Stay! (Original Single) By Fish And Scale

Fish And Scale, known by the moniker Roland Wälzlein, crafts musical realism that lights up the soul. Roland Wälzlein’s songs excavate your soul, peel back layers of scars, and lay bare emotions you had forgotten you were even capable of feeling. His single “Stay!” is a masterclass in emotional songwriting and vocal performance, embedding itself in your mind long after the final notes fade away.

Musically, “Stay!” starts off simple. We’re greeted by only the plaintive tones of an acoustic guitar and hesitant keys, slowly strumming and tinkling like memories becoming clearer. The song is building its foundation piece by piece until it becomes encompassing, with light drums that emerge from the ether, padding alongside you. But after the bridge, in the last minute, the drums kick into gear, pounding forth with vigor and might as if awakening from a deep slumber.

Roland’s vocals follow a similar trajectory, starting off stripped-back and fragile before blossoming with confident might. His tone is deeply sentimental and transformative, able to conjure feelings of sorrow, joy, and everything in between in the space of a single lyric. He makes you feel each word, each subtle inflection and waver, investing you so fully in the story being told that the song becomes permanently seared onto your soul.

There is an undeniable authenticity to Fish And Scale’s music. Roland speaks with the hard-won wisdom of one who has stared into darkness and emerged scarred yet stronger, his art a catharsis of life’s trials and tribulations. The songs are raw, uncensored perspectives on love, loss, and the spaces in between – profoundly moving glimpses into the human condition. At their core, they are about connection, about sharing experiences, and forging deeper understanding between people through the power of melody and voice.

Fish And Scale crafts anthems for the introspective and deep feeling, guiding listeners to find solace in one another. His music deserves to be experienced – and truly felt – in equal measure. When “Stay!” finishes, you won’t soon forget its haunting refrain. Fish And Scale’s world is one you’ll want to get lost in time and again. Follow Fish And Scale on his journey through life and music – and stream “Stay!” on Spotify and beyond.

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