Red Mercedes II (Original Single) By Elion Melody

Discover POP Red Mercedes II (Original Single) By Elion Melody

When it comes to R&B and Pop my dearest friend Elion Melody's name rises as one of the new talents spreading through the genre like wildfire. Elion Melody has amassed a truly impressive fan-base on Spotify with his unique lyrics and delivery style, attracting over 4,500 monthly listeners with some of his songs playing over 200,000 times. The artist also has a strong presence on other social media platforms with over 1,000 Instagram followers. His latest release ‘Red Mercedes II’ offers listeners a safe haven of emotions to feel that they are not alone in this world and once you found love, security will follow. The understanding that it is okay to feel scared and to understand that your loved one is standing by your side is the message Elion Melody is trying to send across. Prior to ‘Red Mercedes ll’, ‘Red Mercedes’ has been able to capture the emotions and love of listeners globally becoming Elion Melody’s most listened to song on Spotify with over 260,000 plays. ‘Red Mercedes’ speaks to listeners ensuring that it is okay to feel alone and weak in these hard times that we are experiencing globally and that their efforts to pull their live together is heard and understood.

The passion by which Elion my dear friend and colleague who I have met through NAS, delivers his message is evident as you can feel the repercussions of his music resonate through you as you hear him for the first time as if the lyrics are directed specifically to you.

‘Red Mercedes ll’ is a true masterpiece of Elion Melody as he’s been working with Braulio Rodriguez, an audio engineer who has worked with Jay-Z, Diddy, Post Malone, Jeremih, etc., to create this ambient vibe. As Elion Melody’s primary message is purity and love, his library encompasses 11 unique songs each offer a soothing sense of comfort when enjoyed by the listener. We do not know if it is the lyrics of the songs or passion in his voice but we do understand that this confusion is the result of the talent this artist has. Give it a go and listen to his latest single, perhaps his library will open a new world of love and comfort that we all need.

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