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May 24, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Let me tell you about this incredible artist, Red Skies Mourning. Chris Aleshire, the man behind Red Skies Mourning, has spent years working on his musical talents. He has performed with a wide range of bands and has made over 10,4k streams on Spotify. It has all been a journey for Chris to find his true sound.

With each new song and album, Chris challenges himself to grow as a musician. But he never loses that emotion and amazing musical skills that make his work so special. His latest song is truly his most daring yet. He is here with a cover of "Beautiful Things" by Benson Boone. Chris took the song and transformed it.

Instead of fast, loud sounds, Chris sings the melody with more of a fragile feel. Can you imagine stripping a song down that much? It takes real talent. While the original was a fun pop song, Chris turned it into a hauntingly beautiful piece of art. The deep and powerful voice tells the story in a whole new way. As the song builds, you can feel the guitar layers wrapping around you like waves of memories.

And his vocals! Chris puts so much feeling into every note. You can sense the story he's sharing. This musician has true musical GENIUS. "Beautiful Things" shows how Chris is always taking risks to challenge himself and find new ways to share his gift with the world. I know that after hearing his version, you'll be an instant fan too.

 Chris stepped out of his comfort zone. He stripped the song down to just his bare voice and guitar. It takes guts to reinvent a well-known pop hit like that!

As a musician, Chris is always pushing himself to explore new sounds. And you can hear his artistry evolving with each new release. Fans of Red Skies Mourning won't want to miss this stunning makeover of a classic pop song. Chris pours his heart into every performance. And these simple yet beautiful arrangements let his powerful vocals really shine through.

This cover may be one of Chris's most stunning works yet. He shows so much control and emotion. It's proof that Chris remains at the top of his game. With each new song, he finds exciting new ways to surprise his loyal fans. So do yourself a favor and go listen to Chris's version of "Beautiful Things" on any music app.

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May 24, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Matthew S. Horner has crafted a song to stir the soul of all who came of age in pop-punk's golden era. "Undisputed" takes you directly back to those formative years with its melody, rhythm, and lyrics carrying echoes of nostalgia.

From the opening chords, this song declares its power and purpose. Horner belts the words with a vocal intensity that ignites the instinct to join in from the first. The verses maintain an energizing beat while the pre-chorus slows just enough to build potent longing, releasing at last in an explosive sing-along refrain that demands to be released in unison at full volume.
Matthew S. Horner has masterfully captured the spirit of the pop-punk era freshly, not relying on nostalgia alone. Through refined production means, he brings this tribute into the present day with a polished texture while retaining the grit and passion that catapulted bands like Blink-182 and Sum 41 into the hearts and minds of a generation. The track taps into both our memories and current sensibilities, revealing the timeless human truths beneath the styles that shift with the seasons.
Nick Giaimo's co-production and Ryan Schumer's mastering have led to a radio-ready banger that refuses to be ignored. The track has a full, polished sound without losing any of its punk edge. Subtle instruments in the verses keep listeners interested before exploding into massive walls of guitar on the choruses. Horner's singing voice is mixed to perfection; raspy and gritty yet still letting the lyrics shine through.

"Undisputed" proves the spirit of rebellion lives on. It wastes no moment drawing you in, hooking you within the first thrill, and securing your devotion by the time the verse ends. Matthew S. Horner invites you to join the chorus from the start, his pulsating melodies embedding themselves in your soul.

With "Undisputed," Matthew S. Horner displays the gift to ignite audiences as few can. For three breathtaking minutes, it stirs your blood like adrenaline, delighting the listener back to formative years of passion and youthful eagerness. This song demands to be your anthem whether drummed on the wheel or bellowed with all your might.

Fans of the era where angst and energy intertwine will find a new beloved in these notes. It rightfully earns regular rotation on playlists where punk pride takes priority. Undoubtedly one of this year's essential listens, "Undisputed" will stir the soul of any who still feels music's capacity to ignite revolution. For the lover of rebellion in sound and spirit alike, this track is a must.

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May 21, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Betrayal stings like a dagger to the heart. Catlea's explosive new single "Lying" rips that wound wide open with raw, unfiltered emotion and addictive indie-pop energy. This scathing anthem is a defiant clap back to every unfaithful partner who's ever looked you in the eye and lied.

