The Mietus Touch Dancing In The Stars

New The Mietus Touch Dancing In The Stars
The Mietus Touch Dancing In The Stars The Mietus Touch Dancing In The Stars (Original Single)
  • "Mietus Touch" is a powerful track by talented artist  Joseph Mietus. You will be lifted by the song's energy, while the lyrics will touch your heart. It's a song that will have you singing its melodies for days. In this piece of art by Mietus, you are touched by its tuneful and catchy melody that elevates the soul and lifts the spirit. The song is a heart-warming instrumental composition with thought-provoking lyrics about love, life, and everything in between.
      Listen and follow : The Mietus Touch is a Chicago producer and multi-instrumentalist Joseph Mietus. “Dancing In The Stars” is the follow-up to his debut album Transcendental Souvenirs, released last November. A synth-driven ode to new beginnings, “Dancing In The Stars” is the quintessential Springtime song. Nostalgic love songs and heartbreak anthems, The Mietus Touch struts a soulfully suave vocal lead amidst pulsing synth-forward effervescence. A multi-dimensional experience of well-crafted and opulent production, sparkling synth sounds, sultry guitar, and rhythms both danceable and forlorn.

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