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June 21, 2024 by SAIIDZ

I'm excited to introduce an exceptional group to you today on Getting Started. With Jack Gallo on vocals and rhythm guitar, Matt Stein on lead guitar, Pat Hickey on bass, Jack Scanlon on drums, and Eddie O'Connor on keys, the quintet has already made a name for themselves playing legendary Chicago locations like The Cubby Bear, Chop Shop, The Hideout, and Subterranean.

Their electric live performances have also ignited stages at HVAC Pub, Uncommon Ground, and the hallowed House of Blues Foundation Room. With an impressive 9,3k monthly Spotify streams and a steadily growing Instagram following of 2,3k music devotees, we know Getting Started is in line to be the city's next indie rock heavyweight champions. Their sound has that vibe of reminiscent of titans like The Strokes and Kings of Leon with the breezy modern flair of acts like Mt. Joy and Hippo Campus.

Today I will be discussing their latest single, "One Road." On "One Road," Getting Started deftly flexes their songwriting muscularity, delivering a sweet indie folk ballad that permanently stays in the mind. Starting off with plucked acoustic guitar notes, the track plunges you into an engrossing audio embroidery woven with human emotion. The lead vocals flow throughout the record with intensity as he sings of past transgressions. His mature, emotional delivery draws on the sonic spirit of revered indie folk bards like Bon Iver's Justin Vernon and Lord Huron's Ben Schneider. The shimmering, atmospheric lead guitar work adds sophisticated cinematic textures that underscore the song's moody, pensive tone.

The foundational rhythm section, fastened by Hickey's punchy basslines and Scanlon's dense, groove-fueled drumming, gives "One Road" a moderate muscularity and hypnotic pulse. O'Connor's fine keyboard accents provide transcendent melodies that carefully color the surrounding sonic field. Getting Started deftly harnesses dynamics and tension/release phrasing on "One Road" to boost the track's visceral appeal. The pre-chorus and chorus sections break off into a spectacular, more energetic play. But just as deftly, the band reins back into moments of sparseness, when reaching the bridge. "One Road" is an exercise in sonic elegance and balance. The band captured its sound as vibrant and ethereal.

"One Road" maintains Getting Started's status as one of the most cutting-edge indie rock bands of our day, in my opinion, and is a great artistic accomplishment. The level of creativity exhibited is just remarkable.

Created just for your dream playlist, Getting Started has selected the ideal indie folk/rock confession, an audio remedy for a tired soul. With its meticulous oeuvre, Getting Started is an act to look out for in 2024 and beyond. Let me conclude by giving you one last piece of recommendation: if you haven't already heard the magnificent exquisiteness of "One Road" by Getting Started, you owe it to yourself to play it on Spotify right now.

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June 21, 2024 by SAIIDZ

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to an artist whose songs I very much like listening to. Anna has been grinding away in the LA music scene since making the cross-country move from Jersey. The budding singer-songwriter is starting to turn more heads as her soulful sound finds its footing.

On her latest release, the solo-produced single "Mary Jane," she demonstrates a solid understanding of how to create a signature pop song. The track eases in with a wavy guitar part that sets a more easygoing tone. The controlled, relaxed vocals soon glide in, floating over gently rolling riffs and a bouncy bassline. The singer cites influences like Amy Winehouse and her expressive vocals channel elements of her.

Anna created "Mary Jane" with a specific vision in mind. She had long wanted to write a song paying homage to her love of marijuana. Inspiration struck one day while getting high and experimenting with beats on Logic. She recorded and wrote the remainder of the track while high as well, striving to infuse that "special touch."

But the song goes deeper than just an ode to weed. It goes into Thoresen's complex relationship with the drug. She likens it to past abusive relationships with lovers, comparing dependency and toxicity. "Mary Jane" is an exploration of addiction from a place of personal experience and growth. She said it perfectly: "MARY JANE" is the child of my two favorite things: love and weed." Anna Thoresen wrote, recorded, produced, and performed all elements of "Mary Jane" entirely solo from her home studio in LA. The polished song result shows how this solo talent is one of the best in the game.

Based on this song, her style feels both refreshing and timeless, meaning she will continue engaging new listeners years from now. Pop music's torch has passed between many capable hands, but after experiencing "Mary Jane," I feel confident that the genre remains in very good hands with Anna Thoresen leading the charge for her generation.

