Prepare for a hip-hop song that will entice aficionados of the genre's golden period. Proklaim's most recent single, "Promised Land," is a blazing rap song that will bring us back to the beautiful days of boom-bap rhythms and soul-drenched samples, which piqued my interest in this art form.

Proklaim's flow is a masterpiece in precision, with each word carefully designed and delivered with the grace of a samurai's blade slashing through the air. His lyrics are sharper than the best katana, cutting through the beat with surgical accuracy and leaving an unforgettable impression on the listener's mind.

The production on "Promised Land" takes the listener to another level. The sample creates a smooth, rich experience that draws you in. The drums drive the song with intense energy, giving it powerful momentum like a championship fight.

Proklaim as always shows off his sophisticated wordplay which displays his understanding of the genre. He addresses real-world topics with insightful reflections that make the listener think more deeply. His main influences are Bob Marley, Tupac Jay-Z, and more. All of them display where his art comes from.

The song is a melodious meal for thought. There are so many layers to the arrangement that it always surprises you and makes you wonder how you missed it on the first listen. "Promised Land" renders within the limits of what can be accomplished for a song.

In the artist's own words, a quote that encapsulates the essence of "Promised Land": "It's a song with wit and proverb-like lyrics that touch on various life topics while remaining candid and entertaining."

From the beginning, I witnessed Proklaim's growth as an artist. I've been enjoying his work for about two years now, and throughout that time, I've heard everything that makes his music special. He is gradually hitting milestones on Spotify, with 2.1k monthly streams and thousands of plays.

Heads from all over the world have already shown "Promised Land" extreme love, sending shockwaves through the underground scene.

When was the last time you heard a song that carried you to the height of the hip-hop era while feeling trendy and significant and triggering passionate memories? You'll get nostalgic for the sound of classic hip-hop after listening to this song.

Start your musical journey with Proklaim's "Promised Land" single by streaming it online. You'll find yourself nodding up and down and tapping your feet the entire time.

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