Rise ( Original Single feat. Bravo Bonez) By LEARNINGTODIVE

Bravo Bonez, the multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and producer known by his stage name LearningToDive, hardly needs an introduction for his fans. Bonez’s intricate arrangements and piercing vocals have made him a favorite of critics and listeners alike.

His latest single “Rise (feat. Bravo Bonez)” is a dark tale for the soul – music that motivates and inspires and at the same time makes you feel uneasy. The beat remains at a contemplative tempo throughout. The arrangement layers instruments and textures that make the melody oh-so powerful. Though “Rise” clocks in at four minutes, it manages to conjure whole worlds within that brief span.

Bonez’s voice is velvety, crisp yet ethereal, sliding effortlessly to haunting low notes. His vocals provide beauty and grace throughout the song, evoking ultimate transcendence.

At nearly every turn, “Rise” reveals some fresh grace note or instrumental flourish. The strings give way to whispers of synth and chimes before the whole arrangement swells once more. Even the percussion avoids repetition through subtle reorchestration and texture changes. The result is a sonic journey, not a simple repetitive groove.

“Rise,” points to new heights of melodicism and inventiveness in LearningToDive’s artistry. Even after multiple listens, the song’s vivid imagery, nuanced poeticism, and slow-building vibe of euphoric instrumentation and vocal performance retain their freshness and ability to captivate the listener.

LearningToDive clearly relishes the open-ended potential of the dark complex vibes while also pushing its boundaries through its own creative vision. “Rise” may be but one song, yet it heralds what seems to be an artistic rebirth for the ever-evolving musician. Like the rising sun, Bonez’s own future as an artist appears limitless and bright.

If “Rise” has you longing for more from LearningToDive, do not hesitate to show your support for this musical visionary. With over 5k monthly listeners on Spotify, he already has a growing fan base – and with your help, he could reach many more. Follow him on social media and listen to his music to help him build an audience for his stunning sound. Add his upcoming releases to your playlist as soon as they drop, and most importantly, stream “Rise” and his previous work.

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