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July 22, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Chris Pellnat is an innately gifted singer-songwriter from Hudson Valley, New York. He has established himself as a consummate professional in his career by tirelessly honing inventive melodies and lyrical subtlety. Whether solo as a talented guitarist or with bands like The Warp/The Weft, Pellnat's original compositions ring with care and attentiveness to detail.

In his latest magnum opus, "في قلبي In My Heart" combines Pellnat's vocalizations and instrumentation with Moroccan artist Catalus to hammer out an affectionate musical dialogue between East and West.

Sparse accompaniment of shakers and light percussion gives way to the track, immediately setting the tone as atmospheric and contemplative. Catalus' beautiful Arabic vocals slide in, hauntingly floating above the rhythmic pulse. Her delivery imbues layers of emotion into the lyrics. It celebrates her culture using the native tongue of Catalus in this version of the verses, adding authenticity to the story about Chris' friend, Amal. You feel the gradual rise in resilience from between the lines between Catalus' phrasing.

Many aspects make this record so compelling, and yet help bind together the eclectic musical influences on offer: the guitar arrangements. Chris Pellnat's acoustic playing stays light and finger-picked during the first verse sections to suit the wistful mood Catalus' vocals bring.

It's when the chorus swells that the electric guitars make their vibrant entrance. Here, Chris shifts to his electric axe, kicking in with a shimmering multi-rhythmic figure that cascades up and down the neck. This rippling part casts a spell while also building excitement underneath the singer. Cycled verses and choruses build up in gentle intensity, adding more guitars, keyboards, and effects at points to widen out the sonic spectrum.

I would say that "في قلبي In My Heart" is very Western-sounding, even considering the inclusion of Arabic lyrics. Catalus' vocals fittingly provide the Arabic slant, and the percussion playing within brings in some Middle Eastern melodic elements, but overall, the musical construction of the track is distinctly Western pop/rock in form. On the other hand, I do not view this as a flaw. Rather, the cultural significance and inspiration derive from the blend of cultures in this collaboration.

In a word, "في قلبي In My Heart" is a very inspiring example of artistic collaboration that reaches beyond borders to bring about a universal message: hope. I would readily recommend streaming "في قلبي In My Heart" for yourself. Do not miss the opportunity to be moved by this positive and transcendent message.

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July 22, 2024 by SAIIDZ

With his fantastic music, coming from the energetic hip-hop scene that defines Windhoek, Namibia, Proklaim is a virtuoso who portrays pure creativity and originality. From Micheal Jackson to Bob Marley, the artist finds himself drawing from a vast pool of global influencers.

His single, "Kings," featuring Namibian artist Romi, had major airplay on the international channel MTV Base, a big boost that blew Proklaim's global profile to its biggest yet.

Recorded at renowned Windhoek studio Pen Pushaz and mixed/mastered by acclaimed local producer Wojtek Majewski at Audio Art Namibia, he is back with his fresh single "BIENVENIDOS". Flowing strings delicately herald Proklaim's low-slung flow, dancing deftly above elaborate, salsa-inflected instrumentation. Bright trumpet lines slice overhead while shuffling drums lock into a vibey dancefloor groove. With the salsa-infused percussion, "BIENVENIDOS" gains a Latin dancehall feeling that is spread infectiously. The sleek, twisty rhythms lay the foundation as fast drum programming is added to bring more bounce and dynamic quality.

He uses different flow patterns to make things more interesting. Fast flourishes are dissipated at other points into smoother rhythmic syllabication. Proklaim changes his cadence frequently and adeptly to adjust to different changes in the dynamic song structure. His tone is composed, but passionate, with an almost sermonic quality that adds to the lively message.

Proklaim, through global influences, shines through as much as he glides through linguistic gaps. With "BIENVENIDOS," Proklaim creates one of his most vibrantly striking singles yet, through genre-bending salsa-hop fusion.