Released as the first taste of her hotly anticipated album Language Barrier, "Lying" is the bold opening salvo in Catlea's all-out assault on dishonesty in relationships. The track's blistering lyrics and scorching vocals leave no doubt that this rising star refuses to be played for fools.

But "lying" isn't just sonic venting. It's the start of an immersive multi-platform campaign to introduce Catlea's singular sound and vision. The single's release is backed by a massive social media blitz across online platforms. 

Catlea is hitting the road hard too, with a grueling 42-show Midwest tour bringing her electrifying live show to fans across the heartland. Catlea's rapidly growing fanbase now numbers 140k diehard followers across social media and streaming platforms. Her music videos have drawn over 890k YouTube views and are counting.

For three years, this multi-talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist worked diligently to develop, record, and refine the ten alt-indie jewels that makeup Language Barrier. Catlea's musical pallet consists of a variety of sounds and styles.  Their eclectic tastes span the entire spectrum from gritty alt-indie to thunderous rock, shimmering pop to pulsing EDM.

But Catlea is far more than just a phenomenal voice. She knows how to create richly textured arrangements that complement her vocals.

Catlea draws inspiration from the deepest wellsprings of human experience; love, life, and self-discovery. Take "lying" for instance. The gorgeous opening riff instantly grabs you by the heartstrings. As the track builds, the lush production swells brilliantly around Catlea's soaring lead vocals. You can feel the conviction in her voice as she transforms from sadness to self-assured independence right before your eyes (and ears).

The pounding backbeat drives that liberating sentiment home, practically forcing your feet to start tapping along. The powerful chorus emerges with rising melodies and anthemic declares that will have you fist-pumping in unison.

You can hear the heartbreak, the anger, the self-doubt, a whirlwind of complex emotions laid startlingly bare. It's a masterclass in turning pain into cathartic art.

Longtime fans will instantly recognize this song as one of Catlea's best. Crank this one up and let the brutal honesty of "Lying" take over you. 

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May 21, 2024 by SAIIDZ

I know many of you have heard the buzz about the stunning new talent that is gracing our playlists lately. Joshua Pearlstein is a rare find, a genuine artist who pours his heart and soul into every new song.

Joshua is an artist that creates perfect little worlds, each with its own fascinating character and story to uncover. His melodies act like companions, welcoming you in into his world. And the way he layers instrumental textures, like a master chef blending flavors, leaves you savoring each creative morsel.

Through dedication, and many hours working on his art, he is showing us who is the new boss. While his gifts are unquestionably God-given, with a touch for music that comes but once in a generation, it is what Joshua has done with that gift that astounds, he has nurtured it with focus, rigor and care. He is a luminary, a bright light whose rays will continue to inspire and uplift for years to come. He is an artist for the ages.

Now, with his second studio offering "Wandering Degenerate," Joshua promises to push the boundaries of what we think possible from one so gifted. Across this very well made pop song, we take a deeper dive into his work and art. An experience awaits that will send your senses soaring to new heights.

The production stands as a feat of brilliance. Layers of sonic textures and motifs interweave with the complexity and resonance of a masterwork, each element placed with purpose and feeling by Joshua's discerning and meticulous ear. From basslines that stir your soul to synth passages dancing upon the air, every choice underscores his virtuosity as an engineer of enveloping soundscapes.

His vocals are the real scene stealer. Joshua's voice is like liquid gold, dripping with beauty. He has this incredible range that you cannot get enough of. It's very poppy, it's sweet, and it's perfect for modern pop music. His voice is warm and inviting, making you just want to listen to his songs on repeat.

On "Wandering Degenerate," his vocals are even better than on the debut, showing us that with every new song, he will work harder. You will appreciate how real he is, and you'll be singing along in no time. It's a definite must-listen!

This is a gorgeous second release from Joshua that exceeds all expectations. If you enjoy finding new music from incredibly brilliant musicians, you should listen to Joshua's songs as quickly as possible; you don't want to be the last of your friends to hear this song.

