Big thanks to ARLISTON for dropping their latest and greatest just in time for the holiday season. As someone who has been replaying their previous releases all year, I was eagerly awaiting to hear what the duo came up with for their final release of 2023. After delivering back-to-back hits, I was curious how ARLISTON would follow up such success with “Thawed.”

As the melody starts to emerge through the mist, you can picture yourself alone in a cabin during a snowstorm, staring out the window as the wind howls. It has a sort of haunting beauty, like music emanating from another dimension you can almost reach out and touch.

The rhythm section feels sparse yet never hollow, grounding the crystalline instrumentation and icy keys that float all around. You can easily imagine floating along aimlessly to this sound on a quiet, snow-covered road as the scenery passes by in a foggy haze outside your window. Then, the vocals surface with a breathy, ethereal quality that gives the song an extra layer of melancholy beauty. There’s something so soothing yet emotionally resonant about the delivery that matches the pensive, wintery vibe flawlessly.

As “Thawed” glides towards its closure, it leaves you drifting along just as intended rather than resolving things with a big finish. The icy elements fade coldly into the night, leaving you yearning for more time spent in the wintery headspace they’ve concocted. It’s quite an immersive, enveloping listening experience that sticks with you long after it ends. Beyond just being a strong standalone song, “Thawed” proves ARLISTON’s talents at crafting intricate yet cohesive atmospheres through their instrumental texture and arrangements.

Any longtime fans of ARLISTON will no doubt find things to appreciate in “Thawed,” from the stirring lyrics to the attention to sonic details. However, it also feels like a very accessible track capable of converting new listeners thanks to its cinematic qualities and emotional resonance. As the shorter daylight hours take hold and wintery weather sets in, “Thawed” will make for the perfect cozy soundtrack.

Do yourself a favor and give it a listen – you’re guaranteed to feel instantly transported as the snow starts falling outside your window. Another winner from the duo who continues to deliver compelling art with each release.

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