I have been a fan of Proklaim's artistry for quite some time now, ever since I became aware of his gifts for lyrical flow and rhythmic prowess. Being such a huge admirer of talented hip-hop artists, Proklaim undoubtedly stands out from the herd as a real, gifted wordsmith. His natural style, and polished compositions, just go on to astonish and further impress me with every new release. I discover new melodic nuances every time through "BIENVENIDOS" because Proklaim has obviously cared greatly, been enthusiastic about it, and expertly selected the content. This track features masterful, flowing melodies that go very well with energetic beats, which makes it listen-worthy once more.

Proklaim has quickly risen as one of my favorite musicians, and I am highly anticipating being able to see the fullness of his undoubted skill in future releases. There is no doubt that this bright Namibian talent in hip-hop will capture much greater global attention as time goes by, so share the song with your friends, and stream it right away on Spotify.

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July 19, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Little did Scottish school teacher Natalie Clark know when she was asked to sing on stage at a BBC Radio 1 event by Richard Branson, what direction it would take her career. Meeting his surprise challenge, Natalie amazed the audience with her emotional performance of the song "Weakness" a cappella. "That was absolutely and utterly stunning," said Branson. "No backing band, no musicians, no forewarning."

National attention in the UK turned out to be a real turning point; the high praise brought by it made Natalie realize that her love for music could be much more than just a sideline. So she bid goodbye to her teaching career and devoted herself full-time to songwriting. She knew that if she was going to make it big, then she had to move her talent to the big market. This rising star has no doubt added a big credit to her name since moving to LA. Major festival opener, US tour extraordinaire, and industry influencer beware—Mercedes handpicked Clark as one of their "Artist to Watch," featuring her in ad campaigns and performances at iconic locales such as the Roxy Theatre and Greek Theatre.

The gamble Natalie took to return stateside and start over is already paying off in dividends. Now she has hit yet another big milestone in her career as she signs with DVG Records to drop her debut album this summer. Leading the way will be her explosive new single, "A Place Called Home," out now.

The track immediately stands out with its modern, electronic-infused production. A prominent use of layered synth pads creates a driving foundation, while energetic percussion driven by electronic drums provides a steady, muscular backbone. This combination of elements results in a very sleek pop sound, which is perfect for today's radio. Synths are directly at the forefront, with their undulating textures in the lead offering momentum to help push this track along. Some very significant guitar work is also layered in, with its melodically connecting lines adding big flair and interest to the production. Above this bed of textures, Clark's vocals are powerful, and brimming. Backed by rhythmic synths and guitars, her powerhouse vocals dangle with raw feelings. The chorus detonates into celebratory euphoria, with its well-balanced hooks being utterly memorable. Polished production that focuses on Natalie’s naturally gifted singing.

I can't help but be in awe of how much differentially great talent and devotion to her craft Natalie reflects. It has been wonderful to watch her grow into a recognizable recording artist worldwide. Her brand new single, "A Place Called Home", stopped me in my steps; I loved everything epitomized within that boisterous production and Natalie's powerhouse vocals.

One can tell Natalie pours her heart and soul into every aspect of her craft; it's inspiring to see an artist so committed to authentic self-expression. I believe that Natalie Clark has both the artistry and charisma to become a household name. If you love emotionally driven pop with depth and versatility, do yourself a favor: stream "A Place Called Home" now.

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July 18, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Heather Smith is a singer-songwriter from New Hampshire whose road to music at times is as inspiring as it can be remarkable. Heather has proved that sometimes in life, although 51 years old, one does need to take the bull by the horns and just go for it—literally, no matter the age. The case of Heather is one of massive self-doubts and stage fright that later would finally culminate into a budding talent shining bright.

Heather's story is just that: bravery, resilience, and the unyielding chase for one's dreams. She stands among the gifted and exceptional artists, providing us each day with an enlightening drive to follow our hearts and passions, showing us it is never too late to start searching for ourselves. Heather shares how she, only a few years ago, gathered her courage to take that first very small step toward an elusive lifelong dream to be a singer-songwriter. She had taken that one step into darkness and fear, and she stepped again and again. And with every inch of movement, frightening, the view gradually changed her view of the world and herself. She began shaking off the give-up noise, long battering her brain, which had all along impeded what she wanted since her childhood. She embraced it and in the process replaced herself with better things. To this end, she released the album "Stronger"-her collection of all-original songs that show just how far she has come since those first small steps two years ago.

