Michael Donoghue Calm Palm – 4 A.M.

New Michael Donoghue Calm Palm – 4 A.M.
  Michael Donoghue Calm Palm - 4 A.M.   Calm Palm - the music of Michael Donoghue. 4 A.M., tranquil and soothing melodies that cascade like waterfalls through intricate and original instrumentation. Calm Palm is filled with delicately crafted tracks with a cool feel, a blend of ethereal tones and relaxed rhythms that make it perfect for relaxing or for a relaxing backdrop to an active lifestyle. 4 A.M. features rhythmic synth sounds and note solos. Like a fairy tale, it takes you on a journey into the land of dreams, revealing secrets from the heart.                
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Calm Palm is a small collection of instrumental electronic music. The EP kicks off with the title track, which is a trippy, ambient piece of electronica. We then move into ambient downtempo on (secrets) before the tempo, groove, and overall wildness picks up on Sandworm and 4 AM. Cyber erotic Love Child has kindly provided an amazing rework of Sandworm to cap the EP off. Two of these tracks are brand new, one is a rework of a very old song that I started in 2017, and another has been complete for almost 2 years whilst I've been choosing a good time to unleash it. The song Calm Palm has been released ahead of the EP as a single, and is available on all platforms from 13th May. This collection is different, quirky, and I hope you find it entertaining.

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