Many artists nowadays rely heavily on outside production help or guidance, but she exhibits a command of her sound from the get-go. "Mary Jane" is a promising song from a singer, songwriter, and producer to watch in the blossoming LA music scene. If you’re into good pop music, Anna Thoresen's "Mary Jane" is a must-listen. Help introduce more music fans to Anna Thoresen's music by sharing her singles online as well.

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June 20, 2024 by SAIIDZ

If you're a fan of vintage 70s rock with a hard-hitting edge, allow me to introduce you to Mad Painter. This Boston-area quartet breathes new life into the swaggering glam-rock and proto-metal sounds of early eras, drawing inspiration from the likes of Uriah Heep, and the booze-soaked rock 'n' roll rebels dubbed The Faces.

At the core is singer/keyboardist Alex Gitlin. Joining him are a crack lineup of veteran rock foot soldiers; drummer Al Hendry, bassist Kenne Highland, guitarist Al Nahabedian, and backing vocalists Sharon Crumrine and Julie Gee. Together, they conjure the kind of theatrical magic that could've blown the roof off any old-school club.

Mad Painter is based out of Arlington, MA, where they have been practicing on the second floor of the Regent Theatre building. Mad Painter's latest salvo is the raucous new single "Empty Bottles," a glorious slab of glam-soaked stomp that bottles the essence of their riotous retro sound. Propelled by an insistent groove and dizzying guitar hooks, it takes the listener back to an era of thick riffs that you could swim through. If the energetic pattern doesn't get your toes tapping, you may want to check your pulse.

Alex Gitlin's sinewy sound has all the stage-filling bravado and explosive force of legends. He sells every high-flying melody with a campy intensity. The harmonies from Sharon Crumrine and Julie Gee add a lush, wrapped dulcet touch that adds to the majesty of the song. Their multi-tracked vocals glide with a beauty worthy of a prime queen. Production-wise, "Empty Bottles" seizes that deliciously polished aesthetic the best 70s rock always had. The tones are bubbling with grit, from the fuzzy riffs to the bass and drums.

As a diehard fan of vintage rock with truly hot pipes and riffs that hit you straight in the soul, I have immense respect for what Mad Painter is doing to keep that gloriously unhinged spirit alive and kicking. I have nothing but admiration for their commitment to bottling lightning in a way so few modern bands can manage.

After lavishing so much well-deserved praise on the pure rock 'n' roll ecstasy that is "Empty Bottles," I'd be wrong not to encourage you to dive headfirst into the rest of Mad Painter's insanely groovy catalog. Do yourself a favor and queue up "Empty Bottles" alongside Mad Painter's previous singles. I guarantee that once you listen to them, you'll be hooked and frantically chugging through everything this tremendously talented band has to offer.

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June 20, 2024 by SAIIDZ

ROKLAIM has been setting the hip-hop scene ablaze with his provoking lyrics and smooth-as-butter flow. This Namibian wordsmith has a way with words that grabs you by the collar and doesn't let go. Drawing inspiration from musical pioneers like Bob Marley to rap legends Tupac and Nas, PROKLAIM has built out his lane as a conscious emcee unafraid to tackle the real issues.

⁤His latest single, "CROWN," continues this tradition by exploring themes of empowerment and self-actualization. ⁤⁤Released independently, "CROWN" features PROKLAIM's characteristically versatile sound over a jazzy, sample-driven beat. ⁤⁤Warm brass instrumentation and a sliding bassline come together to create the idyllic backdrop for PROKLAIM to share his thoughts and musings. ⁤⁤His intense delivery and densely rhythmical makeup recall hip-hop giants like Nas. ⁤⁤But where those icons captured the harsh realities of the inner city, Proklaim focuses his lens on the trials and triumphs of life and music. ⁤⁤From challenging societal ills to championing the oppressed, he uses his art as a clarion call for positive change. ⁤

⁤"CROWN" is deeply rooted in this positive ethos. ⁤⁤With rapid-fire flows detailing the quest for the achievement of your goals, Proklaim positions himself not as the leader of a movement, but as a humble participant. ⁤⁤The song is about "seeking to transcend the obstacles that may come between a person and actualizing all that they are designed to be…emphasis being on "Designed" he explains intensely. ⁤ ⁤It's a surprisingly modest stance from an emcee who displays such staggering technical skills. ⁤⁤Yet this humility is the key to Proklaim's power. ⁤⁤He spits with the shimmering charisma of a rap virtuoso, but his motivations are purely focused on igniting social consciousness. ⁤⁤When he talks about how everyone struggles to reach their full potential, he helps the community instead of himself. ⁤

