The Strangest Things By MINUS32HEARTBEAT

It’s true that missing someone or something for a lengthy period might make you miss them much more. Matt Friedlander has joyfully returned to the music industry with his new single, “The Strangest Things,” following a protracted 16-year absence.

Serving as the creative mastermind behind the project minus32heartbeat, the multi-instrumentalist has come up with layered tunes that draw from a diverse list of influences.

\”The Strangest Things” is the first song from his upcoming new album. This is an enjoyable pop song, which slowly eases you into its fun, upbeat sound. And as soon as you hear Matt’s famous deep singing voice, a big smile spreads on your face. Matt’s voice is perfect for showing off how good he is at writing songs. His vocals help tell the stories in his lyrics. It’s exciting to have Matt Friedlander back with new tunes.

The arrangement of “The Strangest Things” is a veritable collage of textures, with layers of elaborate guitar lines and lush synth pads to colorful effect. There is a tight rhythmic element at just the right moment, providing accents that propel the track forward. You will get lost exploring each sound’s significant role in the mix.

When minus32heartbeat starts to sing, you can feel the passion pouring out through his vocals. There are parts in “The Strangest Things” where he shows off the true colors of his tone that will have your jaw on the floor. When you hear those parts, you know he was born to do this.

All of his hard work has paid off big time with this single. With such a stellar comeback single, I can hardly wait to hear what else minus32heartbeat has in store on the full album. Everything about “The Strangest Things” feels so finely tuned.

The songwriting and production on this song are amazing too. This track sounds just as good as any you’d hear from a big famous label. All you need is to care about music and be talented, and Matt has those things like nobody’s business.

If you want to hear a truly great “welcome back” song that’ll have you pressing play again and again, be sure to listen to “The Strangest Things” wherever you listen to music. Many fans have missed minus32heartbeat like crazy during those 16 years. Now that he’s back, let’s show Matt Friedlander all our appreciation and encouragement. Stream the song lots, share it with friends, and let him know we’re happy he’s making tunes again!

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