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May 17, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Coma Beach is a truly special band with an important message to share. Their new "I Won't Listen" EP immediately pulls you into a deep, thoughtful world within. In just a few short tracks, they guide your mind and soul to a place of inner reflection.

What messages might we find there? Through sounds that span punk, alternative, and even Gothic styles, Coma Beach creates their path, one as unpredictable as the human experience itself. Their music is a journey that can help us better understand ourselves and each other.

Right from the first notes of "I Won't Listen," you know this won't be your average punk soundtrack. Layered guitars intertwine with moving basslines, painting a picture of solitude within. Some might feel alone with their thoughts, but that's where Coma Beach wants to meet us. 

If that first song sets the stage, "The Past of the Future" provides important context. Ethereal guitar notes raise timeless questions, but few easy answers. Pounding rhythms match life's intensity. In just under three minutes, it leaves you craving more.

Their third song "Passion" bursts forward with gritty energy. Through the singer's vocals, we see their desire to shed rumination in search of emotional well-being. Pure feelings pour out through the song's four-minute punk sound. The closer "Another Song" brings the bite back in a different way, with hard-hitting words delivered over driving rhythms. 

Across just 14 short minutes, Coma Beach achieves what longer albums often fail to. They tie it all together with short yet impactful songs that burrow deep into our minds. Their music's unsettled feeling remains long after it ends.

With influences spanning punk, goth, and alternative styles, Coma Beach walk their own path between genres. Most astounding is how four abbreviated tracks can still convey the profound themes and questions at their album's core.

I believe great art should make us think deeply but also encourage action. In what ways might Coma Beach's music inspire positive change in yourself or your community? Their short but potent EP offers us all an opportunity for inner discovery. 

The "I Won't Listen" EP proves these poets are just continuing to capture attention with their portrayals of what it means to be human. For those seeking thought-provoking art, I encourage you to keep an eye on this incredible band! Give their music a listen today on Spotify. Check out their "I Won't Listen" EP, and the rest of their discography today.

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May 17, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Ephraim the Afrobeat star is back with a new single that will have you moving in your seat! "Double Hustle" delivers another perfectly made song that shows off his special mix of classic Afrobeat rhythms and modern style.

This song lets Ephraim's flow and lyrics take center stage. "Double Hustle" blends real street rhymes and beats, putting the energy up to level 100. You can feel the booming bass and thumping drums in your chest as the intertwining guitar licks lay down the foundation. It gives Ephraim's vocal delivery plenty of room to soar over the top and slide between the cracks in the track. 

One thing that's admirable about Ephraim is the way he pushes creative boundaries to expand what hip-hop can be. On "Double Hustle," he goes beyond any one genre with a sound that fans of Afrobeat, R&B, and pop can all vibe to. You can tell that every small musical ingredient, from the live instrumentation down to the intricate production details, was strategically crafted to pull the audience deeper into Ephraim's musical vision. 

It's impossible not to start bobbing your head at that dope beat. The tight drums lay the background for Ephraim's lyrical skills to shine through. His flow floats over the beat, taking the listeners on a journey. This track also slaps with its production. Crisp sounds draw you in, while the punchy mixing keeps the energy pumping. The result is an immersive, cinematic listen that feels as fresh each time you press replay.

If you already bump Ephraim's blend of Afrobeat vibes on the reg, then "Double Hustle" will be your jam of the season, guaranteed. But even people fresh to that sweet African sound will find lots to bop their heads to. From the way those rhythms get your body moving to the way his melodies lift your mood, this track hits on all cylinders. With mass appeal like that, it's no wonder fans far and wide will dig it. And anyone who knows Ephraim's skills also knows he's a pro at merging old-school greatness with new-school flavor. On "Double Hustle," he does it again, crafting an experience that'll put a smile on your face and get your feet twisted in all the best ways. So if you're looking for some fresh heat to dominate your playlists, go give "Double Hustle" a spin today. Your weekend is about to be 100 times better.

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May 16, 2024 by SAIIDZ

East Tennessee's hip-hop tradition is being carried on by Justus, also known as Big Jayyy, who rose to fame from the depths of the city's musical scene to rhythms that echoed the area's rich cultural history. He adds his particular taste to the mix, drawing inspiration from pioneers Three 6 Mafia to superstars Jelly Roll and Lil Wyte. 

