Maslow’s Mountain By SAM FEINSTEIN


I’ve been jamming non-stop to Sam Feinstein’s fresh new track "Maslow’s Mountain" and let me tell you, this synth-pop tune is certified fire.

Sam’s got a real knack for attention-getting melodies and driving basslines that get stuck in your head for days. "Maslow’s Mountain" vaults out of the gate with pumping high keys and a super contagious bass groove that had my feet tapping before the first verse even hit. The production on this track is pristine, with delicious analog warmth in the mix.

The bassline on this song is next-level. The musician lays down one bright, funky line after another to keep the momentum rolling like a runaway train. The fingers glide across the frets to deliver punchy accents and fluid runs that propel the song forward. The bass brings such vibrant energy to the track. Gleaming chords cascade like a mountain stream while buzzing arps hover overhead like birds on the breeze. It feels like you’re being carried upwards on a river of sound towards a breathtaking panoramic view of the peak. These big, crisp synth textures are exactly what make the track shine in my opinion.

There’s never a dull moment on this track; new instruments, hooks, and textures are constantly being layered in to keep things surprising and engaging front-to-back. There’s so much nuance buried under the surface as well, revealing new details with each listen.

The vocals glide effortlessly over the shining beats. Each line bursts with heartfelt emotion and paints the most colorful pictures. It's easy to get lost in the story done by the playing especially. Beneath the singer's incredible tone lies a fiery passion that swells with the rising synth lines.

"Maslow’s Mountain" is an uplifting slice of synth-pop perfection that will get your endorphins flowing without fail. With pristine touches like the bassline, attending to grabbing melodies and lush soundscapes, Sam Feinstein proves he knows his way around a hook. This track has all the markings of a future classic that will be in rotation all spring and summer long. If you want to become an instant fan, make sure to listen to the song right away on Spotify.

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