As an artist’s sound evolves, their path is a very personal one, full of bends and turns. Stuart Lawrence announces the next phase of his career as a musician with the breezy and original song “Paradise,” his new release.

The single’s guitar cradles Stuart’s smoothest vocals to date. His rich vocal range captures the lyrics with grace. Layered over gorgeously played guitar and fantastic percussion, the serene performance soothes like a cool glass of water on a hot day. Within its placid waters flow deeper currents of wisdom earned through experience. “Paradise” retains elements of Stuart’s classic sound while feeling entirely re-imagined.

As Lawrence shares, the journey to “Paradise” was a gradual one. For a long time, he doubted his abilities, always putting off pursuing his dreams. But eventually, he realized time was passing by, and he owed it to himself to give music his all.

The recording process for his next album seems to have lit a creative fire within Lawrence. Under its influence, “Paradise” emerged fully formed, a monument to the power of immersing oneself in an artistic process. For Lawrence, committing to creation and sharing his gifts with the world has led him to a place of fulfillment and joy.

In “Paradise,” Stuart seems to have found a new purpose and perspective after years of journeying. Its relaxed atmosphere suggests an artist liberated from past restraints, embracing simplicity and the presence of the mind. Strikingly, Lawrence describes “Paradise” as his best work to date; with high praise, given his proven talents. And it’s easy to understand why, the track is deeply moving in its simplicity.

Those who are excitedly anticipating Lawrence’s next full-length record are going to enjoy “Paradise.” It provides a seductive peek at the artistic development he’s undergone while keeping the characteristics that made his debut so well-liked. “Paradise” couldn’t have come at a better time with its relevant message of self-belief and pursuing your ambitions. Anyone who hears it is bound to find strength and happiness in it. Great things are ahead for the album, fans. In the meanwhile, stream “Paradise” online and let its balmy winds caress you.

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