Moon, Part One (Original Album) By Adam Ragsdale

Discover POP Moon, Part One (Original Album) By Adam Ragsdale

Three years, that’s how long it takes to create eternal music. This album is the result of three years of dedication, hard work, and pure talent. After three years under the radar with minor releases here and there, Adam Ragsdale is here with one incredible instrumental album merged with minor lyrical interventions here and there that has been released and will just leave you speechless, as it sure has stolen the words from us.

"Moon, Part One" comes as the first part release of Adam’s 20-track album. The album has taken every ounce of talent he has got and given birth to eternity. This first part of the album is heavily themed by space rhythms and vibes giving out a floating sensation similar to the music you would find in eternal movies like "Interstellar" "The First Man" and "Ad Astra".

The album is a true masterpiece when it comes to perfecting everyone second of it and we are truly looking forward to seeing how Adam’s audience reacts when they see their favorite artist’s latest and greatest work. The experience this album will provide for everyone listening is truly a roller coaster of emotions, from the high highs to the low lows; the flow of emotions and perfection of the beats and music is an experience to remember.

Interestingly, Adam Ragsdale has been so kind as to hint that several motifs exist throughout this album, but a single motif will be standing out for those keeping an eye on the details. So be sure to focus and feel the beat and music this album provides and perhaps you too will be able to point it out of the crowd; who knows, maybe Adam would reply to the fan that sets his finger on it, maybe not.

Adam Ragsdale is not an everyday rising artist. He is already a massively established global artist with over 35,000 monthly Spotify listeners and over 5,000,000 streams on Spotify alone. He already has a massive social media presence so it is only fair to say that Adam Ragsdale has already made it out in the world and will be blessing us with his talents for a really long time. So, hop on Spotify, start experiencing legends at work and be sure to remain up to date with his latest releases, projects, and music releases through his personal website at

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