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Julian Petrin Moonrays Julian Petrin Moonrays -
  • I have since been abroad, studying every language of every culture, trying to search for words that can possibly give this piece the credit it was due, with these magical melodies with a great promising soundtrack. If I was a music supervisor, I would definitely pick this great piece of art, itis so dreamy and it has a great potential for an imaginative moment of success. You can't go wrong with this album if you are looking for something magical or mysterious that will put you in the mood to create your own world. It is also inspiring to play when you want to be inspired by nature or want some relaxation after a long day at work.
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"Moonrays" is a gentle and at the same time powerful instrumental piece, which is meant to open a door to the listener's inner landscapes with its multi-faceted dimensions: longing, being lost, and confidence. The composition is part of a series of very personal instrumental songs I've been releasing since 2021 - perhaps my most personal song yet. Like other songs in the series, it combines strong compositional elements and classical instrumentation with careful electronic elements and a memorable melodic line.

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