave the way to create unbelievable harmony and synergy in this band’s performance, an uncommon characteristic with most newly formed bands.

Their latest release, “Are You Thinking of Me” is an incredible new rock song released by the band and it has been picking up a lot of traction lately. The theme comes as a part of an upcoming album release that will speak about the different emotional stages of a toxic relationship and breakup. A topic that the band believes will be able to connect to a massive audience through.

A song like “Are You Thinking Of Me” should appeal to listeners who may feel like they are the ones pulling the relationship with their significant other forward on their own as if the other person cares not a whit. As described by The Starkillers themselves, “With the single, we wanted to express that difficult time when you knew something wasn’t going to work out in a relationship, and the frustration that comes with that self-realization”

Looking to play their first major gig as a band on September 22, 2022, at DLC in the Quarter Arcade Bar in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah; so if you are in the vicinity be sure to drop by for a fantastic performance.

That said, be sure to show all the love and support for this talented band on all their social media platforms and be sure to check out their personal website at to remain up to date with their latest music projects and plans. Also once again, if you can make it to their first performance on the 22nd of September make sure to do so as it is going to be a night to remember.


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Denver (Original Album) By Royce DeZorzi

Royce Dezorzi is a rising talented guitarist that is proving to be exceptionally talented and is rapidly growing within the instrumentalist’s musical space. The artist has been around for a while tuning and experimenting with his guitar skills before releasing his latest album release “Denver” which stands proof of the effect consistent work and dedication have on a person’s ability to provide exceptional content.

“Denver” is an album that inspired and helped out Royce while he fell ill for several months in 2022. The album composed of 14 songs tells his journey of healing from his illness while depicting his struggles and difficulties along the way. It can simply be said that as a guitarist, the album represents his purest expression of his feelings during his illness. Royce’s talent lies in the ability to deliver guitar notes that feel familiar to listeners while remaining completely original and original. Royce even shared with us that some songs were improvised and recorded live at his house, but refused to share with us which songs specifically. We’d like to leave the space for you guys to try and pick out which songs you think were improvised by this talented guitarist.

Royce describes it as a soothing journey of solo acoustic guitar in a Folk/Americana style, and that is what “Denver” is all about.

So, if you’ve been remotely fascinated by guitars, have a love for instrumental performances, or are just looking to try something original, give Royce a shot and start streaming “Denver” as it’s been an incredibly fun and chill journey listening to his album. His songs do not invade your space and are perfectly suited for playing out in the background of your everyday routine to accompany you throughout your day. Start streaming the album on his Spotify account, which has over 250 monthly listeners.

Be sure to follow him on all his social media platforms to show him your support and love and to check out his personal website to remain up to date with his latest projects and musical adventures at

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The wait is finally over fellas so get ready for an amazing new single by LEOGO. After performing a massively impressive amount of over 1400 gigs throughout Germany, the United States, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands; the band has finally blessed us with their next single “Four Minute Mile” inspired by true events that they’ve been through.

The three members of LEOGO have successfully synergized together in perfect harmony; this has had to be one of the major factors that contributed to the massive success their music has been receiving. Their music always ends up perfect because each of them utilizes his or her skills flawlessly.

Anna Azarov Photography

Patrick Phelan the visionary of the bunch is an artist that specialized in songwriting, guitar, and vocals; Mark Mckee is a great producer that is running everything behind the scenes with production and mixing. Mark is also highly skillful behind the Synth, Guitars, and Keys. Finally, we’ve got Kaitlin Wolfberg with the angelic voice and string arrangements.

With over 1400 live shows performed, we believe it is enough introduction of the bunch since we should be concentrating on their latest masterpiece. ‘FOUR MINUTE MILE’ is based on the true events that occurred to one of the band members when they were forced to make one of life’s most difficult decisions; divorcing their wife and cutting all ties to her. Despite the difficulty of making difficult decisions, the song beautifully illustrates the struggle and inspires the listener to be proud of their decisions. People are truly inspired by the song to be who they are and not to be ashamed of their identity. Bob Dylan’s style of music is heavily influenced by the music of “FOUR MINUTE MILE” as AutoTune is prominently used throughout the song to enhance the emotional content.

Anna Azarov Photography

The band is highly inspired by great artists like Post Malone, The Strokes, Bon Iver, Kanye West, Bob Dylan and with your support will be as great as their idols. So hop on Spotify and start streaming their latest masterpiece, we promise you will not be regretting it.

