Take It To The Floor (Original Single) By Lacañgan

Discover POP Take It To The Floor (Original Single) By Lacañgan

I’ve really never seen anything like this. Lacañgan, a rising artist with 3 singles in his library and one that was just released, has already dominated the charts with massive numbers. Raw talent and skills are the essences of success for this guy, and with 150,000 Spotify streams and 5000 monthly listeners achieved by his modest library, it gets me excited to see what he might be achieving next. Stick around as I take you on a tour featuring the one and only Lacañgan and his latest single, "Take It To The Floor."

He's from San Diego, California, and he’s taken Houston, Texas as a home and has been producing his music from there ever since. As you’d expect, the man’s backed by experience and skills to run a one-man show as a singer, songwriter, executive producer, actor, and entrepreneur. He’s got all it takes to make it big in this industry. When you’ve got skills like Lacañgan, the world will notice; he’s already had collaborations with the likes of Kansas, P.O.D., BSlade, Katy Perry, Kirk Franklin, Kiko Cibrian, and many others, and earned himself three Music Award nominations. Beyond music, he’s even gone a step further, establishing his "Sisu Collective", an entrepreneur business that connects media and entertainment platforms with skilled constructors, producers, and web developers.

The revered Steven J. Collins, a three-time Grammy nominee and successful producer for artists like H.E.R., Neyo, and Chris Brown, is the producer behind Lacañgan’s most recent hit, "Take It To The Floor." With the best in the industry perfecting every detail, the song is bound to break all previously held records by Lacañgan. It’s only a matter of time before we see how far he’ll make it with this release as his current best song "Dance The Night Away" has almost 90,000 streams. The single is a witness of Lacañgan’s skills featuring instrumental and lyrical performances that’ll pump up the mood and get everyone dancing.

Don't believe us? Play some Lacañgan and be your judge. A charming, gifted artist that dominated the industry as quickly as Lacañgan is worthy of all the love and recognition, so keep on streaming and sharing and check out his website at https://lacangan.live to remain up to date with all his music projects and releases.

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