Natural Twenty Ebb & Flow

New Natural Twenty Ebb & Flow
The first thing that caught my attention during listening to this delightful piece was the solid raw rock voice, which is undeniable and cannot be ignored. As the piece progressed, more complexity emerged and my brain was stimulated both intellectually and emotionally. The melody flowing through me made me go into a jazz mood, hearing all the arrangement kick my ear cells and causing my head to nod forcefully. I definitely recommend checking out this original song by this upcoming artist.        
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With the recent release of their first single off their EP, Cantrips, “Moving On” was released Feb 05 2022, which saw a packed show at the King Eddy and a coinciding music video release. Currently, they are preparing to release their second single, “Ebb & Flow” in April 2022. “Ebb & Flow” is a short, sweet, and insanely catchy song. It follows the fleeting feeling of new, unrequited attraction and admiration. It is a pop hit with jazz and soul inspirations.

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