With his sincere delivery on his most recent single, "Split," Big Jayyy provides a window into the spirit of hip-hop. Big Jayyy is a Knoxville native who has never wavered from his 865 roots. He declares, "865 till I die," displaying a great sense of pride in his hometown. 

The mesmerizing rhythm of "Split" by Big Jayyy grabs your attention right away. In the song, his alter-ego encourages and tests him to take chances. 

The melancholic music on "Split" is a fantastic fit for the track's themes of discovery. A hypnotic melody blended with floating riffs is provided by producer BadSoul. It's the root cause of your entanglement in Big Jayyy's pursuit. His words reveal views that are concealed from perspective, and the entrancing atmosphere envelops you. 

This essential degree of introspection, bolstered by formidable rap skills, is what sets "Split" apart. His voice flows effortlessly over the music. He fits intricate rhyming patterns into succinct, memorable bars. Rapping with such technical mastery and expressing yourself requires genuine talent. 

The song demonstrates Big Jayyy's drive for continuous growth. You can't help but think about "Split" and anticipate Big Jayyy's next move in terms of his creative development. 

Big Jayyy has been a creative artist for a while and has gradually perfected his talent in Knoxville. "Split" demonstrates how his style is developing while retaining the very raw flare. This song is guaranteed to get him admirers outside his hometown. Indeed, it did. Hip-hop aficionados are enjoying "Split" in large numbers. The song has crossed 8K streams in just one month of release. That amount of interaction is particularly noteworthy in light of Big Jayyy's devoted fan base, which numbers more than six thousand monthly listeners on the streaming service Spotify.

To truly feel what Big Jayyy creates, I turned my focus fully inward when listening. Shut out distractions, play the song loud, and let his world wrap around you. Only then can you glimpse his process and understand and feel it all, just as I did. Give "Split" a listen today, it's worth immersing yourself in fully.

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May 15, 2024 by SAIIDZ

The winds of time continue to blow sweet melodies through the soul of veteran troubadour Geoff Gibbons. With experience and wisdom earned from thousands of streams and listeners, he offers us a new glimpse into his journeyman's heart with his latest release, "Morgantown".

With "Morgantown," Geoff takes the discerning listener into another world. Through his evocative lyrics and melodies that swell the heart, he breathes life into scenes of beauty and magic. Thousands already feel the power of his musical enchantment across digital realms.

Within this song's exquisite verses, Gibbons blends music like a virtuoso alchemist. He distills bittersweet memories with poetic elegance like a king. And with his weathered baritone, this sage of song summons complex feelings to the surface in a way that feels as ancient as time. The guitar casts its spell with so much beauty, weaving magic that drags one deep into his storytelling sorcery. Accents of pedal steel by John Ellis and piano from Simon Kendall enhance the spell's nostalgic country allure. After decades in the business, Geoff Gibbons has reached new heights of artistic wizardry with "Morgantown."

Geoff Gibbons' production of "Morgantown" has a stripped-back simplicity that feels very refined. This allows the song's natural qualities to shine brightly. It's the kind of uncluttered arrangement that lets his lyrical details vividly portray pictures in the listener's mind. With sweet lyrics and roots-oriented instruments, "Morgantown" acts as a window into the musician's world.

While Geoff has explored sentiments of yearning and loss throughout his lengthy career, "Morgantown" resonates strikingly. Perhaps it's the novel viewpoint that comes solely from experience and maturity. Or how his weathered tones bring emotions bubbling forth in an authentic, hard-earned manner.

Whatever its magic formula, "Morgantown" strongly impacts me as one of Geoff's most moving, fully realized works yet. I have checked out many Americana singles this year, but nothing has made me smile and made me feel the music like this one. With any luck, "Morgantown" will introduce a new generation to Geoff Gibbons' gifts for narration, and even young people who don't necessarily like Americana or country, will enjoy this one.

To fully soak in "Morgantown," I recommend listening with headphones, eyes closed, letting Geoff's sepia-toned descriptions flow over you like fond remembrances. Then be sure to follow wherever the song leads, whether down memory lane or into deeper reflections on love and life's impermanence. Either way, you'll find in Geoff the rare talent of a true genuine artist who improves with age.