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May 21, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Picture yourself on a long, wide road as the golden sun beams down from a clear blue sky on a warm summer's day, with a refreshing wind flowing through your hair. The new song "Cowards" by Casual Americans evokes exactly that carefree, nostalgic vibe in me!

This track takes me back to cruising around with the windows down, no worries in the world. It's like the band has bottled up all the fun memories of driving around with your friends and just enjoying life. The musical sounds they created are absolutely beautiful. There's something so soothing about the melodies.

Casual Americans is a band from Athens, Georgia. They created this song which captures the best rock music from the 1990s and early 2000s. However, they also added their own fresh sound to it. The album doesn't sound dated like music from that period sometimes can. They blended older rock styles with new ideas.

The song's production is crystal clear, it pulls you right in. Now, I'd even say it's up there with the polished tracks from popular bands like The Jonas Brothers or 5 Seconds of Summer. Still, what sets Casual Americans apart is their unique style and talent for songwriting.

When you listen closely to Casual Americans' new song "Cowards", you'll feel like you've gone back in time but with a modern twist. They nailed the balance between classic nostalgic sounds and fresh new music. It's familiar yet excitingly different. Pulling that off can't be easy, but they made it seem effortless.

As you keep listening to the track, doesn't it feel good to just get swept away by the happy beats and tunes? I could see many people cruising down the highway or relaxing in the backyard with this playing. It's so perfect for the summertime.

In today's world of one-time-use music, it's rare to find a song you'll love replaying over and over. But "Cowards" is one of those songs! The band put so much into this song and it totally worked. They have a true gift for music, which shows in their passion and attention to detail.

If you're a diehard indie-alt rock fan or just love good tunes, do yourself a favor and show Casual Americans some love by streaming "Cowards". Let the music propel you to a happier place filled with beautiful melodies. I promise your soul will feel uplifted! Trust me and press play today on "Cowards."

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May 17, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Coma Beach is a truly special band with an important message to share. Their new "I Won't Listen" EP immediately pulls you into a deep, thoughtful world within. In just a few short tracks, they guide your mind and soul to a place of inner reflection.

What messages might we find there? Through sounds that span punk, alternative, and even Gothic styles, Coma Beach creates their path, one as unpredictable as the human experience itself. Their music is a journey that can help us better understand ourselves and each other.

Right from the first notes of "I Won't Listen," you know this won't be your average punk soundtrack. Layered guitars intertwine with moving basslines, painting a picture of solitude within. Some might feel alone with their thoughts, but that's where Coma Beach wants to meet us. 

If that first song sets the stage, "The Past of the Future" provides important context. Ethereal guitar notes raise timeless questions, but few easy answers. Pounding rhythms match life's intensity. In just under three minutes, it leaves you craving more.

Their third song "Passion" bursts forward with gritty energy. Through the singer's vocals, we see their desire to shed rumination in search of emotional well-being. Pure feelings pour out through the song's four-minute punk sound. The closer "Another Song" brings the bite back in a different way, with hard-hitting words delivered over driving rhythms. 

Across just 14 short minutes, Coma Beach achieves what longer albums often fail to. They tie it all together with short yet impactful songs that burrow deep into our minds. Their music's unsettled feeling remains long after it ends.

With influences spanning punk, goth, and alternative styles, Coma Beach walk their own path between genres. Most astounding is how four abbreviated tracks can still convey the profound themes and questions at their album's core.

I believe great art should make us think deeply but also encourage action. In what ways might Coma Beach's music inspire positive change in yourself or your community? Their short but potent EP offers us all an opportunity for inner discovery. 

The "I Won't Listen" EP proves these poets are just continuing to capture attention with their portrayals of what it means to be human. For those seeking thought-provoking art, I encourage you to keep an eye on this incredible band! Give their music a listen today on Spotify. Check out their "I Won't Listen" EP, and the rest of their discography today.

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May 17, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Ephraim the Afrobeat star is back with a new single that will have you moving in your seat! "Double Hustle" delivers another perfectly made song that shows off his special mix of classic Afrobeat rhythms and modern style.

