Vandal of Hearts – Blissy (Original Single)

New Vandal of Hearts – Blissy (Original Single)
BLISSY Vandal of Hearts   The way the different melody and lyrics lines flow together seamlessly offers up a decadence of grace that can be experienced by all five senses. Once I listened to this song, it inspired me to forever be a better person. I copied it onto a USB drive and played it in my car as I drove halfway across the country to give my grandma a hug because that was the most fitting way I could contrive in the way of celebrate such a rich and much-needed addition to our culture that this song brought about. It even kept me awake during the entirety of the five-day drive.   Listen and follow the band. Blissy - the leading track from my debut album, Bad Dream - is a tribute to music. It was inspired by my desire to explore what I believe music to be capable and incapable of. In this sense, I think Blissy is rare - because, whilst music can help us feel better and provoke thought (a gift in itself), it cannot cure personal ills (at least, this is what I've found); I don't think this is often said. The most notable aspect of Blissy is its riff, which employs my classical approach to electric guitar playing. As for Vandal of Hearts as a whole, I'd say the music could be characterized by harmonic curiosity, lyrical sardonicism and arty minimalism. It's fair to say the focus is on the guitar; however, my intention is to explore the full range of possibilities the guitar provides.

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