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Zona Prohibida (Remastered Edition Original Single) By HORIZONTE LIED

Horizonte Lied is a highly established well renowned artist that started his music career back in the year 1992. Found in Monterrey, Mexico, the band remained underground until 1996 before turning professional and producing music full-time in 2001. Today, the band is resurfacing as they rebrand their old releases in re-mastered versions with improved more moderate sounds and better technology.


Horizonte Lied’s latest re-mastered masterpiece originally released in 2001, “Zona Prohibida” is one song you will not want to miss out on. The song recaptures the essence of the 2000s as it was one of the first fully produced and arranges songs based on a smaller demo by Alex, It was the first song to be updated from hardware synths to an Impulse tracker sequence with more complicated samples, EFX, and melodies, and later tracked in Cubase.

The band is a trio of talented and highly skilled artists with years of experience to back them up;
Alex Ezert – Production, programming, keyboards, and backing vocals;
Bernardo Garza – Keyboards, percussions, and sound design;
Jesús Logar – Lead Vocals, keyboards, and sound design
Inspired by legends of artists and performers like Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, Recoil, Soda Stereo, Clan of Xymox, Cause and Effect, Simple minds, A-HA, Duran Duran, Rush, the band has always dreamed and achieved big along their long musical career.

This latest release of “Zone Prohibida” comes as a first in a series of long projects titled “The Final Remasters” that aims to re-master all of the band’s major releases and modernize them to fit the 2022 genre. Masters at their art, Horizonte Lied are expected to break all boundaries with this incredible project.
For a band that has been away for a while and recently resurfacing, they have an impressive set of loyal fans that still stream their music with almost 500 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 6000 followers on Facebook. For the 2000s these were truly massive numbers.

So hop on the hype train as these legends rebrand themselves to the new generation and get to experience incredible 2000s re-mastered music.

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Extraordinary (Original Album) By Todd Underwood

Todd Underwood is back with a great new album that will keep you entertained for a while. His latest album “Extraordinary” plays for a good 40 minutes featuring Todd Underwood behind the Guitar, The Bass, The Drums, The Vocals, and literally any sound played throughout the album. Put simply, this artist is the true definition of a one-man show with the talent and skills to play an incredible amount of instruments professionally.

Todd Underwood is by no means a new player to the music scene, inspired by the likes of U2, The Police, AC/DC, and more modernly, Saosin, Edison Glass, and Jimmy Eat World. His music is a combination of rock with a nice inspiring calmness to it, Pop with a weird twist to it; his style was best described by a quote from a review on the artist that described him as “Genre Smashing”. His art is unique to him and that’s why you will love him as he’s providing the music you won’t be found anywhere else.

You might have not directly heard of Todd Underwood before but we can almost guarantee you’ve heard his music and art before. Throughout his 30 years of a music career, Todd played with members of Sly and the Family Stone, Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad), TMac (Travis McNabb – drummer for Sugarland and more), has composed and performed music for sports television for over 30 years of including everything Major League Baseball to the Dog Whisperer. Todd was the recipient of many Tele awards during this period.

The latest album “Extraordinary” features 12 unique songs written and performed by Todd Underwood that are guaranteed to brighten up your day with energy and positive vibes. His music is truly refreshing and his vocals are perfect. The album comes as the exact opposite of his previous album “Upside Down” as Todd is trying to depict to the world the freedom everyone’s feeling now that the Covid-19 pandemic is no longer as severe as it once was.

So make sure to check out Todd’s latest album and support him on all his social media platforms so that he gets the recognition and support he truly deserves to become a global artist.


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Forgive Me Brother, I’m Leaving America (Album) By Michael Go

Michael Go is a new talent that we feel privileged to spotlight due to his angelic voice. After two incredible singles, Michael decided to go all in on his latest album release “Forgive Me, Brother, I’m leaving America”. We really don’t know what you’ve been listening to lately, but that is one album that you would not want to miss out.
Michael is truly worth keeping an eye on as he shows the world what he can offer them. As a producer, artist, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, and a drawer; this artist’s skills have allowed him to bend music genres so flawlessly that it is, his music feels like an out-of-body experience. His music truly leaves you speechless and dreaming into the void. This sort of experience from music is not achievable by most artists as it truly requires a lot of talent to be able to deliver so flawlessly.

“Forgive Me Brother, I’m leaving America” has been in the making for a very long time; inspired by the heartbreaking suicide of Michael’s brother over 10 years ago, and the horrible state of American society today.
Michael hopes to have his music be a bridge for people to relate to in hard times and to provide enough support for his listeners to remain hopeful and inspired. The album features a beautiful mixture of electric sound mixes combined by Michael Go’s angelic voice offering the listeners a truly incredible experience.

