So Confused (Original Single) By MilesVP

Discover POP So Confused (Original Single) By MilesVP

Miles VP is a rising new artist that is giving it all he got with his latest single ‘So Confused. This rising upcoming talent is as dedicated as they make them with some serious skills to back it up. Miles VP is the writer, producer, and singer of all his songs with the humble tools available at his house, he’s managed to mix and produce his own original music starting from the young age of nine. If you put a brick wall between this man and his success; I’d start praying for the brick wall... Inspired by great artists like Eminem, Lil Wayne, J Cole, Drake, and Joey Badass and the general flow of 90s RnB music combined with his unique vocal skills and style, Miles VP’s latest single is sure to break all limitations. Seeing an artist be inspired by such great performers and knowing the dedication and hard work MilesVP brings to the table; success is only a matter of time for him.

The latest single has been an emotional roller-coaster for this artist as it has been heavily influenced by real-life struggles or maintaining his current relationship with his girlfriend or letting her go as he pushes further for his dreams and career. As you listen to the song, it gives you this unique sensation as if you’re living inside its lyrics and the world is moving all around you. This unique sensation is the result of an artist pouring the purest forms of emotions into their work so beautifully that it resonates back at the listener.

MilesVP is still relatively a new rising artist and is looking for all the support he can get with a humble social media presence that he is actively developing as he goes full time into focusing on his music career accompanied by a good 500 monthly Spotify listeners in a very short time of being present.

So, give this new artist a shot, and listen to his latest single, ‘So Confused’, you will be liking it and you will return to his Spotify gallery to enjoy the eight other unique songs he has to offer for your entertainment.

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