Outta’ Time (Original Album) By Matthew S. Horner

Matthew S. Horner is positioned to ascend to new grand heights with the release of his debut album, “Outta’ Time”. In collaboration with legendary producer Adam Buckley, Horner has crafted a collection of songs that transcend genre and expectation.

The album opens with “Comatose,” a dreamy track featuring intricate guitar work and percussion. The skillful arrangement enables the listener to discern every nuanced detail. This level of care is evident throughout the album, especially on “Inside Out.” Here, acoustic and electric guitars are meticulously balanced, avoiding an overcrowded or haphazard feel. Horner’s dramatic, emotive vocals add zeal and poignancy.

“Hearts Remember” follows with a melody that compels the listener to move to its rhythms. The track is constructed with emotional sensitivity and musicality. Stripped down to vocals and acoustic guitar, “Little Buddy” highlights Horner’s gifts. “Scars Like Badges” incorporates country-influenced guitar but with a chilling, rhythmic quality. As with the album overall, the instrumentation and arrangements on “A Summer High” are stunning. Keys, guitars, drums, and Horner’s vocals blend to create a gorgeous, inspiring whole.

“Outta’ Time” defies comparison. This gentle yet powerful debut combines all the elements for a splendid summer album. Horner and Buckley have produced a record of depth, warmth, and timelessness. From the hazy dream pop of “Comatose” to the uplifting tones of “A Summer High,” Outta’ Time takes the listener on a journey through melody, rhythm, and emotion.

The collaborative relationship between Horner and Buckley has yielded an organic, inspired body of work. “Outta’ Time” announces the arrival of a songwriter of depth and vision. Outta’ Time is a testament to visionary partnership and artistic possibility.

Poised as a breakthrough debut, “Outta’ Time” solidifies Matthew S. Horner as an artist of consequence. To experience Horner’s creative vision and enormous talent for yourself, follow Matthew S. Horner on streaming platforms and social media. Listen to Outta’ Time now to discover this mesmerizing first foray that showcases Horner’s gifts as a songwriter and musician. This is only the beginning – a first glimpse of the immense talent Matthew S. Horner possesses. The future is his, and we are all invited Outta’ Time.

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