mt.hood (Original Album) By Hero Dog

Hero Dog, also known as Aaron Mercado, is an emerging artist from San Jose, California, who has recently released his latest album, “mt.hood.” This album is a masterpiece inspired by nature and trees, with each track representing a unique part of the natural world. As a music lover, I was blown away by the creativity and artistry of this album.

The first track, “guts,” immediately grabbed my attention with its tantalizing lo-fi beats and rhythms. The intricate melodies and keys will have you feeling the music throughout your entire body getting lost in the music. “chlorophyll,” the sister track to “guts,” has a faster pace and higher key, but it still manages to soothe the soul with its calming beats.

As the album progresses, we are treated to a variety of tracks that each have their own unique vibe and feel. “colorblind” is a vibrant and colorful track with a fast-paced drumbeat, while “echo” combines synth and R&B elements to create a mesmerizing sound. “” sounds like it could be a theme song for a video game, with its twinkling beats and shining rhythms.

One of my personal favorites on the album is “blinding,” which has a chill vibe that’s perfect for relaxing or focusing on work. “eyemssu” is another standout track, with colorful keys that switch between high and low, and light giggles that add life to the song. “eyemssu v2” is a remix of the previous track, but with added R&B elements and futuristic production.

“switchblades” is a unique track that combines hip-hop and lo-fi synth rhythms flawlessly, showcasing Hero Dog’s ability to mix genres with ease. The album’s title track, “mt.hood,” features strings in the intro and then transitions back to the electro beats and lo-fi synths that we’ve come to love in the album. Finally, “ok, nice” brings us back to the same melody from “chlorophyll,” but this time with added R&B beats.

What sets “mt.hood” apart from other albums in the lo-fi genre is Hero Dog’s willingness to sample himself throughout the album. We hear tracks with the same progression or beat, but with a unique twist each time, keeping the album fresh and exciting from start to finish.

“mt.hood” is a remarkable album that showcases Hero Dog’s talent as a producer. It’s the ideal record to listen to when you want to relax or focus on work, and I highly recommend giving it a listen. You can find the album on the artist’s Bandcamp page, and be sure to follow Hero Dog on social media to stay up to date on his future releases.


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