Certainly one of the most intriguing and left-field tracks from Stronger, "Alchemy" blends country and reggae flavors into something that feels one-of-a-kind and outside the box. Above softly strummed acoustic guitar and an extremely relaxed beat, Heather's dulcet vocals slide along with an almost mystical feel. You hear this song coming forward, with a thumping bassline and a touch of guitar to give it that country twang. The vocals, filtered with Heather's pure emotion, perhaps let loose the carelessness of both styles of country and reggae and blend into a very special and compelling sound. "Alchemy" is so much more than just a country/reggae fusion, for it forms such a high-energy sonic summer cocktail that will make anyone's feet jiggle and keep them on cloud nine. It's a high-tempo number with a very sunny disposition, just right for summer frolics.

"Stronger" is Heather Smith's debut album and is the bounty of her independent and autonomous poetic expression. Fully self-produced and independently released, Heather has written all the music and lyrics, lending "Stronger" an air of intimate authenticity.

I just can't get Heather Smith's "Alchemy" out of my head since I first listened to her debut album, "Stronger." What a genius mix of country and reggae that works perfectly. I am so glad Heather had that very bold decision to pursue that passion and open herself to sharing her talent fully realized on "Stronger." I do sincerely hope more and more people discover her exciting debut and the many rewards that come with persevering toward your dreams, no matter what age. She deserves every bit of success and recognition that comes her way. So stream her album "Stronger" with the fantastic single "Alchemy."

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July 18, 2024 by SAIIDZ

⁤K-Syran, a name synonymous with ebullient energy and chart-topping success, continues to blaze a trail through the music industry. ⁤⁤She's set the stage for her place in the music scene, one so tremendous that it has been the topic of wild enthusiasm from music fans everywhere, which one cannot but be filled with excitement about.

⁤Her success is not coincidental, considering all the efforts she has put in over the years, practicing and making music with a gift peculiar to her. ⁤⁤Her active engagement in a scene that is so divided, from the evergreen pop of "Shake that Booty" to "Dizzy," is a confirmation of her imaginative scope and adaptability skills. ⁤⁤All these are words of praise for her, but she also deserves respect for being so diligent. ⁤⁤K-SYRAN has continued to maintain the same spirit of popularity, from hitting the Billboard charts in the US to participating globally in events like Manilva Pride that show her as the darling of the world. ⁤

⁤Her fanbase is growing, with 117k followers on IG and 5,7k monthly streams. ⁤⁤She has built a community of listeners who thrive on that catching energy from the stage and her music's calculated balancing act that traverses borders and cultures. ⁤

⁤The latest offering, "I Can't Feel," is her collaboration with Grammy-nominated Stonebridge, known for his clever sounds and infectious grooves. ⁤⁤The beat sets the song to a remarkably energetic start, which immediately grabs hold of the listener ⁤. The tune continues without letting go of the intensity, thus inciting you to get up and dance. ⁤⁤The special synthesized drums that truncate and play off the syncopation textures in the song are one of the few examples of the use of depth and multi-dimensional color, which add this effect to the song to give it an airy feel. ⁤⁤The hook is distinguished by the smooth and memorable melody that makes it a hit song that one can remember and love. ⁤⁤The harmonic building is arranged easily and virtuously, plus the melody is bright and doubly explicit with a strong focus. ⁤⁤The production is smooth, yet it allows the strong beat and patch of the live track to come through. ⁤

⁤I adore K-Syran's music without any bragging and from what I see, "I Can't Feel" is another triumph in her discography that is already full of hits, ⁤

⁤K-Syran is a consummate artist, a talented musician, and also one of the music industry's greatest forces. ⁤⁤You can also find the latest single by the singer, "I Can't Feel" on Spotify and listen to all her previous releases. ⁤

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July 18, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Sunset Salore is an innate musical talent with a gift for crafting imaginative pop works. Across original songs streamed over 3,2k monthly, her masterful songwriting and distinguished vocals shine through. Her creative artistry is born from an innate inclination realized quite early. She has grown to be an adept storyteller, effortlessly fusing different genres due to her relentless dedication to innovation in her craft.

