Zight Number One (ft. Adam Christopher) (Original Single)

NewZIGHT Number One (ft. Adam Christopher)

May 12, 2022 by saiidzeidan
Zight Number One (ft. Adam Christopher) (Original Single) Number One is your next piece of ear candy. This single has a vivid sonic palette with euphoric synths and lush vocals, which ground itself in themes of self-esteem and realization. Featuring ravey piano stabs and catchy legato synth leads, the track maintains its danceability with Adam Christopher's entrancing voice - perfect for late-night listening.     Zight Number One (ft. Adam Christopher) (Original Single)          
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"Number One" is a song that is produced for the F1 (Formula One) Championship 2022, a gift for all racing sports lovers. Featuring renowned American Youtube singer Adam Christopher, published by Booty Leak(Mixfeed), the music video gained over 70k views on Youtube in 2 days. Shooting in Winton Motor Raceway (Australia), I spent 4 months, remotely working with the Australian director Brad Day to complete this magnificent piece of filmwork.

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