With his striking new single "Need Me," Massachusetts native Sam Feinstein announces his arrival as a serious artist to watch. Born and raised in Peabody, Feinstein began playing piano at age seven and has since mastered numerous other instruments. He cut his teeth touring with Nashville bands and contributing to diverse genres throughout his years.

As the bass player for The Graysmiths, he's traveled all over on tour and even shared a stage with the New World Symphony in Miami.

But Sam's not done growing yet, he was just on the Formula Indie radio show on Euro Indie Music talking about his band, The Monitors. Through his music projects and online pages, Sam's connected with thousands of fans. He is talented and knows how to get people pumped about his performances.

With his new single "Need Me," Sam Feinstein is sharing his most personal work yet. This track is a brooding synth-rock song that weaves together addicting layers of hooks, synths, and screaming guitars.

Sam puts his big vocal range and ability to show emotion on full display as he takes listeners deep into exploring addiction and codependency in the song's lyrics. His impressive music skills and creative choices in producing pull you into the complex sounds of "Need Me."

Driving guitar lines wail against a pulsing synth backdrop, making a moody musical picture. Sam's anguished singing soars above it all, laying bare the real struggles at the heart of the song. His vocals are fierce, filled with grit and feeling.

The layers of roaring guitars, pumping basslines, and melodic synths all come together perfectly. They fully draw you into the track. Not a lot of artists can use studio tools skillfully to share their vulnerable feelings through music like Sam can.

The Monitors is the name of Sam Feinstein's music project, and it brings together some talented musicians. Sam leads the way with his bass playing. He pulls inspiration from all kinds of acts, like Talking Heads and more. But Sam's developed his unique sound too. On "Need Me," Sam handles producing the music all by himself. But live with The Monitors, they pack a punch with their full band sound. Pink Floyd is one influence Sam cites for his music.

"Need Me" proves he's just getting started tapping into his potential to make beautifully moving rock music.

The themes and catchy parts in "Need Me" will stick with you the more you listen. Sam Feinstein is an up-and-coming artist that's worth paying close attention to. This new track signals an exciting career that's still unfolding for him. Give Sam's latest single a listen, you might just find your next musical obsession!

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