Sunset Salore explores personal growth and challenging relationship experiences in the new dark pop song "Call It". She showcases her powerful vocals on top of a polished, modern production led by prominent bass lines and atmospheric synth textures.

The opening of the song is chill, with very subtle keys, finger snaps, and gorgeous vocals. There is more tension with slightly fuller textures and driving rhythmic motifs as the song continues.

The bassline steps up, and the tension cranks up for the release of the full-band chorus. When it comes, Salore's vocals launch into an even bigger bass-driven delivery matched by swells from synth pads and driving drums. But the contrast between verses and choruses carries quite well the emotional curve of the vocals.

The verses are simple, vocal line–centered phrases centered on the tonic. The pre-chorus subtly shifts the harmony, and helps in building musical tension for the chorus's proper resolution on the dominant; each return to the tonic at the end strongly relieves this build-up in a classic intensification of the effusive release through harmonic movement.

Electronic textures are carefully placed to underpin the narrative arc of the song at key junctures. Subtle pitch rises through chorus phrases to match Salore's rising emotional delivery. Space is also used well, like brief syncopated drum fills, to keep up the energy without becoming overproduced or dense. The reined-in instrumental break is topped with an emotive melodic synth line that is sensitive to the lyrics.

Knowing this was my first Sunset Salore, I'm just very happy that "Call It" was the first thing I heard from her. It introduced me to her very profound and soulful style of songwriting and emotionally expressive vocals.

I like how this track reflects on difficult periods in life in a hopeful, no-nonsense way. She leaves me looking to hear more from Salore's catalog about other universal themes and personal stories she uniquely translates. All in all, "Call It" proves herself worthy of an artist well worth following if anyone looks to music for poignant reflections on relationships and growth.

You need to check out "Call It" by streaming it online, wide acknowledgment is due to Sunset Salore for her skill in both musical and lyrical fusion for the conveyance of personal experience.

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July 15, 2024 by SAIIDZ

⁤With a sound that evokes memories of legendary acts like The Cure and Joy Division, The House Flies is a captivating new band with the potential to sure to make a lasting impression on the music scene. ⁤⁤They are an intriguing new band that came out of Moline, Illinois' underground music scene.

Alex Riggen (vocals, guitar) and Nick Pompou (drums) are the original members of the band and are responsible for most of its captivating sound. ⁤⁤These two extremely brilliant musicians initially gained recognition for their work in the post-metal grunge group Murnau, putting out four highly regarded albums since 2008 that demonstrated their maturity and depth as musicians. Riggen and Pompou have let their inspirations from all around the rock spectrum seep through while doubling down on their ambient, textured style with The House Flies. ⁤

Bassist Ozzie Woods's superb low-end technique completes the ensemble, his snaking lines serving as the ideal counterbalance to the band's flying melodic excursions.

⁤Settle in for an unmatched journey into the world of sound bliss with "Mannequin Deposit," the magnificent first album from post-punk icons, The House Flies. ⁤⁤This stunning album brilliantly mixes the immediate force of goth-tinged alt-rock with the ethereal reveries of shoegaze, making it an exercise in sound alchemy. ⁤

⁤"She Hums Mozart," a tune I've heard before and love, opens the album. With its captivating basslines and guitars, it embodies the album's vibe. ⁤⁤But the monumental "Sequin" is the album's real standout track. ⁤⁤This unwavering monster of a song opens with a ferocious percussion attack and then whips into a tumult of jagged guitars and searing fretwork. ⁤

⁤Elsewhere, the brooding "Queen Underground" conjures the specter of Disintegration-era Cure, replete with soaring, delay-caked leads that pierce the soul with their bittersweet beauty. ⁤⁤The shimmering "Twilight Eyes" flows with the graceful ebb of a nocturnal tide, its gossamer guitar lines interwoven with rasping vocals in a hypnotic dance of light and shadow. ⁤