This song lets Ephraim's flow and lyrics take center stage. "Double Hustle" blends real street rhymes and beats, putting the energy up to level 100. You can feel the booming bass and thumping drums in your chest as the intertwining guitar licks lay down the foundation. It gives Ephraim's vocal delivery plenty of room to soar over the top and slide between the cracks in the track. 

One thing that's admirable about Ephraim is the way he pushes creative boundaries to expand what hip-hop can be. On "Double Hustle," he goes beyond any one genre with a sound that fans of Afrobeat, R&B, and pop can all vibe to. You can tell that every small musical ingredient, from the live instrumentation down to the intricate production details, was strategically crafted to pull the audience deeper into Ephraim's musical vision. 

It's impossible not to start bobbing your head at that dope beat. The tight drums lay the background for Ephraim's lyrical skills to shine through. His flow floats over the beat, taking the listeners on a journey. This track also slaps with its production. Crisp sounds draw you in, while the punchy mixing keeps the energy pumping. The result is an immersive, cinematic listen that feels as fresh each time you press replay.

If you already bump Ephraim's blend of Afrobeat vibes on the reg, then "Double Hustle" will be your jam of the season, guaranteed. But even people fresh to that sweet African sound will find lots to bop their heads to. From the way those rhythms get your body moving to the way his melodies lift your mood, this track hits on all cylinders. With mass appeal like that, it's no wonder fans far and wide will dig it. And anyone who knows Ephraim's skills also knows he's a pro at merging old-school greatness with new-school flavor. On "Double Hustle," he does it again, crafting an experience that'll put a smile on your face and get your feet twisted in all the best ways. So if you're looking for some fresh heat to dominate your playlists, go give "Double Hustle" a spin today. Your weekend is about to be 100 times better.

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May 16, 2024 by SAIIDZ

East Tennessee's hip-hop tradition is being carried on by Justus, also known as Big Jayyy, who rose to fame from the depths of the city's musical scene to rhythms that echoed the area's rich cultural history. He adds his particular taste to the mix, drawing inspiration from pioneers Three 6 Mafia to superstars Jelly Roll and Lil Wyte. 

With his sincere delivery on his most recent single, "Split," Big Jayyy provides a window into the spirit of hip-hop. Big Jayyy is a Knoxville native who has never wavered from his 865 roots. He declares, "865 till I die," displaying a great sense of pride in his hometown. 

The mesmerizing rhythm of "Split" by Big Jayyy grabs your attention right away. In the song, his alter-ego encourages and tests him to take chances. 

The melancholic music on "Split" is a fantastic fit for the track's themes of discovery. A hypnotic melody blended with floating riffs is provided by producer BadSoul. It's the root cause of your entanglement in Big Jayyy's pursuit. His words reveal views that are concealed from perspective, and the entrancing atmosphere envelops you. 

This essential degree of introspection, bolstered by formidable rap skills, is what sets "Split" apart. His voice flows effortlessly over the music. He fits intricate rhyming patterns into succinct, memorable bars. Rapping with such technical mastery and expressing yourself requires genuine talent. 

The song demonstrates Big Jayyy's drive for continuous growth. You can't help but think about "Split" and anticipate Big Jayyy's next move in terms of his creative development. 

Big Jayyy has been a creative artist for a while and has gradually perfected his talent in Knoxville. "Split" demonstrates how his style is developing while retaining the very raw flare. This song is guaranteed to get him admirers outside his hometown. Indeed, it did. Hip-hop aficionados are enjoying "Split" in large numbers. The song has crossed 8K streams in just one month of release. That amount of interaction is particularly noteworthy in light of Big Jayyy's devoted fan base, which numbers more than six thousand monthly listeners on the streaming service Spotify.

To truly feel what Big Jayyy creates, I turned my focus fully inward when listening. Shut out distractions, play the song loud, and let his world wrap around you. Only then can you glimpse his process and understand and feel it all, just as I did. Give "Split" a listen today, it's worth immersing yourself in fully.

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May 15, 2024 by SAIIDZ

The winds of time continue to blow sweet melodies through the soul of veteran troubadour Geoff Gibbons. With experience and wisdom earned from thousands of streams and listeners, he offers us a new glimpse into his journeyman's heart with his latest release, "Morgantown".