Michael Go’s presence is already well established on his social media platforms with 400-500 followers and subscribers on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. His Spotify page has been gaining some serious traction following the release of his latest album with over 200 monthly listeners that are growing at an alarming rate. So be sure to show him all the love and recognition he deserves.

So, give Michael Go a chance, check out his latest album “Forgive Me Brother, I’m leaving America” and be sure to check out his other two singles, “Check” and “Do My Part”. This new talent will surely not leave you disappointed and you will be coming back for more.


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You’re a Nice Guy But… (Original Single) By Rich Chambers

Rich Chambers is back with another Rock n Roll resurrection to add to his list of achievements. His incredible contributions will bring back the glory days of Rock n Roll and his little twist will make it the perfect 2020s version of 80s Rock n Roll.

Rich Chambers is a rising artist and an incredibly talented one… A genius behind the guitar with incredible vocals and delivery accompanied by a performance worthy of a Grammy; Rich Chambers is truly an artist that’s worth keeping an eye on. In fact, he’s been described as Canada’s best-kept secret by the FLEX music blog and we quote “One of Canada’s best-kept secrets, Rich Chambers could easily become a household name in a matter of months!”. The road goes only up from here Rich Chambers.

His latest single “You’re a Nice Guy But…” is just incredible. Telling a story that everyone can relate to in combination with a series of insanely energetic guitars and drums and hilarious lyrics, the song is surely Rich’s next masterpiece. The story of the song is simply, Welcome to the friend zone with a crazy fun music video to back it up.

Aside from his style and music, Rich Chambers has over 16,000 likes on his Facebook page, 2500 Twitter followers, 3500 Youtube subscribers, and 4000 Instagram followers. This man has already made it and all he wants to do is entertain people. He already rocks over 17000 Spotify monthly listeners and over 2,000,000 streams of his music and over 1 million streams on “the Snow Miser vs. Heat Miser,” the masterpiece from his last album “Santa’s Rockin’ Band,”; Ladies and gentlemen, Rock N Roll hasn’t died and Rich is bringing it back.

So hop on Spotify and get on streaming check out his latest song “You’re a Nice Guy But…” then check out all his songs as the entertainment won’t be stopping. Also, be sure to check out his website to stay up to date with all his latest projects and music. 


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Unseen (Original Single) By venice lockjaw & StarAV

StarAV, the incredible artist is back again with a new incredible single that is going through the charts, so get those fire extinguishers ready because this latest release is on FIRE. The single comes with a collaboration of another rising artist known as Venice Lockjaw; a BEAST behind the guitar with great vocals and professional production.
StarAV and Venice Lockjaw’s collaboration came after StarAV stumbled upon Venice while hunting for collaboration for his next single. It’s as if talent is meant to find talent. “Unseen” has been recorded and re-mastered through different stages; Venice and StarAV recorded their pieces at StarAV’s home before going back and forth in a series of adjustments to release the final masterpiece of what you will be tuning in to. Sean Franco assisted in the vocals mix and Juan from PowerStudios mastered the track before having it published.
The song speaks about the ghosts of the past and the pursuit of dreams, something we all can relate to as we take on new entrepreneurship. Our past is pulling down on us as we push forward to achieve what we’re truly destined for. The storyline of the song depicts the burning of the past to achieve one’s dreams. As if the artist is trying to tell his audience it is okay to let go of things that have been holding you down in the past as long as you keep pushing forward. The music behind this piece features a mixture of drums and guitars and amazing vocals that all synergize to provide unmatched entertainment.


StarAV is a true talent inspired by the likes of Radiohead, Beach House & Arca; he’s determined to walk in their footsteps and become a global star. With a humble social media presence, StarAV is not holding back, giving it all he’s got as he works on building a bigger fan base. So, be sure to check his latest single “Unseen” ft Venice Lockjaw and once you’ve fallen in love with it, be sure to show him all the support and recognition he deserves.


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The Roof Falls In (Original Single) By O’Reilly & Vincent

If you’re looking for one entertaining couple to listen to while enjoying your time or cruising through a road trip then O’Reilly & Vincent are definitely what you are looking for.

Their latest release, ‘The Roof Falls In’ is one incredibly written song with super energetic guitars with lovely ‘clapping–tapping’ music that falls in the background combined with violin and flute; truly an interesting combination of instruments. The music simply tells a real story that occurred with these fellas in their own living room. Chilling one summer night, enjoying their everyday life, their damn roof fell right on the table between O’Reilly and Vincent. ‘Dust on the TV’ – ‘Glass on the Bar’ – “As The Sky Falls In” these are all lyrics in the songs that really depict exactly what happened. Did we mention that all the instruments played in the song were solely played by these two artists?