⁤"Hounds" mimics the gloomy grandeur of Radiohead's best-known songs. ⁤⁤It's a whirlwind of tremolo-picked, fuzz-filled emotions. ⁤⁤When the album culminates in the eerie "And Ghosts Will Speak Again," it is apparent that The House Flies have created a piece of exceptional, unwavering vision. ⁤

⁤As a devoted lover of left-center, avant-garde rock music, I could not be more thrilled to bear witness to the rise of The House Flies from the very beginning. ⁤⁤With their debut album "Mannequin Deposit", I await with bated breath other fans to immerse themselves in what promises to be a transcendent artistic statement. ⁤

⁤You should include "Mannequin Deposit" in your collection of playlists⁤. ⁤⁤Rock music lovers you are welcome to stream the album today online.

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TOP BEST HITSThe Shot Heard Round the Burbs By SAM FEINSTEIN

July 15, 2024 by SAIIDZ

The exceptionally brilliant and innovative Sam Feinstein continues to work on his art to perfection. Feinstein, a well-seasoned Bay Area music scene performer, has rightfully highlighted his proficiency as a musician that has developed over the years. Being both the main character in his solo career and a collaborator in his group, Feinstein appears to be the most original voice in the music world in modern times. In addition to being a versatile artist who can play in all genres and perform different functions, his work is always characterized by individuality and innovation. His skills are always noticeable in whatever form he takes; his unmatched inventiveness transcends barriers.

In his new single "Shot Heard Round The Burbs," Sam Feinstein presents us with another piece that truly captures his artistic vision which is rare on the music scene. The song quickly pulls in the attention of listeners through a very rare soundscape mimicking that of a space-like song before they are taken on a roller-coaster journey of emotions through the story. Feinstein then comes in with his well-known gritty and gravel vocals, supported by a deep, surging, and striking bassline that magnetizes the listener from the very beginning.

After the song takes off from the opening verse, each layer that is later added finds its perfect place in the complex arrangement, thus providing a unique auditory experience. The exquisite mix is the most noticeable. From the bass guitar's low end to the strings instruments' flair, each element complements the whole in a single music story.

The bridge offers a "space body" with the instruments playing without a break; however, it is a thrilling experience to have the passenger fly away from the body so fast. Still, Feinstein's dramatic performance is such that it gives a sense of all the music without any lost pieces.

Feinstein's mastery is demonstrated by how he constructs full songs that showcase his knowledgeable approach. Rather than focus on individual elements like the sensational opening, the electrifying bridge, and the high climax, he skillfully links them together into remarkable musical works. Right after the song's memorable entrance to the follow-up's exciting bridge, Sam Feinstein drives the song so hard that one starts to consider him a natural master of music and production as well.

I never get tired of admiring the wide range of skill sets of Sam Feinstein who with time has become one of my favorites. When I listen to his music, I find an original kind of honesty and amazing creativity, which I cannot resist as a fan. Also, I have been fascinated by his contributions to his band "The Monitors."

If you haven't yet, I urge you to listen to "Shot Heard Round The Burbs" yourself online. For, being exposed to the talents of Feinstein's exceptional songwriting skill, music performance, and lively social criticism can easily convert even the most non-dedicated listeners into fans.

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July 12, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Namibian rapper Proklaim demonstrates masterful talents that promise to make his mark on the industry. Proklaim was born with this gift: a taste for evocative flow and composition—to which he has added the ingredients of devoted practice that have transformed this gift into art.

He pulls through legends spanning genres, working his influences in a seamless segue into his imaginative vision of an original style. The soulful delivery of Bob Marley was studied, while hip-hop icons like Tupac and Biggie shaped his groundbreaking flow. Seeking to excel, Proklaim has been an accomplished, qualified rapper with versatility attained through meticulous effort.

Proklaim brings innate flair with an artistic bent to what he does and a commitment to high ethical professionalism. He never tires of pushing those boundaries with fresh experiments, yet always somehow manages to grasp profound quality. Proklaim has been building his art for years, and his style—jumping across genres—seems so fluid that it sounds easy to do. 

