My Hand & My Heart (Original Single) By James Spencer

James Spencer has spent some time delighting listeners across Belgium and Germany by promoting his new album with the pirate folk-punk band JollyRoger. Now, as that journey wrapped up, the singer has dropped his newest solo single – the deeply moving and ethereal folk-rock ballad ‘My Hand & My Heart’.

The song arose from a desire to reassure a dear friend struggling with inner darkness. It’s enduring melody and compelling poetry hope to shine a light for all who walk that shadowed path, reminding them of the luminous beauty still within reach.

From its very first notes, grace fills the air as James’ beautiful vocals weave in and out of the lush instrumental arrangement featuring mandolin, violin, and flute. His timeless tone entrances like a magnetic storyteller of old, inexorably drawing the listener under its spell. The interplay between gentle guitar strums and buoyant rhythm conjures images of sunlit fields and mossy stone, infusing the heaviest lyrics with radiant warmth.

Every touching phrase overflows with a potent feeling, striking a deep chord within the heart. Each refrain delicately unfurls a poignant poem of solace and care – an outstretched hand calling those in darkness to come home, reminding them of the light and love that remain, wrapped safely in their very soul. As the final notes fade, tears prick the eyes, moved by this exquisite melody that holds all the comfort, care, and enchantment folk music has always gracefully offered.

“My Hand & My Heart,” to borrow from its own lyrics, is a song destined to chase away fear and sorrow as it guides listeners with its stirring beauty, captivating grace, and achingly soulful tones. It represents folk music at its finest – poignant, poetic, and powerfully emotive. James’s spellbinding artistry and heartrending vocals elevate this tune to pure magic, destined to endure for years to come. If you’re longing for a song that soothes the soul and lifts the heart, stream “My Hand & My Heart” immediately. And be sure to follow James Spencer, a rare talent with the innate ability to craft timeless melodies that warm the coldest corners of our hearts and spirits with their alluring grace.



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