Moon and Aries are back with a new vibe-filled track just in time for summer. The international producing duo, consisting of German artist Tom Aries and Canadian singer Jordana Moon, are always so fun to listen to with their different styles like electronic, pop, and R&B. Anytime I play them, it feels like I'm blasting off into space!

This new song, Slow Motion, is expected to blow us away even more than their other ones. Moon and Aries are the best at bringing all types of music together and creating whole new worlds you can get lost in. 

As with any Moon and Aries creation, I found myself irresistibly drawn into their intriguing universe, like a moth mesmerized by the allure of a flame. I loved how there was a balance between intimacy and expansiveness, especially since it sounds very dreamy but also dancy. It's a duality that permeates their songs.

It's as if they've discovered the key to balancing meditation with cosmic inquiry, encouraging you to embark on an intensely intimate and infinitely expansive voyage.

Jordana and Tom have been making incredible music together for a while now. They met online years ago and started collaborating. All their hard work paid off big time when they took home "Band of the Year" at the prestigious OGIMA Music Awards last fall; what an achievement! Their song "Traffic" found its way onto that one viral chillout compilation and pretty much everyone I know was playing nonstop. People everywhere started tuning into their music. They have garnered millions of streams on Spotify, with almost 7k monthly listeners.

MOON AND ARIES are constantly unleashing a barrage of hits and bangers, each one a sonic supernova that illuminates the darkest corners of the universe. In their latest offering, they've infused a delicious Caribbean vibe into this downtempo groove, with Tom's piano laying down a reggae rhythm over a chilled ambient groove. And Jordana, as always, showcases the boundless capabilities of her vocal tone, a siren's call that lures you deeper into their intoxicating realm.

Listeners are sure to feel deeply connected and see their world while fully immersed in the cosmic embrace of "Slow Motion." It is the perfect addition to your Downbeat Electronic Mix, Reggae, or Summer Night playlists. If ever you need good music to try out, this track is it.

Check out the song for yourself today. Stream MOON AND ARIES' new song "Slow Motion" now and let the magic move your body to worlds beyond our own. 

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