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May 15, 2024 by SAIIDZ

The Infinity Process wants you to open your eyes with their new single, "Glitches." This alternative metal band from Toledo, Ohio creates music that makes you think and feels deep in your soul.

The guitar plays an urgent, offbeat sound that puts you on edge. The drums drive the song with a powerful beat. But it's the vocals that will move you the most. The singer's voice flows beautifully between loud, raw singing. She takes you on a trip exploring what it means to question what's real.

The verses provide a striking picture. They sing about relying too much on technology and how physical life and the digital world blur together. But it's the big changes in the song's structure that show its deep meaning best. The choruses swell up and feel otherworldly before plunging down into tense, gritty bridges. These shifts mirror the unsettling feeling of doubting what reality truly is.

The band combines complex music and lyrics to create a multi-layered track that makes you want to listen again and again. They tackle challenging topics like artificial intelligence, the idea that life could be simulated, and fuzzy lines between what's real and virtual. Through this poetic, moving song, The Infinity Process sparks ideas and feelings that will stay with you long after. Their talent shines a light on existential issues in a way that's powerful and soul-touching.

The Infinity Process helps bring their song's concepts to life through a compelling music video. The video was directed by John Fleischman. It stars actor Aaron Collins as a man stuck in a strange repeat of time. Filmed with a clean, sterile look like The Matrix, the video leaves you wondering - is the man trapped in a computer simulation, or facing a deeper question about existence?

With "Glitches," The Infinity Process shows their talent for building layered, stimulating rock that makes you hit replay. Fans of complex alternative metal from bands like Helmet and Thrice will see how much skill goes into the group's songs and themes. Even casual listeners will find the musical and visual experience grabs them. It gets people talking about big issues where technology and what's real meet.

This single deserves attention from anyone interested in that important connection. The Infinity Process takes their fans on a journey of discovery through sound and vision. They blend art and introspection in a way that sticks with you and feeds your mind. With talents like this Toledo trio, music becomes so much more than what's on the surface. It can spark real ideas and feelings about life's deepest questions. Stream it today.

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TOP BEST HITSNo Mercy By BLOODLIN3 feat. Twista

May 15, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Bloodlin3's new song "No Mercy" featuring Twista is something worth hearing. This track has an intensity that will grab your attention and make you fall for the artists all over again. When you press play, you know you're in for something different.

The beat has this hypnotic quality that draws you in. It's like a fusion of hip-hop that gets your head nodding. But it's also got these big, booming sounds that ignite a fire inside you. The keys and drums have such a contrast with their high and low notes. This gives the song so many details and a dynamism that keeps you on your toes.

Now, the beat is just the starting point for what Bloodlin3 does on the track. Each member steps up with their flow and delivery. In the first verse, one of the rappers comes up with unbeatable speed that will blow you away. In the second verse, the energy is turned all the way up as the beat builds underneath.

Then Bloodlin3's third verse is truly something to behold. The flow is world-renowned as he packs so many words into each line. You have to listen close to catch it all. He seems to be putting all other rappers to the test.

 As you listen to "No Mercy" more and more, it only gets better. Each verse truly builds off the last one by ratcheting up the intensity. By the final bars, it explodes with energy.

Bloodlin3 also don't just rap to rap. They deliver real words with meaning. In this track, they talk about wanting to "reset the cookie cutter sound" of mainstream hip-hop. That seems like their mission; to bring something fresh to the scene.

Right off the bat with this one track, Bloodlin3 shows how skilled they are. You can also feel their personalities through their rhymes. Best of all, they don't conform to trends. They keep it real but still make music for everyone. It's awesome to see artists do it their way on the big stage.

It's easy to see how this will be their best hit yet. With how talented they are and how hard they work, they could go far. 

If you want to check out this banger for yourself, just search for "No Mercy" on any music app. Give it a listen, this is one of the best 2024 releases. Bloodlin3 are sure to blow up more with songs like this.

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May 15, 2024 by SAIIDZ

With his song "Oh mi da dey di," Jeff Vidov shows the world what he calls "Neorock." This style celebrates something we all need, our connection to each other through music. And this track is a perfect example.

When you listen to the vocals, you can feel the energy and passion in every word. The performance was very sweet and upbeat. And have you ever heard such an amazing orchestra? Their melody and harmony soar through the song and get you swaying along.

