The space beyond our planet holds so much mystery, it's no wonder creative types love dreaming up tales set among the stars. One such fellow is musician Jason Lyles. He was inspired by the awesome sci-fi flick Alien.

On April 26th, Jason released a brand new song called "Salvage" that's all about the movie. Of course, I gave it a listen. This piece of music will launch you right onto the commercial ship Nostromo with its doomed crew. Through layers of space-like guitars and keyboards, Jason delivers a sound so evocative you'll swear you're drifting alone in the blackness of space.

The song starts calm and peaceful like ocean waves with a gentle acoustic guitar. But then Jason's vocals pull you deeper and deeper into the eerie story. The production captures the bigness and mystery of the sea so perfectly, it gave me chills!

Beneath those mesmerizing melodies lies a real appreciation for the awesome sci-fi that inspired it. Jason Lyles says one of his all-time faves is the movie Alien. "I wanted to write a song about my all-time favorite movie to celebrate with the other Alien franchise fans around the world on Alien Day."

That movie left a lot to your imagination, and "Salvage" does the same thing through its epic musical feel. The music sweeps you away like you're in the movie itself! The video that goes along with it was made by director Tyler Green. The cover art was created by Jason’s own talented daughter.

But "Salvage" isn't just paying tribute to Alien, it shows how talented Jason Lyles is at making art that connects with your emotions on a deep level. Through his unique mix of genres and thoughtful lyrics, he invites you on a journey beyond any one kind of music or period. Fans of both Jason Lyles and Alien are going to love this song he made especially for Alien Day.

"Salvage" leaves a lasting impression as one of Jason Lyles' most impressive songs so far. Jason did an astounding job capturing the vibe of Alien in the music. The best part is you can stream "Salvage" right now on any music app! Give it a listen. I promise you'll find it as mesmerizing as I did. A must-hear for any sci-fi or music fan, Jason Lyles outdid himself with this interstellar opus. No doubt, this is a work you will not forget.

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