⁤Credit for the track's irresistible vibe goes largely to veteran beatsmith Wojtek Majewski, whose expertise shines through in every deft drum fill and melodic embellishment. ⁤⁤His melodious mix allows each element to shine through clearly. ⁤ ⁤"CROWN" is that rarest of rap songs that could still fill dancefloors. ⁤⁤Even those who don't connect with the deeper philosophical content would be hard-pressed not to nod their heads and sway their bodies to the track's infectious swing. ⁤
⁤This mainstream appeal is a showcase of his versatility in delivering real content. ⁤⁤Too often, hip-hop that aims for deeper meaning gets bogged down in self-serious pretension or academic theorizing. ⁤⁤But "CROWN" exemplifies how intelligent rap can still go hard with undeniable hooks and banging production. ⁤


⁤Ever since I first discovered PROKLAIM's music, he has continually impressed me with his talented musical talents. ⁤⁤While many artists lose their edge over time, PROKLAIM has stayed true to what real hip-hop is about. ⁤⁤I admire PROKLAIM's art very much. ⁤⁤He has never let me down since I became a fan. ⁤

With "CROWN," Proklaim proves himself a lyricist of the highest order, capable of delivering both sonic satisfaction and food for thought. ⁤⁤As his career continues to blossom, he seems poised to take his place among rap's vanguard thinkers and uncompromising truth-tellers. ⁤

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June 20, 2024 by SAIIDZ

After graduating from college and committing solely to music, YDV has garnered impressive initial streaming stats through his independent release strategy. His numbers so far indicate that by building buzz, YDV has achieved substantial early success through platforms like Spotify, with nearly 4k monthly streams. Blending influences spanning Mac Miller to The Weeknd to Bollywood sounds, YDV aims to mirror the diversity of his influences through boundary-blurring musical amalgams.

He is back with "WHERE I STAY," which has crossed the 3k stream mark on the platform since its release in May. Produced, written, and performed entirely by YDV himself, the track saw him take on all creative roles from songwriting to vocal delivery to beat-making.

"WHERE I STAY" has deep roots in hip-hop and rap through strong vocals and percussion-driven production. The song also leaves elements of pop and EDM to be heard nicely.

The instrumentation that kicks off the track establishes an intriguingly echoing and synth-soaked ambiance. YDV's vocals on "WHERE I STAY" use a judicious use of autotune. Rather than leaning heavily on pitch correction, he employs a more subtle application that brings out the expressive qualities of his delivery, and the song in general. The autotune adds a layer of texture, elevating his vocal melodies. It also helps the vocals sit well in the hip-hop-style beat while keeping an R&B/pop feel. The percussion is heavy throughout, lending brute force to drive the song forward alongside YDV's commanding presence on the mic. Choosing to prioritize low-end thump over melodic flourishes was an interesting production decision that paid off. "WHERE I STAY" shines in its textural complexity. The flow YDV taps into, especially during the bridge, makes for a great leisurely flow. Layers of reverberated sound drift in and out of the mix, with a brilliant feel that gives out the real hip-hop energy.

Born out of heartbreak and a desire to get back to his musical roots, YDV's solo pursuits are motivated by emotion and a passion for music. He has worked very hard in the DIY underground scene, throwing shows and organizing lineups in NYC. With the mixing credits from Grammy-nominated engineer Maxime Morine adding sheen to the self-sufficient single, "WHERE I STAY" stands as a gorgeous single for the former college student turned hip-hop renegade to leave his mark.

Having discovered plenty of artists, I get a genuine thrill from finding someone like YDV who is still early in their journey and possesses talent like no other. I feel fortunate to be now able to follow the pathway of an undoubtedly special musician at such a nascent stage.

YDV has solely shouldered the weight of his solo project so far, handling all writing, singing, rapping, and production duties himself. There's an underdog appeal to his DIY grind that gives "WHERE I STAY" an enduring grit. To get a good taste of what YDV has in store, be sure to stream "WHERE I STAY" now on all platforms, along with the rest of his catalog.

