Discover POPMemories of Spring (Original Single) by Jim Jagger

July 17, 2022 by saiidzeidan
Memories of Spring (Original Single) by Jim Jagger Memories of Spring (Original Single) by Jim Jagger

Jim Jagger a selfless person and talented musician has released a new single called Memories of Spring. A beautiful soothing acoustic folk-pop single that will bring a smile to your face, Memories of Spring is about the the feelings you have when you lack in confidence and are going through a tough time, yet holding onto the best moments and weathering the storm. Jim Jagger has mesmerizing vocals and guitar skills, he also wrote the amazingly relatable and meaningful lyrics of this track as he is a singer/songwriter.


I am just in shock at Jim Jagger and his humanitarianism, he will be donating at least 50% of earnings to the Motor Neuron Disease Association over the course of the lifetime of the song to help fund vital research and find a cure for Motor Neuron Disease. Jim Jagger just really restores your faith in humanity with his subtle acts of kindness and humility.

You must give Memories of Spring a listen. Not only is it an amazing single with beautiful vocals, lyrics, and melodies, but it is also helping a cause.

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