The big powerful and upbeat guitar playing alongside the drums will get your head bobbing for sure. But it's not just a fun beat, this song has layers of complexity too. Every instrument has its own beautiful melody that fits perfectly with the others. It's orchestration at its finest!

You can also hear Jeff's classical music influences in the arrangement. They energize the chorus and turn it into a full-on anthem. I can only imagine how incredible it must be to experience this song live, with everyone singing along.

Jeff's new single "Oh mi da dey di" is all about hope, love, and spreading good vibes - which is what Jeff is all about! He pours positive energy into everything he creates.

This song was inspired by Jeff's many years of making beautiful music with choirs. As their pianist and conductor, he felt so much joy being part of that community. Now through "Oh mi da dey di," he hopes to bring people together and lift their spirits, just like the choirs did for him.

The lyrics call on us to lift each other up and make the world a little bit better. That's what Jeff is trying to do with his Neorock style, using music as a way to empower and encourage people. And after decades in choirs, you can hear Jeff's experience in the song's amazing harmonies. Their sweeping sounds will give you chills.

While still being fun and upbeat like mainstream rock, this song is way more complex than a lot of today's music. It gives you a taste of Jeff's signature take on different genres. So whether you love rock, orchestras, or music that inspires, you'll find something to enjoy here.

Give "Oh mi da dey di" a listen. It'll have your feet tapping for sure. And it'll leave you excited to hear more from Jeff's double album that's been in the works. This single is just the start of the musical magic he'll be sharing. So stream it today on all your favorite sites.

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May 15, 2024 by SAIIDZ

I am here to present, "DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?" Love Ghost and guest star Cinnamon Babe take us on a musical escapade that brings together many styles with ease.

The guitars scream out and set an edgy mood, and the intensity never fades. Cinnamon Babe adds her rap-style vocals, giving the song fresh energy. Her flow is dominant over the pounding music. Bell and Babe use their vocals in an eye-catching display of their musical talents.

Their teamwork takes the song to new heights. Every instrument plays an important role in fueling emotion. The blending of styles like rock, punk, and rap creates an experience that moves you deeply. This single is sure to get stuck in your head. Love Ghost proves they can create unpredictable music.

The legendary producer, Mike Summers, crafted this song, and he is known for his work with famous artists like Tech N9ne and Kendrick Lamar. He ensures all the different musical parts fit together perfectly on this track. He mixes each instrument so you can appreciate its power without everything getting muddled.

Finnegan Bell not only fronts Love Ghost, but also lends his talents to many other musicians across different styles. He's written and recorded songs with other artists like Rico Nasty, Adan Cruz and more.

Rolling Stone and Playboy magazines have recognized Love Ghost's ability to explore tough topics like trauma and mental health through their poetry and walls of sound. While the lyrics deal with serious subjects, Bell shares his feelings openly in a way everyone can relate to.

Love Ghost have also rocked big festivals like Rockpalast in Germany and toured all around Europe. Especially in Mexico, Love Ghost has built a strong following through high-profile shows and collaborations with rising Latin artists. Their live energy must be experienced!

"Do You Like Me Now?" really packs an emotional wallop that fans of hard rock will love. It impressively combines different styles while also taking chances. Finnegan Bell and Cinnamon Babe excitingly use their excellent voices. The rap-style parts flow fluidly over the huge instrumentals. This song is sure to get any live crowd fired up and dancing!

Give the single a listen on music apps, or check out the music video on YouTube. You'll see why Love Ghost keeps drawing more fans. This track shows their heart and willingness to try new things. Make sure you always stay updated so you don't miss out on what they do next.

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May 15, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Karen Salicath Jamali is an acclaimed composer, pianist, and producer living in New York City and Florida. Originally from Denmark, Karen has spent over three decades creating beautiful works of art. On top of her gift for music, Karen invests her time in painting, sculpture, and photography.
Several years ago, Karen experienced a scary accident that left her body injured. It took three years for Karen to recover. During that time of healing, music found Karen. As she rested, beautiful melodies began flowing from her mind into her fingers. Karen started playing the piano each day, which soothed her soul. Music helped speed up Karen's recovery.

