On the new track "Time Travel," Finnegan Bell of Love Ghost soars over Shantra's ominously cinematic production. "TIME TRAVEL" is a masterpiece with elements of alternative, trap, and emo that vividly depict a disturbed girl and the protagonist's intense need to save her from her troubles. However, the narrator's desire for time manipulation comes at a price, as the demons infiltrate his own life and leave a path of emotional ruin. Both artists approach this profound query from their cultural lenses, Bell in English and Yung Dupe in Spanish, flexing a harmonious narrative across languages.

With over 43k fans on Facebook, 83k Instagram followers, and 13k supporters on SoundCloud, Love Ghost has made it to the hearts of many music lovers. Their Spotify listener base of 35k, their YouTube channel boasting nearly 64k subscribers showcases an international fandom for "Time Travel" and prior releases. This growing fanbase has already made their mark, as the "Time Travel" music video surpassed 26,522 views its March 16th release date.

Finnegan Bell's performance is enhanced by the sheer emotion in his voice that lingers throughout the song. The English verse in "TIME TRAVEL" is a strong and poignant work of literature that exposes the intricacies of pain, love, and the need we all have to shield the people we love.

Yung Dupe's Spanish-language verse brings an honest Latin perspective that deepens the track's cross-cultural sense of connection. His fluid flow glides over the beat, matching Bell's expressive zest with passionate storytelling. Switching between English and Spanish, the two artists form a mutually reinforcing musical dialogue about life.

Lines like "The scars on your thighs look like / The stars in your eyes tonight" and "Someone told me that they're coming after us / That explains it / Why I hear your footsteps, creeping up behind me in my darkest hour, draining all my power" coat a compelling picture of the protagonist's fight with the weight of the past.

"TIME TRAVEL" ethereal production was done by Shantra. It's the perfect setting for Bell and Yung Dupe's voices. Love Ghost is always taking their music to new places and "Time Travel" does that for sure. This song isn't just another tune - it's a real experience.

Bell and Yung Dupe open up about personal struggles, but they do it with courage and grace. The song can help anyone who's gone through hard times. Even though the questions it asks don't have easy answers, the music itself takes you to a better place.

I think you need to listen to "Time Travel." You can stream it on all the major music apps or check out the music video. Seeing it with the visuals helps you feel the full emotions of what Love Ghost and Yung Dupe created.

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