NewPush The Hate Aside JESSE GROSSI

May 10, 2022 by saiidzeidan
JESSE GROSSI Push The Hate AsideJESSE GROSSI Push The Hate AsideIt's easy to get caught up in the hate, but we know that's not who you really are. You're someone who's always looking for a way to make things better, help out your community, and spread love. And that's why we want you to listen to our new song "Push The Hate Aside." I have been a fan of Jesse Grosse since his first album, and I can honestly say that this latest offering has taken his sound to a whole new level.Listen and follow:
 "Push the Hate Aside" this California indie pop song is full of catchy rhythmic hooks as well as harmonious vocals & melodies. Push the Hate Aside is a song about staying positive and believing we can make a difference together, we are all ONE & TOGETHER stronger. Stay away from the programed BS that feeds the anger & hate!!!

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