Read About It (Original Single) By BROMSEN

I’ve long been an avid supporter of the Berlin-based electronic duo Bromsen. Made up of Richard and Karlo Bromsen, these two have been making music together for ages. Back in the 2000s, they were part of an indie rock band called The Pampelmuse that played shows at all the trendy underground venues in Berlin. The band split up in 2006, but the guys dusted themselves off and many years later decided to get together as a duo. Only this time, they emerged as Bromsen, a new project that blended their signature guitars with sweeping synth wave soundscapes.

The combo of punchy beats and raw vocals was instantly addictive. Their distinct style fuses retro synth vibes with rock attitude, creating a mixture that’s impossible not to groove and sing along to.

As a long-time fan, I’m always hyped when Bromsen has new music in the works. So, upon hearing they were set to release a fresh single named “Read About It,” I made sure to check it out right away.

The song’s inspiration comes from artists who immersed themselves so deeply into their craft that it damaged their health or personal lives, according to band members. Their wholehearted dedication took a toll on their overall well being. Along with famous tragic icons like Morrison and Cobain who have been endlessly memorialized, it also celebrates obscure creatives who never got proper recognition before their untimely ends. Their contributions matter too, even if their art never went mainstream.

From the opening notes, I could tell this song would be magical. The blend of synths, guitars, and drums created a vibrant sonic landscape, with each piece complementing the next to form something great.

With intense lyrics lamenting “I know the wolves have chosen you to lose and play the fool/Yes you’ve cried to those drunken folks/it’s hard to say when you really got it,” the words ache with emotion. These lyrics encapsulate the struggle of giving your all to your passion when it seems like the whole world is against you.

The lyrics soar over sweeping synthesizers that lift them up rather than distract them. It will take a few listens to fully grasp them because the instrumentals are so rich. But once you do, you will feel connected with the song on a deeper level.

“Read About It” is a poignant homage to artists who burned brightly before fading away. It’s hopeful, acknowledging the trials of living for art while celebrating the creative spirit.

If you want to hear expertly-crafted electronic music with genuine heart, stop stalling and get “Read About It” on Spotify now. And follow Bromsen on social media, so you never miss out on their future sonic gems. I know I’ll be eagerly awaiting whatever these Berlin mavericks cook up next. They’ve yet to steer me wrong when it comes to new music discoveries.

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