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June 19, 2024 by SAIIDZ

At just 15 years old, Los Angeles star Edie Yvonne has already accomplished more than many artists twice her age. The singer-songwriter, who has amassed over 24k monthly listeners on Spotify, is quickly making a name for herself in the indie dream teen pop scene with her releases and songs.

With her latest drop "15 (When I Leave)," Edie Yvonne solidifies her position as a rising force, delivering a blistering pop-punk anthem that showcases her remarkable vocal prowess and songwriting chops.

"15 (When I Leave)" starts with a rush of energy and dynamic instrumentation. The track opens with a sharp guitar riff that lets you know this is going to be a high-octane musical song. Yvonne's vocals enter shortly after. Her vocals possess that teen angsty sound that works perfectly with the song.

With their sense of urgency and propulsion, the powerful guitar riffs and booming drumming wonderfully match Edie Yvonne's passionate vocal performance.

Edie has the talent to condense a vast spectrum of feelings and musical inspirations into a succinct and impactful product.

Still very young, and very early in her career, she has already developed a distinctive musical voice that sets her apart from her peers. Teenagers around the world are lucky to have such an authentic and relatable idol of their age singing anthems that speak to them and talk about the experiences of youth and self-discovery.

I am a huge Edie Yvonne fan. It's truly astounding to witness the level of artistic maturity and emotional depth that Yvonne brings to her music at such a young age. As someone who has eagerly awaited and devoured each of her releases from "Girl Code" and "Queen Bee" to the iconic "DELUSION" on Valentine's Day, there is no doubt in my mind that "15 (When I Leave)" is one of Yvonne's most accomplished and unforgettable songs to date.

Edie Yvonne continues to cement her status as one of the most exciting young talents in indie pop with every release. Edie Yvonne is one of the most bright and promising young talents in the indie dream teen pop scene and beyond. As both a proud fan and an avid music critic, I can't wait to witness how Yvonne continues to hone and push her sound to new boundaries with future work. Now is a great time to listen to the rest of her catalog and stream "15 (When I Leave)" if you haven't already!

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TOP BEST HITSWave Goodbye – Downtown Session By EDDIE COHN

June 14, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Eddie Cohn is a true Renaissance man on the modern music scene. Centered in the creative hub of Los Angeles, the multi-talented singer-songwriter, producer, DJ, podcaster, and multi-instrumentalist has cultivated an eclectic and boundless artistic perspective.

A professed lover of cats, Eddie’s feline friends have even been known to make cameo "meows" on his recordings from time to time. His artistic passions extend beyond music as well, having published his first satirical book "Sexy Spiritual AF YOGA" and hosting the podcast "The Downward Facing Spiritual Spiral" which explores the interplay of technology, social media, and art.

On his latest single, "Wave Goodbye (Downtown Session)," Cohn has put forth an exquisitely unfiltered and introspective reimagining of his original studio version. Like many artists before him, Cohn found inspiration in the iconic MTV Unplugged series of the early 90s, where bands would reinterpret their electric songs in stripped-down acoustic arrangements. Seeking to translate \"Wave Goodbye\" for an all-instrumental acoustic performance, Eddie embarked on a process of contrapuntal instrumentation where he explored new textures.

Eddie’s dexterous guitar work forms the core fabric, amalgamating finger-picking, arising patterns, and fragmented dissonances into an enthralling sonic tapestry. His vocals ring with gritty, soul-barring grit. The emotive and gorgeous flow ignites intensity in your soul like no other, as he sings, "Over night, Another wave goodbye, Looks like you lost your mind."

Structurally, Eddie breaks "Wave Goodbye (Downtown Session)," into a number of distinct movements that parallel the philosophical arcs within the lyrics. The intro establishes a moody pastoral mood through melody-driven guitar figures and breathy vocals. As momentum builds in the lyrics, driving rhythms and clusters of dense chordal strums intensify the rhythmic and textural density. Finally, in the outro, his vocals soar above the resolving strings.

Cohn's "Wave Goodbye (Downtown Session)," is a paradoxically comforting yet disquieting artistic statement; a self-examination cloaked in consoling acoustics. His command of true authenticity and willingness to stare unflinchingly inward catalyze a profound experience ripe for deep introspection.

As a long-time Cohn admirer, I'm in awe of how he's stripped his sound to such a simple core while retaining the seasoned elegance that has defined his talent. The intimacy conjured leaves the audience awash in solace yet profoundly shaken by the unapologetic intensity. For those craving catharsis through uncompromising authenticity, Cohn's latest brilliantly transcends.

