May 13, 2022 by saiidzeidan
Sun   A project like Sun by Nightingale creates music out of its own volition, not out of necessity. They create songs that are intriguing, engaging, and lively. Their productions are a blend of rich vocals and catchy choruses, with a range of instrumental accompaniments including drums, bass guitars and electric guitars amongst others.     Listen and Follow:
Reflecting on the bittersweet emotions that we feel when beautiful moments in life end, Melbourne-based producer/artist Nightingale gives listeners a soundtrack to their cherished memories through his second release of 2022; ‘Sun;’, a dreamy and warm Electronic / Electronica track that fans of Rufus Du Sol and ODESZA, will love. ‘Sun’ highlights a pensive yet joyful side of Nightingale, where his nostalgic lyricism and reflective melodies focus on appreciating the time spent with loved ones and how we will carry it with us through the memories

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