Today, she has 7,8k monthly listeners who enjoy her music on Spotify. Karen's dedication to her art has earned her numerous awards. In 2024, she won the Midnight Gold Record for all her for the album Angel Pollination. That same year, Karen's album "Angel Hanael's Song" which I will discuss today, was up for Best Album at EMA.

Karen put her heart and soul into writing each song on this album. Each track was named so well too. The title track "Angel Hanael's Song" opens up, feeling like you're being treated to a divine hymn being sung by heavenly choirs!

Next is "Angel Hanael's Joy" - as soon as you hear it, you can't help but feel the euphoric exuberance it's bursting with. The piano notes have such a light, joyous feel to them like you're being carried aloft on festive winds. "Angel Hanael's Dream" has a much more misty, wistful quality. The notes drift so languidly, that it's almost like you're just paying attention to images floating around in a hazy haze.
Things get more mysterious with "Angel Hanael's Quest." There are these undercurrents of searching and digging flowing under the melody. One of my faves is "Angel Hanael's Heart." The chords are so profoundly moving, it makes your heart swell with emotion.

Karen saved one of her best for last! "Angel Hanael's Trust" has this incredible ability to elicit full faith in the power of music. And can you believe she wrapped up the whole album on such a high note? "Angel Hanael's Smile" leaves you with the most wonderful feeling of pure contentment.

When you take a step back and look at Karen's full body of work across this whole album, you see she's delivered a 360-degree journey of the spirit through her divine musical interpretations. Each song builds upon the last to truly impress the listener.

If you want to bring a little smile to your face, you need to stream Karen's masterpiece across all major streaming sites immediately. You will love it, and play it every time you want to experience real relaxation.

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May 15, 2024 by SAIIDZ

TE/MO pours her heartbreak, hopes, and healing onto each track of her intimate first EP, MOTHER EP. In recounting the experience that set her soul-bearing musical journey in motion, it's easy to picture how shattered she felt that December day in 2022. After mustering the courage to seek help for unbearable pain, to then be dismissed and given not just one but multiple incorrect diagnoses, would be frightening enough. But to ultimately be misinformed of news no woman should bear alone - that her lifelong dream of becoming a mother was being denied to her - in that moment, her world collapsed. For TE/MO, whose sense of purpose and identity were entwined with envisioning herself as a mother one day, grief swallowed her whole. This is MOTHER EP.

The six-track EP walks listeners through each stage of her journey. We start off with \"a lullaby: when you arrive\" we hear a musical box, and glitchy effects that feel like you are waking up from a deep dream. Then, we are taken to the initial shock and plea to the heavens on "Mother I," where her anguished vocals soar over the piano. On "an interlude: Endome," TE/MO grapples with how her diagnosis is reshaping her life, depicted through layered harmonies and distorted synth textures.

A stark contrast, "Mother II: Theo" enthralls the listener straight into TE/MO's heart. In her dreams, she envisions loving a sweet baby boy named Theo, savoring each milestone as his first years pass in her mind's eye. Her ethereal voice is filled with a swirling torrent of emotion. All too soon, she wakes up to harsh reality, lonely in her loss.

Yet from despair comes hope, as TE/MO reveals in the empowering "Mother III". Driven by an uplifting piano melody and modern pop beat, she tells of realizing motherhood is defined not by what we cannot choose, but rather by what we create with the options we're given.

The final song on The MOTHER EP titled "an epilogue: 12/22" holds special meaning. On this track, TE/MO awakens on the anniversary of receiving her difficult medical diagnosis. The soft instrumentation and her vocals intertwine to convey both her inner strength and a reminder that recovering is not always simple. While she has made progress, some parts of her previous self may never fully return.

What comes across strongest as you listen to TE/MO open up is the raw emotional intimacy she invites you to share. By directly telling her personal story, you feel a deep connection to better understand her experiences. The production blends acoustic and electronic elements like a painting bringing each phase to life. Subtle details, such as the laughter of children in the distance, add touching layers that enhance comprehension of her journey.

If you have faced trauma, sadness, or uncertainty in systems meant to help but instead have let you down, The MOTHER EP will strike a chord within your very soul. Through The Mother EP, you will feel inspired by your process. Don't deny yourself the comfort, community, and creativity TE/MO's songs can offer; give The MOTHER EP a spin. I promise you will not regret opening your heart to her talents.

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