Line 6 DL4 MkII: A Modern Classic, Reborn

The venerable and iconic Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler has been a staple of professional pedalboards since its introduction over 20 years ago. Loved for its flexible delay tones and extended feature set packed into a compact stompbox, the original green “Big Box” DL4 became a standard issue tool for touring musicians worldwide.

Recently, Line 6 has rewritten the algorithm with an all-new DL4 MkII that upgrades just about everything while retaining the core DNA of the original design. They’ve boosted the features, improved connectivity, enhanced user interfaces, and shrunk the footprint all at the same time.

Perhaps most notably, Line 6 has jammed an astonishing 15 delay types and 15 reverb algorithms into the MkII while keeping the exterior chassis roughly 20% smaller. Storage has also seen a huge upgrade, with over 240 seconds of loop recording on tap and the option to expand to hours via optional SD cards.

Connectivity has also received an overhaul, adding XLR mic input, USB-C port for updates/presets, and DIN MIDI I/O for technical integration. Power specs are now more roadworthy as well.

Sonically, the upgrades mean pristine fidelity across the expanded delay/reverb libraries. Tweakability remains a strong point, with four footswitches and continuous knob control over parameters. Three presets per patch maintain live usefulness.

Advanced users will appreciate the bonus tone options unlocked via “Secret Reverbs” and “Legacy Delays” accessed by button combinations. Meanwhile, beginners have essential delay needs more than covered out of the box.

While the price remains competitive against boutique rivals, the DL4 MkII seems to pull off that rare feat of both innovating substantially while honoring what made the original such an industry titan. For touring pros and studio rats alike, this looks to be an effects pedal solution built to stand the test of time.

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