Positive People (Original Single) By Mark Winters

Discover POP Positive People (Original Single) By Mark Winters

The man, the legend, the one, and only Mark Winters is back with a great new album, "Boundary Layer," featuring 8 unique tracks, including our personal favorite, "HeartBeat." That single is set out to captivate your hearts as it beautifully engulfs you in a sensational high of emotional explosions. Flawless, stunning, and unimaginable perfection is what this original is all about.

All the way from Texas, this revered Indie-Rock genius has beautifully invaded the state with his ongoing tour and unique music. Backed by over a million streams between Spotify and SoundCloud, he’s managed to build himself a substantial fan base that adores him. Talented, skilled, and dedicated, Mark is a songwriter, poet, musician, entrepreneur, optimist, and best of all, he’s a family man with a lovely family. Inspired by John Mayer and Tom Petty, he’s beautifully incorporated both of these legends' styles and personalities into his music, creating an unmatched musical sensation that brings out the best melodies; the best of both worlds. With his music influenced by real-life events, his melodic tunes are set out to trigger those hidden emotions embedded deep inside.

"HeartBeat" is the star of the show from his latest album debut, "Boundary Layer". The unmatched instrumental perfection and the emotions expressed by Mark’s lyrical performance are set to captivate your hearts in one of his most memorable performances yet. Experience what years of experience and dedication sound like by blasting out "Heartbeat," and be sure to check out the rest of the album while you’re at it.

Get on the hype train as Mark takes you down a musical career that’s set out to live forever. Discover one of Texas’s most iconic local artists and be sure to check out if he’s going to be playing out near you as he’s currently touring throughout the state. Join the thousands of fans that enjoy Mark Winters' music by subscribing to all his social media and streaming platforms!

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