valley (Original Single) By Proklaim

Proklaim’s recent drop, “Valley,” affirms him as an MC to stand the test of time. This jam is essential listening for any beat-head or hip-hop lover, Proklaim flaunts his unparalleled skills and one-of-a-kind approach.

Proklaim has always been a player of the game, crafting verses that immerse you within alternate dimensions. From the opening bars, this track transports you to another world, filled with lyrical landscapes and thumping beats you can feel in your bones. Proklaim’s proficiency to paint pictures and move masses sets him apart as an artist like no other, solidifying his power as one of the GOATs. While the scene has no shortage of talents, none excel the way Proklaim does.

The bassline shook the speakers, a heavy low-end rumble that pulled the track into a hypnotic groove. Crisp hi-hats fluttered on each beat like metallic wings, creating texture and dimension. Layered synth pads added atmosphere, with a dark and brooding tone that matched the vibes. The trap-infused instrumental provides a deep, rumbling foundation for Proklaim’s lyrical leaps and bounds. Its subtly progressive elements make way for Proklaim to push the boundaries of his vocal range and rhyming capabilities at every turn. He crafts a sonic landscape haunting in scope yet hard-hitting, transporting listeners to back alleys and dimly lit street corners that shape their perspective.

Proklaim is hailed as an innovator and influential figure laying the groundwork for the future of hip hop. While many continue to debate the “state of hip-hop” Proklaim stays focused on advancing the culture, a singular voice and vision guiding our way through the darkness.

From multi-syllabic rhymes and punchlines like knockout blows to poignant and profound storytelling reflecting the human condition, Proklaim raises the bar with each and every release. This track, and Proklaim’s music as a whole, are experiences that transcend surface level understanding – you can only bow down to their greatness. Proklaim’s talent and skill on the mic make this a pivotal moment – a must listen release. Stream it, share it, and follow Proklaim for more eminence.

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