Proklaim is back with different energy in the affirmative single "LIFE." The style is diverse and goes beyond his preceding drops. "LIFE" immediately bounces out at you with hip-hop rhythms and electronic funk influences. Under Proklaim's confident delivery, smooth rhythms give support and drive his message forward in a very captivating manner—it's the kind of song that's going to lift your mood from the very first listen. The bedrock instrumentation is funky and psychedelic, drawing in directions from the absorbing sounds of the 1970s. Warped synths, vibrant guitar licks, and limber rhythms powered by crisp drums and insistent bass bounce along. Otherworldly keyboard notes flutter around like celestial bodies, while subtle textures like swirling pads and tones fill the space. It coalesces into a joyous montage of funk flavors.

I've been a fan of Proklaim's artistry for a while now, ever since I became aware of his gifts for lyrical flow and rhythmic prowess. Being an enormous appreciator of talented hip-hop artists, Proklaim certainly stands apart from his peers as a genuinely gifted wordsmith. This natural style and polished composition just continue to surprise and delight me with each new release. With each new listen to "LIFE", I discover new musical layers that Proklaim has so obviously cared for, been passionate about, and has professionally curated. For me, this song is replayable, mastering fluid melodies and pumping beats. Proklaim has quickly become one of my favorite new artists, and I am readily awaiting the chance to experience the full range of his undeniable dexterity in future releases.

 For a lifelong fan and lover of innovative hip-hop, Proklaim doesn't let anything slide beneath my highest expectations. With fine work ahead, this rising star takes notice of his multifaceted ability and continuum mastery of sound. Stream the single today on Spotify.

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July 12, 2024 by SAIIDZ

I am proud to introduce Wilza, an extraordinary artist from East London with a mixed St. Lucian and English heritage. Wilza demonstrated an absolute natural propensity toward music very early on. He is a classically trained professional pianist and has been a professional DJ for many seasoned years.

Wilza is well-versed in ingeniously mixing different genres, from House to Afrobeats, with an easy, veteran flair. His brilliant journey was bred in the ethnic melting pot he was raised in. Inherent influences from Jungle, Dancehall, Reggae, and more have shaped Wilza into the well-oiled machine of an artist he is today.

With his keen and meticulous ear, coupled with an original style, Wilza has carved a niche as one of London's most qualified DJ talents. Being able to hold down an imaginative position for such a long period testifies to his proficient talent. Now it's time for Wilza to share these artistic gifts on a worldwide platform with a polished production.

His original roots come across in the masterful energetic tech house track "What You See." In the energy of Samuelle's classic "So You Like What You See," Wilza has infused that modern magic of House, making it a fresh, ideal song for those grooving to yesterday and today. With his Jack House project, Wilza looks to bring back that classic New Jack Swing genre from way back in the late 80s/early 90s. This record sets things in motion for Wilza's potential as he embarks on this new musical journey.

Wilza's remix is an ultra-talented rework of this classic by Samuelle. It's quite an exciting fusion of sounds. It's glided along by smooth basslines, crisp percussion, and funky synths. This remix is designed with dynamic chords, synths, and vocal layers all working together in a highly infectious manner. The rework captures the heart and soul of the original but with a modern and contemporary twist. From the very start, Wilza has shown some deft musicality with space for diverse synth grooves that give the song this rich fluidity. Further into this remix, the classic rolling house textures of bassline patterns and reverberating pads suddenly feel very much at the forefront. Wilza merges these with the original New Jack swing flavor, creating something not only cohesive but on-point.

For someone who grew up soaking in the music of the dance floor, I hold a special regard for artists who can take today's listeners back to the genre-shaped sounds of yesterday. I'll be keeping an ear out for where Wilza goes next. He's most definitely a name to watch in the world of music.

If Wilza's debut is making you as excited for what's next as it has me, be sure to stream the single 'What You See' online now and get your very first taste of what this emerging talent has in store.

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