Wake Up (Original Single) By iHATEJON

Discover POP Wake Up (Original Single) By iHATEJON

It's always interesting to see artists utilize their creativity to create music that stands out with its unique ambiance and unmatched instrumental and lyrical harmonies. iHATEJON is an interesting artist that’s specialized in creating music that seems out of this world, and his fans love that about his art. "Wake Up" is the latest release by this up-and-coming artist that breaks the boundaries of genres as it mixes them flawlessly to give birth to a memorable beat that resonates through you like electricity.

The North Carolina-born genius is determined on making a mark for himself in the industry as he’ll be stopping at nothing before achieving his goals. Iconic for his creative lyrical depiction of events that almost seems unrealistic while still having that human instinct to it by reflecting a social message or a specific emotion. That rare songwriting skill accompanied by his utilization of instrumentals will be the tools by which he paves the road toward becoming a global sensation.

"Wake Up" is the first of 2 releases planned to go public before the end of 2022 with the 2nd, "Bounce It.Wav", going live on the 22nd of October so be sure to mark your calendars. "Wake Up" is a catchy tune that blends rock/pop with alternative hip-hop to create an ambiance of melodies and music you’ve never experienced before. The song breaks down that feeling of pressure you get when you’re sick and tired of how life is turning out and you just want to stand up and change everything about it. Flawlessly written to capture the essence of those feelings, the instrumentals harmonize beautifully to highlight the emotions iHATEJON is trying to reflect on his audience.

With massive expectations set out for 2023, we’d love it if everyone does their part and supports this artist by checking out his music and sharing it around ! Discover talent like never before and free yourself with this empowering release by iHATEJON.

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