The events of that night, combined with the talent and skills of these two artists, created a really beautiful, funny song that you can vibe on while doing anything. It’s really nice seeing real-life event-inspired songs, as you can tell from the vocals and the delivery that these two had a perfect time writing the song.

Finn O’reilly is based in Dublin and has amassed massive success with this new release locally in the pubs. According to O’reilly, as the song plays, the pub goes nuts as it genuinely delivers beautiful, energetic, and fun vibes throughout the place. Rod Vincent, on the other hand, is based in Ludlow, United Kingdom.

The artists have a modest social media presence that they are actively expanding, and all their beautiful music is available on their Spotify page. So be sure to follow them on their social media pages to support them and enjoy what they have to offer on Spotify, with over 15 songs in their catalog of music, all full of energy and good vibes. Oh and make sure to check out   the links below to stay up to date with their latest projects

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Love Me Then (Original Single) by Yusufyoko

Yusufyoko self-made and self-taught musician has released a new revolutionary delight. Love Me Then (Original Single) is a LoFi- pop and electronic chill song that will catch you off-guard with its greatness.

Yusufyoko is a believer in experiencing life and enjoying it as it is, mostly in the shadows, but hopefully, he’ll show us his true self and be more open so that we can know more about this amazing and talented artist.

Yusufyoko writes his music about his life and his experiences his songs are like journal entries where he uses music as his language, which is why his music is so relatable, catchy, and enjoyable because it’s personal, something more artists should learn and commit to.

Love Me Then (original single )is about not having enough courage to be yourself fully, which causes you to have some sort of internal dialogue in your head. Basically, a display of internal conflict and inner chatter, as Yusufyoko has explained about his mind-blowing single.

I am in love with Yusufyoko’s vibe and authenticity, he is truly a brilliant mastermind of an artist, and his newest single Love Me Then (Original Single) will chill you and put you in a trance. You must give listen to Love Me Then (Original Single) by Yusufyoko.

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HARDWORK (Original Single) By C.LACY

C.LACY, if you haven’t heard of him yet, it’s the perfect time to get on because his latest single is some next-level talent. “HARDWORK” is the latest single by C.LACY, a talented R&B artist that is taking the industry by the storm. Started his singing career in 2018. C.LACY has been showing absolutely no signs of slowing down anytime soon, with over nine releases on Spotify.
As described by C.LACY, ‘HARDWORK’ is the song that will summarize the struggles of success everyone is going through. The song’s lyrics hit real close to home for every hustler out there, for everyone wondering when it all will get better, this song will make you push even further, push harder and stronger than ever. An incredible talent was behind the writing of this song, and once you’ve streamed it, you will understand EXACTLY the fire that went through us while we wrote the review on this one.

The artist is specialized in R&B style music writing his own lyrics and performing them flawlessly, but he prefers to remain unbound by a specific genre. As described by C.LACY himself, he likes to refer to himself as “a true master at crafting dense and personable music with a unique signature in terms of sounds and creativity,” and the best part about it is that he has the talent and skills to back up such a bold statement.
C.LACY is not by any standard a new struggling artist. The titan is gifted with a talent that has shot him through the roof in record time, with over 6,000 Facebook followers and 2,000 YouTube subscribers. These are not even the impressive numbers yet, C.LACY is rocking an incredible 45,000 Instagram followers and over 17,500 monthly Spotify listeners. Did we mention that his songs were streamed over 6,000,000 times on Spotify too? So join us as we track this artist on his road to success and document him all the way through and be sure to stay up to date with his latest projects by checking out the following links:

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Hatemail (Original Video) By Jeremy Amato

Jeremy Amato is a well-established music producer and audio engineer with expertise in Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and Pro Tools. Jeremy is a talented Los Angeles artist who has been playing instruments from a very young age. Dedicated to his art, he’s built the skills to craft his songs and productions.

Influenced by the likes of Nirvana, Kid Cudi, Lil Peep, and Oliver Tree, Jeremy has dedicated his talent to creating genre-bending music that combines a mix of future-bass, art-pop/hip-hop, and alternative art rock and transforming them into his own unique style that is truly incredible to listen to. In his own words, Jeremy has defined this genre as “grungy electronic rap-pop”.

“Hatemail” is the name of Jeremy Amato’s most excellent song, and it is