Your Neck Here (Original Single) By Diana Smith

Discover POP Your Neck Here (Original Single) By Diana Smith

Diana Smith AKA The Dom Mom is one pop artist I’m thrilled to be covering. In her latest release, "Your Neck Here," she creates a masterpiece of pop that shows off her lyrical style, as well as the Middle Eastern guitars that weave an engaging rhythm around. By all means, this is a memorable single by Dana.

Diana Smith is a pop artist based in Brooklyn New York that has been building quite a reputation for herself performing throughout Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan. With some notable gigs at SOB's, The Delancey, and DROM, she’s set out to make a name out of herself in the industry and she certainly will.

Her art is the result of the synergy of talents between the experienced trio,

Diana Smith: Lyrics; Vocals; Engineer; Producer

Proda: Mix; Master; Producer

Gabriel Jin: Beat

Diana and Proda have been producing music together for some years now and met Gabriel through an online conversation which eventually led to including him in the band. It is Diana’s love for delivering perfect tunes that she seek out help from experienced artists that have helped her to create catchy beats to make her music tuneful.

Diana's latest single, "Your Neck Here," is a creative mashup of modern pop and Middle Eastern music that has caught my attention as an example of the skills these two cultures have in creating clever music together. The synergy between the beats perfected by the team and Diana's heartwarming performance created a beautiful melody that demands attention. Diana described the song as "a zero-tolerance policy against modern-day hookup/dating culture and how nobody, not even "friends" are feeling genuine lately." The single comes as a first of a series of songs planned for 2022 along with a 3rd music video and her first EP release.

Influenced by professional, well-accomplished legends of the industry like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Lana Del Rey; She’s set the standard high and is most definitely aiming big. So give her a shot, and experience the creativity of mixing Middle Eastern music with modern pop. Share your experiences and subscribe to her social media to show her the support she needs to keep on giving, be sure to check out her website for her latest news and music projects at

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