With The Birds (Original Single) by Moontwin

Review With The Birds (Original Single) by Moontwin
 With The Birds (Original Single) by Moontwin With The Birds (Original Single) by Moontwin

 Moontwin presents you with a stunning new single. Take a stroll through the woods and soak up the peace, then get inspired by what you see

A cinematic journey into the dream music of your subconscious. With a warm reverb and delayed effect, the song's ambient soundscape with bright lyrics and trip sound effects is perfect music for your video, movie, or game where you want to capture a sense of escapism and wonder.

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Moontwin have been creating music virtually between Cornwall (UK) and Plovdiv (Bulgaria) for the last few years, well before working remotely became fashionable.The duo consist of singer-songwriter Maple Bee (aka Melanie Garside) and Zac Kuzmanov, founder of alternative radio station XRaydio. Their latest offering is an ambient reflection on life, love, and everything in between. “Ying/yangian post punk electronic duo….They are a musical match made in heaven.” American Pancake “Dangerously addictive.” WEAREYMX “Ethereal layers with a psychedelic feel.” Roadie Music

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