With "Wave Goodbye (Downtown Session)," Eddie Cohn has successfully reimagined one of his most popular songs as a transcendent acoustic moment. Stripping layers down to their bareest elements allows new details to pop out. Like the iconic MTV Unplugged performances that inspired it, this rendition harnesses the revelatory power of framing vulnerability on an unshakable foundation of conviction. To become a big fan like me, check out "Wave Goodbye (Downtown Session)," and be sure to explore the rest of Eddie Cohn's critically acclaimed catalogue.

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June 12, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Emerging pop artist Joshua Pearlstein knows a thing or two about the creation of an instantly catchy pop song. With his latest single "Endorphins," the singer-songwriter shows an innate understanding of what makes a track irresistibly fun but still connects greatly with you. Over the past year, Pearlstein has gained steady momentum with great releases like "Heartless Binge" and "Wandering Degenerate" which exhibited his skills as a melodist, lyricist, and sonic architect. "Endorphins" marks another scintillating step forward in Pearlstein's burgeoning career and proves he is an artist to keep a close eye on.

Joshua is already achieving tangible success with his current body of released works. By now, he has accrued over 4,474 monthly listeners across platforms like Spotify. His debut single "Heartless Binge" has seen especially strong engagement since its release last month, amassing over 7k streams. These streaming numbers display that listeners are actively responding to and sharing Pearlstein's captivating brand of postmodern pop.

The track starts with a slick, powerful electronic beat and luminescent synth pads that immediately command attention. Pearlstein establishes a stylish, dancefloor-ready starting point with propulsive percussion and stuttering hi-hats. However, he infuses the production with subtle details that give it replayability, like the ambient textures and rises in the breakdown. The blend of modern electro-pop design with the addition of cinematic flair and depth creates a very rich single. Throughout the track, Joshua layers multilayered harmonies and rhythmical progressions into the mix to continuously engage the listener. The production achieves that perfect balance of energetic momentum that keeps the ears engaged from start to finish.

Joshua Pearlstein has a very nice pop tone to his voice, which assures me he will be the next big pop name. With his tenor range, he brings out the lyrics with an honest spirit that enhances their impact. The song is filled with passion. It's a vocally dexterous and soul-baring showing that elevates the track immensely.

Joshua explained how he worked very hard on the track, and of course, you can hear that. "I made this song in 36 hours from start to finish after a girl rejected me, and everything just clicked. I wrote this song because of a feeling I have that the Divine forces that be are keeping love away from me because it would distract me from making music." He even exclaimed how proud he was of this release.

With "Endorphins," Joshua Pearlstein demonstrates why he deserves recognition among modern pop's most promising voices. He has a preternatural ability to come up with buzzing, smash-hit-worthy songs that also pack an underlying wallop. Pearlstein knows what it takes to make a song great, whether it's ingenious melodic hooks, intricate arrangements, or deeply vulnerable lyrics. He has a very bright future paving new roads in mainstream pop if he keeps nurturing his distinct artistry. With masterful singles like "Endorphins," Joshua Pearlstein is well on his way to doing just that. To experience the full majesty of "Endorphins" for yourself, be sure to stream the track today on Spotify or your preferred platform.

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June 12, 2024 by SAIIDZ

At just 18 years of age, and with over 2k monthly listeners, Alicia Daydreams has already built up her presence as a rapidly growing force in the music scene. Across her impressive catalog of self-written songs and polished live performances, she creates this multi-genre pop sound infused with intoxicating vibrancy and rich lyricism that feels refreshingly timeless.

Her newly released single "Knock on My Door" serves many new fans as a shining introduction to her talents as a singer and instrumentalist. Released independently, "Knock on My Door" was made entirely by Alicia in her home studio. This was good to know because it highlighted her dedication to actualizing her idiosyncratic sonic vision without compromise.

Across the track's three-minute runtime, Alicia traverses dynamic terrain with her ineffable vocal dexterity. She fluidly navigates the register from chest voice to head voice and back again with consummate nuance and control. Her breathy tone pairs exquisitely with the song's dreamlike harmonic scaffolding and oscillating rhythmic undercurrent.

"Knock on My Door" progresses linearly, unfolding layer by layer like a blooming lotus. Initial verses establish a relaxed groove, buttressed by keys and ambient synth washes. Alicia's lush multi-tracked vocals cascade ethereally.

