Moon and Aries are making waves in the electronic dance music world with their unique fusion of genres and global collaboration across borders. This Canadian-German team has only been creating together since 2021, yet now they have over a million Spotify plays under their belt and success on US and international DJ charts. On Spotify alone, their breakthrough song "The Arrival" has now had over a million plays.

The two got together at the beginning of 2021 because they both liked trip-hop, neo-soul, and synth-heavy electronic music. Jordana Moon, based in western Canada, brings her background as a singer-songwriter influenced by jazz and folk artists. She lends her smooth vocals and lyrics exploring consciousness to Moon and Aries' tracks. Producing from western Germany is Tom Aries, whose classical piano training and experience on video game soundtracks inform his spellbinding synth sequences. Despite living nine hours apart, the duo found a harmonious rhythm working collaboratively online to blend their talents.

Today they’re back with "Firenight," a chill deep house number released in 2024. Gorgeous arpeggiated synths introduce the track before a smooth beat drops in. Jordana's vocals float dreamily above, showing off her astounding skills like never before. Her shimmering tones are suitably paired with the atmospheric instrumental. It's easy to get lost in the blissful rhythms and imagery of "Firenight," making it ideal for electronic dance playlists seeking a harmonious, feel-good vibe.

Beyond catchy songs, the Moon and Aries aim to use their music to promote thoughts and emotions that will uplift spirits. They see themselves as "a beacon towards self-discovery" through an intriguing fusion of electronic, dance, pop, trip-hop, and more. Despite living oceans apart, the duo has proven that borders pose no challenge to their creative process. Through file sharing and virtual collaboration, they've successfully crafted many releases together so far.

Moon and Aries are now priming their most ambitious album yet, the 12-track "Transcendence" set for release in September 2024. With many songs in their catalog to date playing on radio worldwide, Moon and Aries are just getting started in achieving global recognition for their inspiring brand of electronic music. You can stream their new song today on Spotify. The music video for "Firenight" by Moon and Aries, which remarkably embodies the idea of emerging from darkness, is another must-see for fans. A remarkable coming-of-age tale, it sends fans to the 1980s and calls to mind hits like "Stand By Me," "The Breakfast Club," and "The Goonies." Check it out on YouTube, along with the song.

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