Should’ve Known (Original Single) By Livi Jacobs

With her second single “Should’ve Known,” up-and-coming pop artist Livi Jacobs displays growth and enthusiasm that signals a maturing sound and artistic vision. While displaying Livi’s gifts as a vocalist, songwriter, and musician, “Should’ve Known” extends upon her sonic signature in fine yet impactful ways.

Rooted in the same acoustic textures and synth flourishes that characterized her debut, “Should’ve Known” exhibits a surer musical hand. The acoustic guitar is more pronounced, filling out the instrumental palette and giving the track a folk-pop feel. Livi’s performance on the track unveils her tremendous vocal range and control as she navigates the beat effortlessly. There is a noticeable refinement to her vocals this time around, infusing the lyrics with potent emotion. Her smoky tones allow the melody to rise to greater peaks as she hits notes that demonstrate the widening breadth of her singing capabilities.

The production exhibits sophistication beyond Livi’s inaugural single, carefully layering instrumentation and effects to lend depth and extent to the pop framework. Organic and electronic elements blend seamlessly, evoking nostalgic melancholic moods without sounding overly sentimental. The sonic facets come together cohesively to form an immersive musical dreamscape, a step up from Jacobs’ debut.

With “Should’ve Known,” Livi Jacobs indicates booming confidence and maturity as an artist with her second single. While maintaining the foundations that made her debut promising, Jacobs subtly refines and expands her sound, hinting at a continually evolving creative vision. This developing artistry showcased in “Should’ve Known” highlights an artist willing and ready to grow beyond the lovely pop confections of her rookie year into something deeper, richer, and more textured. Livi Jacobs’ sophomore single demonstrates she’s an artist well worth continuing to follow as her journey progresses.

If you’re new to Livi Jacobs’ sound, “Should’ve Known” serves as an excellent introduction. “Should’ve Known” is well worth a listen on Spotify to experience Livi Jacobs’ blossoming talent firsthand. Stream the track and follow Livi Jacobs’ journey as she continues to refine and expand her visionary vision through future releases. Be sure to follow the artist on social media outlets to stay up to date on her latest news and music.

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