The climactic chorus then erupts with luminescent guitar arpeggios and euphoric vocal acrobatics riding the crashing waves of the beat.

Throughout, Alicia’s deft work and economical playing complement her liquid vocals. Her melodic motif evolves organically from verse to verse, guided by intuitive melodic instinct rather than a formula. Likewise, the arrangement remains sparsely textured but with a rich feel.

On a more personal note, "Knock on My Door" has quickly become one of my most-played new songs of the year. As someone who deeply values subtlety, space, and dynamic range in music, I was quickly taken by her approach to the pop sound.

I'm thrilled to have been introduced to Alicia Daydreams' stunning talents at such an early stage in her burgeoning career.

Through "Knock on My Door," Alicia Daydreams establishes herself as a singular creative force whose music combines organic instrumentation, electronic production savvy, and genre-agnostic pop instincts into an intoxicating signature sound.

As her sound continues to unfold, her prismatic blend of pop craft will certainly captivate audiences for years to come. "Knock on My Door" leaves no doubt that this is just the beginning. I’ll end by urging readers to immediately head to their favorite digital music service to stream or download "Knock on My Door" by Alicia Daydreams.

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TOP BEST HITSJourney Toward Wholeness By NORINE BRAUN

June 12, 2024 by SAIIDZ

I am so thrilled to deliver Norine Braun to all music fans today. Norine is a Canadian songstress whose music feels like a long-overdue heart-to-heart with an old friend. For years, Norine has released multiple albums, each one a piece of artwork woven with her innermost thoughts and emotions. Her lyrics breathe entities that seem to reach into your soul. Her music has found a global audience, amassing thousands upon thousands of streams on platforms like Spotify. Each month, over 3k listeners are swept away by the power of her vocals.

Excitedly awaited, Norine's 14th album "Journey Toward Wholeness" is expected to be her most reflective to date. Norine's album invites listeners on an intense odyssey of finding oneself, one that focuses on her decision to deal with the emotions behind her adoption and her new discoveries regarding her familial roots. She also combines its temperature, antique sounds, and expansive narrative with her trademark roots, blues, and folk blend.

She is joined on the album by a talented ensemble of musicians. Accomplished producer and multi-instrumentalist Adam Popowitz lays down deep basslines and shimmering lead guitar textures, while also handling intricate hand percussion duties. Drummer Elliot Polsky drives the material forward with a jazz-inspired rhythmic flair and feel. Kathleen Nisbet brings lively fiddle accompaniment, infusing Celtic and Acadian influences. Alice Fraser adds ethereal keys and harmony vocals. Huggybear Leonard adds blues and sharp coloring. The album was produced by Adam Popowitz and mixed and mastered with finesse by Rear Window Song and Sound. 

The song "Adoption" uses sophisticated melodic changes to portray the wide range of varied feelings that result from being taken away from one's biological origins at an early age. Her viewpoints on growing up oblivious to her heritage and the difficulties of developing a realistic self-concept in such situations are given emotional depth by the song. Despite the weighty topic at hand, the production is light. Yes, it is challenging, but it also seems positive and airy. The song "Quest Before Me" features amazing guitar harmonies and a wonderful vocal performance.


The rhythmic drive of "Hunting Buffalo" pays homage to Braun's Metis heritage, underpinned by syncopated fiddle, blues harp, and driving hand percussion. It talks about the historical significance of buffalo hunting in the Red River region where many of her ancestors lived, bringing this crucial piece of Indigenous culture vividly to life. In the sensational "Ascending Lullaby," Braun talks about her late mother through a soaring vocal melody infused with gospel-tinged hope.

Personally, I think that Braun's most unified creative statement was "Journey Toward Wholeness". With its soul-baring songwriting and reminiscent storytelling, it weaves socio-political themes that enhance a transcendental contemplation of identity, heritage, and the human pursuit of becoming herself. It is quite touching to witness Braun's tenderness and honesty as she walks listeners through her change.

"Journey Toward Wholeness" is a book that should be widely read because of its profound and intriguing tales of belonging. I recommend readers stream this moving album this May and lose yourself in Norine Braun's creative odyssey. Her remarkable voice and her brave example of perspective and tenacity in the face of life's big issues about origin and self will undoubtedly stick with you for a very long time. You can now immediately listen to it on Spotify.

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