The boy I used to love (Original Single) By LIZARDREAM

In a musical landscape saturated with manufactured pop and autotuned vocals, it’s refreshing to discover a band as genuine and passionate as lizardream. This talented ensemble is committed to creating sincere music that resonates deeply with listeners, aiming to forge fervent connections through their melodies and lyrics. At the core of lizardream’s sound is a raw emotionality and nostalgic charm that shines through in every note.

Led by singer-songwriter Adi Schmidek Barer, lizardream embarked on a journey to capture the euphoric highs and melancholy lows of love. Their latest release “The boy I used to love” captures these complex emotions in a chill production that tugs right at your heartstrings. Inspired by Adi’s own experiences and the breakup stories of her childhood friends, the track encapsulates the wistful longing and quiet heartbreak of looking back on a long-lost love.

Adi’s vocals are the captivating centerpiece of this ballad. She sings with a combination of delicacy and power, every inflection resonating with sincerity. There’s an intangible charisma and magnetism to her voice that draws you deeper into the narrative of the lyrics.

Instrumentally, “The boy I used to love” is designed to put Adi’s intimate vocals front and center. The relaxed tempo creates a dreamy, nostalgic atmosphere. However, the track builds to a powerful instrumental break, led by an incredible guitar solo. It’s just enough to sweep you up in the emotion without overpowering the vulnerable lyricism.

It’s not just a song, but a time machine back to the nervous excitement and painful lessons of young romance. Yet there are lessons here for the listeners of today too. In reflecting on the past, we see how far we’ve come.

So indulge in the nostalgia, get swept away by the guitar solos, and don’t be afraid to sing along. lizardream welcomes you into their musical reveries with open arms. Let their authentic sound become the soundtrack to your own memories and emotions. A world of candid sentiments and handcrafted songs awaits. Please follow this talented band on social media to support their passions and stay up to date on their journey. Stream “The boy I used to love” and their future releases on Spotify to give them a boost and let their heartfelt melodies transport you.


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