With "Morgantown," Geoff takes the discerning listener into another world. Through his evocative lyrics and melodies that swell the heart, he breathes life into scenes of beauty and magic. Thousands already feel the power of his musical enchantment across digital realms.

Within this song's exquisite verses, Gibbons blends music like a virtuoso alchemist. He distills bittersweet memories with poetic elegance like a king. And with his weathered baritone, this sage of song summons complex feelings to the surface in a way that feels as ancient as time. The guitar casts its spell with so much beauty, weaving magic that drags one deep into his storytelling sorcery. Accents of pedal steel by John Ellis and piano from Simon Kendall enhance the spell's nostalgic country allure. After decades in the business, Geoff Gibbons has reached new heights of artistic wizardry with "Morgantown."

Geoff Gibbons' production of "Morgantown" has a stripped-back simplicity that feels very refined. This allows the song's natural qualities to shine brightly. It's the kind of uncluttered arrangement that lets his lyrical details vividly portray pictures in the listener's mind. With sweet lyrics and roots-oriented instruments, "Morgantown" acts as a window into the musician's world.

While Geoff has explored sentiments of yearning and loss throughout his lengthy career, "Morgantown" resonates strikingly. Perhaps it's the novel viewpoint that comes solely from experience and maturity. Or how his weathered tones bring emotions bubbling forth in an authentic, hard-earned manner.

Whatever its magic formula, "Morgantown" strongly impacts me as one of Geoff's most moving, fully realized works yet. I have checked out many Americana singles this year, but nothing has made me smile and made me feel the music like this one. With any luck, "Morgantown" will introduce a new generation to Geoff Gibbons' gifts for narration, and even young people who don't necessarily like Americana or country, will enjoy this one.

To fully soak in "Morgantown," I recommend listening with headphones, eyes closed, letting Geoff's sepia-toned descriptions flow over you like fond remembrances. Then be sure to follow wherever the song leads, whether down memory lane or into deeper reflections on love and life's impermanence. Either way, you'll find in Geoff the rare talent of a true genuine artist who improves with age.

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May 15, 2024 by SAIIDZ

The Infinity Process wants you to open your eyes with their new single, "Glitches." This alternative metal band from Toledo, Ohio creates music that makes you think and feels deep in your soul.

The guitar plays an urgent, offbeat sound that puts you on edge. The drums drive the song with a powerful beat. But it's the vocals that will move you the most. The singer's voice flows beautifully between loud, raw singing. She takes you on a trip exploring what it means to question what's real.

The verses provide a striking picture. They sing about relying too much on technology and how physical life and the digital world blur together. But it's the big changes in the song's structure that show its deep meaning best. The choruses swell up and feel otherworldly before plunging down into tense, gritty bridges. These shifts mirror the unsettling feeling of doubting what reality truly is.

The band combines complex music and lyrics to create a multi-layered track that makes you want to listen again and again. They tackle challenging topics like artificial intelligence, the idea that life could be simulated, and fuzzy lines between what's real and virtual. Through this poetic, moving song, The Infinity Process sparks ideas and feelings that will stay with you long after. Their talent shines a light on existential issues in a way that's powerful and soul-touching.

The Infinity Process helps bring their song's concepts to life through a compelling music video. The video was directed by John Fleischman. It stars actor Aaron Collins as a man stuck in a strange repeat of time. Filmed with a clean, sterile look like The Matrix, the video leaves you wondering - is the man trapped in a computer simulation, or facing a deeper question about existence?

With "Glitches," The Infinity Process shows their talent for building layered, stimulating rock that makes you hit replay. Fans of complex alternative metal from bands like Helmet and Thrice will see how much skill goes into the group's songs and themes. Even casual listeners will find the musical and visual experience grabs them. It gets people talking about big issues where technology and what's real meet.

This single deserves attention from anyone interested in that important connection. The Infinity Process takes their fans on a journey of discovery through sound and vision. They blend art and introspection in a way that sticks with you and feeds your mind. With talents like this Toledo trio, music becomes so much more than what's on the surface. It can spark real ideas and feelings about life's deepest questions. Stream it today.

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