It’s Not Your Movie (Original Single) by Abz Winter

Discover POP It’s Not Your Movie (Original Single) by Abz Winter

The nominee for the Birmingham Music Award for the Best Pop Act of 2022; The talented Abz Winter has blessed the world with a punchy original single "It’s Not Your Movie" that is already echoing through the industry. So hang on tight as we shed light on one of the best talents of 2022.

Abz Winter is a skilled new artist that has successfully caught the attention of the world lately. Her powerful voice has been publically recognized by Birmingham’s King City Online as one of the strongest voices in the pop genre today and it is astonishing how she hasn’t secured a deal with giant labels so far describing it as a "dohhh" moment inspired from Homer in "The Simpsons". Winter has also received recognition from Alesha Dixon on ITV’s Walk The Line where she complemented her unique vocal performance on the show as modern yet creatively dominant; the comment was also backed by Craig David.

The experience we’ve accumulated through reviewing artists has allowed us to identify the lyrical capacities for Winter. A natural vocalist with unimaginable capacities that will most definitely achieve her well-earned recognition. It is a matter of time and nothing else before she closes a deal with a major record company and we cannot wait to see who will pull her to global stardom.

"It’s Not Your Movie" is an incredible new tune by this talent featuring an incredible variance of instrumental perfection that synergizes ever so beautifully with Winter’s voice. Big Drums and Big guitars are exactly what you’d expect for someone with the talents of Winter. The song is a pop genre song, with a highly energetic tone with constant mix-ups and switches that keep the room dancing and asking for more.

The list of achievements she’s accomplished in the short period she’s been around is impressive. Check out her website to know more about this incredible artist . Follow her on social media, share her music, and subscribe to her channels. Make enough noise for ABZ Winter she truly deserves it.

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