I Won’t Listen By COMA BEACH

Coma Beach is a truly special band with an important message to share. Their new “I Won’t Listen” EP immediately pulls you into a deep, thoughtful world within. In just a few short tracks, they guide your mind and soul to a place of inner reflection.

What messages might we find there? Through sounds that span punk, alternative, and even Gothic styles, Coma Beach creates their path, one as unpredictable as the human experience itself. Their music is a journey that can help us better understand ourselves and each other.

Right from the first notes of “I Won’t Listen,” you know this won’t be your average punk soundtrack. Layered guitars intertwine with moving basslines, painting a picture of solitude within. Some might feel alone with their thoughts, but that’s where Coma Beach wants to meet us. 

If that first song sets the stage, “The Past of the Future” provides important context. Ethereal guitar notes raise timeless questions, but few easy answers. Pounding rhythms match life’s intensity. In just under three minutes, it leaves you craving more.

Their third song “Passion” bursts forward with gritty energy. Through the singer’s vocals, we see their desire to shed rumination in search of emotional well-being. Pure feelings pour out through the song’s four-minute punk sound. The closer “Another Song” brings the bite back in a different way, with hard-hitting words delivered over driving rhythms. 

Across just 14 short minutes, Coma Beach achieves what longer albums often fail to. They tie it all together with short yet impactful songs that burrow deep into our minds. Their music’s unsettled feeling remains long after it ends.

With influences spanning punk, goth, and alternative styles, Coma Beach walk their own path between genres. Most astounding is how four abbreviated tracks can still convey the profound themes and questions at their album’s core.

I believe great art should make us think deeply but also encourage action. In what ways might Coma Beach’s music inspire positive change in yourself or your community? Their short but potent EP offers us all an opportunity for inner discovery. 

The “I Won’t Listen” EP proves these poets are just continuing to capture attention with their portrayals of what it means to be human. For those seeking thought-provoking art, I encourage you to keep an eye on this incredible band! Give their music a listen today on Spotify. Check out their “I Won’t Listen” EP, and the rest of their discography today.

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