This Powerhouse Synthesizer Puts 4 Synths in One with Cutting-Edge Wavetable Design

The 3rd Wave represents the cutting edge of wavetable synthesis. This powerful instrument offers 24-voice polyphony and the ability to divide its voices across four independent parts, essentially giving you four synths in one.

At the heart of its expansive sound are three oscillators per voice that can generate classics PPG-style wavetables, high-resolution modern wavetables, or analog-modeled waveforms. But the 3rd Wave doesn’t stop there, it also includes a unique Wavemaker tool for creating your custom wavetables using external audio samples. Simply connect an audio source and with one touch you can generate wholly original wavetable content. Never has wavetable synthesis allowed for more open-ended sound design.

While rooted in the digital wavetable legends of the past, the 3rd Wave is firmly modern. Its lush sound is a product of massively enlarged wavetable sets combined with a varied selection of precise and musical filters. In addition to a characteristic 2140-style analog low-pass filter with saturation control, it offers a second SEM-inspired state-variable filter to sculpt tones from low-pass through notch and beyond. Get even more complex harmonics by linking both filters in series.

The 3rd Wave puts its potent polyphony to exciting new use with its multi-timbral architecture. Utilize its 24 voices across up to four independent parts, each with fully separate sounds, sequences, and effects routing. Each stereo part includes independent volume, pan, and dedicated outputs, allowing for highly complex stereo soundscapes whether in a single or layered multi-part context. Because each oscillator per voice boasts six editable envelopes, the modulation possibilities are practically limitless.

An intuitive sequencer empowers both composition and sound design. Record note and parameter patterns in real-time or step sequence them precisely. Arrange up to 24 patterns of 32 measures each into songs with ease. Its multi-timbral nature means each layer has a dedicated sequencer track. Play patterns or songs while adding overdubbed notes and changes on the keyboard.

A deep modulation system plus dual effects per layer unlocks the 3rd Wave’s full expression. With 16 assignable slots plus pre-configured sources and destinations, complex routings are simply a turn of a knob away. Two additional envelopes and four LFOs multiply the modulation options. It all resides in a premium metal chassis with high-quality keys, keeping inspiration close at hand.

The 3rd Wave is a titan of wavetable synthesis, primed to create new sonic frontiers and push the boundaries of electronic music performance.

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